Business Operations in German-Speaking Countries by AustinPettis


									 German 450, Business Operations in German-Speaking Countries

                                                    Business is business, right?
                                                    Despite the growing integration of the
                                                    European Union, different countries have
                                                    different cultures, and that includes different
                                                    business cultures. These have been shaped by
                                                    historical, political, and economic factors, and it
                                                    takes a knowledge of those factors to
                                                    understand a country!s business culture.
                                                    Nowhere is this more true than in Germany.
                                                    And an understanding of German business
                                                    culture is essential for dealing effectively with
                                                    German businesses.

          German 450 deals with the political, cultural, historical, and economic environment in which
          business operates in the German-speaking countries and with the effects of this environment
          on international business.
          Specifically, the course looks at Germany!s historic regional differences, the postwar
          Economic Miracle and the strains which resulted from it, modern Germany!s problematic
          relationship with historic traditions, the stresses arising from the presence of a large
          immigrant population, and the prickly relationship between the State, the establishment, and
          the intellectual community.
          In addition, the course will address the history of the German Democratic Republic and the
          subsequent development of its regions after the dissolution of the GDR and the creation of a
          new united Germany.
          There will also be discussions of the very differing roles of Austria and Switzerland in modern

GER 450 is taught in English and is open to all advanced undergraduates (27670) and to all graduate
students (27684). Its aim is to familiarize students with the current social, political and economic atmosphere
in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Also the possibilities for obtaining internships with Chicago area
German, Austrian, and Swiss-based businesses will be explored.

German 215 will be offered spring semester 2009, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. Please
register for it as soon as possible. If you have any additional questions, get in touch with Professor David
Weible,, 312-355-1321.

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