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					                                                 Palliative Care Program
                                                 The Science of Caring: Advanced Practice Nurses, Physicians, Pharmacists & Allied Health Professionals
                                                 (Masters & Post Masters)

Purpose &                                                                                                  APPCN Curriculum
Background                                                                                                 Students electing a specialized concentration in palliative care will
                                                                                                           take three additional courses and have at least one of their clinical
The Advanced Practice Palliative Care                                                                      practicum courses in a palliative care setting
Nurse (APPCN) program's goal is to add a
new life span-oriented specialty
concentration at the UIC College of Nursing                                                                The APPCN Curriculum Includes:
(CON) and to prepare advanced practice                                                                     3 palliative care-focused courses:
nurses to serve neonates, children, adults,
                                                                                                           • NUSC 520: Dying, loss, and grief (3cr)
and the elderly in rural and medically
underserved areas (MUAs).                                                                                  • NUSC 522: Palliative management of pain and common
                                                                                                             symptoms (3cr)
An enormous need exists today to help
patients of all ages and their families
                                                        What Is                                            • NUSC 524: Socio-cultural and ethical issues in palliative care
through the myriad physical, psychosocial,              Palliative Care?                                     (3cr)
spiritual, and economic changes while
supporting them in making complex and                   Palliative care is the physical, psycho-           18 palliative care-enhanced courses: existing core courses in
difficult ethical decisions consistent with             social, and spiritual treatment of pain and        UIC CON population-based programs, such as the Perinatal or
their preferences for end-of-life care.                 suffering for patients of all ages with chronic    Pediatric CNS, Acute Care or Adult NP or CNS, or Geriatric NP
APPCNs are necessary to provide                         or life-limiting advanced diseases.                or CNS.
comprehensive, culturally appropriate, and
coordinated care to individuals who are
                                                        Who Can Be Best Served by                          Admissions Process in APPCN Certificate Program:
facing life-threatening illness or approaching
death and to their families during the end-of-          Advanced Practice Palliative Care                  Masters Students: are requested to be admitted to one of the
life transition and bereavement. These                  Nurses & Other Health                              seven existing CON population-based programs, and must declare
people include: women who have                                                                             a specialized concentration in palliative and end-of-life care.
experienced miscarriages and their                                                                         Post Masters: both MSN and Masters in another area of nursing
partners; families of infants born dead or              Individuals and their families who are facing
                                                                                                           are welcome to apply. Requirements can be found at:
dying; families of children who are dying or            life-threatening illness or approaching death
have died from injuries or acute or chronic             and to their families during the end-of-life
illnesses; families of those who have                   transition and bereavement, including:
experienced sudden death, including                     • Families of babies born dead or dying            Preparing Nurses
coworkers of those who have died in the                                                                    APPCN Certificate Program will prepare nurses and other health
                                                        • Women who have experienced
workplace; and both adult and elderly                                                                      professions for advanced practice across the life span.
                                                          miscarriages and their partners
people dying with acute or chronic illnesses
such as cardiovascular, pulmonary, or renal             • Families of children who are dying or have
diseases, dementia, cancer, or AIDS.                      died from injuries or acute or chronic
                                                        • Families of those who have experienced           Implications
                                                          sudden death, including coworkers of
                                                          those who have died in the workplace             Subheads = Arial Bold Italic 24 pt
                                                        • Both adult and elderly people dying with         Text = Arial 16, 18, or 20 point
                                                          acute or chronic illnesses, such as              • Text Bullets = black
                                                          cardiovascular, pulmonary, renal
                                                          diseases, cancer, AIDS etc.

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