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Financial Aid Book Order Consent Form


									              East Central Community College
        MSVCC Online Book Order Consent Form

All books ordered for online classes are considered special orders
and can not be returned to East Central Community College.
By signing below I authorize ECCC to charge my online textbook(s) to my
financial aid as well as the $10 per textbook shipping and handling fee. I
acknowledge that I am responsible for paying for and receiving my shipped
textbook(s) even if I drop an online class that I have had a textbook(s) ordered
for. I also acknowledge that all textbook(s) must be shipped and cannot be
picked up at the ECCC Bookstore, unless it’s a textbook(s) utilized by an
ECCC instructor for an online course.

Student’s Name: _______________________________________________

Student’s Signature: _______________________________________

SS# or Student ID #: ______________________________________

Daytime Phone #: ________________________________________

Evening Phone #: _____________________________

East Central Community College Bookstore will ship your books once they have
arrived at the bookstore. In order for your textbook(s) to get shipped to the correct
address, the shipping info must be filled out completely.

Street Address or P.O. BOX: _____________________________________

City_____________ State_________________ Zip_____________

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