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									                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

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                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

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                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

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                                          Blogging with Benefits
                             A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

                                               Table Of Contents

Introduction .................................................................................................................................. 5

Chapter 1 - Starting Out The Right Way ...................................................................................... 7

Chapter 2 -Setting Up For Success ............................................................................................. 10

Chapter 3 – What Then? ............................................................................................................. 17

Chapter 4 - Carrying For Your Business ..................................................................................... 22

Chapter 5 - Crafting a Seller Front Page .................................................................................... 28

Chapter 6 - Enhancing Your Reach ............................................................................................ 31

Conclusion .................................................................................................................................. 34



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                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe


     Thinking of starting your own blog? Perhaps making some
money while you post your ads and gets noticed? That’s a real way
of turning an enjoyable activity into a profession. But how do
bloggers start of? What to do to set things up and get going to the
wonders of online business?

       That’s precisely the question that motivated me to write this
report. I want you to feel, once you finish your reading, that you are
able to conquer the world of blogging, and for that we will go all the
way through, step by step, from choosing your subject, to putting it
live, on the net. Really it’s simpler than you might think at first…

      But we must start somewhere, right?

       Well, ever since its creation, blogging have truly transformed
the world by storm, creating a massive online content network,
building journalism and writing careers for thousands of successful
bloggers, thus rapidly changing well established businesses such as
print journalism and book publishing. With the large success attained
by many blogs worldwide, and the large scale industry and global
changes that have happened as a result of their development and
influence, it's a great time for everyone that truly has a voice to
create a blog and keep it regularly. But, although many people want
to start a blog, very few actually take that first step and jump into
the world of blogging.

      Most likely, that’s because starting a blog can be a difficult and
confusing task, with the level of choice and customizability out there
trapping starter users into a world of excess choice and difficult
decision making. Although it's something that often causes a lot of
stress and worry, it most often is an experience that creates a great
deal of excitement for newbie bloggers. The feeling that things aren't
ever going to be the same and thinking that your thoughts will no
longer stand alone, and are being broadcasted to the world… It’s all
pretty attractive for anyone.

     By blogging, you can go about connecting with and sharing
your thoughts with people from all around the world, whom you
would not have otherwise known, much like in social networking. It is
a hub where the young and the hearty flock. The chances of getting
an audience at such a platform are high; the rewards are
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                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

astonishing… and are there for the taking! But one must take action…
just like you are doing right now.

     The usual term blogging, nowadays, can be defined as
channeling your thoughts out on to whoever is listening... anyone in
the numerous users of internet may hear you… how great that might

      Over the recent years, the internet has seen the growth of
many content management systems through which it is possible to
build a professional website in a very short time span. Nevertheless,
the most successful website creation resource is probably WordPress.
Whilst true content management systems like Joomla and Drupal still
hold many attractions, the fact is that WordPress has become the
most popular website building system of choice for the majority of
online marketers.

      Because of this, thousands of people have created add-ons or
plug-ins for WordPress that have significantly enhanced its usability
and flexibility. In addition, there are hundreds of free site templates
(or themes as they are known in the WordPress “language”) that
enable you to make your site look almost any way you want it to as

      In other words, there is practically nothing that you cannot do
using WordPress as the basis of your website, turning this platform
one of the most malleable that exists. For this reason, an increasingly
large number of people are using WordPress as their site building tool
of choice. And you’re about to, as well.

      Although WordPress isn’t perfect (any site building system is),
using it as a shortcut to creating an incredibly effective website in a
matter of a few moments is really feasible, what would be difficult to
find with anything that has more features than WordPress.

     In fact, I will show you how to do it, from the start, on the next

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                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

   1. Starting Out The Right Way

   First things first, know that creating a blog really is nothing that
you need to be afraid of. There is no elaborate planning required, no
long hours of extensive training and preparation... Simply, there are
a few things you will need to decide to be able to start.

   The first thing to understand is that there are two different
versions of WordPress. (I have more experience using WordPress
than other blog platforms, so I will refer a lot more to WordPress than
others, like Blogger).

   At, you will find a free blogging platform that is
hosted by WordPress themselves. Whilst using this site will enable
you to create a blog very quickly and easily, this is not the version of
WordPress that you are going to use because it does not have the
adaptability of creating a site hosted on your own servers. It renders
customization of your blog very limited.

   The version of WordPress that you want to focus your efforts on is
available from This is the version that you download
and install on your own site, which really gives you a far greater
degree of control and flexibility than you would ever have if you are
using a hosted system to build your site.

   Downloading the software to install WordPress is completely free,
and there are detailed instructions on the site to install WordPress
using what the site homepage calls the ‘famous 5-minute

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                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

      Alternatively, depending upon the web host that you are using,
it may be possible to install WordPress on your site even more quickly
than this!

       Before starting any installation, though, you will need to
register a domain name and set up an appropriate web hosting
account. Let’s not rush though, because even before doing that, you
need to decide what the topic or subject matter of your site is going
to be.

       The choice of the subject you’re going to talk about is
outermost important if you’re planning to make any money online at
all. That’s because if you’re ever planning to be found online, you
want to implement the so called SEO friendly features, which is a way
of driving free traffic to your blog. And who doesn’t like free

      Following on, the other things you may want to think about are:

       The Theme and Content you want to use: Determine what
you would be writing about or the nature of the content that you
would be sharing with your readers. This depends mainly on your
interest, really. Possible topics have a wide range, from the field of
politics to poetry, to arts, or current affairs, and almost anything
under the sun can be chosen. You can stick to one theme or you can
choose to write about whatever concerns you on a day to day basis.
Since it is your very own web journal, you can make it as flexible as
possible in all aspects. We will be talking about it more deeply in just
a few pages. Even if you don’t know how to install plugins and
themes on your blog, don’t fear: here is a free report that may help

       Templates: these are for choosing the appearance of your
blog. A wide range of templates most likely will be made available
for free on any blogging service you decide to start you blog. Or you
can buy the more fancy ones, what is absolutely not needed to start
your blog. Later on, you may choose the “upgrade” packages,
though, if you really like blogging… 

      Other resources: the advantage of using these blogging
service providers is that they try to make your blogging experience as
dynamic and interactive as possible. Often, they enable you to install
add-on features that includes buttons, pictures, blog chalks, imoods,
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                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

guest maps, guestbook’s, comment boxes for readers' thoughts and
views, and many other features (some of them will only be available
when you pay for them, however…)

      The Nature of Your Blog: Now you must determine who
should read your blog - whether you want it to be read only by a
select circle of people, or must it be open to all. This will depend upon
what are your plans with your blog. If you are using it as a tool for
making money online, you certainly want your blog to be public…

      Your Blogging Circle: Blogging is a great way to come in
touch with people from across the globe. You can surf and visit other
people’s blogs anytime you want and leave messages. Just remember
to not spam in their comment section, but write a genuine comment
if you have something to say about a particular post. By doing so,
other people may become interested in what you have to say, thus
making them more likely to visit your blog (which then may result in
getting you traffic, what is great if you’re trying to advertise

     Skins: You can customize and personalize your blog as much
as you want. By using software like Photoshop you can create your
own skins and make your blog more attractive and profitable as well
as make it reflect you own personality.

      Publish: Finally, when you are done selecting the setting and
preferences, it’s time to find out a content to put up, since you need
to publish some content… which is what internet is all about.

      And that pretty much sums up what we need to cover in more
details below: now it’s time to properly choose your overall subject.

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                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

   2. Setting Up For Success

   In order for any website to make sense, it must have a point of
focus, a topic around which the whole of the site is built. If you plan
to make money online, this is really important, because when you
choose your subject, then you can unveil all the possibilities of
products to market, or even you can focus on your efforts to create
your own products in that subject.

   It may well be that you already have a topic or subject around
which you plan to build your site, but if not, it should not be
particularly difficult to find a suitable subject.

   For example, if you pick up a newspaper or watch the TV news,
there are things happening in the real world every day that could be
suitable site topics. Look around you – almost everything you see
could provide the basis of a website, from your computer to different
kinds of speakers, headphones, books, cameras… Just like I said
before, almost anything under the sun can be blogged about!

   Alternatively, you could visit a website like Yahoo Answers or
43Things to see what kind of questions people are asking, or what
they are interested in achieving. You must have in mind that the
Internet is all about solving problems: it can shorten the distance
between two people, it can provide services, or it can be a source of
information. And that’s precisely what we want to achieve: give the
information or service these users are requesting, whichever it may

   Focus on being as specific as you can be to solve their problems,
and that would make you more likely to be entering a particular
“niche” (which is nothing more than a “specific kind of
questions/problems”; examples may be: health, make money online,
losing weight, dealing with pain and loss; and there are sub niches
you can find, like losing weight after pregnancy, or making money
online with blogs, or dealing with back pain… so, as you can see, is
only a matter of being more and more specific).

    When scooping those sites for ideas, try to look for questions or
goals that suggest that people have a problem that they need to
solve or a pain in their life that needs to be dealt with. People who
have significant problems or a ‘pain’ of some description are always
willing to spend money in order to deal with their situation.
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                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

    For example, it is very common to see people listing ‘losing weight’
as being a personal objective on their 43Things list of things to
achieve. Similarly, you often see people who want to be happier,
more satisfied with their life and less depressed or anxious. These are
all people who have a problem in their life for which they are seeking
a solution. If you are in a position to provide that solution, you have
the basis of a successful online business. And, of course, you can
pursue one niche or many, what really amplifies the power of
blogging to the online marketer.

   Due to the extension of this subject, though, in this report I am
going to use as an example the “depression” as the market niche
which you are going to pay attention to.

    Once you have chosen a market in which you want to operate in
(i.e. “depression” in our example), the next thing that you want is a
product or service to promote in order to make money, right? In this
matter, you have several different options.

   The first option is to promote a product or service as an affiliate
through a site like or Commission Junction. Both
of these network sites have thousands of products available which
you can promote as an affiliate, earning an appropriate commission
for every successful sale that you manage to generate.

   That way, if you decide to promote as an affiliate using either of
these sites, you have the remarkable advantage that you do not need
to create your own product, and you can start your business at once.

   The down side, if you are promoting as an affiliate, is that the
product or service that you are offering to your site visitors is
obviously not exclusive to you. There are dozens (or perhaps even
hundreds) of other affiliates in the same market who are promoting
exactly the same product as you are. And the competition can be

   The circumstances are, certainly, completely different if you have
your own product. This way, your product is obviously exclusively
marketed by you and there is consequently no direct competition
advertising exactly the same thing. It is, therefore, easier to establish
a bit of the market that is exclusively yours.

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                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

   Once more, in this situation, there are quite a few options
accessible to you:

   The first thing you can do is to perform all of the research that
needs to be done for yourself, and then write your own digital
information product (also called info product, and can come in many
forms such as an e-book, an ecourse, start your coaching program, a
software…) based on the results of your research. The clear
disadvantage of this model is that it comes with a huge amount of
work prior to your launching, and it is going to take some
considerable time and effort to complete.

   Instead, you can use sites like SureFireWealth, Resell Rights
Weekly, or Resell Rights Mastery to see whether there are any
suitable Private Label Rights Products in your niche. If you find them
there, you can take these PLR materials and transform them in any
way you want, by this means creating your own unique product with
considerably smaller amount of labor. And that is the magic of PLR
products! It’s cheaper and much less time consuming than actually
creating the product from scratch.

   The one major disadvantage to this particular model is that
because these three sites present PLR materials for free, it is likely
that many hundreds of other advertisers have previously downloaded
and used the content that you intend to base your product on. This
means that you should really consider transforming significantly the
original contents to make certain that your product is indeed

    Other alternative is to outsource it, by getting someone else to do
all the work for you. Using a site like, it will be possible
to hire a freelancer who can do all of the research and then create
the product on your behalf. Whilst doing things in this way is certainly
not going to be the cheapest option, it is definitely the easiest.

   Either way, if you are not going to market someone else’s product
as an affiliate, you need to create your own unique product.

   With that said, I am going to suppose that you create an info
product that explains depression and how to overcome it, and we are
going to call it ‘Complete Depression Cure’.

By Dave Jones                                                   Página 12
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

   Another thing that we have discussed is that you should have your
own “.com” domain name. Why? Despite a overabundance of new
domain name suffixes over the past couple of years, the majority of
people who use the internet regularly still have a tendency to imagine
the digital world as being a ‘.com kind of place’. This is central,
because as soon as your blog is set up, you are going to perform a
ton of promotion trying to send visitors to your web site and you
are also going to build your ‘brand name’ simultaneously.

    It is as a result completely realistic that people will get to
recognize the ‘Complete Depression Cure’ name. Still, if they fail to
remember the correct URL of your blog, you can be assured that their
first effort to google it will be by searching it in the “.com” ‘version’.

   Again, reviewing our steps, after the registration of your “.com”
domain name, you are ready to progress to the next step in the
setup, which is to start a web hosting account. This is an account
with a business who are going to ‘rent’ you some space on their
‘servers’, which is the name given to computers that house and
present websites over the internet. It will be your real state online

   But you should be aware that, although most domain name
registration companies also offer web hosting plans, most online
marketers typically suggest that you keep your domain name
registration and web hosting accounts separate. By doing this, you
are not entrusting the whole of your business to one third party
operation as it is clear that there may be some dangers in doing this.
Besides, although it is generally acknowledged that there are many
web hosting companies that are internet business friendly, it is also
widely known that there are many web hosts who simply are not.

    Where web hosting companies are concerned, as in everything, it
is common sense that you get what you pay for. Hence, if you go for
the cheapest package you can find, you are likely to suffer in terms of

    For a web hosting company that is extremely internet business
friendly, and that also offers extremely affordable prices, you need
look no further than Their ‘Baby’ account would cost
you $7.95 a month (by the time I’m writing this report, but they
often make special prices…) and for that, you can host as many

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                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

individual web sites on the same account as you like, and you also
have unlimited disk space and bandwidth as well:

     As a simple shared hosting account of this nature is more than
adequate for starting, this is what I would advise you go for.

      After you have completed the account signup process, you will
receive an e-mail from Hostgator that gives you information about
your new account.

      You need this information to finalize the initial setup process,
because the third thing we need to do is to ‘tie’ your domain name
and web hosting account together. This is technically known as
‘changing the DNS’ (Domain Name Server), and although there are
instructional videos about 2/3 of the way down this Hostgator
support page, here is a quick run through of how you can do it

       Go back to your domain name registration account and click on
the domain that you just registered to open it up. What you are
scooping for is a ‘Nameserver’ icon that will look a little something
like this:

     By clicking on the icon, you are presented with the screen from
which you change the Nameserver information. You will be offered a

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                       Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

choice of Nameserver options from which you need to choose
‘Custom Nameservers’.

     After doing this, access the e-mail that Hostgator sent when
you opened your hosting account with them. You will find the
Hostgator Nameserver information in this e-mail. It should look
something like this (although the addresses will be different):

Nameserver                                                 Information

Primary:                                        NS.DNSPROJECT.COM

Copy the information from the e-mail into the ‘Custom Nameservers’
boxes as shown:

      Finally, click the ‘OK’ or ‘Go’ button. You should see a
confirmation that the changes are being made, and you will probably
also receive a confirmation e-mail from your domain name register.

       Then it becomes simply a matter of waiting 24-48 hours at the
outside for the changes to take place, although if you are using
Hostgator, chances are you will be active and ready in considerably
less time.

       As soon as the changes are completed, if you go to the homepage, you should see something
like this:

By Dave Jones                                                 Página 15
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

      This indicates that the changes have been made because
otherwise, what you would see would be a ‘Parked’ page served by
your original domain registry company.

    So far, we have a general subject to cover, a domain “.com”
name, and a host account. Pretty good so far, and very easy, right?

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                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

   3. What then?

   Lastly, what we have to do is to create the blog that you are going
to use to build your internet business.

   Currently, many online entrepreneurs have blogs, and as a
consequence of the vast fame of blog sites, blogging platforms like
WordPress have developed to a point where they are almost the
complete site building tool.

   Furthermore, as most web hosts (including Hostgator) allow you to
handle the construction of your site using what is known as a
‘cpanel’, creating your site is a matter of no more than five minutes

   To start, you firstly need to log in to your ‘cpanel’. In order to do
this, you just type in the URL of your site to your browser window,
and      then       add      /cpanel      at      the      end      (e.g. This opens up the log-in area,
so you log-in.

   As soon as you have made it, the precise appearance of the cpanel
that you are presented with will be dictated by the ‘theme’ or ‘skin’
that you are using.

   This is the way the page looks if you are using the X3 skin:

     Near to the bottom of the page, you will find various ‘Software
and services’ options. The one that you are looking for is ‘Fantastico
De Luxe’ (it is sometimes called ‘Fantastico’ only, depending on which
web host you use, but it is the same thing):

By Dave Jones                                                     Página 17
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

        ‘Fantastico’ is a group of software programs that are already
installed on your site, so that all you need to do is to turn on the
program that you want to use. By clicking on the icon, you will be
presented with a list of the software programs presented:

      Near to the top, under ‘Blogs’, you will find WordPress.

     Just click on the WordPress link, and you can install the
program on your site with little to no effort at all.

      On the next page, click ‘New Installation’ and then fill in the
required details on the page after that.

       Moving down from the top of the page, as you have just
installed your new domain on this web hosting account, it must show
your main domain name at the top of the page (1) as in the picture:

By Dave Jones                                                    Página 18
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

      Under this (2), if you want to install WordPress on a sub-
directory of your site/blog, then all you have to do is type in a new
directory name here.

       For our blog, nevertheless, we are going to install it on the
main site, and not in any subdirectory. As a result, this box would be
left blank, meaning that the URL of the main WordPress homepage
will be ‘’ (otherwise, if you which to,
you can put, for instance, blog on the directory box, and then you
would have ‘’).

      After that, we will create an admin access user name and
password (3 & 4). These can be anything you want, but you must
keep them both safe as you will be using these to log in to WordPress
to start building your site in a little while.

By Dave Jones                                                 Página 19
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

     Your admin nickname (5) will be used at any time you post new
content to your blog, so I suggest you to use a name that resembles
some kind of connection with or expertise about the subject matter
around which your blog is going to be based.

       On the next box, you add your primary contact e-mail (6) and
lastly, you have to give your site a name (7) and a description (8).
Because these will be used by the search engines, you should make
sure that this information ties in with the central purpose of your site
which you have chosen prior to this. Click on ‘Install WordPress’ (9)
and then ‘Finish installation’ on the next page, and that it is:
everything is done. You have a blog!

      Commonly, the program will ask you if you want the
information about the installation sending by e-mail, and I would
always recommend that you do so because that ensures that you do
not lose the details of what you have just done.

     After that, with the installation complete, if you open the page, what you are going to find is
something like this:

By Dave Jones                                                   Página 20
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

     Although it’s probably nothing too remarkable at this moment,
remember it is live and online, meaning that you can now start
building your website based business from this moment on: now
you are almost ready to rock.

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                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

   4. Carrying For Your Business

   It’s a fact that blogging has deeply changed the way one
experiences the digital age. There is, it seems, no limit to what you
can do with the help of blogs. Even the smallest aspect of your daily
personal life like recording journal entries has been given an entirely
new dimension after the surge and popularization of blog use.

   Keeping that in mind, there really is a lot of value in picking up
interesting debates and discussions through blogs. You can even start
some of these discussions yourself. Moreover, there is nothing as
interesting and attractive than that fact that you can even earn
some money while blogging.

   This is, by far, the most path breaking innovation that has entered
the blogsphere. The requirements for this are very low. You don’t
need to be a scientist who posts revolutionary details about his latest

   If you blog well (i.e. if you blog well enough for people to come
read it), you have good chances of making money fast, by just going
about your daily activity of posting blogs. It can become fun to earn
some money! 

   However, in order to make that happen, you need some more
settings to do: you need to monetize your blog, and then, you need
to get some traffic to it, in order to get people that buy the stuff
you’re trying to sell.

   It is extremely important to understand that your site has to be
built with a certain structure if your long-term plans are to succeed.
This is where it becomes important to understand how Google work,
and what they are looking for in a website. By understanding that,
you can appear in the first pages of a search, and get most of the
readers from Google (or Yahoo, or Bing, or any other). Wouldn’t that
be great?

   For example, if the homepage of your site will ultimately be the
promotional page for the affiliate product that you are promoting or
the unique product that you create yourself then the information on
this page is critical, is something that you must have visible to your
visitors at all times.

By Dave Jones                                                  Página 22
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

   On the other hand, if you are going to use WordPress as a blog,
the information that you post to your site would appear on this front
page chronologically. That is if you posted information to your site
today, it would appear at the top of this page, but if you come back
and post additional information tomorrow, then that new posting
would push the older posting further down the page.

   Clearly, this is not what you want, because once the promotional
information for the info product you are working with is published,
you want that information to stay prominently visible at all times.

    There is another consideration as well. If you use WordPress as a
‘standard’ blog platform, you would probably publish everything on
the same page by default. What you therefore have is a one-page
website, with posts “cascading”. Although Google are familiar with
the concept of WordPress and blogs (and most of the times, really
loves them), it is nevertheless a fact that they tend to view one-page
websites in a distinctly unfavorable light.

  This is a direct result of Google’s own view of what their search
engine is supposed to do and their position in the marketplace.

   Everybody knows that Google command approximately 70% of the
global search market and this position of dominance is not one that
they intend to give up any time soon. Consequently, the basic way of
functioning of Google is that they believe that the search results they
provide to anyone who uses their search engine should offer the
highest quality experience possible. This is called contextual results.
The results are provided by relevance, and ranked higher for specific
words, commonly called keywords. The concept and goal of SEO
marketing is to rank for these words that are searched every day.

   This means Google works basically in two approaches:

   First of all, Google wants to make sure that the websites that it
presents to anyone who uses their search engine contain information
that is as directly relevant to the search term that they use as
possible. So, as an example, when you search for ‘health’, you get
many results like:,, the Wikipedia
definition, and so on. But when you search health and pregnancy (i.e.
‘health pregnancy’), you get: health pregnancy, health in pregnancy
in grant, etc. So, extremely specific targeting in the site that resulted
from the search is the first Google requirement.
By Dave Jones                                                    Página 23
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

   Secondly, any websites they present to people using their search
engine should provide plenty of content materials because that is how
they define the ‘high quality experience’ that they are determined to
provide. And no matter of what we do, Google tends to presume that
a one page website is not going to offer a high quality experience,
and they would therefore rank it lower than they might otherwise do.

  There are a few other things to fine tune your blog that can be
done. In this free report you can find out more about it.

    At this point we can know for sure this: you need to build your site
in a way that is Google friendly, if you ever want to get free traffic
to your site. Fortunately, when you are using WordPress, this is
remarkably easy to do, because there are lots of free software
programs called plug-ins that you can download and install on your
site in order to make it more search engine friendly.

   In addition, because Google use a system called Latent Semantic
Indexing (LSI) to ensure that it knows precisely what your website is
about, it is crucial that your site is consistent. For instance, you
shouldn’t have a promotional front page for a depression related
information product that is attached to a website which is focused on
football (even though some people undeniably get depressed by
football from time to time! ).

    Also, Google loves links. That is, links from one web site to
another. Now, if you have built your blog already, the default version
of it, you may notice that down the right-hand side of the page is the
‘Blogroll’ (take a look at the previous screenshot presented). This is a
list of links that are automatically installed on your site by WordPress
when you first install it, and if anyone clicks on one of these links,
they will be taken to the appropriate website to which that link is

    And as these links ‘point away’ from your site, these are outgoing
links which have little value to your business. You aim for incoming
links, those that are pointed from someone else’s website at yours
and are extremely valuable, especially when those links only go in
one direction.

   These are known as a one-way incoming links (as opposed to
outgoing or reciprocal links, where you link to someone else, and
they link to you), and Google uses one-way incoming links as a
By Dave Jones                                                   Página 24
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

measure of the quality of your site. The reason they do this is based
on the assumption that if other website owners voluntarily choose to
link to your site and do not expect a reciprocal link in return it
indicates that your site is one that carries authority and demonstrates
expertise. This is known as Backlinking, and is another important
trick for you to master in your online journey.

   But, as a general rule, if you can generate one way incoming links
to your site, this will provide a big boost as far as your Google search
ranking is concerned.

   On the other hand, if you only have one page on your site, that
makes it considerably harder to generate links whereas if there are
many pages, it becomes considerably easier. Thus, the way you are
going to build your site is by creating many separate pages all of
which feature the kind of content that people might be looking for
when they are searching for information about your site topic (in our
example, depression).

    Every piece of content on your site is going to be on a separate
page, because this will enable you to generate incoming links for
every individual page, and this will naturally increase the number of
links that you may built. This is also extremely easy to do – check
‘Page’ at the top left hand corner of the WordPress Dashboard every
time you add new content, rather than ‘Posts’ (more about the
Dashboard a little later):

As a matter of fact it’s a question of simple mathematics. If you have
one page on your site, then the number of links you can generate is
by definition limited, but if you have 20 pages, the number of
potential links is instantly multiplied by 20. If you have 200 pages,
then again the number of potential one-way incoming links is
exponentially expanded and this would be even truer if you had 2000
pages on your site.

By Dave Jones                                                   Página 25
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

      Okay, having got this far, let me summarize how you are going
to build your website.

      As we saw previously, the default theme that comes with
WordPress is not particularly inspiring and also isn’t especially
relevant to anything to do with depression. And of course, because it
is the standard default theme and because many online marketers
are extremely lazy, this is a theme that is being used by thousands of
other WordPress blog owners.

        Google would identify this template for the default theme that it
is, and realize that the fact you are using it suggests you have done
little to no work on your site, which would probably mean that they
would immediately ‘downgrade’ your site value. After all, if you can’t
even be bothered installing a theme that is relevant or appropriate
to your subject matter, it represents to them that you don’t put a
great deal of time and effort into making sure your site grants a high
quality experience for your visitors.

      There are literally dozens of sites where you can download high
quality WordPress themes for free that you can try. Search any of the
following to see what is available in your own market or niche:

      For my purposes, this would seem to do the trick:

By Dave Jones                                                    Página 26
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

      You can see that this theme is already AdSense enabled (note
the ‘Public Service Ads by Google’). This would be fine for the
internal pages of your blog but certainly not for the front page, so
this would be something that you should remove from the template,
because there are plug-ins that allows me to place AdSense on
individual pages as I go along, which in this case would be far more

      Once you find a theme that you want to use, download it and
unzip it on your computer. Once this is done, the next thing to do is
to upload this new theme to your site. The way to do this, although
simple, could easily generate another report, so I’m just going to
send you to one, ok?

   5. Crafting a Seller Front Page

By Dave Jones                                                Página 27
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

    Now that you have a domain name, a WordPress blog hosted and
ready to go with the timeliest and most useful themes and plugins, is
time for us to really begin to make money with your blog. In order for
you to achieve that, we are going to craft a special front page: this
will be the page that your readers will arrive to. Without doubt, the
way that you design the front page of your blog will depend upon
what you are using it for.

    As an example, if you are promoting a product or service as an
affiliate from the front page of your site, then the most effective way
of doing so is to publish a review of that product or service. For
instance, you could offer your visitor what appears to be an unbiased
and reasonably objective report about the product (do not fear,
though, because this can easily be done with PLR products), and do
not be scared of pointing out one or two weaknesses. This
emphasizes that your review is honest and objective.

   Also, it may be even more effective if you include a product
scoring system trough which you rate the product for usability,
effectiveness, and so on. You could try to create three or four
categories and aim to give the product overall score of 8.5 or 9 out of

    Inside the review, you should of course recommend the product.
Also, you should do anything you possibly can to seduce your visitor
to buy the product from you, and the most effective strategy being to
offer them a high-value free gift if they buy through your affiliate link.
You could do this by telling the visitor that in order to get their free
gift they have to send you a copy of the receipt proving that they
bought the appropriate product through your link. Again, in those free
sites with PLR products, there are tons of products that you could
offer as free gifts.

   Other way is to offer the gift via an opt-in box in your blog. This,
of course, has the additional advantage of getting that customers e-
mail details and permission to send promo emails, which you would
not have been able to do if your marketing materials had sent that
prospect directly to the product creators sales page.

  If, on the other hand, you are promoting your own product from
your front page, then you will have to adopt a slightly different
approach depending upon exactly how you want to do this.

By Dave Jones                                                    Página 28
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

    For instance, if you want to create a ‘traditional’ product sales
page of the type which you will see if you visit any Clickbank product
‘pitch page’, it is possible to do so because there are free sales page
WordPress themes available.

   But, if you do use the sales page theme for your blog, then every
page on your blog is going to look like your sales page, which might
not make your content pages look particularly attractive (although
you probably should test this). As a tricky alternative, you might
choose to install WordPress twice, once on the main site so that you
can use the sales page theme, and once in a subdirectory so that you
can use a theme that is more appropriate to the subject matter of
your content materials. ;)

   Of course, if you want to use a ‘traditional’ style sales page, you
need to be able to write the sales copy for that page. Fortunately,
this is not particularly difficult to do because all you need to do is go
back to Clickbank to look at the sales pages for some of the best
selling products on the site. For that you should look for products
with ‘grav’ index higher than 50, which often are proven good sales

   When you open the Clickbank ‘Marketplace’ page, the default
setting is to show you products ranked by popularity, so you
immediately know that the products at the top of the page are those
that have the best results. This suggests you that these are also
products with persuasive sales letters, and all you need to do is copy
their style and rewrite the copy in your own words and as you find
appropriate for your own product.

     Choose a popular product category like weight loss, and you will
have plenty of sites from which you can pick up everything you need

By Dave Jones                                                    Página 29
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

to      know      about     creating    persuasive      sales     copy:

      Otherwise, if you do not want to advertise your own product in
such a direct ‘sales pitch’ way, you might settle to use the original
topic related theme even for the front page of the site, and include
the promotional information in a far less ‘salesy’ and ‘hyped’ way.

       There are many options and methods, so you should test the
different options to see what works best in your niche.

       And now is time to improve your sites ranking.

     6. Enhancing Your Reach

By Dave Jones                                                   Página 30
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

   WordPress sites are particularly popular with the main search
engines (such as Google) because the purpose of these sites means
that most people will add a regular supply of fresh new content to
their blogs.

   This is very important, because sites where there is always
something new are exactly the kind of sites that the search engines
want to present to the people who use them to search for information

   For this reason, once you have initially built your site, it is
essential that you come back to add new content every few days at
the very least. If at all possible, you should create the ‘lions share’ of
content for your site yourself and make sure that every article that
you publish is focused on niche appropriate keyword terms.

    There are plenty of keyword research tools which you can use to
find the terms or phrases around which you should be building your
site. For example, by using the free WordTracker tool or the paid
Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer. This will enable you to
build a list of suitable keyword terms, and you can find some more
using the free Google AdWords keyword research tool as well.

      What you are ideally looking for with this are the search terms
that people use when they seek information about your topic or
subject when they use a major search engine like Google. This is
exactly the information that the free WordTracker tool presents to
you. Foremost, think as the buyer for whatever you are trying to sell.
How would you search for this particular product?

      However, to do your keyword research more thoroughly, you
need to dig a little deeper than just thinking as the buyer. What you
are ideally looking for are search terms that a reasonable number of
people are using to search for information where there is little
competition in terms of other people’s web pages providing that

By Dave Jones                                                    Página 31
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

      For instance, assuming we keep with the depression theme,
there are approximately 97 people searching Google every day using
the term ‘beck depression inventory scoring’:

      Type this exact term into Google enclosed in inverted commas
to ensure that you only pull up web pages that match this particular
term exactly and you can assess competition levels:

     Any search phrase that shows less than 100,000 competing
pages is one that you should consider using on your blog posts,
because it is not going to be too difficult to achieve a high search
engine ranking for that particular phrase (i.e. get the first page!).

       This particular keyword phrase with only 327 competing pages
is then a phrase around which you should definitely be creating
articles on your site.

      If you go through the 100 results that the free WordTracker tool
presents you with, then you should be able to find a lot of phrases
suitable to your theme, thus allowing you to post even more quickly.

     Find as many appropriate, low competition keywords as you can
and then keep adding additional pages to your site using these
keyword phrases as the main focus.

      Make sure that you create suitable keyword rich tags for every
post that you add to your site, and use the ‘All-in-one-SE0’ plug-in to
make sure that the search engine robots could not fail to register the
keyword phrases on which that article is centered.

      Also it would be prudent to consider adding other content
materials such as videos and podcasts to your site as well. These not
only enhance the appearance of your site and enrich the experience
for your visitors, but they also present you with another way of
including targeted keyword phrases on your site.

By Dave Jones                                                  Página 32
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe

      Now, remember the backlinks? If you want you could, for
example, create your own video and then post it to a network site,
like YouTube, and then you might include some of the most
important targeted keyword phrases for your site in your description
when you upload that video.

      Then, you may embed your own video on your blog (by using
the ‘Embed’ link at the right of the YouTube video, below the

      This video will then be ‘tagged’ with the keyword phrases that
you uploaded with your video and thus, they will be recognized and
indexed by the search robots as backlinks from YouTube, a high
ranking site. Realize the potential backlinks within this technique?

      In this way, you further enhance the ‘keyword stickiness’ of the
individual page to which you have posted that particular video so that
everyone that sees your video on YouTube will have a link to your
blog. Whether making your own videos or transforming videos with
PLR (yes, I’m a big fan of PLR) this can become a really fast track
way to get free traffic!

By Dave Jones                                                 Página 33
                      Blogging with Benefits
                A hands-on guide to all bloggers wannabe


      As we went through the preceding pages, I tried to make it
clear that if you want to create a powerful website quickly, efficiently
and at little cost, one of the simplest ways of doing so is most likely
by using WordPress.

      And that’s because the software driving WordPress sites is
being regularly developed and repeatedly updated, hence making it
very similar to whatever you can do with an HTML website (but MUCH
less techie!). Additionally, because there are literally thousands of
plug-ins available, whatever you want your site to be able to do it is
almost certain that you will be able to come across a suitable plug-in
that will enable you to achieve your objectives.

       Needless to say, for many people, the major edge of using a
site building system like WordPress is that even if they do not
possess the HTML skills to create a website in the ‘conventional’ way,
it can be a very efficient way of doing so.

       And, because of WordPress, it is no longer required to have
those skills to be able to produce a stunning looking and highly
effective website that does precisely what you want it to do.

      In many ways, therefore, we could assume that WordPress has
all but revolutionized the concept and reality of creating websites
from nothing in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks.

      WordPress has extended the ability to create websites to a
generation of people who otherwise would never have a chance of
doing so. Consequently, it is fair to say that WordPress has brought
the ability to create an online business to everyone for whom it would
have been extremely difficult in the past.

       As expected, as WordPress is presenting us with a new and
exciting opportunity, many people have already joined the bloggers
family. All you have to do is keep the pace, and repeat the principal
steps we mentioned above to have a really competitive blog that
brings you success, fame, and money. Remember though that
‘information is king’ in digital world, and timeliest information most of
all. Try to post as often as you can, and don’t forget to search for
keywords, and that’s pretty much it. Now you’re ready to rock!

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                To learn more about blogs:

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      To learn The Whole Concept of The Internet Based Business:

      Here You Can Register Your Domain Name:

      Here You Can Register Your Host Account:

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