Ice Cream Batch Freezer by ewghwehws


									                              Pladot Mini Dairy
                      Miniaturized Dairy Processing Systems

                      Ice Cream Batch Freezer
• Vertical Batch Freezer for processing ice cream.

• Meets all sanitary and food production standards.

• Machines are available in several sizes.

•   Stirs and refrigerates mixture
    until required thickness is
•   Extractor function removes
    finished product from machine.
•   Buzzer informs cycle is finished.
•   Digital Display
•   Designed to occupy a minimum
    of floor space yet has high
    capacity and delivers superior
    product quality.
•   All parts in contact with ice
    cream are Stainless Steel
•   Lowest energy consumption,
    fastest batch times, and smallest
    footprints available.
•   Fully automatic operation with electronic consistency control.
•   Heavy duty drive system produces firmer product and longer life.
•   Unique freezing cylinder design provides faster production and smoother product.
•   Cleans and sanitizes in minutes.

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