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					                                               Bonn, May 23, 2006

 Status of the COMPASS recoil detector prototype

             Presentation of the future tests and planning
Financial budget Situation of the last orders (Eva, Jorg, Jan) By Nicole

                       Electronics and acquisition
               Present situation for the tests in autumn
                 Possibilities for the future By Etienne

  Very first premiliminary results of the present tests with cosmics?
                 By Etienne (and Franck and Guillaume)

      Summary of the studies of PMs and light guides By Tomek

Comparison between predictions given by simulation and future results
             By Michael Seimetz and general discussion
The foreseen COMPASS planning before the rotator problem

                                                           25 ns

     SPS MD: Oct 11
   Study at CERN in the transverse position
           with respect to
   + 10 scintillating fingers the muon beam
 With 10 scintillator fingers

                                5 muon tracks in the beam hallo

Precise determination of v, λ and position and time resolution
       Study at CERN in the longitudinal position
             with respect to the muon beam

An extra scintillator


                           Study of different targets
                           CH2: L=10cm  3cm Nb δrays = 1/25 LH2
                                L=10cm  1cm Nb δrays ~ LH2
                                L=250cm  3cm Nb δrays ~ LH2
  June     July        Aug.   Sept.       Oct.        Nov.
  Tests with cosmics                          TRANS
                              at Saclay

                              Assembl.        LONG
                              at CERN

What has still to be done before the end of August?
   Mechanics design and realisation
   Target choice
   BICRON: Scintillator delivery -> wrapping and assembling
   PHOTONIS: PMs spare
   LASER and calibration system
   ELECTRONICS: splitter, extra MATACQ card and scalers
        The mechanical design

Vetos   3A+2B

        2C   2B   3A        target hangers
                           Remote control for
                       target IN and OUT of the beam

          Hall view and geometrical constrains


              320 cm
                               h beam
80 cm
                               =315cm    90 cm
                               165 cm

•2 positions at CERN Transv and Long

•Alignement foreseen with 5 sight point-systems (mires)
                          (Etienne and Vladimir)

•Question for the trigger group:

         Deviation of the beam with the magnets
         after H5V1 ???
• The mechanical frame is designed and ordered by industry

   • Based on NORCAN system

   • Delivery on June 19

• Have still to be ordered as soon as possible:

   - The fixation systems (to maintain the PMTs…)

   - The tools to install with caution the 3 delicate A

   - This is the main delicate point.
     Spare time is foreseen for any damage

• Moving of the complete system with the crane (palonnier)
                   The different targets
Size in z in mm     in mm   Goal of the measurement

z = 0 to 2500         30     Nb δrays ~ LH2
                             2.5 MHz/scintA
z = 0 to 100          30     Nb δrays ~ 1/25 LH2
                             0.1 MHz/scintA
z = 0 to 100          10     Nb δrays ~ LH2
                             Not such absorption in the target
z = 0 to 30           30     Study with vertex(z)
  + 1000 to 1030             and reduced noise
  + 2000 to 2030
z = 0 to 1200         30     Study with vertex(z)
  + 1300 to 2500             and important noise

      Remote control for target IN and OUT of the beam
 Delivery from BICRON: Jörg
 starting point April 19 + 14 or 16 weeks -> August 7    !
 The last A scintillator
      -> then wrapping and assembling at the end of August

 + The 10 fingers

 + The vetos and a frame in a NORCAN system

PHOTONIS: spare of PMTs : XP20H0 and XP4512 Warsaw group?
            Fast calibration system
  Rough calibration with a green Laser
       illuminated a totaly diffusive sphere
           + n optical fibers connected to 3 positions
                                    in each scintillator

•Delivery of the laser foreseen for end of May

•Delivery of the connectors and the fibers: Eva -> June 19 ?

•Integration in the acquisition system: Etienne
Electronics (discussed in details by Etienne)

•Need of an extra MATACQ card

•Need of VME scalers: Warsaw

•Passive splitters provided by Bonn: Jörg
• Costs for Equipment for CEA-Saclay

    2004: BC408 7.2 k€ + MATAQ 5 k€                                     12.2 k€

    2005: light-guide 8.2 k€ + XP20H0 + µ metal 6 k€ + test bench 2.3 k€  16.5 k€

    2006: goal: to be ready for the prototype tests at CERN

Warsaw acquisation: Dell work station + VME ADC,TDC,Scal.,crate
Bonn                       + splitters, cables…                     21+ 4+? k€
Mainz calibration: laser + photodiodes +connectors +fibres           6 + 3.1 k€
Bonn extra detection elements: extra A, extra C, vetos, fingers      6.8 k€
       mechanics for PMtubes, for the prototype                       20 k€
                                                           2006 COSTS 63 k€
                                                          TOTAL COSTS 91.6 k€
                                                       foreseen 47 (+ 315 ?) k€

• Costs for PM XP4512 + new tubes Warsaw and spares XP20H0 + XP4512:
                                        already spent? foreseen 20 k€

• Costs for new Electronics Mainz and Bonn :                      foreseen 60 k€
The last orders:

  group of 20 optical fibers and connections to the diffusive
  sphere and to the scintillators    Mainz 3.5 k€ by EUROFO

  1 extra A, 2 extra C, 4 vetos, 10 fingers       6.8 k€ by BICRON

  splitters for signal sharing         Bonn

  cables                               Saclay

  VME scalers                    ?    Warsaw 4k€ by ALIMTRONIC

  extra MATACQ card                    ? 2.5 k€

  PMTs spare XP20H0, XP4512          ? Warsaw

Electronics: ATMEL, ACQUIRIS…
Next meeting: ??
     - A lot of work remains to be done
     - To prove to our collaborators the
       feasibility of the recoil proton detection

Writing of a complete proposal
for GPDs measurement @ COMPASS:

      Bonn, Mainz, Saclay,
      Igor Savin (ECAL0 contribution),
      Laurent Schoeffel …
      Horst Fischer …
      Gerhard … Franco …

      meeting around the analysis meeting
      at the end of June
                     European Funds
                  260 k€ en 2004-5-6-(7?)

         travel   Equipment        Post-docs
Bonn     2 k€       30 k€     16.5 k€ ≡ 4 months
                                 Michael Seimetz

Mainz    2 k€       30 k€     16.5 k€ ≡ 4 months       Involved in
                                 Michael Seimetz      the electronics
Saclay   2 k€       47 k€     67 k€ ≡ 16 months
                              12 m  Michael Seimetz
                                4 m  electr./SEDI
Warsaw   2 k€       20 k€      25 k€ ≡8 months

         8 k€      127 k€            125 k€

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