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					FHTM Lead Generation Website Promotion Tips
(also works for the MyiSystem)

Thank you for your purchase of the Marketing and Lead
Generation website. Be sure to let your entire downline and upline that you
found an incredible system to help build your downline quickly and more

This system is meant to enhance your business building success, by attracting
people online that are looking to start a home based business, like Fortune Hi
REPLACE FACE TO FACE CONTACT. We feel that your warm market, getting
out and showing the plan is the best way to successfully build your FHTM
business. This is a complementary tool.

Now that you have this incredible marketing tool to complement your face to face
presentations, you may wonder how to effectively promote your website and start
generating leads (traffic). I have devised a little computer know how that I have
used for years to get high search engine rakings for my personal and business

   1. About Me Page: This page may be edit by you to create a target market
      that you want to promote your FHTM business to. I tell everyone, that
      while you are waiting for the search engines to find and index your
      website, you want to target your warm market.

For the first month, make your About Me Page, an introduction to your warm
market. Create your About Me Page like a “Grand Opening” Celebration. Let
everyone know that you found this wonderful opportunity to make people become
financially free. Do not say too much about the opportunity, just an
announcement that you have opened a new business and invite people to check
it out and visit your business.

   2. Meta Tags and Description: The Title tag is what appears in the top blue
      bar of your browser and is also the text that is linked to your site on search
      engines. The Keyword and Description is buried in the HTML code
      specifically to tell search engines about your content.

This is where you want to create a “target market” to separate your site from
everyone else. Maybe you want to target school teachers, nurses, college
professors, or whatever. You want to change your About Me Page after the first
month or to reflect your target market. You will also wan to mentioned your
“keyword” or target market in every paragraph or as often as possible. Example:
“work from home teachers”

By Brent Vanderstelt, Internet Marketing Specialist and FHTM Representative
Then after this page is completed and you have successfully uploaded a
professional picture, you will want to add all your personal and any business
contacts that you have into the email auto responder. Find the Email Marketing
Tab, and then click on Add a New Prospect to Campaign.

By doing this, you will immediately begin generating leads for your new
marketing website. Your prospects will begin to receive a series of automated
email messages from you, explaining your new business opportunity.

Now that this is done, you want to submit your website URL (example: to the 3 major search engines. It is free to do this by
visiting the following links and entering your information.

MSN (now BING):

   3. Lead Capture Pages: This incredible marketing and prospecting system
      has 5 pre-built lading pages designed to capture lead information for you.
      To see the different landing pages, go to Landing Pages, and then click
      Pre-built Landing Pages.

Now, what I like to do with these landing pages in purchase domain names from and get a keyword rich domain name for each page, like and also add these domains to the 3 major
search engines. (See above) Other examples may be if
you are targeting teachers. Maybe you want if you are
targeting the Detroit market.

   4. Building Traffic: If you have followed my directions so far, you should
      have your About Me Page completed, Meta Tag and Descriptions, have
      domain names for your landing pages, have your domains submitted to
      the major search engines and should be generating traffic with your warm
      market leads.

Now, you will need to continue building traffic for your website AND landing
pages. You will do this a number of ways, ways that can be time consuming, but
free or very inexpensive. I will outline some of the many ways that I do this for
more than 50 websites and blogs that I own and operate.

1st. Business Cards and Flyers: have your website URL added to your FHTM
business and make up some flyers and pass them out.

2nd. Post ads: On and other free online classifieds in your area.
You can do a search to find them.

By Brent Vanderstelt, Internet Marketing Specialist and FHTM Representative
3rd. Blogging: Start a blog and start Blogging to your target audience. You can
get a free account at and choose a URL name to match your
target audience. Example:

4th. Article Marketing: Start writing articles and submit them to free article
directories. You can find them by doing a search. You should get in the habit of
writing articles at least weekly and submit to 2-3 different article directories. Not
comfortable writing articles and do not have enough time to submit them,
consider an article writing and submission service.

5th. Get Social! By this, I mean get into the social revolution and start posting
Tweets on Twitter, get a Facebook account, My Space and more than a 100
other major social networking sites now available on the internet and post your
links on these high Page Rank (PR) websites. This will help get your URL get
indexed by the search engines faster and also have a higher PR. Get more
useful information at Social Media Marketing.

   5. Leads: You can purchase home based business leads directly from your
      MyHomeFortune.Com back office. This will cost you a little money, but
      worth it if you have the money to spend. If you do not have the money to
      purchase your own leads, you can set up a co-op purchase with other
      members of your team and those leads will automatically be evenly
      rotated among members of your co-op.

These leads will be original leads from prospects who have expressed interest in
starting a home based business. These leads are generated on the lead
company’s hundreds or thousands of lead capture pages across the internet and
their information is collected and then redirected to your MyHomeFortune.Com
website. You are then email their contact information to follow up with.

   6. PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising: I personally sometimes use the
      method of advertising, but it can get very expensive if you do not know
      what you are doing. You can manage your own small advertising account
      with Google Adwords, but STAY AWAY FROM COMPANIES OR
      WEBSITES THAT OFFER TO DO IT FOR YOU. If you are comfortable
      using Adwords, set up a free account at I
      usually set up a monthly budget of $40-$60.00 per month.

Get more information on managing your own Google PPC campaign. Generate
endless leads using Google Adwords.

   7. Purchase Targeted Traffic. You can not make sales if you do not have
      traffic, you can purchase 100-1,000 daily hits to your website by
      purchasing (starting at just $19.95) home based business or opportunity
      traffic from

By Brent Vanderstelt, Internet Marketing Specialist and FHTM Representative
This unique service purchases expired domains with established traffic and
redirects them to your FHTM website. Purchasing traffic will generate immediate
traffic and sales, help you gain page rank and popularity.

Well, there you have it, my many years experience of website development and
search engine optimization (SEO) wrapped up in a 3 page document. Many
companies would charge you tens of thousands of dollars for the information I
just spewed effortlessly to you for free.

See our related article: How to Duplicate Your Downline Using This System.

Thanks again for your purchase and wish you success with your website
promotion and FHTM business. I too am a RSM for FHTM and hope to go to
ESM very soon.

Brent Vanderstelt

By Brent Vanderstelt, Internet Marketing Specialist and FHTM Representative

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