Injury Compensation for Federal Employees by huanghengdong


									Injury Compensation for Federal Employees


A Handbook for Employing Agency Personnel
Publication CA-810
(Rev. Feb. 1994)
Material contained in this publication is in the public domain and may be reproduced, fully or partially, without
permission of the Federal Government. Source credit is requested but not required. Permission is required only to
reproduce any copyrighted material contained herein. This material will be made available to sensory impaired
individuals upon request. Voice phone: 202-219-8743 TDD* phone: 1-800-326-2577 *(Telecommunications
Device for the Deaf)

This material was prepared by the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP), Employment
Standards Administration, U. S. Department of Labor. It is meant to serve as a handbook for Federal agency
personnel specialists, compensation specialists, and supervisors (the term "supervisor" is used generically to
refer to individuals in all of these roles).

This handbook replaces FPM Chapter 810, and it incorporates all material published through the OPM
issuance system which specifically addresses the Federal employees' compensation program through FPM
Letter 810-22.

For information concerning any aspect of the program which is not addressed in this manual, contact the
OWCP district office which serves your agency

                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
(Click on the underlined Chapter Heading to speed your way right to the Chapter you are interested in.)

Chapter 1. Overview
1-1 Purpose
1-2 Exclusiveness of Remedy
1-3 OWCP Structure
1-4 Jurisdiction
1-5 Information and Records
1-6 Penalties
1-7 Forms
1-8 References
1-9 Training

Chapter 2. Initiating Claims
2-1 Exposure to Infectious Agents
2-2 Traumatic Injury
2-3 Occupational Disease
2-4 Recurrences
2-5 Death

Chapter 3. Conditions of Coverage
3-1 Time
3-2 Civil Employee
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