CONGRESSIONAL RECORD— Extensions of Remarks E1050 HON by gegeshandong


									      E1050                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                        May 22, 2003
      Human Rights Caucus. Mike’s range of exper-             communications sector. For one whole quarter           RECOGNITION OF DOROTHY BAKER
      tise was astounding by any standards, and in-           now, investment and growth in the sector have
      cluded China, Japan, Burma, the World Bank,             been stalled.                                                      HON. JOHN SHIMKUS
      trade policy and human rights as well as the               Mr. Speaker, the economy remains weak,                                OF ILLINOIS
      entire range of U.S. foreign policy in Asia. He                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                              showing no real signs of recovery, and numer-
      was the leading human rights voice con-                                                                                   Thursday, May 22, 2003
                                                              ous companies continue to lay off their em-
      demning the 1989 Chinese military crackdown
                                                              ployees. The current recession has been hard              Mr. SHIMKUS. Mr. Speaker, I rise before
      in Tiananmen Square, he was the most vocal
                                                              on workers. Telecommunications companies               you today to recognize Dorothy Baker of Jef-
      advocate of ethnic groups such as the Tibet-
      ans in China and the Montagnards in Vietnam.            are set to invest billions of dollars in network       ferson County, Illinois. Dottie was recently in-
                                                              infrastructure—investment that will help the           ducted into the Senior Saints Hall of Fame of
      Increasingly, Mike raised our awareness for
                                                              weak economy and create and preserve                   Jefferson County.
      issues pertaining to Afghanistan, the con-
                                                              jobs—but the current regulatory environment               Dottie received this honor for her lifelong
      sequences of the military coup in Pakistan and                                                                 service to others. She is a wife and mother
      the increase in religious fundamentalism in             restricts growth and investment in the telecom
                                                              sector.                                                who raised three children. Today she is a reg-
      this area.                                                                                                     ular participant in the Sweet Corn & Water-
         Mike, we all will miss you terribly. We will            The FCC needs to act quickly and issue a            melon Festival, the American Cancer Society’s
      miss your voice of reason, your expertise,              ruling to help the telecommunications industry         Relay for Life, Jefferson County’s Crime
      your enthusiasm and your humor, and most of             grow their networks, and help get America              Watch program, Memorial Day services, the
      all, your guidance, as we face new and trou-            back to work.                                          Mt. Vernon City Wide Cleanup, and the Na-
      bling challenges and dangers emanating from                                                                    tional Day of Prayer. She has also assisted
      a region of the world which is not easy to un-                            f                                    with the Emergency 911 Telephone Testing
      derstand, but which had become a second                                                                        process. Dottie is active in her church where
      home to you. Your life will be a constant re-           IN HONOR OF GEORGE M. SCALISE                          she helps the elderly and assists others in any
      minder and challenge to all of us to try harder,                                                               way possible.
      to reach further in the defense of human                                                                          I want to congratulate and thank Dottie for
      rights, to believe in a better world and to never                   HON. ANNA G. ESHOO                         all she has done and will continue to do for
      accept things as they are, unchallenged.                                                                       the people in her community. She is a saint to
                                                                                OF CALIFORNIA
                       f                                                                                             all who know her and is deserving of this pres-
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   tigious honor.
                                                                          Thursday, May 22, 2003
                  HON. JOHN SHIMKUS                              Mr. ESHOO. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                                                                                                     INTRODUCTION OF ‘‘BAN ASBES-
                          OF ILLINOIS
                                                                                                                       TOS IN AMERICA ACT OF 2003’’
                                                              honor George M. Scalise, who was recently
                                                              named chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank                      HON. HENRY A. WAXMAN
                  Thursday, May 22, 2003                      of San Francisco.                                                      OF CALIFORNIA
         Mr. SHIMKUS. Mr. Speaker, I rise before                George Scalise is a highly respected busi-              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      you today to recognize Cliff Fields of Jefferson        ness leader in the high technology and semi-                      Thursday, May 22, 2003
      County, Illinois. Cliff was recently inducted into      conductor industries. As president of the                 Mr. WAXMAN. Mr. Speaker, I am very
      the Senior Saints Hall of Fame of Jefferson             Semiconductor Industry Association, SIA,               pleased to introduce the ‘‘Ban Asbestos in
      County.                                                 George has distinguished himself as one of             America Act of 2003’’ in the House of Rep-
         Cliff received this honor for his lifelong serv-     the premiere experts on the issues of inter-           resentatives. This is the companion bill to a
      ice to others. Whether it was his service in            national trade, competition, environmental             bill that Senator Murray is reintroducing today
      World War II or his work to bring business and          safety and health, as well as workforce issues.        in the Senate. Senator Murray has been a real
      industry to Mt. Vernon, he is known as an un-           In addition to his leadership of SIA, George           leader in addressing the harm that Americans
      selfish person who works tirelessly for the                                                                    continue to suffer from exposure to asbestos.
                                                              Scalise serves on President George W.
      benefit of others. Fifty years ago Cliff founded                                                               I thank her for her hard work on this serious
                                                              Bush’s Council of Advisors on Science and
      the architectural firm of Fields, Goldman, and                                                                 problem.
                                                              Technology and on the boards of Cadence
      Magee. He has also served on the Summers-                                                                         We all know that asbestos can be deadly. It
                                                              Design Systems and iSuppli Corporation.
      ville Grade School Board, Mt. Vernon Airport                                                                   is a notorious carcinogen and causes other
                                                              George previously served on the Boards of
      Authority, Economic Development Commis-                                                                        devastating diseases and disability. But what
      sion, Director for Mt. Vernon Savings & Loan            SEMATECH, the Semiconductor Research
                                                              Corporation, and the Bay Area Economic                 most Americans don’t know is that this dan-
      and First Bank & Trust, and a Trustee for                                                                      gerous substance is still added, on purpose, to
      Mitchell Museum.                                        Forum.
                                                                                                                     numerous products sold in this country. In
         I want to congratulate and thank Cliff for all          George Scalise is dedicated to investing in         2001, companies in the United States used
      he has done and will continue to do for the             the education of future science and technology         13,000 metric tons of asbestos.
      people in his community. He is a saint to all           leaders. A graduate of Purdue University,                 Sometimes it seems that people trust their
      who know him and is deserving of this pres-             George is on the advisory committees at the            government too much. Many Americans rea-
      tigious honor.                                          Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara               sonably assume that since asbestos is harmful
                       f                                      University, the School of Engineering at the           and unnecessary, and since Congress and
                                                              University of Southern California, the Engi-           EPA have taken action on asbestos, it must
         THE FCC AND THE TRIENNIAL                            neering Visiting Committee at Purdue Univer-           be illegal to add it to products. They assume
                  REVIEW                                                                                             that new products are safe in terms of risks
                                                              sity and a member of the California Council on
                                                              Science and Technology Fellows Program. He             from asbestos. In fact, EPA tried to ban as-
                  HON. MARTIN FROST                           is also actively involved in the University Re-        bestos years ago, but was sued and lost on
                           OF TEXAS                           search Fund.                                           some technical grounds.
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                               The result is that people don’t even know
                                                                 Mr. Speaker, I’m proud to have George               that some new products contain asbestos.
                 Thursday, May 22, 2003                       Scalise as a constituent and my friend. He is          And people don’t realize that they still need to
         Mr. FROST. Mr. Speaker, it has been over             one of the most effective and respected lead-          protect themselves against asbestos from
      3 months since the FCC completed their Tri-             ers in our country and our community, with a           these products. For example, many mechanics
      ennial Review and voted on new rules for the            deep commitment to the betterment of our Na-           don’t realize that asbestos is used in many
      telecommunications industry, the most signifi-          tion. I ask the entire House of Representatives        brakes, exposing them and the public to dan-
      cant change for that industry since the adop-           to join me in congratulating George M. Scalise         gerous asbestos dust. Asbestos is also still
      tion of the 1996 Telecommunications Act. Yet,           on his chairmanship of the Federal Reserve             used in many roofing products and in gaskets.
      the FCC has still not issued the details.               Bank of San Francisco and wish him every               Continued exposure from new products is en-
         This is a shame. So long as the FCC                  success in shaping sound monetary policies             tirely avoidable—and this bill would fix the
      delays, uncertainty will reign in the tele-             for our country.                                       problem.

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      May 22, 2003                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1051
         The ‘‘Ban Asbestos in America Act’’ also ad-         odist Hospitals in Columbus, Ohio. Luana has            RECOGNITION OF DONALD BAKER
      dresses other urgent needs related to harm              been active in the Oncology Nursing Society
      from asbestos. It requires EPA, the Consumer            since 1976 and recently served as National
      Product Safety Commission, and the Depart-              Treasurer for the ONS’ Board of Directors.                         HON. JOHN SHIMKUS
      ment of Labor to establish a national public            She has received numerous awards for her                                  OF ILLINOIS
      education program about the dangers posed               work on behalf of individuals with cancer in-             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      by products with asbestos. For example, many            cluding the ‘‘Excellence in Nursing Administra-
      homes in the United States contain vermiculite          tion’’ from the Oncology Nursing Society and                      Thursday, May 22, 2003
      insulation in their attics—but most home-               the ‘‘Lane Adams Award’’ from the American                Mr. SHIMKUS. Mr. Speaker, I rise before
      owners don’t know that this vermiculite is often        Cancer Society for Outstanding Nursing Lead-           you today to recognize, Donald Baker of Jef-
      contaminated with asbestos. Homeowners and              ership.                                                ferson County, IL. Don was recently inducted
      workers need to be made aware of the risk.                 Luana has also worked with the National
                                                                                                                     into the Senior Saints Hall of Fame of Jeffer-
      People must be informed that they should not            Dialogue on Cancer on nursing workforce
                                                                                                                     son County.
      disturb this insulation. Yesterday EPA issued a         issues. A number of studies and articles that
                                                              Luana has written on the impact of the nursing            Don received this honor for his lifelong serv-
      brochure, but we need to do more to get the
                                                              shortage on cancer care have been published            ice to others. He served his country for 4
      word out on this and other risks.
         This bill also establishes a national registry       in distinguished publications such as the On-          years in the U.S. Navy on the USS Remy dur-
      for mesothelioma, a usually fatal form of can-          cology Nursing Forum, Cancer Nursing: Prac-            ing the Korean war. Today he is a regular par-
      cer caused by exposure to asbestos. The reg-            tices and Principles, Seminars in Oncology             ticipant in the Sweet Corn & Watermelon Fes-
      istry will help scientists to better track and          Nursing, and the Journal of Nursing Research.          tival, the American Cancer Society’s Relay for
      treat this terrible illness. The bill also author-      Since 1982, Luana has presented thirty pa-             Life, Jefferson County’s Crime Watch pro-
      izes funding for mesothelioma research and              pers to national and international audiences           gram, Memorial Day services, the Mt. Vernon
      treatment.                                              on a host of cancer care issues such as staff          City Wide Cleanup, and the National Day of
         We have not yet finished our job of pro-             support systems, role development, commu-              Prayer. He has also assisted with the Emer-
      tecting Americans from exposure to asbestos.            nity resources, patient and caregiver perspec-         gency 911 Telephone Testing process.
      We need a ban and public education about                tives, strategic planning, issues and trends in           I want to congratulate and thank Don for all
      the risks that will remain. I’m introducing this        cancer nursing, epidemiology, screening, de-           he has done and will continue to do for the
      bill to get the job done and make this country          tection, negotiating professional rewards and          people in his community. He is a saint to all
      a safer place for people to work and live.              nursing shortage issues.                               who know him and is very deserving of this
                       f                                         Over the last ten years, the setting where          prestigious honor.
                                                              treatment for cancer is provided has changed
      A TRIBUTE TO LUANA LAMKIN, AN                           dramatically. An estimated 80 percent of all                            f
       ANGEL FOR CANCER PATIENTS                              Americans receive cancer care in community
       IN OHIO                                                settings including cancer centers, physicians’         NEW SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE IN
                                                              offices, and hospital outpatient departments.                  HALLANDALE
                 HON. DEBORAH PRYCE                           Treatment regimens are as complex, if not
                            OF OHIO                           more so, than regimens given in the inpatient                   HON. KENDRICK B. MEEK
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     setting a few short years ago. Oncology
                                                              nurses are on the front-lines of the provision                            OF FLORIDA
                  Thursday, May 22, 2003                      of quality cancer care for individuals with can-          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
         Ms. PRYCE of Ohio. Mr. Speaker, I rise               cer. Nurses are involved in the care of a can-
      today to pay tribute to Luana Lamkin from Hill-                                                                           Thursday, May 22, 2003
                                                              cer patient from the beginning through the end
      iard, Ohio, a former member of the Oncology             of treatment. Oncology nurses are the front-              Mr. MEEK of Florida. Mr. Speaker, I rise
      Nursing Society’s Board of Directors, and to            line providers of care by administering chemo-         today to call to the attention of my colleagues
      celebrate May as the ninth annual Oncology              therapy, managing patient therapies and side-          the grand opening of a new Social Security of-
      Nursing Month. Oncology Nursing Month rec-              effects, working with insurance companies to           fice within my Congressional District in Hallan-
      ognizes oncology nurses, educates the public            ensure that patients receive the appropriate           dale, FL.
      about oncology nursing, provides an oppor-              treatment, provide counseling to patients and             The new office will serve a total of 16,400
      tunity for special educational events for oncol-        family members, in addition to many other              Social Security beneficiaries and 1,678 Sup-
      ogy nurses, and celebrates the accomplish-              daily acts on behalf of cancer patients.               plemental Security Income beneficiaries in the
      ments of oncology nurses.                                  With an increasing number of people with            cities of Hallandale, Hollywood and Dania
         The Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), the              cancer needing high quality health care cou-           Beach, FL. These cities, renowned for their
      largest professional oncology group in the              pled with an inadequate nursing workforce,             thriving senior citizen populations, have
      United States composed of more than 30,000              our nation could quickly face a cancer care            shared a Social Security office in Hallandale
      nurses and other health professionals, exists           crises of serious proportion with limited access       since 1973. However, because this population
      to promote excellence in oncology nursing and           to quality cancer care, particularly in tradition-     has grown significantly over the decades, a
      the provision of quality care to those individ-         ally underserved areas. Without an adequate            new, more modern facility was needed in
      uals affected by cancer. As part of its mission,        supply of nurses there will not be enough              order to better serve the community.
      the Society honors and maintains nursing’s              qualified oncology nurses to provide the qual-
      historical and essential commitment to advo-                                                                      The new office, located at 1000 West Hal-
                                                              ity cancer care to a growing population of peo-
      cacy for the public good. ONS was founded in                                                                   landale Beach Boulevard, will include many in-
                                                              ple in need. I was proud to support the pas-
      1975, and held its first Annual Congress in                                                                    novative improvements, such as front-end
                                                              sage of the ‘‘Nurse Reinvestment Act’’ in the
      1976. Since the Society was established, 218                                                                   interviewing and interactive video training by
                                                              107th Congress. This important piece of legis-
      local chapters have been formed to provide a                                                                   satellite from Social Security national head-
                                                              lation, signed into law by President Bush, ex-
      network for education and peer support at the                                                                  quarters in Baltimore, Maryland, and other lo-
                                                              panded and implemented programs at HRSA
      community level.                                                                                               cations.
                                                              to address the multiple problems contributing
         In my State of Ohio there are more than              to the nationwide nursing shortage, including             I work closely with the Social Security Ad-
      1,226 oncology nurses and health profes-                the decline in nursing student enrollments,            ministration in answering questions and solv-
      sionals that care for individuals with cancer           shortage of faculty, and dissatisfaction with          ing problems brought to my attention by my
      and their families. In addition, Ohio has 9 local       nurse workplace environments.                          constituents, and I look forward to working for
      Oncology Nursing Society chapters located in               I commend Luana Lamkin and the Oncology             many years to come with Lee Rojas, the man-
      the areas of Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland,           Nursing Society for all of their hard work to          ager of this new facility, his full-time staff of 12
      Mansfield, Cuyahoga Falls, Lima, Zanesville,            prevent and reduce suffering from cancer and           and his four special employees.
      Whitehouse, and Dayton.                                 to improve the lives of those 1.3 million Ameri-          I applaud the Social Security Administration
         Luana Lamkin has been helping cancer pa-             cans who will be diagnosed with cancer in              for its decision to expand its services and im-
      tients and their families for the last thirty           2003. I wish Luana and the Oncology Nursing            prove its proximity to the more than 18,000 re-
      years. Luana is currently the Administrator of          Society the best of luck in all of their endeav-       tirees who have earned Social Security bene-
      Cancer Services at the Grant/ Riverside Meth-           ors.                                                   fits and rely on Social Security’s services.

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