The Robert and Corinne Silver Award by AustinPettis


									English Undergraduate Studies
1931 University Hall
601 South Morgan St. (MC 162)
Chicago, IL 60607
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                        UIC Department of English Scholarship Application
                               Robert and Corinne Silver Award
                                     Spring 2009

We are pleased to announce the Robert and Corinne Silver Award, a $900 prize for a
continuing undergraduate English major concentrating in literature. To be eligible, you must

        Be a continuing English major of sophomore standing or above (seniors graduating in
         Spring 2009 are not eligible).
        Have a concentration in literature.
        Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate academic ability;
         demonstrated financial need may also play a role in the final decision.

Instructions: Please return your typed, completed hardcopy of the application to the Office of
Undergraduate Studies in 1931 UH by Friday, March 6, 2009 by 3 PM.

Name: ______________________________                  UIN: _____________________________
Phone: ______________________________                 Email:____________________________
English Grade Point Average:____________              Overall Grade Point Average:_________

Honors Received: Please list any academic awards or prizes, invitations to membership in
honors societies, any elected or appointed office in the university governance.


Extracurricular Activities: Please list any extracurricular activities. Describe your role in these

Activity                   Role


                                                               Robert and Corrine Silver Award

Statement of Academic and Professional Goals: Present this statement in the form of a letter
accompanying this application. It should be no more than one double-spaced typed page.

Scholarships or Other Financial Aid: Specify types, dates, sources, and amounts.

Types                          Dates      Sources                        Amounts






References: Please provide the names of three UIC English faculty members who are familiar
with your work. Ask one of these professors to submit a letter of recommendation to the English
Undergraduate Studies Office (1931 UH) on your behalf by March 6th, 2009. The other two
professors will be contacted if additional information is required.

        1. ________________________________________________________
           (List the name of the professor submitting letter of recommendation.)

        2. ________________________________________________________
           (List the name of the professor familiar with your work.)

        3. ________________________________________________________
           (List the name of the professor familiar with your work.)

Certification: I certify that all information on this application is correct and complete. I
understand that the information I provide along with the submission will be shared with members
of an award selection committee.

Signature                                                                 Date
                                                              Robert and Corrine Silver Award

                              Faculty Recommendation Form

Student Name:                                              UIN:

Dear Applicant:

Please complete and sign the following statement before submitting this form to the
recommender. This request is in compliance with Federal Law P.L. 93-380 (Family Education
Rights and Privacy Act of 1974).

□      I waive my right of access to the letter of recommendation submitted on my behalf.
□      I do not waive my right of access to the letter of recommendation submitted on my

Signature                                                  Date:


Dear Faculty Member:

The student listed above is applying for a scholarship sponsored by UIC English Undergraduate
Studies. Please submit your recommendation to the Office of English Undergraduate
Studies, 1931 University Hall (MC 162) by Friday, March 6, 2009.

Signature                                                  Date

Recommender Name
(please print or type)

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