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					      “Survival Secrets Of A Fibromyalgia Sufferer”

          An Old Wives’ Tale?… Or Will An Apple A Day
                 Really Keep The Doctor Away?

By Carol Ryland
       How many times have you heard from your parents and grand parents
that your health depends upon treating your body right? Eating foods from
the six major classes of nutrition: carbohydrates, fats, dietary fiber, minerals,
vitamins, protein and water, along with exercise and other important lifestyle
decisions, are all you need to do to have good health and long life. And isn't
that all that matters?
        With the right balance of proper food, water, and exercise, all of our
common health complaints like viruses, flu and colds will be prevented…
and the world will be perfect and beautiful! Unfortunately, for many of us,
this is fantasy.
       Our world has changed dramatically since World War II. An
estimated 100,000 chemicals have been added to our environment that our
grand parents never had. They also had a much lower death rate from
cancer, and many “modern” diseases were basically unknown during their
lives. While small pox, polio, and yellow fever have been wiped out in most
of the civilized world, the many types of autoimmune diseases like
fibromyalgia, have taken over as the new global epidemic. More than 5
million cases of fibromyalgia have been reported in the U.S. alone!
      These “modern” diseases, some of them man-caused like
mesothelioma, have created a surge in new drug production and opened up
new areas and specialties in medicine and scientific research. As the new
treatments for the new illnesses have been developed, health costs and
insurance premiums have gone through the roof.
       When a person is unable to absorb the essential nutrients from
traditional foods, or develops allergies to the very foods that they most need
to live and be healthy, the result is serious health issues that eventually lead
to illness and even premature death. Unless there is intervention...but all too
often, this nutritional course of treatment is overlooked or not well addressed
by modern medicine…not because practitioners don’t want to help, but
because they are taught to rely on pharmaceuticals… not nutrition… in the
treatment of illnesses.
       Suddenly, there are a lot of new players in the field of health and
wellness products. The emergence of these new manufacturers has created
an explosion of nutritional supplement choices in the marketplace. And not
to be outdone (or lose the potential profits), well-known name brand
companies are coming out with new health product lines on a daily basis.
       The nutrition industry has created alternative treatments for
individuals suffering from dietary deficiencies. Every manufacturer says
they have the best product, for the best price, and to meet the needs of the
many. This puts most people on a path to sample the various products,
trying to find the best nutritional plan for their personal needs. I ought to
know. That’s exactly what I did trying to find anything that would help me
beat my fibromyalgia symptoms. Along the way, I learned something about
nutrition, vitamins and natural treatments of disease. I’d like to share this
information with you…

Some Facts About Three Powerful Antioxidants For Treating
Fibromyalgia And Other Types of Illness

       All too often overlooked, these powerful antioxidants are present in
some of the foods we put on the table today. However, you need to make
the right choices to avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Agricultural
chemicals may increase crop yield but they destroy nutrients… so does over-
cooking food. You would have to eat three or four times the amount of food
today, to even come close to the nutritional value in the foods our grand
parents ate. That’s why it’s more important today than ever before, to take
daily supplements. And for best absorption, they should be taken at the
beginning of the meal.

 Vitamin C
       One of the most powerful antioxidants, vitamin C helps to heal the
body, supports bone growth, teeth and gums, promotes the absorption of iron
to prevent anemia, helps build muscle strength, and protect the immune
system. Lack of vitamin C can lead to bleeding gums and nosebleeds,
painful joints, and poor digestion. Lifestyle choices like smoking and
alcohol, stress… even surgery and some medications, and exposure to
various chemicals will break down vitamin C.
      Good sources of vitamin C are tomatoes, citrus fruits, strawberries,
black berries, potatoes, various peppers, and broccoli. Eat these food
sources raw or steamed…heat from cooking destroys vitamin C very
quickly. Vitamin C supplements are recommended by the U.S. Government
for people with fibromyalgia. The recommended daily dosage is 1000 mg.

Vitamin A
       Another powerful antioxidant, vitamin A, helps to strengthen the body
and ward off infections…particularly those of the upper respiratory system.
Sources of vitamin A are watermelon, mango, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and
carrots. Vitamin A deficiencies can also lead to fatigue, retarded growth,
rough skin, and inability to smell and taste. Pregnant women should not take
vitamin A. Have a discussion about supplements with your doctor, if you
are pregnant.

Vitamin E
       Vitamin E supplies oxygen to the organs, powers the cells, protects
the circulatory system and red blood cells, and helps to maintain and repair
nerves and muscles. It also reduces fatigue. However consult your doctor
before beginning supplements, if taking blood thinners.
       Nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, and seeds, grains,
avocados, prunes, and broccoli are excellent sources of vitamin E. Vitamin
E deficiencies lead to dry skin, damaged red blood cells, degenerative
diseases of the heart and muscles, and the beginning of autoimmune diseases
like fibromyalgia...where the immune system attacks the proteins in the
body’s healthy organs, muscles, tendons and other tissues.
       Food choice is important for people suffering from fibromyalgia and
other autoimmune diseases. Antioxidant vitamins and nutritional
supplements, with herbal additions like aloe and Evening Primrose Oil can
be beneficial. Avoid allergens that can aggravate symptoms. And to repair
the damage done to the body by autoimmune diseases like fibromyalgia, an
easily digested source of lean protein in the form of amino acids is a natural
treatment that should not be overlooked. The body needs support at the
cellular level to overcome the symptoms of the disease.
Cellular Nutrition And The Natural Treatment Of Disease

       Besides fibromyalgia, cellular nutrition can go a long way toward
reducing or even eliminating symptoms of illnesses... like Arthritis, Asthma,
Autism, Eczema, Crohn's Disease, Diverticulitis, Endometriosis, Temporal
Arteritis, Contact Dermatitis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Pernicious Anemia, and
many others including cancer. The symptoms are believed by many
microbiologists, to be caused by a kind of nutritional imbalance or
deficiency. If you have been suffering with fibromyalgia or any other major
illness, what I'm about to share with you could dramatically change your life
       I’ve spent the last few years and hundreds of dollars sampling, testing,
and comparing nutritional products and programs. What I learned is that
there is a wide variety of marketed products that provide an even wider
range of results…most of them at a high cost. And for my purpose to reduce
or eliminate my fibromyalgia symptoms, I had almost lost hope having tried
the “store brands” and dozens of “supplements.” But just when I began to
think that there was no help for me, I tried a meal-replacement supplement
to help me lose some weight I had gained after a surgery, and frankly…I was
       You know how…when you lose your car keys…as soon as you stop
looking for them…they turn up when you least expect it? Well, that’s
exactly how I felt. For years, I had been looking for a natural treatment that
would help me overcome my fibromyalgia symptoms… and then when I
wasn’t looking…I found it!
       I started by replacing a couple meals a day with the weight loss
supplement. Within two days, the pain, the fatigue and the insomnia were
gone. I had amazing energy. I had not felt this good in years…and I lost the
20 pounds too! But the natural treatment that I had found wasn’t through
with me yet… Since I started on the products, I haven’t needed my acid
reflux and allergy medicines. And with my doctors’ approval, I have been
able to get off of three prescription drugs!
       The results were almost immediate…and they were amazing. But I
wondered how I could help others suffering with illnesses like mine. I
needed a strategy to open up this road to better health…and there it was. It
had been staring me in the face all the time. These products are based on
proven science by top nutritionists and medical researchers from around the
world. The key is cellular nutrition. To make up for nutritional
deficiencies in our food sources today, the American Medical Association
and others in the medical, nutritional, and scientific communities have
become advocates of nutritional supplements and meal replacement super

       Most people don't realize that we are bombarded on a daily basis by
toxic chemicals. They're in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, in the
water we drink… antibiotics, hormones, steroids, pesticides, chlorine and
even caffeinated drinks can compromise your body's balance, and kill off the
critical friendly bacteria.
       Using information from the Environmental Protection Agency and
Center for Disease Control, PhD, Dr. Laurine Brown wrote a paper entitled:
"What's Your Chemical Body Burden?” In her report she states that the
U.S. government has tallied 5,000 chemical ingredients in cosmetics; more
than 3,200 chemicals added to food… and 491 chemicals are used by
children and families in consumer products everyday. There’s much more to
her report which is available online, but you get the idea.
       Even our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it, so the chemicals in
skin-care, and personal care products we use, seep right into our blood
stream, and accumulate in our bodies. It's no coincidence that the chances of
us getting cancer have exponentially increased from a rare 1 in thousands, to
an all too common, 1 in 3…according to statistics published by the
American Cancer Society.
       Our grand parents didn't have these toxins in their bodies because the
chemicals didn't exist at that time. The gradual buildup of these chemicals
in our body makes us vulnerable to our genetic weaknesses like autoimmune
diseases, cancer, and diabetes, due to a weakened immune system… and
puts us at risk of premature death. This is the first generation of children, in
the history of America, that are not expected to out-live their parents!
       There is an undeniable correlation between these chemicals building
up in our bodies and the decline of our personal health. Therefore, it is
vitally important to fortify our bodies with nutrition at the cellular level,
where the actual damage from chemicals, is being done.

       ...By starting and staying on our nutritional food plan, you will
literally be paving the way to remove the damaged cells with their existing
toxins, and replacing them with healthy new ones!
       This super food-- is a potent nutrition program. It has the ability to
undo years of cellular depletion and damage. It is not a drug. It's nutrition
with the added ability to help detoxify our bodies as it rebuilds from the
inside-out. It will not interact with or compromise any medications or
special diets you may be on. It also will not take the place of your doctor…
however you may not need to see him or her quite so often, once you are on
our program.

       That being said... I want to tell you about three good reasons to feel
good about consuming these products. First…there's a balanced-blend of 20
vitamins, minerals and nutrients including aloe, antioxidants and 9 grams of
protein and healthy fiber. This super food plan also includes a pro-biotic to
help restore and maintain the body's friendly bacteria. There is also a cell
generation complex to promote growth...and maintain healthy blood sugar
levels, control hunger, and enable proper bowel function. The nutrients in
these products are what we should be eating for good health everyday. How
fantastic that we can get them all from one delicious and convenient source!
       The Second reason is this ... Did you know that your body only has a
short amount of time to process and absorb the nutrients in your food? Up
to 80% of these nutrients will pass right through your body unused! But
when you ingest the food in this formula, you'll absorb up to 5 times more
nutrition than you would from a regular meal. That's because our
manufacturer has spent more than three decades... and Millions of dollars...
to create a unique nutrition delivery system. This delivery system gives you
the benefits of rapid and complete absorption ...That's as potent as it gets!
...So when eaten every day, this food saturates your body in naturally
occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and anti-oxidants. I know a lot of
people who could use that!
       Our manufacturer is clearly the Third reason to feel good about
consuming our products. They’re a global nutrition company which has
helped people pursue healthy, active lives for over 30 years. Everything
they do starts with the development of great products, based on proven
science... by leading experts around the world. None of their products
contain pesticides, herbicides, hormones, or genetic modifications. Bottom-
line… they have a long history of integrity, specializing in the health and
wellness industry. Because of the high demand for these products, they are
sold exclusively through independent distributors in more than 70 countries.

So here’s how you can overcome your symptoms and take control
of your illness TODAY!

  1) We introduce you to a delicious healthy high-protein meal-program,
     to help satisfy your hunger, give you lasting energy, and improve your

  2) We customize the plan to meet your specific health goals.

  3) You make adjustments to your grocery shopping by including these
     products in your budget… and you discover that you can eat better,
     and have these nutritional advantages for less than you are paying at
     the grocery store now…

  4) You feel good and get back to living your life the way you want!

  5) Sound like a plan? Call me!

     Carol Ryland – 757-271-3708 – KC Nutrition for Life – Virginia Beach, VA

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