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"This is a napkin that my colleagues and many believe it has changed the history of Barca."

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									     Extraordinary Career Messi Starting from Napkins
         "This is a napkin that my colleagues and many believe it has changed the history of Barca."

Who would have thought if the extraordinary career at Barcelona's Lionel Messi started from
a napkin. A sheet of wax paper on top of that, write a message to bigwigs Barcelona Messi's
father, Jorge.

Interesting story is revealed Horacio Gaggioli and Josep Minguella then come to be a liaison
between Barcelona with Jorge. On a napkin that Barca officials agreed to send a message to
mark Messi's father.

"This is a napkin that my colleagues and many believe it has changed the history of
Barcelona. If none of these napkins, Messi may play at other clubs," said Horacio Gaggioli
Yahoosport reported.

Gaggioli admitted was contacted by someone in the hometown of Messi, Rosario, to 'sell'
small Messi to Europe's elite clubs. At that time Messi was recorded as a young boy at the
academy club Newell's Old Boys. Gaggioli himself was surprised when I first met with Messi.

"The first time they met at the airport and when I saw Leo I thought, 'Where's this going to
play?'. She was tiny and very thin so the idea of him playing football is not possible,"
explained Gaggioli.

Small Messi did experience problems with growth hormone. However Gaggioli decided to
continue to promote Messi to Barcelona. In September 2008, Barcelona, represented by
Carles Rexach call Messi to Spain for skill performance. Rexach stunned but tried to cover it
because it is still unsure of the condition of Messi at that time.

After several months of the deadline given Messi's father, Rexach with Barca youth
academy coach at the time, Quimet Rife tried to convince myself with Messi pitted against
players who are older. The result, Messi is magical.

"Rexach and Rife who knows clearly about signing him, said no other players in the world
like him. No doubt, he is a pearl," continued Gaggioli.

December, Rexach finally sure you want to bring Messi. Because the meeting was held on a
tennis court there is no special preparation course. Rexach's father wrote a message to
Messi on the napkin.

"He (Rexach) looked around, trying to find something to write, but no, so he pulled out one
napkin," said Minguella.

Doily reads: "In Barcelona,?? On December 14, 2000 and in the presence of Josep
Minguella and Horacio (Gaggioli), the technical secretary Carles Rexach ready FCB liable
even some against some view to signing the player Lionel Messi, as long as we stay on the
amount which has been agreed. "

Now napkin had been laminated by Minguella and Gaggioli and stored in a safety deposit
box at a bank. Both are ready to give historic document was deposited in the museum of
Barcelona. But both claim to have not received permitaan from Barcelona.

"(Museum) is the proper place. But I never received a call from the club on a napkin. I never
got good money from the club or from Messi. But I do not know if I want money for this
napkin that obviously they have to call first, "said Gaggioli.

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