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              38 Special           1978   Special Delivery
                  707              1980   "707"
                  707              1981   The Second Album
              After Hours          1989   After Hours
              Air Supply           1976   Air Supply
              Air Supply           1977   The Whole Thing Started
              Air Supply           1977   Love & Other Bruises
              Air Supply           1979   Life Support
           Anderson, Carl          1982   Absence Without Love
           Anderson, Carl          1983   On And On
           Anderson, Carl          1985   Protocol
           Anderson, Carl          1986   Carl Anderson
           Anderson, Carl          1988   Act Of Love
           Anderson, Carl          1992   Fantasy Hotel
            Atlantic Starr         1978   Atlantic Starr
            Atlantic Starr         1979   Straight To The Point
            Atlantic Starr         1983   Yours Forever
            Atlantic Starr         1985   As The Band Turns
         Ashford & Simpson         1979   Stay Free
         Ashford & Simpson         1981   Perfomance
         Ashford & Simpson         1989   Love Or Physical
             Auger, Brian          1984   Here & Now
                 Aurra             1985   Like I Like It
             Austin, Patti         1980   Body Language
             Austin, Patti         1984   Patti Austin
             Austin, Patti         1985   Getting Away With Murder
             Austin, Patti         1990   Love Is Gonna Getcha
             Austin, Patti         1998   In & Out Of Love
              Ayers, Roy           1977   Crystal Reflections
              Ayers, Roy           1978   Let's Do It
              Ayers, Roy           1978   Starbooty
              Ayers, Roy           1978   Step In To Our Life (with Wayne Henderson)
              Ayers, Roy           1979   Fever
              Ayers, Roy           1979   No Stranger To Love
              Ayers, Roy           1980   Love Fantasy
              Ayers, Roy           1980   Prime Time (with Wayne Henderson)
              Ayers, Roy           1981   Africa, Center Of The World
              Ayers, Roy           1982   Feeling Good
              Ayers, Roy           1983   Lots Of Love
              Ayers, Roy           1983   Silver Vibrations
              Ayers, Roy           1987   I'm The One (For Your Love Tonight)
             B.T. Express          1981   Keep It Up
      Bailey, Philip (ex "Ew&f")   1983   Continuation
      Bailey, Philip (ex "Ew&f")   1985   The Wonders Of His Love
            Baldwin, Bob           1994   For You
               Bar-Kays            1974   Coldblooded
               Bar-Kays            1977   Flying High On Your Love
               Bar-Kays            1984   Dangerous
               Bar-Kays            1985   Banging The Wall
               Bar-Kays            1987   Contagious
               Bar-Kays            1988   Animal
                 Bataan, Joe                  1981   II
Beatifik (feat. Roger Odell) (ex. Shakatak)   2000   The Blue Window
                Benoit, David                 1977   Heavier Than Yesterday
                Benoit, David                 1980   Can You Imagine
                Benoit, David                 1983   Digits
     Black Sheep (feat. Lou Gramm)            1976   Encouraging Words
               Bofill, Angela                 1981   Something About You
               Bofill, Angela                 1993   I Wanna Love Somebody
            Boon (ex. Level 42)               1995   Tinman
                 Brainstorm                   1977   Stormin'
                 Brainstorm                   1979   Funky Entertainment
            Brass Construction                1984   Renegades
            Brass Construction                1985   Conquest
                   Brave                      1994   Trust
                   Brick                      1976   Good High
                   Brick                      1979   Stoneheart
                   Brick                      1988   Too Tuff
             Brothers Johnson                 1981   Winners
             Brothers Johnson                 1981   Passage
             Brothers Johnson                 1982   Blast!
             Brothers Johnson                 1985   Evolution
               Bryson, Peabo                  1976   Peabo
               Bryson, Peabo                  1977   Reaching For The Sky
               Bryson, Peabo                  1978   Crosswinds
               Bryson, Peabo                  1979   We're The Best Of Friends (w/ Natalie Cole)
               Bryson, Peabo                  1980   Paradise
               Bryson, Peabo                  1981   Turn The Hands Of Time
               Bryson, Peabo                  1981   I Am Love
               Bryson, Peabo                  1982   Don't Play With Fire
               Bryson, Peabo                  1986   Quiet Storm
               Bryson, Peabo                  1988   Positive
               Bryson, Peabo                  1999   Unconditional Love
                Bugnon, Alex                  1989   Love Season
                Bugnon, Alex                  1995   Tales From The Bright Side
                Bugnon, Alex                  2000   As Promised
                   Cameo                      2000   Sexy Sweet Thing
                 Captain Sky                  1978   The Adventures
                 Captain Sky                  1979   Pop Goes The Captain
                 Captain Sky                  1982   The Return
                 Carn, Jean                   1982   Trust Me
                 Carn, Jean                   1986   Closer Than Close
                 Carn, Jean                   1988   You're A Part Of Me
                  Chapter 8                   1985   This Love's For Real
                  Chapter 8                   1988   Forever
              Chocolate Milk                  1976   Chocolate Milk
              Chocolate Milk                  1977   We're All In This Together
              Chocolate Milk                  1977   Comin'
              Chocolate Milk                  1979   Milky Way
              Chocolate Milk                  1980   Hipnotism
              Chocolate Milk                  1982   Blue Jeans
              Chocolate Milk                  1982   Friction
       Climax Chicago Blues Band              1977   Shine On
       Climax Chicago Blues Band              1979   Real To Reel
       Climax Chicago Blues Band              1980   Flying The Flag
       Climax Chicago Blues Band              1981   Lucky For Some
       Climax Chicago Blues Band              1988   Drastic Steps
       Clinton, George             1985   Some Of My Best Jokes Are Friends
       Clinton, George             1986   R&B Skeletons In The Closet
        Club Nouveau               1995   Everything Is Black
       Con Funk Shun               1976   Con-Funk-Shun
       Con Funk Shun               1983   Fever
       Con Funk Shun               1986   Burnin' Love
      Connors, Norman              1976   Romantic Journey
      Connors, Norman              1978   This Is Your Life
      Connors, Norman              1979   Invitation
      Connors, Norman              1980   Take It To The Limit
      Connors, Norman              1981   Mr. C
      Connors, Norman              1988   Passion
      Connors, Norman              1993   Remember Who You Are
      Connors, Norman              2000   Eternity
          Controllers              1978   Fill Your Life With Love
          Controllers              1979   Next In Line
          Controllers              1984   The Controllers
          Controllers              1986   Stay
          Controllers              1987   For The Love Of My Woman
          Controllers              1989   Just In Time
           Crusaders               1981   Standing Tall
   Curnin, Cy (ex. The Fixx)       2007   The Returning Sun
    Cut (feat. Ray Wilson)         1999   Millionairhead
       Deja (ex. Aurra)            1987   Serious
       Deja (ex. Aurra)            1989   Made To Be Together
        Downing, Will              1993   Love's The Place To Be
        Downing, Will              1995   Moods
        Downing, Will              1997   Invitation Only
          Dramatics                1977   Shake It Well
          Dramatics                1978   Do What You Wanna Do
          Dramatics                1980   The Dramatic Way
          Dramatics                1982   New Dimension
          Dramatics                1986   Somewhere In Time (A Dramatic Reunion)
          Dramatics                1989   Positive State Of Mind
          Dramatics                1990   Stone Cold
          Dramatics                1994   Mellow Drama
          Dramatics                1999   If You Come Back To Me
        Duke, George               1986   George Duke
            Dynasty                1982   Right Back At Cha!
            Dynasty                1986   Daydreamin'
            Dynasty                1988   Out Of Control
Echo Park (feat. Michael Flexig)   1995   Pretty Lies
       Edwards, Dennis             1985   Coolin' Out
        Elliot, Richard            1988   Power Of Suggestion
           Emotions                1976   Flowers
           Emotions                1978   Sunbeam
           Emotions                1979   Come Into Our World
           Emotions                1981   New Affair
           Emotions                1984   Sincerely
           Emotions                1985   If I Only Knew
             Exile                 1978   Mixed Emotions
             Exile                 1980   Don't Leave Me This Way
             Exile                 1981   Heart And Soul
             Exile                 1984   Kentucky Hearts
             Exile                 1985   Hang On To Your Heart
             Exile                 1987   Shelter From The Night
              Exile               1990   Still Standing
              Exile               1991   Justice
         Farnham, John            1980   Uncovered
         Farnham, John            2000   33 1/3
        Fat Larry's Band          1977   Feel It
        Fat Larry's Band          1979   Lookin' For Love
        Fat Larry's Band          1980   Stand Up
        Fat Larry's Band          1983   Tune Me Up
        Fat Larry's Band          1984   Straight From The Heart
        Fat Larry's Band          1986   Nice
         Fatback Band             1982   On The Floor With Fatback
         Fatback Band             1984   Phoenix
         Fatback Band             1985   So Delicious
 Felder, Wilton (ex. Crusaders)   1978   We All Have A Star
 Felder, Wilton (ex. Crusaders)   1980   Inherit The Wind
 Felder, Wilton (ex. Crusaders)   1983   Gentle Fire
 Felder, Wilton (ex. Crusaders)   1985   Secrets
 Felder, Wilton (ex. Crusaders)   1987   Love Is A Rush
         Francis, Mike            1985   Features Of Love
         Francis, Mike            1986   Mike Francis (Dreams Of A Lifetime)
         Francis, Mike            1995   A Different Air
         Francis, Mike            1998   Misteria
         Francis, Mike            1999   A Rooms With A View
        Franklin, Aretha          1977   Sweet Passion
        Franklin, Aretha          1978   Almighty Fire
        Franklin, Aretha          1979   La Diva
        Franklin, Aretha          1980   Aretha (1980)
           Gadd, Eric             2002   Life Support
           Gadd, Eric             2006   Eric Gadd
            Gamalon               1991   High Contrast
            Gamalon               1996   Held To The Light
           Gap Band               1995   Ain't Nothing But A Party
          Glitter, Gary           1975   G.G. (AIRAC-1495)
          Glitter, Gary           1977   Silver Star (AIRAC-1496)
          Glitter, Gary           1984   Boys Will Be Boys
GNP (Gilmour/Negus) (ex. Saga)    1989   Safety Zone
Goodwyn, Myles (ex. April Wine)   1988   Myles Goodwyn
   Gould, Phil (ex. Level 42)     2009   Watertight
   Graham, Larry (ex. GCS)        1980   One In A Million You
   Graham, Larry (ex. GCS)        1981   Just Be My Lady
   Graham, Larry (ex. GCS)        1982   Sooner Or Later
   Graham, Larry (ex. GCS)        1983   Victory
   Graham, Larry (ex. GCS)        1985   Fired Up
          Grant, Tom              1976   Mystified
          Grant, Tom              1980   You Hardly Know Me
          Grant, Tom              1983   Tom Grant
          Grant, Tom              1985   Just The Right Moment
          Grant, Tom              1986   Take Me To Your Dream
          Grant, Tom              1988   Mango Tango
          Grant, Tom              1990   Edge Of The World
          Grant, Tom              1994   Hands
          Grant, Tom              1997   Lip Service
          Grant, Tom              2001   Reprise
          Grant, Tom              2004   Nice Work If You Can Get It
          Grant, Tom              2005   Side By Side
          Grant, Tom              2007   Winter Warm
   Griffin, Billy (ex. The Miracles)    1985   Systematic
   Griffin, Billy (ex. The Miracles)    1992   Technicolour
   Griffin, Billy (ex. The Miracles)    2006   Like Water
              Grusin, Don               1998   Laguna Cove
            Hardcastle, Paul            1984   Daybreak
            Hardcastle, Paul            1990   Sound Syndicate
            Hardcastle, Paul            1992   Kiss The Sky
            Hardcastle, Paul            1995   Jazzmasters II
            Hardcastle, Paul            1997   First Light
            Harem Scarem                1999   Rubber
                Harlequin               1979   Victim Of A Song
                Harlequin               1984   Radio Romances
                Harlequin               1985   Harlequin
                Harlequin               2004   Harlequin II
              Hayes, Isaac              1980   And Once Again
              Hayes, Isaac              1981   Lifetime Thing
             Head, Murray               1979   Between Us
             Head, Murray               1983   Shade
             Head, Murray               1987   Sooner Or Later
             Head, Murray               1995   Pipe Dreams
                Heatwave                1982   Current
Henderson, Wayne (ex. Jazz Crusaders)   1977   Big Daddy's Place
Henderson, Wayne (ex. Jazz Crusaders)   1978   Living On A Dream
Henderson, Wayne (ex. Jazz Crusaders)   1979   Emphasized
Henderson, Wayne (ex. Jazz Crusaders)   1996   Sketches Of Life
   Hewett, Howard (ex. Shalamar)        1986   I Commit To Love
   Hewett, Howard (ex. Shalamar)        1988   Forever & Ever
              Hill, Warren              1991   Kiss Under The Moon
              Hill, Warren              1997   Shelter
            Hyman, Phyllis              1978   Sing A Song
            Hyman, Phyllis              1979   Somewhere In My Lifetime
               Imagination              1992   Fascination Of The Physical
              Instant Funk              1979   Witch Doctor
              Instant Funk              1982   Looks So Fine
              Instant Funk              1983   Volume 5
              Instant Funk              1983   Kinky
             Isley Brothers             1985   Masterpiece
 Jamaica Boys (feat. Marcus Miller)     1987   Jamaica Boys
              James, Rick               1983   Cold Blooded
              James, Rick               1985   Glow
              James, Rick               1986   The Flag
              James, Rick               1989   Kickin'
              James, Rick               1997   Urban Rapsody
              Jasper, Chris             1992   Praise The Eternal
              Jasper, Chris             1995   Deep Inside
              Jasper, Chris             2001   Faithful And True
              Jasper, Chris             2005   Amazing Love
            Jazz Crusaders              1996   Lousiana Hot Sauce
           Johnson, Howard              1983   Doin' It My Way
           Johnson, Howard              1985   The Vision
               Jones Girls              1980   At Peace With Woman
               Jones Girls              1983   On Target
               Jones Girls              1984   Keep It Comin'
              Jones, Glenn              1983   Everybody Loves A Winner
              Jones, Glenn              1986   Take It From Me
              Jones, Glenn              1987   Glenn Jones
      Jones, Glenn          1990   All For You
      Jones, Glenn          1992   Here I Go Again
      Jones, Glenn          1994   Here I Am
      Jones, Glenn          1998   It's Time
      Jones, Glenn          2002   Feels Good
      Jones, Grace          1979   Muse
     Jones, Quincy          1976   I Heard That!
     Jordan, Marc           1990   C.O.W. (Conserve Our World)
Kashif (ex. B.T. Express)   1985   Condition Of The Heart
Kashif (ex. B.T. Express)   1989   Kashif (1989)
Kashif (ex. B.T. Express)   1998   Who Loves You?
       Kay-Gee's            1979   Burn Me Up
KC & The Sunshine Band      1981   Space Cadet
KC & The Sunshine Band      1981   The Painter
KC & The Sunshine Band      1982   All In A Night's Work
KC & The Sunshine Band      1984   KC Ten
KC & The Sunshine Band      1991   Oh Yeah!
KC & The Sunshine Band      2001   I'll Be There For You
KC & The Sunshine Band      2007   Yummy
     King, Evelyn           1979   Music Box
     King, Evelyn           1980   Sweet Delight
     King, Evelyn           1980   Call On Me
     King, Evelyn           1983   Face To Face
     King, Evelyn           1984   So Romantic
     King, Evelyn           1985   A Long Time Coming (A Change Is Gonna Come)
     King, Evelyn           1989   Girl Next Door
      Kirton, Lew           1983   Talk To Me
         Kleeer             1981   License To Dream
         Kleeer             1982   Get Ready
         Kleeer             1982   Taste The Music
         Kleeer             1985   Seeekret
       Klugh, Earl          1983   Wishful Thinking
       Klugh, Earl          1985   Nightsongs
   Kool & The Gang          2001   Gangland
     L.A. Boppers           1981   Bop Time
     L.A. Boppers           1982   Make Mine Bop
         L.T.D.             1974   Love, Togetherness & Devotion
         L.T.D.             1975   Gittin' Down
         L.T.D.             1979   Devotion
         L.T.D.             1981   Love Magic
         L.T.D.             1983   For You
    LaBounty, Bill          1975   Promised Love
    LaBounty, Bill          1978   This Night Won't Last Forever
    LaBounty, Bill          1979   Rain In My Life
    LaBounty, Bill          1994   Right Direction
        Lakeside            1978   Shot Of Love
        Lakeside            1983   Untouchables
        Lakeside            1984   Outrageous
        Lakeside            1987   Power
     Laws, Ronnie           1992   Deep Soul
        Le Roux             1978   Le Roux
        Le Roux             1979   Keep The Fire Burnin'
        Le Roux             1981   Last Safe Place
        Le Roux             1982   So Fired Up
        Le Roux             1999   Ain't Nothing But A Gris Gris
    Livgren, Kerry          1985   Art Of State
Livgren, Kerry     1986   Reconstructions
  Lorber, Jeff     1984   In The Heat Of The Night
  Love/Hate        1995   I'm Not Happy
  Love/Hate        1997   Livin' Off Layla
   Madcats         1981   Streetgame
     Malo          1986   Coast To Coast
     Malo          1995   Senorita
   Mandrill        1975   Solid
   Mandrill        1976   Beast From The East
   Mandrill        1981   Getting In The Mood
   Mandrill        1992   Rebirth
     Mara          1997   America
Mason, Harvey      1981   M.V.P.
Mason, Harvey      1981   Stone Mason
 Matsui, Kazu      1987   See You There
 Matsui, Kazu      1993   Wheels Of The Sun (feat. David Lindley)
Mayfield, Curtis   1979   Heartbeat
Mayfield, Curtis   1980   Something To Believe In
Mayfield, Curtis   1985   We Come In Peace With Message Of Love
McGrae, Gwen       1981   Gwen McGrae
McGrae, Gwen       1982   On My Way
  Mezzoforte       1979   Mezzoforte
 Midnight Star     1980   The Beginning
 Midnight Star     1981   Standing Together
 Midnight Star     1982   Victory
 Midnight Star     1986   Headlines
 Midnight Star     1988   Midnight Star
 Midnight Star     1990   Work It Out
 Miller, Byron     1992   Git Wit Me
 Miller, Byron     1997   Until
 Moore, Melba      1981   What A Woman Needs
 Moore, Melba      1983   Never Say Never
 Moore, Melba      1985   Read My Lips
   Montrose        1987   Mean
Mother's Finest    1983   One Mother To Another
Mother's Finest    1989   Looks Could Kill
Mother's Finest    2003   Meta-Funk'n Physical
    Mtume          1978   Kiss This World Goodbye
    Mtume          1980   In Search Of The Rainbow Seekers
 Myers, Alicia     1981   Alicia
 Myers, Alicia     1981   Alicia Again
 Myers, Alicia     1982   I Fooled You This Time
Neville Brothers   1976   Wild Tchoupitoulas
Neville Brothers   1977   The Neville Brothers
Neville Brothers   1987   Uptown
    O'Jays         1993   Heartbreaker
    O'Jays         2001   For The Love…
 Ocean, Billy      1993   Time To Move On
 Ocean, Billy      2009   Billy Ocean / City Limit (7T's 93)
 Ocean, Billy      2009   Because I Love You
 Ohio Players      1979   Everybody Up
 Ohio Players      1981   Tenderness
 Ohio Players      1984   Graduation
 Ohio Players      1988   Back
  Okoshi, Tiger    1981   Tiger's Baku
   One Way         1980   One Way (8 tracks)
              One Way                1981   Love Is… One Way
              One Way                1981   Fancy Dancer
              One Way                1982   Who's Foolin' Who
              One Way                1983   Shine On Me
              One Way                1985   Wrap Your Body
              One Way                1986   IX
              One Way                1988   A New Beginning
          Osborne, Jeffrey           1984   Don't Stop
          Osborne, Jeffrey           1991   Only Human
         Pendergrass, Teddy          1993   A Little More Magic
             Perry, Phil             1998   One Heart One Love
             Perry, Phil             2001   Magic
     Perry, Phil & Moore, Melba      2009   The Gift Of Love
         Phillinganes, Greg          1981   Significant Gains
         Phillinganes, Greg          1984   Pulse
         Pieces Of A Dream           1983   Imagine This
         Pieces Of A Dream           1988   Makes You Wanna
         Pieces Of A Dream           1989   Bout Dat Time
         Pieces Of A Dream           1994   Goodbye Manhattan
         Pieces Of A Dream           1997   Pieces
                Player               1980   Room With A View
                Player               1982   Spies Of Life
                Player               1995   Electric Shadows
                Player               1997   Lost In Reality
            Pleasure                 1979   Future Now
         Pointer, Noel               1977   Hold On
         Pointer, Noel               1979   Feel It
         Pointer, Noel               1980   Calling
         Pointer, Noel               1981   All My Reasons
          Powell, Doc                1987   Love Is Where It's At
         Preston, Billy              1979   Late At Night
         Preston, Billy              1981   Billy And Syreeta
         Preston, Billy              1981   The Way I Am
         Preston, Billy              1982   Pressin' On
         Preston, Billy              1984   On The Air
        Rainbow Team                 1981   Rainbow Team
           Rare Earth                1976   Midnight Lady
           Rare Earth                1978   Grand Slam
           Reddings                  1981   Class
           Reddings                  1983   Back To Basics
           Reddings                  1985   If Looks Could Kill
           Reddings                  1988   The Reddings
Rhythm Logic (feat. Michael White)   2000   Sweet Talk
       Robinson, Smokey              1976   Smokey's Family Robinson
       Robinson, Smokey              1977   Deep In My Soul
       Robinson, Smokey              1978   Love Breeze
       Robinson, Smokey              1980   Warm Thoughts
       Robinson, Smokey              1981   Being With You
       Robinson, Smokey              1982   Yes It's Your Lady
       Robinson, Smokey              1983   Touch The Sky
       Robinson, Smokey              1984   Essar
       Robinson, Smokey              1986   Smoke Signals
          Rose Royce                 1981   Jump Street
          Rose Royce                 1982   Stronger Than Ever
          Rose Royce                 1985   The Show Must Go On
          Rose Royce                 1986   Fresh Cut
           Rose Royce               1990   Perfect Lover
              Rufus                 1979   Numbers
              Rufus                 1983   Seal In Red
        Rushen, Patrice             1994   Anything But Ordinary
       Salsoul Orchestra            1978   Up The Yellow Brick Road
       Salsoul Orchestra            1979   How High?
       Salsoul Orchestra            1982   Heat It Up
  Saward, Jill (ex. Shakatak)       1999   Just For You
           Sayer, Leo               1990   Cool Touch
    Scott, Andy (ex. Sweet)         1997   Dangerous Game
    Scott, Andy (ex. Sweet)         2003   Sweetlife
           Scott, Tom               1973   L.A. Express
           Scott, Tom               1975   New York Connection
           Scott, Tom               1978   Intimate Strangers
           Scott, Tom               1986   One Night One Day
        Scott-Heron, Gil            1980   Real Eyes
        Scott-Heron, Gil            1982   Moving Target
            Shalamar                1978   Disco Gardens
            Shalamar                1981   Go For It
            Shalamar                1983   The Look
            Shalamar                1984   Heartbreak
            Shalamar                1987   Circumstantial Evidence
            Shalamar                1990   Wake Up
          Shark Island              1987   S'Cool Bus
        Sherwood, Billy             2004   No Comments
        Sircle Of Silence           1995   Suicide Candyman
          Sister Sledge             1975   Circle Of Love
          Sister Sledge             1997   African Eyes
          Sister Sledge             2003   Style
              Slave                 1983   Bad Enuff
              Slave                 1984   New Plateau
              Slave                 1985   Unchained At Last
              Slave                 1987   Make Believe
              Slave                 1988   Slave 88
              Slave                 1991   Rebirth
              Slave                 1992   Funk Strikes Back
Smith, Curt (ex. Tears For Fears)   1997   Mayfield
Smith, Curt (ex. Tears For Fears)   1999   Aeroplane
 Soulstaff (feat. Fred Wesley)      1994   Set My Soul Free (12")
             Spargo                 1982   Hold On
             Spargo                 1984   Step By Step
       Springfield, Rick            1984   Hard To Hold
         Stevens, T.M.              1996   Sticky Wicked
  Stream (feat. David Reece)        1995   Take It Or Leave Ir
  Stream (feat. David Reece)        1997   Stream
             Subway                 1993   Light Of The Night
               Sun                  1977   Sun Power
               Sun                  1979   Destination
               Sun                  1980   Sun Over The Universe
               Sun                  1981   Force Of Nature
               Sun                  1982   Let There Be Sun
               Sun                  1984   Eclipse
             Surface                1986   Surface
             System                 1989   Rhythm & Romance
           Tagg, Eric               1975   Smilin' Memories (VSCD-562)
           Tagg, Eric               1997   Through My Eyes
               Tattoo Rodeo                  1995     Skin
                  Tavares                    1977     Love Storm
                  Tavares                    1978     Future Bound
                  Tavares                    1979     Madam Butterfly
                  Tavares                    1980     Supercharged
                  Tavares                    1980     Love Uprising
                  Tavares                    1983     Words And Music
Taylor, James "J.T." (ex. Kool & The Gang)   1991     Feel The Need
Taylor, James "J.T." (ex. Kool & The Gang)   1993     Baby I'm Back
Taylor, James "J.T." (ex. Kool & The Gang)   2000     A Brand New Me
               T-Connection                  1977     On Fire
               T-Connection                  1979     Totally Connected
               T-Connection                  1981     Everything Is Cool
               T-Connection                  1983     The Game Of Life
               T-Connection                  1984     Take It To The Limit
               Temptations                   1975     House Party
               Temptations                   1976     Wings Of Love
               Temptations                   1976     Do The Temptations
               Temptations                   1978     Bare Back
               Temptations                   1978     Hear To Tempt You
               Temptations                   1980     Power
               Temptations                   1981     The Temptations
               Temptations                   1982     Reunion
               Temptations                   1983     Surface Thrills
               Temptations                   1983     Back To Basics
               Temptations                   1985     Touch Me
             Thompson, Chris                 1983     Out Of The Night
             Thompson, Chris                 1985     Radio Voices
            Tisdale, Wayman                  2003     Presents 21 Days
              Upchurch, Phil                 1982     Revelation
              Upchurch, Phil                 1991     All I Want
              Upchurch, Phil                 1999     Rhapsody & Blues
              Upchurch, Phil                 2001     Tell The Truth
                 Velocity                    2001     Activator
               Von Groove                    1995     Rainmaker
                    War                      1979     The Music Band
                    War                      1979     The Music Band 2
                    War                      1983     Life (Is So Strange)
                Ware, Leon                   1982     Leon Ware
                Ware, Leon                   1987     Undercover
          Watson, Johnny "Guitar"            1978     Getting' Down
          Watson, Johnny "Guitar"            1979     What The Hell Is This?
          Watson, Johnny "Guitar"            1982     That's What Time It Is
          Watson, Johnny "Guitar"            1984     Stroke On Computers
          Watson, Johnny "Guitar"            1985     Hit The Highway
          Watson, Johnny "Guitar"            1986     3 Hours Past Midnight
          Watson, Johnny "Guitar"            1992     Plays Misty
          Wesley, Fred (ex. J.B.'s)          1980     House Party
          Wesley, Fred (ex. J.B.'s)          1992     Comme Ci Comme Ca
               Wild Cherry                   1978     I Love My Music
               Wild Cherry                   1979     Don't Wait Too Long
               Wild Cherry                   1979     Only The Wild Survive
                  Wildside                   1995     Wildside
    Williams, Lenny (ex. Tower Of Power)     кроме сборников, x-mass и зальников
                Withers, Bill                1974     Justments
                Withers, Bill                1975     Making Music
            Withers, Bill          1976   Naked & Warm
            Withers, Bill          1979   Bout Love
            Withers, Bill          1985   Watching You, Watching Me
           Womack, Bobby           1975   Safety Zone
           Womack, Bobby           1976   Home Is Where The Heart Is
           Womack, Bobby           1977   Pieces
           Womack, Bobby           1979   Roads Of Life
           Womack, Bobby           1985   Someday We'll All Be Free
           Womack, Bobby           1994   Resurrection
               Xalt                1990   Under The Ruins
              Ya-Ya                1984   Scarred
            Young, Paul            1990   Other Voices
              Диалог               1986   Детектив
         Машина Времени            1978   День Рождения
         Машина Времени            1983   Я Сюда Ещѐ Вернусь
         Машина Времени            1999   Неизданное II
         Машина Времени            2001   Неизданное III
        Парфенюк, Николай          1994   Маленький Принц
         Рябцев, Геннадий          1989   Я Всегда Был Здесь

      AVERAGE WHITE BAND           1977   Benny & Us
   BLACK SHEEP (feat. Lou Gramm)   1975   Black Sheep
     BRIDES OF FUNKENSTEIN         1978   Funk Or Walk
     BRIDES OF FUNKENSTEIN         1979   Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy
      BRASS CONSTRUCTION           номерные
             CAMEO                 1980   Feel Me
         CARLTON, Larry            1983   Eight Times Up
        CRAWFORD, Randy            1986   Abstract Emotions
         ELEKTRADRIVE              1986   Over The Space
          ELLIOT, Richard          1986   Trolltown
           FARISH, Ryan            2000   In The Day
           FARISH, Ryan            2002   Daydreamer
           FARISH, Ryan            2002   Beyond The Horizon
           FARISH, Ryan            2008   Wonderfall
           FARISH, Ryan            2009   Movement In Light
           FEEHAN, Tim             1983   Carmalita
        FREAK OF NATURE            1993   Freak Of Nature
        FREAK OF NATURE            1994   Gathering Of Freaks
            GAP BAND               номерные
      GORRIE, Alan (ex. AWB)       1985   Sleepless Nights
           GRANT, Tom              1993   The View From Here
           HARLEQUIN               1982   One False Move
            HOWE, Greg             1991   Now Hear This
             INTUITION             1994   Turn It On
                JOJO               1988   Jojo
          KELLY, Roberta           1978   Getting' The Spirit
          KELLY, Roberta           1981   Tell Me
      KIMBALL, Bobby (ex. Toto)    1994   Rice Up
      KIMBALL, Bobby (ex. Toto)    1999   All I Ever Needed
       KING, Mark (ex. Level 42)   1999   One Man
          KOTZEN, Richie           1998   What Is…
           LAZLO, Viktor           2004   Saga
     LINDUP, Mike (ex. Level 42)   2003   Conversations With Silence
          LYNN, Cheryl             номерные
           MYSTERY                 1991   Mystery
       NIGHTWING                  1982   Black Summer
       NIGHTWING                  1984   My Kingdom Come
       OCEAN, Billy               1982   Inner Feelings
     OLDFIELD, Sally              1992   The Flame
       PORTER, Art                номерные
      RARE EARTH                  1978   Band Together
       S.O.S. BAND                номерные
         SPARGO                   1980   Good Time Spirit
         SPARGO                   1981   Go
     STRANGEWAYS                  1998   Any Day Now
     STRANGEWAYS                  2000   Gravitational Pull
        SYLVERS                   номерные
TREASURE (feat. Vinnie Vincent)   1977   Treasure
        TRILLION                  1978   Trillion
          TUBES                   1977   Now
       WHITE, Barry               1979   I Love To Sing The Songs I Sing
      WILD CHERRY                 номерные
          YA-YA                   1988   II
           ZAPP                   2003   Zapp VI Back By Popular Demand


              (НЕ ВИНИЛ!!!)
(A Change Is Gonna Come)
(НЕ ВИНИЛ!!!)   VSCD276 (WQCP-337)
(НЕ ВИНИЛ!!!)   ISU 19261

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