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									                                                  June 24, 2011                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1201
                                                  problems they already face for the tax prob-               Bob’s enthusiasm for coaching and teach-             level of responsibility, commitment and care
                                                  lems accompanying the trust form that they              ing—and his devotion to improving the lives of          that deserves our recognition, support and ut-
                                                  will face if Section 646 is allowed to sunset.          each of his students—is what set him apart as           most respect. Their developments and strate-
                                                      I introduced H.R. 2320 because a perma-             a truly outstanding educator.                           gies are exemplary. They are a great example
                                                  nent extension of Section 646 will immediately             A former student and now local Mobile attor-         to us all. I commend them for their great
                                                  remove the disincentive presented by the sun-           ney, Charlie Potts, recently told the Mobile            deeds, and agree they are most deserving of
                                                  set of Section 646 for Alaska Native corpora-           Press-Register that Coach Bob always fol-               this Golden Eagle Award.
                                                  tions to use settlement trusts to provide bene-         lowed the Golden Rule. Simply put, Bob Rut-                               f
                                                  fits to their Alaska Native shareholders.               ledge treated his students and players the way
                                                      I would like to note to my colleagues that          he would want to be treated.                                     AMERICA INVENTS ACT
                                                  the fact that Section 646 is not already a per-            Bob was also instrumental in shaping St.                                SPEECH OF
                                                  manent part of the tax code is a result of its          Paul’s community service programs, including
                                                  unique procedural history, rather than a result         a fine arts program that today rivals the offer-                   HON. STENY H. HOYER
                                                  of any substantive determination as to its mer-         ings of many colleges and universities.                                   OF MARYLAND
                                                  its or revenue concerns about its cost. Section            For St. Paul’s students and alumni, Coach                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                  646 was originally enacted, along with several          Bob was more than a great educator and                             Wednesday, June 22, 2011
                                                  other provisions, as an unrelated, miscella-            leader, he was like a parent and cherished
                                                                                                                                                                    The House in Committee of the Whole
                                                  neous provision as part of the 2001 tax legis-          friend. He had a talent for summoning the best
                                                                                                                                                                  House on the State of the Union had under
                                                  lation which, because of the need to use the            in his students and building a faculty and staff        consideration the bill (H.R. 1249) to amend
                                                  budget reconciliation process, was subject to a         that were second to none. Although he retired           title 35, United States Code, to provide for
                                                  December 31, 2010 sunset provision. Rather              in 2006, his passing is a profound loss for St.         patent reform:
                                                  than subsequently being made permanent                  Paul’s and our entire community.                           Mr. HOYER. Madam Chair, I rise in support
                                                  similar to other unrelated, miscellaneous provi-           Mr. Speaker, I join with so many others from         of this legislation. I am a strong supporter, as
                                                  sions in the 2001 tax legislation, Section 646          southwest Alabama in mourning the loss of a             many of you know, of what we call our Make
                                                  was extended for two years along with the               truly exceptional man who touched thousands             It In America agenda. Make It In America sim-
                                                  2001 individual tax rate reductions as part of          upon thousands of lives with his generosity,            ply means we are going to provide jobs, we
                                                  the 2010 year-end tax legislation such that it          leadership and strength.                                are going to provide opportunities, and we are
                                                  is now scheduled to expire on December 31,                 My condolences go out to his wonderful wife          going to build the manufacturing sector of our
                                                  2012. Once again, the decision to enact a               of 45 years, Martha, and their children, Kellie,        economy. In order to do that we also need to
                                                  two-year extension (rather than a permanent             Brett and Dorie. You are all in our thoughts            enhance the inventive, innovative, and devel-
                                                  extension) was not attributable to substantive          and prayers.                                            opment phases of our economy. This bill, I
                                                  or revenue considerations relating to Section                             f                                     think, will facilitate this.
                                                  646 itself. Rather, it followed from a decision                                                                    I congratulate the gentlelady from California
                                                  to enact a simple two-year extension of all of          JACKSON HOLE MOUNTAIN RE-
                                                                                                           SORT  (JHMR)—NATIONAL   SKI                            for this amendment as well, which I think im-
                                                  the expiring 2001 provisions without assessing                                                                  proves this bill. I rise in strong support and
                                                  the merits of alternative extension periods for          AREA   ASSOCIATION’S (NSAA)
                                                                                                           GOLDEN EAGLE AWARD                                     urge my colleagues to support this piece of
                                                  each expiring provision being extended. Thus,                                                                   legislation. I congratulate all of those who
                                                  it is fair to say that the current non-permanent                                                                have worked on this legislation. It is obviously
                                                  status of Section 646 is an accident of the leg-                 HON. CYNTHIA M. LUMMIS                         not perfect, but then again, no piece of legisla-
                                                  islative process and that no Member has ever                                OF WYOMING                          tion that we adopt is perfect. It is, however, a
                                                  suggested that the provision should not be                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    significant step forward to make sure that
                                                  made permanent. Further, there was wide                              Friday, June 24, 2011                      America remains the inventive, innovative de-
                                                  support for the permanency provision in the                                                                     velopment capital of the world. In order to do
                                                  last Congress. H.R. 2320 would simply rem-                 Mrs. LUMMIS. Mr. Speaker, I would like to
                                                                                                          congratulate and honor Jackson Hole Moun-               that we need to manufacture goods here in
                                                  edy this accident of the legislative’ process                                                                   America—manufacture the goods that we in-
                                                  and make permanent a provision that should              tain Resort (JHMR) from the state of Wyoming
                                                                                                          for their receipt of the National Ski Area Asso-        vent, innovate, and develop here, because if
                                                  have originally been enacted as such.                                                                           we continue to take them to scale overseas,
                                                                                                          ciation’s (NSAA) Golden Eagle Award. Having
                                                                   f                                                                                              then the inventors, innovators, and developers
                                                                                                          been a previous recipient of this award in
                                                  TRIBUTE TO ROBERT RUTLEDGE,                             1995, JHMR yet again receives the highest               will themselves move overseas.
                                                                                                                                                                     So I thank Mr. SMITH, Mr. WATT, Ms. LOF-
                                                   THE HEART OF ST. PAUL’S EPIS-                          honor in environmental achievement. This
                                                                                                                                                                  GREN, and the others who have worked so
                                                   COPAL SCHOOL                                           prestigious award is judged by industry peers
                                                                                                                                                                  hard on this legislation, who have dedicated
                                                                                                          and a select group of judges.
                                                                                                                                                                  themselves to trying to make sure that we
                                                                  HON. JO BONNER                             As an example to all industries, both within
                                                                                                                                                                  have a context and environment in America
                                                                     OF ALABAMA
                                                                                                          and without the business of skiing, JHMR has
                                                                                                                                                                  which will facilitate the innovative sector of our
                                                     IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                          managed to produce an environmentally-
                                                                                                          friendly ski resort. They are a great example
                                                                Friday, June 24, 2011                     to us all of environmental achievements. The                              f
                                                     Mr. BONNER. Mr. Speaker, it is with great            award coincides with the resort’s five year an-                IN MEMORY OF JIM WHAM
                                                  sadness that I rise today to acknowledge the            niversary of ISO 14001 certification. JHMR is
                                                  recent passing of one of Mobile’s most be-              one of only two resorts in the United States to                     HON. JOHN SHIMKUS
                                                  loved and respected educators, Robert Rut-              have met these standards. This specific                                   OF ILLINOIS
                                                  ledge.                                                  award, the Golden Eagle Award, honors their
                                                                                                                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                     ‘‘Coach Bob,’’ as he was known to many,              environmental excellence for ‘‘Medium Size
                                                  was head football coach, athletic director, as-         Ski Areas’’ (200,000—500,000 visits). Busi-                           Friday, June 24, 2011
                                                  sistant headmaster and headmaster over his              nesses, such as this resort, are our hope for              Mr. SHIMKUS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in
                                                  33-year career at St. Paul’s Episcopal School.          a more beautiful world in the future, showing           tribute to a man of great character, patriotism,
                                                  He has been described as the heart of St.               us that spectacular sites do not have to come           and community pride: Mr. Jim Wham of
                                                  Paul’s and an influential role model for his stu-       at the cost of our environmental degradation.           Centralia, Illinois, who passed away May 20,
                                                  dents.                                                     Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is justly               2011, at the age of 92.
rfrederick on DSKD9S0YB1PROD with REMARKS

                                                     Under his guidance, St. Paul’s athletic pro-         proud to receive this award. Their selection               I first met Jim when, as a child, I visited my
                                                  gram gained statewide respect, including a trip         shows their positive impact and contribution to         late grandfather, John Shimkus, who owned a
                                                  to the 1993 State Championship game.                    a better environment. A few of their contribu-          clothing store in Centralia. Jim Wham, already
                                                     For three decades, Coach Bob inspired, led           tions, to note, are: modifications to their heat-       a well known attorney, knew my grandfather
                                                  and prepared generations of students for the            ing systems, reducing propane use by 20%                and I remember meeting this well educated,
                                                  rigors of life, instilling in many the confidence       and recycling all motor oil, along with anti-           well informed, larger than life man. Many
                                                  to set their goals high and then work hard to-          freeze, batteries, and snowmelt (from groom-            years later, when I began running for Con-
                                                  ward attaining them.                                    ing equipment). They have demonstrated a                gress, I again met Jim—who was very active

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                                                  E1202                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                        June 24, 2011
                                                  in politics—and became much more ac-                    as Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Sta-               Schooled as an industrial engineer, Mr.
                                                  quainted with him. Jim became a friend and              tion Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base for the              Shimpi has approached these barriers faced
                                                  trusted advisor. His viewpoints on crucial              past three years.                                       by Americans with disabilities as problems that
                                                  issues were always well thought out and came               Locally appointed to the U.S. Naval Acad-            can be overcome through concrete solutions.
                                                  from a deep love of his country. I could always         emy by Representative Charles Stenholm of               He has provided valuable research and anal-
                                                  count on Jim to tell me exactly what he                 Texas’ old 17th district, he graduated from the         ysis, creating better efficiency within the
                                                  thought.                                                academy in 1984 and attended flight school.             AbilityOne Program, and his depth of knowl-
                                                     Jim was a 1936 graduate of Centralia Town-           He was designated a Naval Flight Officer                edge acquired through four decades of service
                                                  ship High School, was center on the Centralia           (NFO) in September of 1985.                             at National Industries for the Blind has been a
                                                  Orphans basketball team that competed in the               Spending the majority of his career in a P–          valuable resource for those looking to close
                                                  State Tournament at Champaign, and later at-            3 Orion aircraft, Captain Smyers succeeded in           the 70 percent unemployment gap among
                                                  tended the University of Illinois where he let-         all leadership roles in multiple squadrons dur-         Americans who are blind.
                                                  tered in track. He was admitted to the Illinois         ing his career. The most notable position was             Please join me in honoring a lifetime com-
                                                  Bar in 1947 and practiced at the law firm start-        as the Commanding Officer of the VP–62                  mitment to service by Mr. Arun Shimpi.
                                                  ed by his grandfather William Bundy and re-             Broad Arrows. Captain Smyers led this squad-                              f
                                                  mained the active senior partner of Wham and            ron during Operation Enduring Freedom in
                                                  Wham until his death.                                   three different operational theaters. Addition-               HONORING THE LIFE OF DR.
                                                     Jim also served in the Army Air Corps in             ally, Captain Smyers attended the National                      MICHAEL R. REDMOND
                                                  World War II advancing to the rank of major             Defense University’s Industrial College of the
                                                  and was awarded the bronze star.                        Armed Forces earning a Master of Science                              HON. JEFF MILLER
                                                     Jim was large in stature and large in his            Degree in Strategic Resourcing.                                           OF FLORIDA
                                                  love of politics, the law, and life. He shared his         On April 11, 2008, Captain Smyers reported                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                  passion for this country and the Republican             as the eighth Commanding Officer of Naval Air                         Friday, June 24, 2011
                                                  Party any chance he could.                              Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, which
                                                     Jim even ran for Congress once on the Jim            provides support for units from every service              Mr. MILLER of Florida. Mr. Speaker, on be-
                                                  Wham Party banner, after missing the dead-              and over 11,000 active duty, guard, reserve,            half of the United States Congress, it is with
                                                  line to file as a Republican. The reason for his        and civilian employees. It has truly been an            great respect and honor that I rise today to
                                                  Congressional run was because of the incum-             honor to work with Captain Smyers. He is re-            recognize the life of Northwest Florida’s be-
                                                  bent’s vote against the amendment prohibiting           spected by all for his true professionalism.            loved Dr. Michael R. Redmond.
                                                  the burning of the flag. Jim had seen firsthand         While Captain Smyers has remained focused                  Born in Milton, Florida on March 19, 1943,
                                                  in WWII the price paid for that flag and wanted         on the mission, his dedication to the sailors           Michael Redmond lived a life deeply rooted in
                                                  others to know it as well. He was first and             under his command has been exceptional. He              love for his family and community. Dr.
                                                  foremost a true patriot.                                epitomizes the phrase ‘‘Mission First, People           Redmond was a devoted public servant, and
                                                     Jim also served as a judge of the Illinois           Always’’ and I know the thousands of officers,          the contributions he made to Northwest Flor-
                                                  Court of Claims and was a candidate for Illi-           sailors, and civilians he has led hold him in           ida are innumerable.
                                                  nois Appellate Court Judge. Jim was a mem-              the highest regard.                                        Upon graduation from Campion Jesuit High
                                                  ber of the First United Methodist Church in                Captain Smyers has upheld the highest tra-           School, Dr. Redmond attended St. Louis Uni-
                                                  Centralia and was a Sunday School teacher               ditions of the United States Navy. We will miss         versity, and after only three years of study, he
                                                  there.                                                  his leadership as Commanding Officer of                 was admitted to St. Louis University Medical
                                                     Most recently, well into his 90’s, Jim hosted        Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve              School. A true patriot, Dr. Redmond served in
                                                  a weekly radio show on WILY in Centralia. I             Base, but we look forward to the contributions          the United States Army from 1969 to 1971 as
                                                  had the privilege of being his guest on this            he will make to our community as he and his             a General Medical Officer at Leonard Wood
                                                  show in studio. He was still well informed, still       family transition to civilian life in our area.         Army Hospital. During the Vietnam War, Dr.
                                                  very articulate, and I could still not win an ar-                         f
                                                                                                                                                                  Redmond served in the 25th Infantry Division
                                                  gument with him. His voice in Centralia will be                                                                 as an Emergency Room/Casualty Physician
                                                  missed.                                                      HONORING MR. ARUN SHIMPI                           and earned two Bronze Stars. For 35 years,
                                                     Survivors include his wife Phyllis; daughters                                                                Dr. Redmond practiced at the West Florida
                                                  Sarah Cary and Jennifer Price; his brother                       HON. DONNA F. EDWARDS                          Medical Center in the Department of Ophthal-
                                                  William; grandchildren: Andrew Wham Cary,                                  OF MARYLAND                          mology and served as the Chief Executive Of-
                                                  Stephen Wham Cary, Rebecca Ann Cary,                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    ficer from 2000 until his passing. His expertise
                                                  Susannah Jane Price, James Daniel Price,                                                                        while serving on the American Academy of
                                                                                                                       Friday, June 24, 2011                      Ophthalmology Board of Trustees and later as
                                                  Katharine Elizabeth Price and Mary Karen
                                                  Price; and great grandchildren: Zachary Cary               Ms. EDWARDS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to            President of the AAO in 2003 was invaluable.
                                                  and Samantha Cary.                                      recognize the outstanding commitment to pub-            Dr. Redmond served as a member of the
                                                     Jim was laid rest in Centralia. And while I          lic service made by Mr. Arun Shimpi, who re-            American Academy of Pediatrics, the Chil-
                                                  was unable to attend in person, I can certainly         tired in June after 43 years of tireless service        dren’s EyeCare Foundation, the Escambia
                                                  take this opportunity to let his name ring              toward enhancing the social and economic                County Medical Society, the Escambia County
                                                  throughout this hallowed hall. He deserves no           independence of Americans who are blind.                United Way Campaign and numerous other
                                                  less and would certainly love hearing it.               When Mr. Shimpi began work at National In-              committees and organizations.
                                                                                                          dustries for the Blind in 1968, he was a new               Respect emanates from his colleagues who
                                                                                                          immigrant from India in search of greater op-           say Dr. Redmond will forever be remembered
                                                  REMARKS IN HONOR OF CAPTAIN                             portunity. Fifteen years later, fueled by a de-         as a caring physician who always put his pa-
                                                   TRACY   D.  SMYERS, UNITED                             sire to participate fully in our democracy, he          tients first. In the eyes of the many people
                                                   STATES NAVY                                            transitioned from legal resident to U.S. citizen.       whose sight was restored due to his life-long
                                                                                                          Not only is his story one that captures the             dedication to ‘‘helping kids see,’’ he was a true
                                                              HON. KAY GRANGER                            spirit of the American Dream, but he has also           hero. Serving as a testament to the gratitude
                                                                       OF TEXAS                           worked tirelessly for over 40 years, opening            his colleagues, the medical profession, and
                                                     IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      the doors of opportunity to thousands of Amer-          the public have for him, Dr. Redmond was
                                                                                                          icans who are blind or severely disabled, mak-          awarded the Florida Medical Association’s
                                                               Friday, June 24, 2011                      ing their own dreams become a reality.                  highest award, the Certificate of Merit, for his
rfrederick on DSKD9S0YB1PROD with REMARKS

                                                     Ms. GRANGER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to               National Industries for the Blind, along with        outstanding service to the FMA. He also
                                                  congratulate Captain Tracy D. (T.D.) Smyers             its 90 associated nonprofit agencies operating          earned the American Medical Association Phy-
                                                  for his 27 years of dedicated and distinguished         under the AbilityOne Program, remains the               sician’s Recognition Award from 1975 to 2000.
                                                  service to our nation on the occasion of his re-        largest single source of employment for Ameri-             To some, Michael Redmond will be remem-
                                                  tirement from the United States Navy.                   cans who are blind. Under Mr. Shimpi’s lead-            bered as a community leader, and to others,
                                                     It is an honor to join the people of Texas’          ership, the AbilityOne Program has made                 as a dedicated doctor and hero. To his family,
                                                  12th Congressional District in honoring one of          great progress in breaking down barriers for            he will forever be remembered as a loving
                                                  our own, Captain Smyers, upon his retirement            all persons with disabilities.                          husband, father, and grandfather. Michael is

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