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					                                               REGION 2
Applicator Exam Locations                      North Texas TDA Regional Office
                                               Regal Tech Center,                                  REGION 4
Always call in advance to confirm dates        1720 Regal Row, Suite 118                           South Central Texas TDA Regional Office
and availability                               Dallas, Texas 75235                                 8918 Tesoro Drive, Suite 120
                                               (214) 631-0265                                      San Antonio, Texas 78217
                                                                                                   (210) 820-0288
Texas Department of Agriculture
                                               Stephenville TDA Office
1700 N. Congress Ave.
                                               241 E. McNeill Street                               Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center
Austin, TX 78701
                                               Stephenville, Texas 76401                           1619 Garner Field Road
                                               (254) 965-5097                                      Uvalde, TX 78802-1849
                                                                                                   (210) 820-0288
                                                                                                                                                              Todd Staples, Commissioner
1st Tuesday of the month; other days by
                                               Tyler TDA Office
                                               3323 S. Southwest Loop 323                          Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center          Commercial, Noncommercial
                                               Tyler, Texas 75701                                  7887 Hwy. 87 North                                    and Noncommercial Political
                                               (903) 939-3999                                      San Angelo, TX 76901-9782                                Subdivision Applicator
West Texas TDA Regional Office
                                                                                                   (210) 820-0288
4502 Englewood Ave., Lubbock, Texas 79414
                                               Texas AgriLife Extension Service                                                                             Agricultural Licensing
(806) 799-8555                                 Courthouse Annex                                    REGION 5
Call for appointment                           600 Scott St., Ste. 200                                                                                  The Texas Department of Agriculture
                                                                                                   Valley Regional TDA Office
                                               Wichita Falls, TX 76301                                                                                  licenses pesticide applicators who use
                                                                                                   900-B E. Expressway 83
Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center   (214) 631-0265                                                                                           restricted-use and state-limited-use
                                                                                                   San Juan, Texas 78589
6500 Amarillo Blvd., West
                                                                                                   (956) 787-8866                                       pesticides or regulated herbicides for the
Amarillo, TX 79106                             REGION 3
(806) 358-7285                                 Gulf Coast TDA Regional Office                                                                           following purposes:
                                               Elias Ramirez State Office Building                 Corpus Christi TDA Office                                • aerial application
Taylor County Extension Office                 5425 Polk Avenue                                    5155 Flynn Parkway, Suite 100                            • agriculture
1982 Lytle Way                                 Houston, TX 77023                                   Corpus Christi, Texas 78411                              • aquatic pest control
Abilene, Texas 79602                           (713) 921-8200                                      (361) 851-2745                                           • ornamental plant and turf
(806) 799-8555                                 by appointment Monday-Friday                                                                                     production
                                                                                                                                                            • forestry
Ector County Extension Office                  Call (713) 921-8200 for appointments at the three   Hearing impaired please call (800)735-2988 (voice)       • right-of-way maintenance
1010 East 8th St.
                                               locations below.                                    or (800)735-2989 (TDD)                                   • research
Odessa, Texas 79761                                                                                                                                         • regulatory pest control
(806) 799-8555
                                               Harris County Extension Office                                                                               • seed treatment, commodity
                                               #2 Abercrombie                                                                                                   fumigation
El Paso TDA Office
                                               Houston, Texas 77084                                                                                         • education and research
10800 Socorro Road, El Paso, Texas 79927       Producers Coop
(915) 859-3942                                 1800 North Texas Ave.
                                               Bryan, Texas 77803
                                               2nd Wednesday

                                               Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center
                                               1509 Aggie Dr.
                                               Beaumont, Texas 77713                               Updated 9/2009
                                                6. Aquatic Pest Control
Definitions                                         A. Aquatic Plant and Animal Pest
                                                                                               Applicants for a noncommercial political
                                                        Control                                                                            Application for License
                                                                                               subdivision applicator license must:
Commercial applicator: operates a                   B. Anti-fouling Paint
                                                                                                  1. Pass the TDA general exam, laws
business or is employed by a business that      7. Demonstration and Research
                                                                                                      and regulations exam and at least    After passing the general exam, laws and
applies restricted-use or state-limited-use     8. Regulatory Pest Control
                                                9. Aerial Application                                 one category/subcategory exam        regulations exam and at least one category
pesticides to property of another person for
                                                10. Chemigation                                       other than aerial application or     other than aerial application or
                                                11. Chlorine Gas                                      demonstration & research pest        demonstration & research pest control, the
Noncommercial applicator: must be                                                                     control; and                         applicator must submit a license
licensed because he or she applies                                                                2. Submit application with $12 fee.      application with the appropriate license fee.
restricted-use or state-limited-use                                                                                                        In addition, commercial applicators must
pesticides or regulated herbicides but does                                                                                                provide certification of financial
                                               Licensing Requirements                          Exam Preparation                            responsibility in the amount of $100,000
not qualify as a commercial applicator or
private applicator.                                                                                                                        property damage and $100,000 bodily
                                                                                               Study materials for license exams may be    injury per occurrence.
                                               Applicants for a commercial applicator
Noncommercial Political Subdivision                                                            purchased from Texas AgriLife Extension
                                               license must:
applicator: must be employed by a political                                                    Service. Obtain order form D-1405 from a
                                                   1. Pass the TDA general exam, laws
subdivision of the state of Texas or of a                                                      county Extension office or:                 Expiration
                                                       and regulations exam and at least
federal agency operating in Texas.                                                             Extension Agricultural and Environmental
                                                       one category/subcategory exam
                                                                                               Safety Program                              A license expires anually on the anniversary
                                                       other than aerial application or
                                                                                               P.O. Drawer FS,                             of the date on which it was issued or
Agricultural Pest Control Categories                   demonstration & research pest                                                       renewed.
                                                                                               College Station, Texas 77841
1. Agricultural Pest Control                                                                   Phone: (979)845-1099
                                                   2. Provide the required certification of
     A. Field Crop Pest Control                                                                Fax: (979)845-6251
                                                       financial responsibility;
     B. Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Pest                                                                            Recertification Requirements
        Control                                    3. Submit an application with a
     C. Weed & Brush Control in pasture                nonrefundable fee of $180; and
                                                   4. Not have been convicted of a felony      Testing                                     Licensed commercial, noncommercial and
        and rangeland
                                                       involving moral turpitude in the last                                               NCPS applicators are required to recertify
     D. Predatory Animal Control
                                                       five years.                                                                         every year by obtaining five continuing
     E. Farm Storage Pest Control and                                                          TDA offices offer monthly testing.
        Fumigation                                 5. Submit or have employer submit an                                                    education credits, with one credit each from
                                                                                               Applicants must be able to read and
     F. Animal Pest Control                            Applicator Business Registration.                                                   two of the following categories: laws and
                                                                                               comprehend the subject matter; oral tests
     G. Citrus Pest Control                                                                                                                regulations, integrated pest management or
                                               Applicants for a noncommercial applicator       are not given. A passing grade is 70 or
     H. Livestock Protection Collar                                                                                                        drift minimization.
                                               license must:                                   above.
     I. M-44                                                                                   There is no test fee for the general or
 2. Forest Pest Control                            1. Pass the TDA general exam, laws
                                                       and regulations exam and at least       laws and regulations exams. A $24 fee is
 3. Ornamental Plant and Turf Pest Control                                                     charged before testing for each category
     A. Plant Pest & Weed Control                      one category/subcategory exam
                                                       other than aerial application or        or subcategory exam. NCPS applicators
     B. Greenhouse Pest Control                                                                are exempt from exam fees.
 4. Seed Treatments                                    demonstration & research pest
 5. Right-of-way Pest Control                          control; and
                                                   2. Submit application with $120 fee.

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