The Objective Target Market Strategy and Execution The by suchenfz


									The Objective |                    Strategy and Execution |                       The Result |
Create awareness around the        The Kia Soul campaign was             and our entertainment
Kia Soul new product launch        particularly suited to the News Digital        sections were the perfect fit for this
and drive traffic to the offical   Media audience base, as 38% of                 campaign, we ran homepage
website.                           News Digital Media’s audience are              takeovers which captivated our users
Position the brand amongst         People 20-34 years, reaching over 3.9          and engaged them with the Kia Soul
pop culture and music.             million a month*.                              brand. The effective campaign click
Depict the brand and product       That’s higher than any other major             through rate was 0.12%, with
attributes via media in terms      online publisher in Australia.                 particular placements delivering a
of lifestyle, experience, and                                                     massive 0.43% click through.
personalisation.                   Sites with an over representation of
                                   the desired audience included:
                                   • run of entertainment channels
Target Market |                       across our masthead websites                 Testimonial |
                                                                                   Daniel Majanggil
                                   The Kia Soul campaign consisted of a            Digital Performance Executive –
People 20-34 years
                                   three fold strategy encompassing                Initiative (Kia’s media agency)
                                   multiple consumer touch points with
                                   both display and integrated media.              ” News Digital Media have been
                                   The campaign launched with a                    great to work with, they have
                                   homepage brand skin and take over of            always been accomodating when
                          This was                        implementing the Soul campaign
                                   accompanied by tactical homepage                with very short leads times.”
                                   display on
                                   and RMX video creative across an
                                   entertainment channel buy.

                                   * Source: Roy Morgan Single Source – SEP 08/
                                   NO MI JAN 09
                                   Percentage demo in RM applied to UB figure
                                   from MI.

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