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          Associations (3); Data (5); eBooks (6); E-Journals (9); Subjects (41)

Sociology = Associations. International Sociological Association

Sociology = Associations. National Association of Social Workers

Sociology = Associations. Society for Applied Sociology

Sociology = Data. AmeriStat

Sociology = Data. Data on the Net

Sociology = Data. International Data Base (Demographics)

Sociology = Data. U.S. Census Bureau

Sociology = Data. U.S. Demography

Sociology = eBooks. Books Online: HM: General Sociology

Sociology = eBooks. Dictionary of Critical Sociology

Sociology = eBooks. Elwell’s Glossary of Sociology

Sociology = eBooks. General Social Survey Codebook 1972-2000

Sociology = eBooks. The Future of Sociology

Sociology = eBooks. See also PSC Library eBook Webpage.

Sociology = E-Journals. Electronic Journal of Sociology

Sociology = E-Journals. Electronic Journal Of Sociology.

Sociology = E-Journals. Idea: A Journal of Social Issues
Sociology = E-Journals. Logos: A Journal of Modern Society & Culture

Sociology = E-Journals. Social Criticism Review

Sociology = E-Journals. Socio News

Sociology = E-Journals. Sociological Research Online Journal

Sociology = E-Journals. The Qualitative Report

Sociology = E-Journals. Transformations: Online Journal of Region, Culture &

Sociology = Allyn & Bacon Sociological Links. Presents a directory of links in such
subject areas as politics, religion, urbanization and deviance.

Sociology = American Sexual Behavior. Trends, Socio-demographic Differences &
Risk Behavior. Based on the General Social Survey Text and data on premarital and
adolescent sexual activity, cohabitation, adult sexual behavior, sexual partners, and extra-
marital relations. Data is by sex, age and race in Adobe Acrobat format.

Sociology = Family & Marriage. Kinship & Social Organization. An online tutorial
describing the "basic principle of organizing individuals into social groups, roles, and
categories." Included are diagrams, illustrations, and animations. It describes systems of
descent, basic systems of kinship classification, marriage systems, and residence rules.

Sociology = General. SocioLog

Sociology = General. SocioSite

Sociology = General. SocioWeb

Sociology = General. Virtual Library: Sociology Databases & Archives

Sociology = Human Rights Watch. Human rights organization based in the U.S.
Researchers conduct fact-finding investigations into human rights abuses in all regions of
the world .
Sociology = Information Technology. IT Road Maps Database. (NSF). Computerized
bibliographic search algorithms and consultations with research experts were used to
identify over 4,000 data sets, research papers and books, and Web sites that provide
insight about the social and economic implications of IT.

Sociology = Major Sites. General. Social Science Information Gateway: Sociology

Sociology = Marriage & Family. Statistics. AmeriStat.

Sociology = Marriage and the Family. Marriage and Family Process

Sociology = National Survey of America’s Families. The survey provides quantitative
measures of the quality of life in America. It pays particular attention to low-income

Sociology = Native American Geometry. Anthropology. Discover the beauty of Native
American Geometry based on a simple circle.

Sociology = Poverty.

Sociology = Social Movements & Culture. Study of social movements in the U.S.,
including those movements as linked to transnational and global movements, emphasis is
on recent and contemporary movements; the site currently consists of links to on-line
articles, bibliographies, course syllabi, conferences, a glossary of terms for movement
analysis, and sets of links to historically-oriented and contemporary sites categorized by
movement type.

Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace

Sociology = Social Transformation. MOST (Management of Social Transformations)
Clearing House

Sociology = Social, Economic & Political Change

Sociology = SocioLog: Comprehensive Guide to Sociology.

Sociology = Sociological Research Online. Focuses on theoretical, empirical and
methodological discussions which engage with current political, cultural and intellectual
topics and debates.

Sociology = Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace Starts with a list of General
Sociological Resources. Continues to Theory, Data Resources, Methods and Statistics.,
Guide to Writing a Research Paper and then Subject-based Inquiries.
Sociology = Sociologists. AllLearn: Sociologists

Sociology = Sociologists. Dead Sociologists Society

Sociology = Sociologists. Famous Sociologists

Sociology = Sociologists. Max Weber’s Home Page Dead Sociologists Society

Sociology = Sociology of Religion. Hartford Institute for Religion Research. Includes
Sociology of Religion, bibliography, organization, online articles & research resources.

Sociology = Sociology: WWW Virtual Library. Areas covered include: Institutions -
Departments, Associations & Organizations, Directories of Resources, Discussions:
Newsgroups, Listservs, Chats, IRCs, Research Centres, Databases & Archives, Courses
& Curricula Resources, Electronic Journals & Newsletters, Theories, Software
Resources, Miscellaneous, and related fields.

Sociology = Sourcebook on Criminal Justice Statistics. Data about all aspects of
criminal justice in the United States presented in over 600 tables from more than 100

Sociology = Teenage Life Online. The rise of the instant-message generation and the
Internet's impact on friendships and family relationships. The Pew Internet & American
Life Project surveyed 754 youth Ages, 12 through 17, who go online and an equal
number of their parents (of whom 87% go online) to discover how youth and their
parents have incorporated Internet tools into their lives. Find out how the teens view the
technology and its effect on friends, family, and school work.

Sociology = Social Issues. Social Issues: Sociology

Sociology = The SocioWeb. Contains directories of research centers and university
departments, topical research, as well as links to mailing lists, listservs, and journals.

Sociology = Theory. Sociological Theories and Theorists

Sociology = Theory. Theories and Review of Theories
Sociology = Theory. Who’s Who in Theory

Sociology = Timeline. Sociological Timeline From 1600. A timeline of significant
events in the field of sociology from 1600 to 1995. Included are links from various points
on the timeline. There is also a Sociology Calendar listing births and deaths of
individuals featured in the timeline.

Sociology = Tufts University Child and Family WebGuide. Evaluates web sites that
contain research-based information about child development.

Sociology = U. S. Census Bureau Source of population, housing, economic,
geographic data.

Sociology = Violence and Abuse. Allyn & Bacon’s Sociology Links: Violence and

Sociology = Women Studies Section of ACRL. The Women's Studies Section (WSS) of
the Association of College & Research Libraries was formed to discuss, promote, and
support women's studies collections and services in academic and research libraries.

Sociology = Women's History Month. Biographies, a quiz, featured book titles,
activities, excerpts from Women's Rights On Trial, a timeline of events and significant
dates in women's history, and Women's History Month Resource Book activities.

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