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cruising the blues


									  cruising the blues

                    Aboard Blue Tang Inn’s Sirena Azul

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              The Airline of Belize
February 19, 2009                                                  Visitor Guide Page 1
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 Randy Reinink writes us from a snowy and cold Afghanistan:
 Greetings from Bagram, Afghanistan where we read The
 San Pedro Sun in the snow! I am pictured with several of my
 Afghan bodyguards. I was in Belize just two weeks ago. Seems
 like a life-time. I’m ready to go back. Do you have my rum
 punch ready??
   Photos taken in unique and unusual places are
  preferred. Be sure to identify who is in the photo
   and where the photo was taken. Don’t forget to
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Page 2 Visitor Guide                                                  February 19, 2009
cruising the blues
Aboard Blue Tang Inn’s Sirena Azul

                                                                                                  this what heaven is
Part owners Bruce and Lisa Paradise join guests on the maiden                                     like. The warm
cruise of Sirena Azul.                                                                            breezes caress your
    We couldn’t have asked life for more; it was just           Able captains Samos & handy       face gently, and the
enough to be on board the luxurious blue and gray               “assistant” Bruce                 waves make a pleas-
Sirena Azul boat, owned by Blue Tang Inn. Giving                                                  ant lapping sound as
you the antique feel of yesteryear, but furnished and                                             Sirena Azul cuts
equipped with all amenities and comforts for a taste of                                           cleanly over the wa-
the present, the Sirena Azul is perfect for every island                                          ter, and you know
getaway. Captained by the experienced “Samos” and                                                 that this experience
his equally amiable co-captain, Frank Anderson, the                                               is one of a kind.
team tends to your every need, giving you a sense of                                                 Taking some time
safety while cruising through the beautiful blue Carib-                                           out to relax after a
bean Sea. While you relax and kick back, enjoying the                                             long week’s work
fun, romantic atmosphere, it’s natural to wave to oth-                                            was perhaps one of
ers passing by on separate boats. When you get out to                                             the most enjoyable
the open sea, under the clear skies and just skimming                                             and smartest things
over the bluest water you’ve ever seen, you wonder if                                                Continued on Page 4

February 19, 2009                                                                             Visitor Guide Page 3
Sirena Azul Continued from Page 3                                    Cruisers enjoy refreshing drinks on board.

we’d done in a while. The responsible and attentive crew made
sure we were taken care of every minute of our jaunt.
    Once onboard, the amiable staff invites you to take off your
shoes and kick back into relaxation mode. Worries are cast aside
and left on the dock, now there is only one item on the agenda –
enjoyment. Having put their energy and personal touch to the
cruise package, Sirena Azul ensures that you take home as many
memories as possible. A fun experience these cruises are topped
with an unforgettable one on one time with nature.
    Always having thought that to properly enjoy a delightful sun-
set onboard a sailboat, traveling to other destinations could pro-
vide more. However, our own backyard has something incompa-
rable to other destinations. The blue, azure skies, the turquoise,
white foamy waters, the swaying green palm trees, a scenery en-
vied by all.
    Once you have found the ideal
spot to settle down – the bow of
the boat where the Caribbean
breezes caress your face or stern
side, maybe on the comfortable
seating area, your choice will be
immediately complimented with a
thirst quenching drink. Be it a de-
lightful, sweet Panty Ripper deli-
ciously made with a blend of
Belize’s coconut rum and pine-
apple juice or, better yet, try the
country’s brew – Belikin Beer. The
tasty and delicious cocktails blend
with the relaxing and enjoyable
Caribbean music and place you
                Continued on Page 5

     (Above) Captain Samos.
    (Below) Co-captain Frank.

Page 4 Visitor Guide                                                                                              February 19, 2009
Sirena Azul
Continued from Page 4

Blue Tang Inn’s part owners Bruce &
    Lisa enjoy a relaxing cruise.

under a trance – a trance where
you are in the groove as you sit
back and enjoy the picturesque
view of San Pedro Town as the
sun seeks to hide behind the clouds
in the west. Accompanying your
cocktail are servings of spicy, de-
licious, red tomato salsa with a
splash of pepper and crispy corn
tortilla chips. But for those sea-
food lovers, Sirena Azul occasion-
ally serves seasonal seafood
    As the sail heads south along
                  Continued on Page 8

      Language can link us with
  other cultures, no matter how
foreign the tongue may be. In an
 effort to share this form of com-
  munication with our audience,
   The San Pedro Sun proudly
 presents – Words of the Week.
   This week, we will present a
 couple of words in Creole, and
 translate it to English, using the
  Creole/ English Dictionary re-
leased through the Kriol Council.
Special thanks to Sylvana Woods
  for our copy of the dictionary.

 Gwaana                 Iguana
 Grong                  Ground

 Iguana             Gwaana – A
 kech wahn gwaana rait bai di
 riva benk. (I caught an iguana
 right by the river bank.)

 Ground            Grong – Mi
 breda jrap pahn di grong ahn
 brok ih hand. (My brother fell
 on the ground and broke his

February 19, 2009                       Visitor Guide Page 5
 IMPORTANT #s                                         Tourist Information
Police                      226-2022          Belize Tourism Board - 227-2419.
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                                              Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) - 227-5717.
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cell 620-1974.
San Pedro Chiropractic Clinic 600-           GRUMPY & HAPPY - Snorkeling - private snorkel tours -
7119                                         just you on the boat, no set schedule! Visitors with special needs
Hyperbaric Chamber - 226-2851, Dr.           and children are welcome. Call 226-3420 or 672-1234. Visit
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San Pedro Roman Catholic Church              Phone: (US #) 719-302-5398, (Belize #) 011-501-226-4001.
Sunday Mass: (English) 8am & 10am &
                                             RE/MAX Isla Bonita, 1ocated at 10 Coconut Drive, San
Baptism: 11am; Spanish: 7pm; Mass or
                                             Pedro. 226-4400 e-mail: or visit our
Communion Service every night at 7pm.
                                             website at
Saturday evening: Anticipated Sunday
Mass: 7p.m. Daily Masses 7am & 7pm.          CORAL BEACH REALTY - Professionalism at its best. Visit
Living Word Church Service Sun.              our office “Unda da Palapa” on Barrier Reef Drive, 226-
10:45 a.m, Youth Meetings on Sundays         2681.
at 7:30p.m., Women’s meetings on
Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., and Men’s
meetings on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. We         CRISTAL GOLF CART RENTAL - Along with Island
do Christian charity work. 226-2950.         Tour Rentals, have combined to offer the best rates on the
Assembly of God Church on                    island! Special hourly, weekly & monthly rates. Daily rates
Angel Coral St. T-W-St.-Sn. at 7:30 p.m.     are $85 BZ. 4- & 6- Seater golf carts available. Security
Lighthouse Christian Radio - 101.3           deposit required. Cristal - 226-4949 or 626-5555. Island Tour
FM. 226-4673, Cor. Buccaneer &               - 226-2351 or 226-2972.
Pescador Drive.
                                             MONCHO’S GOLF CART RENTALS - Four & Six seater
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter         golf carts available. Open daily 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. We deliver
Day Saints - Sunday Service: 9:30 am,        to your room. 226-3262 or 226-4490.
Wednesday Scripture Study 7:00 pm. 17
Lagoon St. (between the bakery and the       CARTS BELIZE - Conveniently located just one block north
bridge).                                     of the airstrip. Hourly, Daily & Weekly. Call 226-4084.
San Pedro Community Church - meets           ISLAND FERRY SERVICE & WATER TAXI – Sched-
Sundays at 10a.m. at the Ambergris El-       uled ferry service & water taxi for Ambergris Caye. Phone
ementary School. All Are Welcome.            226-3231.
     Miscellaneous                           CRYSTAL AUTO RENTAL – Largest fleet in Belize. Of-
The Lions Club of San Pedro relies on        fices at International Airport and Belize City. 223-1600, 0-
income from its Friday and Saturday          800-777-7777.
Night BBQ to support the needy commu-
nity. Help a great cause -have dinner with                       Services...
Green Reef A non-profit organization         CASTILLO’S HARDWARE - Storm supplies, elec-
dedicated to the promotion of sustainable    tronics, household appliances, tools, home repair items
use and conservation of Belize’s marine      and a wide variety of paints, stains and varnishes.
and coastal resources.     Pescador Drive. Phone 226-2302.
                                             S.P. HARDWARE - Large variety of hardware and
San Pedro AA - 226-4464, 600-9061,
                                             household supplies. Will meet or beat any competitor’s
Saga Society A non-profit “humane so-        price! Seagrape Drive; Open seven days a week. 226-
ciety” to address the stray cat and dog      4522.
population in San Pedro. Phone 226-3266.     HARMOUCH CENTER - Hardwar, housewaers, fur-
CARE BELIZE - Children’s Special-            niture and more. Pescador Drive across from BTL 226-
ist, San Pedro. 622-8200                     3860.
SP Town Library - 206-2028
Page 6 Visitor Guide                                                                February 19, 2009
          THE           SAN            PEDRO SUN                 VI S I T O R ’ S                                            GUIDE
                                                             Dining Out...
MATA CHICA - Mambo Cuisine - for food lovers.          a.m. for breakfast, 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. for lunch    Resort- full service-awesome bartender! Local food
Homemade pasta, shrimp paté, bruschetta, char-         and 6 - 10 p.m. for dinner. Burritos on Wednesdays.     @ Local prices on the beach $1-$15BZ + unique
broiled seafood and much more! Call 220-5010/5011.     Pescador Drive. Call 226-2223.                          specials+desserts daily. Interesting pizzas
                                                       BLUE WATER GRILL – Island cuisine with a twist!         $25BZ+up. Saturday Beach BBQ. One pier North
ELVI’S KITCHEN - serving the finest food since
                                                       Wood-fired Oven Pizzas, Sushi & more! Open daily.       of Palapa Bar.
1977. Daily Lunch and Dinner Specials. Caribbean
Night on Thursday. Mayan Fiesta every Friday -         Happy Hour 4 to 6 p.m. 226-3347.                        CASA PICASSO TAPAS + MARTINIS - Small
come try our Maya Buffet. Open Monday – Satur-         EL DIVINO RESTAURANT at BANANA BEACH                    plates, big pastas and fantastic desserts! “Hippest
day. Lunch: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Dinner: 5:30        - Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner from 6 a.m -      martini spot”-Frommer’s. Nightly 5:30pm, closed
p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Call us for group reservations.      10 p.m. Book your party or banquet today! Phone         Sundays. reservations 206-2272.
Ph 226-2404/2176 “Where something good is always       226-2444.                                               RICO’S SURFSIDE RESTAURANT – A truly
cooking!”                                                                                                      unique dining experience on the beach at Banyan Bay.
                                                       SUNSET GRILL - Offering local and international
CELI’S RESTAURANT ON THE BEACH at the                  cuisine. Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.       Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Phone 226-
San Pedro Holiday Hotel, serves Great Fajitas, sal-    Located on the lagoon side. 226-2600. Come by at        3739 ext. 135.
ads and local dishes for lunch. Delectable Seafood     sunset and help us feed the tarpons!                    MONKEY BITES CAFE- Daily specials, new menu
Speciaties for dinner. OUTDOOR & INDOOR DIN-                                                                   items, excellent home style cooking. 206-2021, open
                                                       RENDEZVOUS RESTAURANT AND BAR - The
ING 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.                                                                 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday.
                                                       most romantic spot in town featuring award winning
Beach barbeque every Wednesday night with live mu-
                                                       chefs. Thai and French cuisine blended to make para-    BLUE LOTUS LUXURY DINING- Delight your-
                                                       dise taste like heaven, or so our customers say. Free   self with Asian Fusion cuisine at San Pedro’s water-
RAMON’S VILLAGE - Enjoy breakfast, lunch and           Rendezvous Wine tasting from 11:30 a.m. to 4:00         top restaurant. Spectacular views of San Pedro at
dinner in a Mayan atmosphere or on the veranda over-   p.m. Fermented, blended and bottled here on the         night! Complimentary water taxi service. Call 501-
looking the Caribbean Sea. Coconut Drive. Phone        property. Open for lunch and dinner. Call 226 3426      610-BLUE (2583).
226-2071.                                              for reservations and transport options.
                                                                                                               PORTOFINO RESTAURANT AND GREEN PAR-
MICKEY’S PLACE - Open daily 6:30 a.m. - 10             BEAN RESTAURANT/SHADE BAR- @Ak’bol                      ROT BEACH BAR - Meet our boat at 6:30 p.m. at
                                                                                                               Fido’s Dock for a complimentary ride to one of the
                          ...Unique Offerings...                                                               best culinary experiences you will have while in para-
SAN PEDRO FITNESS CLUB – A/C Gym, Fully-               LINDA MIKULICH - “Design with you in Mind”              dise. For reservations, call 220-5096.
equipped. Open to the public. Tennis Courts, Lap       - Artist/Interior Decorator. Fine Arts Paintings,       BC’S BEACH BAR & GRILL - On the beach be-
and Family pools, Aqua Fitness and Toning              faux finishes, murals. 610-0277.                        tween Sunbreeze & Ramon’s, BC’s is open every
Classes.Open 7am Daily, 8am Sundays. 226-2683.         LIQUOR BOX - Wholesale and Retail on local              day from 8am - midnight. Live music Thursday and
THE GREENHOUSE - Fresh Produce & Seafood.              and imported liquors. Delivery available! Case of       Sunday Jam Session. SUNDAY BBQ from Midday.
Belizean and imported speciality. Fresh herbs, cold    Belikin Beer, Ice Cold - only $70Bz! On Bucca-          226-3286; Burritos and nachos every
cuts, chilled goods, plus an exciting selection of     neer Street, open 7 Days a week 9:00am to               day.
groceries. A/C local on Pescador Dr, next to St.       9:30pm. 226-2475 or 626-7331.
                                                                                                               THE PALMS RESTAURANT & MARTINI BAR -
Francis Xavier Credit Union. 226-2084.                 AK’BOL YOGA RETREAT & RESORT- Daily                     Italian & American cuisine served in air conditioned
CAYE INTERNATIONAL BANK - Offering De-                 Yoga Classes/Day Retreats/Group Retreats. The           comfort. Now open 11 am - 9 pm daily for lunch and
mand Deposit Accounts, Loans, Savings Accounts,        only resort dedicated to the practice of Yoga and       dinner. Opening for breakfast soon. Located just north
etc. or phone 226-2388.                   Wellness. Yoga studio at the end of the pier over-      of the bridge in Reef Village resort. 226-2605.
PROVIDENT BANK & TRUST - Offering a full               looking the sea...Open to All *Beginners Wel-
                                                       come* Mats Available                                    PALAPA BAR AND GRILL - The Coolest Place,
range of International Banking Services. phone
                                                          Mon thru Sat 9-10am gentle morning flow,             North of Bridge. Drink & Dine out over the Carib-
223-5698 services@prov
                                                             Tu &Th 3:30-5pm asana+meditation,                 bean waters with cool breezes and no mosquitoes.
GRANIEL’S DREAMLAND - Locally made fur-                                                                        Specialty is a BBQ, Slow Smoked, Pork Sandwich
                                                             Sunday 1pm Kids Yoga + Pizza Day
niture & accessories from all Belizean exotic hard-                                                            and Fresh Caught Fish Tacos. Open 7 days, Happy
                                                           Private sessions/Group Classes available
woods & Mahogany. On Pescador Drive, oppo-                                                                     Hour Drinks from 4:00pm - 6:00pm. Telephone: 226-
                                                                 226-2073, 607-7305, 626-6296
site Rock’s, Call 226-2632, ext. 18 or 226-2938.                                                               3111.
                                                                 Om Shanti Om-peace to all....
Open Mon-Sat 8:30-12:00 noon & 1:00
to 9:00 p.m. & Sun 10-12 noon.
Professional photography, in studio or
on location. Couples, family,
children’s portraits. Call for availabil-
ity, 226-4296 or 667-5257.
SUNDANCER - Unique boutique fea-
turing quality clothing, jewelry and
great gift items for men. Phone: 226-

Wednesday, live music and a fabulous
Beach Barbeque 6:30 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.
Barrier Reef Dr. 226-2014.
Toast the sunset from the only “SWING-
ING” bar on the island ... and enjoy
FREE Wi-Fi! Dennis Wolfe & The Usual
Suspects play every Saturday from 4-8
pm. Located just north of the bridge.
February 19, 2009                                                                                                                     Visitor Guide Page 7
Sirena Azul            Continued from Page 5

                                               What better way to cruise than with food, drink, music and nature at its best?
                                               the island, you can’t help but bask in the view ahead, the blue skies
                                               and clusters of fluffy white clouds displaying nature at its best. But
                                               as the evening sets in, golden hues overtake the west, then slowly
                                               but progressively, the sun starts making its descent. The reflection
                                               of the bright sunrays spread over the sea, displaying an array of
                                               colors that words are not enough to describe, making the sunset
                                               cruise stand apart from any other. Then finally when the sun takes a
                                               final dip for the day, it is amazing to see the beautiful brightly lit
                                               skies as an orange sun gives off it’s final, resplendent display before
                                               the clouds and stars eventually take control of the evening skies.
                                                                                                         Continued on Page 9

Page 8 Visitor Guide                                                                                February 19, 2009
Sirena Azul Continued from Page 8

                                       After over an hour
                                    of sailing south, Cap-
                                    tain Samos then
                                    changes the direction
                                        Continued on Page 10

February 19, 2009                                              Visitor Guide Page 9
Sirena Azul
Continued from Page 9
of the large sail, which eventually
makes a U-turn, then we head
north to the final leg of the evening
sunset cruise. Making the best of
every minute of the cruise, cruis-
ers sit back and enjoy a combina-
tion of food, drink, music and a
display of nature at its very best,
the mind recording yet another
memorable experience.
   Blue Tang Inn offers all exclu-
sive Sunset Cruise above Sirena
Azul with the minimum cruise of
six people. The memorable sunset
cruise last for at least two spec-
tacular hours and provides you
with a lifetime experience. There
are also special prices for locals
which is negotiable at the front
desk at Blue Tang Inn.
    Blue Tang Inn could not have
provided a perfect experience and
a more perfect way to end the
magical evening other than on
board Sirena Azul. You don’t need
to go Hawaii to see amazing
sunset’s when you have the Blue
Tang Inn and Sirena Azul in your
backyard. For further information
kindly call 226-2326.


 The San Pedro Sun
   Visitor’s Guide
  Phone: 226-2070
   Fax: 226-2905

Page 10 Visitor Guide                   February 19, 2009
                                                Wolfe’s                                                        Riddle Me This:
                                                                                                     Q. Every day, a cyclist crosses the border between
                                                 Woofers                                             France and Germany carrying a bag. No matter how
                                                                                                   much customs officials investigate him, they do not know
                                                      by                                                       what he is smuggling. Do you?
                                                                                                                                                                   Answer Below
                                                  Dennis Wolfe

                                                Training with
                                                                                                YOUR ISLAND SPECIALISTS!
  “I’m going to start a lady’s volleyball team,” Melody announced, at our Sunday           TEL 501-226-3737 / FAX 501-226-3379
family breakfast. “I want to get them ready for the new volleyball season.”              
  “I didn’t know you even play volleyball,” Dulce said.                                        E-mail:
  “I don’t,” Melody said, “But I figure I can coach them.”                                                             30 YEARS OF WAITING!!
                                                                                        We are now taking reservations as exclusive agents for the sale of select beach lots and
  “There is an old saying that says, those who can’t do; teach,” I told her.                               private villas on CAYE CHAPEL – please inquire
  “That’s true,” Melody said. “Look at all the people you’ve taught to play guitar.”                                 DEVELOPED PROPERTIES
   “Ha. Ha. Very funny.”                                                                   Beach front Estate – 9,000 sq ft custom home - 360ft of beach, spacious ornamental
   The next Sunday Melody said, “I need some help. The girls I’m coaching are          gardens, 350 ft dock, home is sold furnished, beautifully appointed, fully equipped including
terrible at volleyball. How can I train them?”                                         vehicle & boat, tools, generator, fishing gear, $3.75 M
                                                                                           Grande Caribe Condos 1 mile north of the bridge on 500 ft of coconut grove. 1,2 & 3
   “What’s the problem?” I asked.
                                                                                       bedrooms. San Pedro’s most exciting new project 3 pools & marina. From $363,000
  “They can’t hit the ball where they are aiming it. I need some way to teach them     Inquire!
to hit it accurately.”                                                                     Grande Caribe Beachfront condo brand new furnished asking $ 495,000
   “When you play practice games have them spend a lot of time hitting it to the           Oasis Del Caribe Fully furnished 2nd floor ocean front 2 bedroom $295 ,000
different sections of the court.”                                                          Banyan Bay Villas 2 bed/2 bath top level condos fully furnished from $ 329,900
   “We don’t have enough people for practice games,” she said. “There are only              Casa Blanca on ½ acre beach Mata Grande. Extensive new rental home complex
six players and we’re so terrible that no one wants to play against us, even for           Tres Cocos 4 bed beach rental home, pier $1,150,000.
practice.”                                                                                 Holiday Lands Sunshine Home Fully furnished 2 bed/1 bath up with 2 bed/1 bath apt
   “O.K.” I said. “Here’s the solution. Mark the court into six squares and put a      below and roof top patio $350,000.
coconut in the middle of each square. Have the players aim at the coconuts when            Banana Beach 1-3 bedroom ocean front condos with 2 Pools, beach, restaurant and bar
they are serving the ball and when they are spiking it.”                               from $145,000 with rental income.
                                                                                           Miramar new completed 2nd floor beachfront 2 bedroom tastefully furnished condos
  “Spiking it?” she said. “We’re having trouble getting it over the net.”
                                                                                       from $325,000.
   “Try it,” I told her. “If you have any problems, give me a call and I’ll tell you       Bermuda Landing furnished 1 bed 1 1/2 bath on beach pool $220,000 offers.
what to do next.”                                                                           Beach Villas - Caye Villas Mata Grande 2 Bed 3 bath fully furnished pool rental
  I was drinking my coffee and reading my book on the porch the next day when the      management program from $449,900 bring offers!
phone rang. It was Melody, calling from her team’s volleyball practice.                    Royal Palms Villas – Top floor pool side custom furnished and re-modeled 1 bedroom.
   “What’s up?” I asked.                                                               Leather sofas, 50 in plasma, King bed set, wash/dry, all new appliances $ 235,000
                                                                                           Royal Palm Villas pool and breeze side on the beach 1 bedroom $190,000
  “I did what you said about using the coconuts,” she told me. “It’s not working out
                                                                                           Oceanaire – ocean front 2 bed/2 bath, large patios – $325,000
too well.”                                                                                 Pelican Reef Villas – Ocean front 2 bed furnished $497,000 3 bedroom $637,000
  “What’s the problem?”                                                                    Fixer Upper in Escalante – 3 bedroom, 2 bath, fully fenced yard. Room to expand.
  “So far, the coconuts are winning 3 to 1. What do we do now?”                        $149K. Make an offer!

        Trivia Tidbits...
                                                                                           Casa Del Sol – In town, ocean front 1 bed, 1 bath only $129K furnished
                                                                                                                 COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                                           “Rated Best in Belize” Casa Picasso Tapas restaurant and Martini bar - $150K.
                                                                                       Building and lot available separately.
    *When a giraffe’s baby is born it falls from a height of six feet, normally            Resort Property – Tranquility Bay Resort – inquire!
 without being hurt.                                                                       Lagniappe Provisioning – established with great growth potential - $85K
    *Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.                                      Coral House – 3 bed, 2 bath apartment & 1 bed, 1 bath apartment $275K
                                                                                           Sawyer’s House – 3 bed, 2 bath apartment and 2 X 1 bedroom apartments $279K
    *The creator of the NIKE Swoosh symbol was paid only $35 for the de-                   Escalante apartment building. Ground floor 2 bed, 2 bath, Upper floor 2 bed 1
 sign.                                                                                 bath. $350K
    *How does a shark find fish? It can hear their hearts beating.                         Sand Piper Apartments – 4 apartments. Close to town. $549K
    *Penguins can convert salt water into fresh water.                                     Pirate’s Lantern – 3 apartments – 3 vacant lots – right on main street. $575K
                                                                                           Small Beach Bar in a coconut grove – Tres Cocos area - Inquire
     *In ten minutes, a hurricane releases more energy than all the world’s                                        UNDEVELOPED PROPERTIES
 nuclear weapons combined!                                                                 Santa Evelia beach lot 100 ft x 200 ft $ 385,000
    *A cow can't give milk until she's given birth to a calf.                              Palm Bay Club beach front lot 100’ X 200’ $87,000 & 60’ X 130’ $80,000
                                                                                           Palmeros beach lot with pier 80 ft x 200 ft $ 280,000
                                                                                           Spanish Reef beach front lot 50’ X 100 ft $250,000 Off beach from $40K
                                                                                           Basil Jones 145 ft beach lot $ 375,000
                                                                                           Playa Blanca beach lot 60 x 105 ft $350,000 offers
                                                                                           Mata Grande 100 x 200 ft prime beach lot with pier permit $445,000.
                                                                                           Mata Grande 100 x 200 ft residential beach lot $445,000.
                                                                                           Esperanza 1.5 acres beach 150 ft x 460 ft $1,000,000.
                                                                                           Esperanza 4.6 acres beach 300 ft x 460 ft $2,000,0000.
                                                                                           Boca Ciega 4.5 acres 174ft beach front. $350,000.
                                                                                           Club Caribbean beach lot 50 x 100 ft $115,000. Buy a pair for $225K
                                                                                           West Bay private sandy bay with 260 ft frontage only $425,000.
                                                                                           West Bay oceanfront 100 ft x 500 ft $179,000 bring offer
                                                                                           San Marcos 2 adjacent lots 50x90 ft lot $55,000 each.
                                                                                            Palmeros 70ft x 350ft cleared ocean view lot with direct access to beach $85,000.
                                                                                       Motivated seller
                                                                                           Mexico Rocks 2 ocean view lots 75 to 80 feet wide x 260 ft deep $75,000 each
                                                                                           Ambergris Bay West Coast beach front $100,000.
                                                                                           Habaneros area – 2nd row $85K 3rd row $45K multiple lots available.
                                                                                                 All prices are in US dollars and subject to change without notice.
                                                                                                 For further details on these properties and much more call your
                                                                                                                 AMBERGRIS CAYE SPECIALISTS
                                                                                                                         Answer: Bicycles

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