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Hire Web Developers India a professional Offshore Software Development and Web
Applications Development Company from India offering dedicated hiring services for
offshore web development.

About HWDI

Hire Web Developers India
(HWDI) is a professional offshore
software and web Development
Company located at Ahmedabad,
India. It offers its developers for hire
in various technologies for its global
clients. Set in this field for almost a
decade now, HWDI consists of a
talented pool of experienced and
expert developers to develop
innovative state of the art
applications for your use.

HWDI covers almost all the latest and upcoming technologies and provides its services
in them. It offers a well located, complete with the entire resources offshore development
center where you can have developers working on your project as your own employee.

Bank on our web developers and hire them on hourly/monthly basis to work exclusively
for your project and manage them remotely with ease.

Choose from developers having expertise in both open source and other technologies
such as PHP, ASP .NET, Cold Fusion, Ruby on Rails, CakePHP, Joomla, Drupal etc. Get
our expert web developers and web designers for developing custom web applications for
your use.

Satisfaction of our clients is the prime concern at HWDI. We thoroughly go through your
project requirements and provide flexible options for you to incorporate various changes
at different levels.

Hire web developers from HWDI to get the best resource and infrastructure to get your
project done in the stipulated time. Our technical expertise combined with enhanced
problem solving skills and utmost dedication is what we ensure to achieve 100% client
satisfaction that too at a competitive rate.
The Company

HWDI (Hire Web Developers India) is a division of Hidden Brains, an ISO 9001:2008
certified company. Having been in the field of web and mobile application software
development since 2003, we aim to provide the clients across the globe the best
experience in web and related services. We specialize in creating dynamic solutions for
otherwise complicated web solutions.

To make sure that your investment in terms of time and money with us is not mishandled,
we work relentlessly using our experience to provide you with world class solutions as
per your needs.

Select from various delivery models befitting your project requirements. Proceed further
to avail our hiring services to meet your business objectives of any magnitude.

Be assured of our commitment towards quality and our work once you select any hiring
service from our company. We value you as a client and assure you of a secure
environment apart from our integrity knowing the value of your confidentiality and the
trust with which you provide us your projects to work upon.

Engagement Models

       Fixed Price

       Time and Material

       Dedicated Development


Fixed Price
As per this model, HWDI provides the clients with a fixed price estimate of the total
project cost. This is possible when the client clearly elucidates the project requirements
and has detailed specification ready. The basic requirements for a fixed price model are
clearly defined scope, schedule and enlisting of all requirements. This ensures prompt
delivery according to every condition and a fixed budget that was agreed upon as per the
contract. We assign skilled and professional experts as per the needs of the task so that
you get timely delivery of your projects within the budget.

Time and Material

This particular model is apt in the situation where determining the project scope,
specifications and other requirements are not entirely clear and vary greatly. The total
cost is worked upon at the end based on the time and material inputs for a particular
project. Under this model, monthly or weekly fees are evaluated depending on the use of
hourly based development efforts. We maintain reports on every minute of work done to
control the costs. Our in-house project management tool and online reporting keeps a
track on the exact number of hours spent with instant access to all human resources. We
supply our clients with a separate development team and infrastructure commensurate
with the project load is offered for seamless and successful completion of your project.

Dedicated Development Center

This model works as an extension to the clients' already existing development center.
You select from our dedicated developer or teams of developer to work for you on your
project and manage them remotely. You can change and modify the team or the skills
required at any given point of the project without any administrative or overhead costs.
Our trams of dedicated developer either reports directly to the clients or to a project
contact person at your end. The cost in this model is worked out per person for a month
or for a fixed monthly rate for the entire team.


We build an offshore facility for our clients, operate from that offshore facility and
customize it as per our client's needs. It is only when the model reaches maturity, do we
transfer the ownership of the entire facility and resources to the client.

For more information regarding our About HWDI service please visit us at


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