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					                                                     Names ___________________________
                                                     Per. 2 Web Design
                                                     October 3, 2011
                             Digital Imaging Online Scavenger Hunt

Directions: Work in PAIRS. Go online and answer the following questions. 1. First, go to and download these questions onto your computer. 2. Write BOTH
your names on the name line. 3. Type your answers under the appropriate number IN
COMPLETE SENTENCES. 4. Make sure to copy and paste the link of the page on which you
found the answer (not properly formatted) and put it at the end of each question. 5. At the end of
the class, save it locally and print a hardcopy to hand to the Khatara.

1. What company made the browser used by 90% of web surfers until the release of Internet
   Explorer 4?

2. What online retailer got a flood of sales once it changed its name from

3. What was the first band on a major label to debut a complete song over the Internet, with

4. What kid-friendly web directory did Yahoo! launch in 1996?

5. Who coined the phrase 'World Wide Web'

6. In what year was the phrased World Wide Web coined?

7. Who was J.C.R. Licklider?

8. What was ARPANET?

9. 6Who was Leonard Kleinrock?

10. What is an Ethernet?

11. When was the first mouse introduced?
                                                   Names ___________________________
                                                   Per. 2 Web Design
                                                   October 3, 2011
12. Who coined the phrase 'information superhighway'?

13. Which decade really saw the explosion of the net?

14. Which country has the highest percentage of net users?

15. What is that percentage?

16. What does HTTP stand for?

17. What is an ISP and what does it stand for?

18. What does HTML stand for and what is it?

19. Which state provides wireless internet to all of its residents for FREE?

20. What is the original reason why eBay was formed and by whom?

21. How many countries still have no internet access?

22. What ethnic group uses the internet the most? What is that percentage?

23. What is the most common 'How to' search on Google?

24. What are the top three most popular websites in the world?

25. What was the very first popular web browser called? When was it released?

26. According to the Nielsen NetRatings, the average Internet user, in one month, will spend
    how many hours online?
                                                     Names ___________________________
                                                     Per. 2 Web Design
                                                     October 3, 2011
27. What is the average surfing session?

28. What is the oldest domain name? When was it registered?

29. Which internet service provider has the majority of registered domain names?

30. Who is the most Googled person of all time?


Write down any interesting facts you came across on your own. Make sure to provide the

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