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Title BSMS Academic Board


									Title: BSMS Academic Board

Dean of BSMS (Chair)                                                           Professor Jon Cohen
Associate Deans of BSMS                                                                Dr John Kay
                                                                            Professor Darrell Evans
BSMS professorial staff not included in other categories                     Professor Helen Smith
                                                                            Professor Kevin Davies
                                                                          Professor Bobbie Farsides
                                                                                Professor Ken Miles
                                                                        Professor Lesley Fallowfield
                                                                    Professor Chakravathi Rajkumar
                                                                              Professor Mike Peters
                                                                           Professor Hugo Critchley
                                                                               Professor Paul Tofts
                                                                             Professor Florian Kern
                                                               Professor Somnath Mukhopadhyay
                                                                           Professor Jackie Cassell
                                                                            Professor Pietro Ghezzi
Chairs of Academic Board Sub-Committees not included in other categories
Phase Leaders not included in other categories                              Dr Nicola Gainsborough
                                                                                  Dr Sumita Verma
Deputy Phase 3 Leader                                                                 Dr Tony Kelly
Sub-Dean (Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton)                                   Dr Alastair Ring
Sub-Dean (Conquest Hospital, Hastings)                                           Mr John Shepperd
Sub-Dean (Worthing)                                                               Dr Maxine Murray
Sub-Dean (Eastbourne Hospital)                                                     Dr David Howlett
Sub-Dean (St Richards Hospital, Chichester)                                   Dr Graeme Dewhurst
Sub-Dean (Redhill and Crawley)                                                     Dr Sandeep Cliff
Sub-dean (Primary Care)                                                             Dr Andrew Mott
2 representatives from the University of Sussex appointed by the Senate             Dr Susan Ayers
                                                                               Dr Majid Hafezparast
1 representative from the Faculty of Health, UoB appointed by the Dean              Mr David Taylor
1 representative from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, UoB
appointed by the Dean                                                       Professor Andrew Lloyd
1 representative from IPGM                                                            Carmel Keller
3 BSMS students (1 from years 1 or 2, 1 from years 3 or 4, 1 from year 5) Matthew Kelham (Year 1)
                                                                          Michaela Harvey (Year 3)
                                                                                        tbc (Year 5)
BSMS Librarian                                                                     Ms Jil Fairclough
Up to 2 co-opted members                                                            Mr Mark Packer

                                                                             Professor Adrian Bone

Secretary to the Medical School (Secretary)                                        Mr Peter Dennis

In attendance:
Deputy School Secretary                                                          Ms Jo-Ann Corbett

Quoracy: 50% of membership

Frequency of meetings: meets 4 times a year.

Administered by: Deputy Medical School Secretary.

Terms of reference

The senior academic body of Brighton and Sussex Medical School is accountable to Senate (UoS)
     and Academic
Board (UoB) through the Joint Approval and Review Board.


1     Developing the academic strategy and academic portfolio of the School.

2     Recommending proposals for new curriculum developments, and proposals for curriculum and
      assessment changes, for approval by the relevant committees of the two Universities via the
      Joint Approval and Review Board.

3     The establishment and review of an annual operational plan for teaching and research within
      the School.

Quality Assurance and Enhancement

4     Maintaining and enhancing the academic standards of the School’s academic provision.

5     Ensuring the implementation of the agreed quality assurance procedures for BSMS, including
      annual monitoring, and any actions agreed as a result of internal or external reviews.

6     Making recommendations on the appointment (and removal) of internal and external
      examiners and of examination boards to the relevant University committees via the Joint
      Approval and Review Board.

7     Overseeing student support arrangements.

8     Approving and keeping under review the BSMS Learning & Teaching Strategy and associated
      Staff Development Plan.

9     Approving a School report for submission to the Universities’ relevant committees via the Joint
      Approval Review Board.

10    Producing an annual report for submission to the BSMS Joint Board.

11    Considering such other matters referred to it by its parent or sub-committees, the Dean of
      BSMS, or the authorities of the Universities.
Honorary titles

12    Considering nominations for BSMS honorary titles, for approval.

Additional notes

The BSMS Academic Board shall be empowered to establish sub-committees as and
when required.

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