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									Richard David Hammond                          
D.O.B: 21/06/1991      Height: 5’ 8”   Hair: Fair      Eyes: Grey     Build: Slim

Teaching Experience
Student Assisted Placement (SAP) – St Benedict School – September – December 2007
– Teaching Assistant Year 9 Pupils in Expressive Arts

Work experience – Old Vicarage School, Darley Abbey – June 2006
– Teaching Assistant Primary School Pupils in Drama Classes

Production             Company                Role            Date              Venue
The Winter’s Tale-     Derby Shakespeare      Polixenes/      July 2011         St Peter’s School
(workshop with year    Theatre Company        Antigonus
5 pupils)

Relevant Qualifications                                Training
GCSE Drama – A                                         National Youth Theatre of Great Britain (2011)
GCSE English Literature – A*                           Derby Academy of Acting (2010-2011)
GCSE English Language – A*                             East 15 Acting School Introduction to Acting
A Level Drama & Theatre Studies – B                    (1 week) – 2010
A Level Performing Arts – B                            Pineapple Studios Stage Combat Workshop-2008
A Level English Language & Literature – A              ‘STAR’: School of Theatre Arts - 2004-2008
                                                       Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy-2000-2004
Derby Arts Festival:
May 2008        Character Study from Shakespeare – 3rd Place
                Monologue – 3rd Place
                Winner of the ‘Georgia Groome Cup’ – Promising Young Talent
July 2006       Trinity Exam Musical Theatre Grade 5 – Distinction (87 marks)
May 2006        Monologue – 2nd Place
                Prose Reading – 2nd Place
May 2005        Monologue (‘Kes’) – 1st place

Professional Productions
Production            Company                Role             Date          Venue
‘The Winter’s Tale’   Big Adventures         Clown            September ‘07 Robert Ludlam Theatre
                      Theatre Company
‘Peter Pan’           Paul Holman Associates Tootles          Dec’06/ Jan’07 Derby Assembly Rooms

Amateur Productions
Production          Company                   Role            Date              Venue
Fantastic Mr Fox    Kaleidoscope Players      Farmer Bean     June 2011         Guildhall Theatre

Hamlet                 Derby Shakespeare      Osric           March 2011        Derby Theatre
                       Theatre Company

Othello                Derby Shakespeare      Sailor          November 2010 Guildhall Theatre
                       Theatre Company

The Wizard of Oz       Kaleidoscope Players   Tin Man/        June 2010         Guildhall Theatre

Les Miserables         St Benedict School     Jean Valjean    June 2009         Robert Ludlam Theatre
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Production             Company                 Role            Date            Venue
Medea                  St Benedict School      Chorus          March 2009      Robert Ludlam Theatre

The Pocket Dream       St Benedict School      Dave/Lysander December 2008 Robert Ludlam Theatre

Robin Hood             Kaleidoscope Players    Much            December 2008 Guildhall Theatre

Oh, What a Lovely War St Benedict School       German Soldier November 2008 Robert Ludlam Theatre

The Lion, the Witch & Big Adventures           ensemble/       August 2008     Robert Ludlam Theatre
The Wardrobe          Summer School            King Peter

Little Shop of Horrors Kaleidoscope Players    Customer 1      June 2008       Guildhall Theatre

Robin Hood             St Benedict School      Sheriff of      June 2008       Robert Ludlam Theatre

The Canterbury Tales: St Benedict School       Nicholas        April 2008      Robert Ludlam Theatre
The Miller’s Tale

Cinderella             Kaleidoscope Players    Buttons         December 2007 Guildhall Theatre

Peter Pan              Big Adventures          Captain Hook August 2007        Robert Ludlam Theatre
                       Summer School
A Golden Hour          Merrill College         Compere/        March 2007      Merrill College
of Shakespeare                                 ‘Richard III’

Return to the Forbidden Kaleidoscope Players   Ensemble        May 2006        Guildhall Theatre

Oliver!                Derby Opera Company Ensemble            November 2005 Derby Assembly Rooms

Kedleston’s Alive!     Big Adventures Theatre Sir Nathaniel    July 2005       Kedleston Hall
                       Company                Curzon

Honk!                  Kaleidoscope Players    Teenage Billy May 2005          Guildhall Theatre

Aladdin                Kaleidoscope Players    Policeman       December 2004 Guildhall Theatre

The Witches            Kaleidoscope Players    The Boy         May 2004        Guildhall Theatre

Beauty and the Beast   Kaleidoscope Players    Ensemble        December 2003 Guildhall Theatre

Jack and the Beanstalk Kaleidoscope Players    Ensemble        December 2002 Guildhall Theatre

Oliver!                Kaleidoscope Players    Oliver Twist    June 2002       Guildhall Theatre
Concerts and Revues    Kaleidoscope Players    ensemble        June 2002 –     Various

- Competent singer – High Baritone (LowA-HighA)                - Competent swimmer
- Basic Dance ability                                          - Accents – General
- Experience in Stage Combat – broadsword/unarmed                Australian, Scottish (Glasgow, West
- First Aid trained                                              Lothian), East Midlands (native), RP
- Excellent teamwork and communication skills
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