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									                                   JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE:                     Indian Child Welfare Act Program Coordinator/Advocate
DEPARTMENT:                    Tribal Administration
CLASSIFICATION:                Non Exempt
SALARY LEVEL:                  Hourly
SHIFT:                         Days 20 hours/Part -Time
LOCATION:                      Tribal Office, Laytonville Rancheria
SUPERVISED BY:                 Tribal Administrator


Summary: Under the direction of the Tribal Administrator, the ICWA
Coordinator/Advocate will be responsible for the major components of the Indian Child
Welfare Act. The coordinator plans, organizes, advocates and coordinates activities to
meet the intents of the ICWA Federal Regulations and in the best interest of the Indian
children, families and the Tribe.


Including , but not limited to the following:

-      Set up and establish an Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) service component
       according to ICWA guidelines.
-      Carry out the purposes, function, mandates and federal regulations in collaboration
       with Indian Families, county/state/federal agencies, court systems, attorneys, and
       related Foster Families Agencies/Homes.
-      Respond to legal notices to the Tribe.
-      Develop information on suspected child abuse or neglect and communicate with
       appropriate authorities regarding circumstances.
-      Attend court hearings when needed. Work with attorneys on critical cases.
-      Maintain cases records and verify enrollment of Indians served.
-      Establish close cooperative working relationships with Child Protective Services,
       Law Enforcement Officers and other social work agencies.
-      Assist parents involved in processes needed for visitation and/or reunification.
-      Supervise participation in the disposition of minor Indian children for temporary or
       permanent placement in substitute care.
-      Make recommendations regarding removal of children from family circumstances
       when appropriate.
-      Maintain and intake services and documentation, assessment and referral records
       for tracking and monitoring purposes.
-      Insure internal evaluation in preparation for reporting .
-      Gather and maintain on-going statistics and other related confidential data needed
       for P.L.280, BIA, and collaboration arrangements with county agencies.
-      Direct social work investigation, identifying families in need of ICWA
-      Develop recommendations for a Tribal foster care program plan, including
       standards and policies.
-      Provide resource information to families.
-      Attend training when appropriate.
-      Must maintain a high level of parent/family confidentiality.


-      Have knowledge/awareness of the culture of the Indian community to be served.
-      Must have discretion, resourcefulness, good judgment in handling functions of a
       sensitive nature.
-      Must maintain confidentiality.
-      Must be able to work with minimum supervision.
-      Must be able to type and use a computer for correspondence and reports.
-      Must be able to perform outreach and intake for Native American individuals.
-      Ability to organize files, documents and other work papers.
-      Must be able to travel as necessary to accomplish job duties.


1.     A minimum of a high school diploma or GED, some college preferred in social
       welfare or psychology.
2.     A minimum of one year work experience in social welfare.
3.     Preferred experience working for a tribe or tribal organization.
4,     Preferred knowledge of the Indian Child Welfare Act.


-      Must be fingerprinted and pass a criminal background check.
-      Must have a valid California drivers license, vehicle insurance and have access to a
       dependable vehicle.
-      Must be able to provide a current DMV printout.
-      Must be willing to take a drug screen test.

Preference given to qualified Native American pursuant to the Indian Self-Determination
and Education Act, Public Law 93-638.

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