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					                 Writing and Using Textbooks

                    Textbook Publications
                    William M.C. McKenzie
                     B.Sc., Ph.D., C.Phys.,
                        M.Inst.P., C.Eng.

                                                      Design of
                                                     Elements to
                                                   William M.C. McKenzie

                                                     In preparation - due September 2009

 Encourages further investigation and analysis by students.

 Develops the ability to learn independently.

 Frequently presents wider range of material in a different manner.

 Presents an opportunity to encourage discussion regarding content and
  current developments.

 National and International recognition by peers in the Profession inspires
  students and emphasises the relevance of the lecture material.
Reviews/Comments by users:
‘ The author has provided an excellent text for undergraduate students. The book
compares favourably with other texts, above all in the number of examples which
are typical of industry rather than just academic. ……’
                                        David Easterbrook, University of Plymouth

‘……your book is great and very detailed.’
  Junlin Xu, President Computations & Graphics, Inc. Colorado USA - (email)

‘…….was so readable that I found myself investigating other areas of design for
future knowledge. I would recommend it to learned students as well as design
professionals. This is because students need an easy introduction to learn and get
comfortable with the medium of timber. Also design professionals need an easy
intro to new topics to gain the required knowledge fast and efficiently. A super
source of information.’
                     Matthew A Bourne ( from UK)

‘…..The strength of this book is in the number of worked examples; these are
extremely well presented with plenty of useful information both on how they have
been solved and the results of the analysis. The presentation used for the examples
could act as an exemplar for those presenting the results of structural analysis.
……. I particularly enjoyed this book because of its wide range of traditional
structural analysis techniques; ….. I am sure that this is a book that will prove
useful as an additional resource for both students and lecturers. Those in the design
office responsible for structural analysis and design may also find it a useful
reference book.’
                Prof. I. M. May Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers
                                 Structures & Buildings 160 June 2007 Issue SB3
‘……I have recommended your book to students having difficulty and wish you
success compatible with your work invested.’
                     Dr Colin Caprani, Dublin Institute of Technology - (email)

‘A fantastic book, I would recommend this book above others for all structural
engineering undergraduates and graduates in employment. The book takes you
through step by step on designing structural elements. A MUST BUY IT!!!!!’
                           Mac Cox, Manchester (student comment on Amazon)

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