Etoro and Etoro partners/affiliate Program is Big Scam! by lin010210307


Etoro and Etoro partners/affiliate Program is Big Scam!

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									            Etoro and Etoro partners/affiliate Program is Big Scam!

 Etoro partners/affiliate Program is Big Scam!

 Do not join etoro!

 I referred one real user and got $150 commission (CPA program) in

 11/2011, but I have not got payment until now. I sent a lot of emails

 to                          and             Affiliate               manager,also I leaved message to their website, but

 never got any reply from them. I post this thread to alert everyone to

 stay away from this cheater company from Cyprus.

 Here are other evidences can show etoro is scam!

1.           Etoro affiliate Program is Scam!

 I joined etoro affiliate program some 3 months back and worked hard for promoting etoro by advertising,
 seminars, etc. i spend about INR 2000 for promoting affiliate link which resulted in $800 in my accont.
 According to etoro policy every affiliate will be paid their earnings at the beginning of every month. I also
 requested withdrawal on 2/2/2010. i received no reply from etoro. I mailed etoro 10 times. unfortunately
 i received no reply. then I tried to contact my accnt manager Jitu Malhota on skype. he even did not reply
 my queries. It appears that etoro is defrauding their affiliates and keep the money of affiliates in their own

 I need help from Forex Peace Army members!

      1. Etoro affiliate programme is scam
Hi anyone experience with etoro? I have $200 with etoro but its been almost two months they
are not paying me I have request them but no response.I will recomment beware of
etoro.Initially i have no problem but now they never response to my email.

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