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									                                   Guy Siverson
2504 River Hills Ct #919                                                Resume:
Arlington, TX 76006                                                     Skype: Calculate Power                                                  LinkedIN: Guy Siverson
(800) 589-1509                                                          Twitter: SEOGuy2
(253) 948-2509                                                          FaceBook; SEO Fan Page

    Organic front page search engine results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask & Altavista for
      niched keyword phrases within targeted campaigns.
    Advanced link building strategies including power blogging, link towers & link wheels
      Creation of link towers strategy for SEO optimized keyword phrase integration within
      all Web content released (especially article marketing).
    Leadership and training of team peers within a variety of settings including SEO/SEM
      International & National associates, Boeing help desk representatives & REI operations.

     On-Page SEO (Meta tagging)                     Meta & title tagging
                                                    Heading & content integration
                                                    Navigation & graphic optimization
       Off-Page SEO                                 Backlink & 3-way link building
                                                    Blog & Forum commenting
                                                    Article & Social Network evangelism
       Keyword Research                             Research & creation of keyword targets
                                                    Local and Global campaign launches
                                                    Longtail and geo targeted keyword creations

       Article marketing   Blog posting   Press distributions   Video publicity   Social networking
       EBook advertising   RSS feeds      Directory releases    Podcasting        Social bookmarking

      Traffic Travis (SEO research)                    Social Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
      Micro Niche Finder (SEO research)                Social ADR (Social Bookmarking)
      Keyword Elite (SEO research)                     Ping.FM (Social Networking)
      SEO Elite (SEO research)                         Dreamweaver (Macromedia)
      SEO Toolkit (SEO resource)                       HTML (Extensive Coding Knowledge)
      Google Analytics (Google)                        Complete MS Office Certification
      PPC (Adwords & Other Platforms)                  IT Customer Help Desk Support

     Bates Technical College (Tacoma WA, 2000-2001)
         Networking & Software Support – Vocational
     Seattle Pacific University (Seattle WA, 1990-1992)
         BA with major in Communication & Psychology (3.47 Accumulative GPA)

Guy Siverson               2504 River Hills Ct #919 Arlington, TX 76006           (800) 589-1509

   2010 – Present – Full Time – Print Place / Modern Greetings
   On & Off Page SEO Analyst
   Arlington, TX
        Research and identification of key areas for organic growth opportunities.
        Promotions of key articles within link wheel and link tower methods for backlinks.
        Creation, deployment and publication of WordPress blog for increased brandability.
        Training of article writers and content creators to deliver SEO content to Web.
        Collaboration on on-page SEO strategies with SEO marketing members.

   2010 – Present – Part Time – Spiceworks (Please see charts below for Spiceworks)
   Off Page SEO Analyst
   Arlington, TX
        Analysis of best targets for new organic keyword attainment possibilities.
        Production of article content to drive search engine rankings upward on Google,
           Bing, Yahoo, AltaVista, Ask and other search engines.
        Creation and publication of video content for increased organic traffic exposure.

   2010 (6 month contract) – SHA Matrix / Resource Point, LLC
   Senior SEO/SMO Director
   Troy, MI
        Director of SEO/SMO division.
        Investigation and recommendation of best SEO/SMO tools.
        Implementation of SEO strategies.
        Deployment of article marketing, social bookmarking, blog networking, directory
           submissions and other link building strategies.
        Recreation of content & navigation for existing sites to optimize SEO power.

   2007 – 2010 – SEO & Beyond
   Internet Marketing Professional
   Spokane, WA
        Investigation and implementation of best keyword phrase strategies per results
           derived from Micro Niche Finder & Keyword Elite.
        Integrated extensive understanding of HTML in conjunction with Dreamweaver.
        Analysis of results achieved via & Google Analytics with adjustments in
           strategy according to data returned by reports.

   2001 – 2007 – Boeing
   Help Desk Technical Support
   Seattle, WA
        Provided first and second level technical support for Boeing internal client needs
            related to software, hardware and networking concerns.
        Trained and mentored first level peers relating to position duties and responsibilities.
        After 9/11 all 80+ contractors including myself were advised that Boeing internal
            employees would be replacing our positions. Due to stats received and attitude
            offered I was one of the last 8 released and first 5 brought back one year later.
        Only contractor to be flown to ST Louis for purposes of guiding and establishing our
            new help desk technical team launch.

Guy Siverson               2504 River Hills Ct #919 Arlington, TX 76006       (800) 589-1509
                              Spiceworks Case Study
Spiceworks bundles network monitoring, helpdesk, UPS power management, PC inventory tools,
an online community, and more. All in one spot and all for free which includes free support too.

IMPORTANT: The following results have been attained via article marketing and backlink
building efforts within off-page SEO promotions only.


Google = #3
Bing = #6
Yahoo = #6
Ask = #2
AltaVista = #6


Help Desk
(368,000 Local
Searches &
1,000,000 Global
Searches Monthly)


In the last 6 months I have secured over 220 targeted keyword phrases for Spiceworks within the
various search engines with 177 of those keyword phrases being found in the first page results on
Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista and Ask. 19 of the 177 results hold position 1 within the keyword
phrase identified upon the search engine being reviewed.

Guy Siverson                2504 River Hills Ct #919 Arlington, TX 76006       (800) 589-1509
                        SEO & Beyond Case Study

The following project started as a test for four months ago. As can be
derived from the following material the test was extremely successful and I am in the process of
merging results over to as it is a much more relevant domain name
for the project to be associated with.

                                  Google Analytics

                                Stat Press Analytics

Guy Siverson                2504 River Hills Ct #919 Arlington, TX 76006       (800) 589-1509
                      Hot Wheel Games Case Study
                            is barely 2 months old and my first retail project to bring to market
fully from my own skills and abilities. Other eCommerce sites I have been directly associated
with include, & While
this project is still very new I offer it for review based on the bounce rate and time on site stats
which Google is now targeting as highly relevant to their search engine algorithm results.

                                    Google Analytics

                                  Stat Press Analytics

Guy Siverson                 2504 River Hills Ct #919 Arlington, TX 76006          (800) 589-1509
                                   Alexa Rankings
The following Alexa rankings are for projects I personally built from start to finish. I believe
these type of projects more clearly identify my personal skills and ability for gaining rankings
within projects released.

NOTE: The following 2 projects are created within a WordPress theme and have existed online
for less than 4 months as it relates to SEO & Beyond and less than 1 month for Hot Wheel

                                    Alexa Rankings

                                Additional Rankings
NOTE: This project has been on the back burner due to paying more time and attention to the
properties listed above. As such I cannot guarantee that the rankings provided below are current
day rankings within each project.



     Search Engine Optimization & Beyond (SEO&B)                    SEO Destinations (SEOd)

Guy Siverson                 2504 River Hills Ct #919 Arlington, TX 76006        (800) 589-1509

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