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									                 Links                                   For information or individual counseling    Job Interviewing Strategies
General Information                                      contact:
     UNC-P Disability Support Services                                                                 for College Students                                        Career Services                     with Disabilities
     UNC-P Career Services                                      Chavis University Center
                                                             Career Services Center, Room 210
     Job Accommodation Network                                      P 0 Box 1510
     AHEAD                                                     Pembroke, NC 28372-1510                                     Phone/Voice: (910) 521-6270
     President’s Committee on Employment and                       Fax: (910) 521-6166
      Persons with Disabilities                              
     Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and
      Technology (DO-IT)                                        Disability Support Services                                       PO Box 1510
      doit/Brochures/Careers/future.html                         Pembroke, NC 28372-1510
                                                                Phone/Voice: (910) 521-6695
Career Information                                                 Fax: (910) 521- 6891
                                                                   TTY: (910) 521-6490
     The National Business and Disability Council
     Entry Point!, American Association for the
      Advancement of Science (AAAS)                          Appointments for career counseling may
     Workforce Recruitment Program                       be scheduled during regular office hours                                 Monday through Thursday. No
     Rehabilitative Services Administration (RSA)
                                                                  appointments on Friday.
     Careers and the Disabled Magazine
     Disabilities Resources Monthly                                  Office Hours:                         Monday through Friday
     National Bureau for Students with Disabilities               8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

                                                              This publication is available in
                                                             alternative formats upon request.
                                                             Please contact Disability Support
                                                               Services, DF Lowry Building,
      Beginning the Interviewing Process                              Job Interviewing Tips                                  Job Interviewing Considerations

Preparation Before the Interview                          Things to Do                                             Should I Disclose My Disability

      Know your skills                                        Rehearse before the interview day                             When to disclose your disability is a
      Do a self-assessment                                    Check your appearance. Dress the part                           personal decision that has to be made.
      Find out about the company                              Arrive alone and early, so you're relaxed                     Resume: Often, your disability is reflected
      Anticipate questions/review possible answers            Smile warmly, give a firm hand shake, and                      in your work history, education, and life
                                                                maintain eye contact                                           experience. Stress your adaptability.
Research the Company or Organization                           Bring an extra original copy of your resume                   Cover Letter: Don’t start the letter with
                                                               Provide factual information related to your                    details about a disability. Follow a format
      Contact and request a brochure or catalog to             ability to do the job that does not use                        mentioning strengths and limitations.
       learn about policies, products, and programs             complicated medical terminology.                              Call for an Interview: The best time to
      Contact people at the company                           Have a list of references ready                                disclose a visible disability is during the
      Look up the duties of the position                      Take control of the disability issue                           employer telephone call for an interview.
                                                                                                                             Application Form: You aren’t required to
      Check out the building                                   Keep interview focused on your qualifications
                                                               Know the type of job accommodations you need                   discuss your disability. You may not have
                                                               Know what questions to ask                                     enough room to describe accommodations.
Possible Questions Employers May Ask
                                                               Demonstrate how your disability has not limited               During the Interview: Experts suggest
                                                                                                                               disclosing a visible disability before the
      What are your strengths?                                 your work performance
                                                                                                                               interview to avoid surprising the employer.
      Are you a team player?                                                                                                 After a Job Offer: Many people prefer to
                                                          Things Not to Do
      Tell me about yourself.                                                                                                 disclose their disability after they have
      Tell me how you would define this job.
                                                               Don't apologize for your disability
                                                                                                                               received a job offer based on their skills.
      Why should I hire you?                                                                                                 After Starting a Job: If the disability does
                                                               Don't chew gum or smoke
      Does your disability interfere with your                Don't wear strong perfumes or colognes
                                                                                                                               not affect initial work, then you may want
       attendance?                                                                                                             to disclose your disability after being hired
                                                               Don't experiment with a new hairstyle                          because you have proven your skills.
      What happens if you are injured on the job?             Don't address an interviewer by first name
                                                               Don't crack your knuckles or play with your        Legal Considerations
Consider Informational Interviewing                             pen, hair, or eyeglasses
                                                               Don't try to control the interview
                                                                                                                           Be aware of your rights under Americans
       Best source of information is someone who is            Don’t focus on your health during the interview              with Disabilities Act (ADA).
       actually in that job and can answer questions.
      These types of interviews are usually arranged                                                                       ADA requires that an employer provide
                                                                         After the Interview                                 reasonable accommodations that will allow
       through networking contacts.
      Important to make it clear up front that you are                                                                      a qualified applicant with a disability to
       only hoping to come away with information.
                                                          Follow-Up Strategies                                               perform essential functions of the position.
      Never ask: “Will you hire me?”                                                                                       Employers are not required to make an
                                                               Write a follow-up letter                                     accommodation if it causes undue hardship.
      Ask, “What duties are essential to this
                                                               Call and thank the interviewer for the interview     
       position?”                                                                                                            Inquiries about a disability may not be
                                                               Contact references before the interviewer does
      Ask, “What skills are employers looking for?”                                                                         made prior to a job offer.

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