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									                                  Organization LOGO

                            Arvand Free Zone Organization

                                     In the Name of God
                       Announcement of Expropriation of Land
                                   First Phase

According to letter # 1352/T-30820 dated 18/4/84 (2005) [to the?] Council of Ministers,
some of the lands and possessions of the cities of Khorramshahr, Abadan and Mino
Island and the villages mentioned below fall under the national plan’s the Arvand
Industrial and Commercial Free Zone.

In accordance with the law pertaining to the [compulsory] purchase and expropriation of
land and real private property for the execution of public and development programs and
related laws, we hereby inform those residents of aforementioned cities and villages and
business premises (?) who, according to the attached map of the development sire, have
land or possessions affected in whole or in part by the plan should attend the Arvand Free
Zone Organization’s office in Abadan with their documents for the purpose of
undertaking the legal procedures [for land expropriation]. After the expiration of the legal
period of consultation, the land expropriation with be carried out.

 A- The Limits of the of Southern Land Section:
 a. The eastern section includes: Lands behind the Port Authority of Abadan unto the
   Abadan Custom and Abadan Refinery:
   1. Lands between the Port Authority and Custom section #1 of Abadan
   2. Land between the roads bordering the Port Authority towards Abadan police
   station # 12.
   3. Land between the Abadan Refinery and Abadan Section # 3:

 b. - Middle Section: – Braim Village – South of Abadan-Khoramshahr Boulevard,
   Mino Island and the Abadan Airport, up to the eastern bank of Karoon River – all
   between the new bridge of Khorramshahr and the entrance to Aravand (Shat-al-Arab-
   1. From Braim Village to Dairy Farm, between Arvand Ship Company, area # 4 of
   2. Minoo Island section 6 parcel 6 of Khorramshahr.
   3. Communities of Koi-e-Arya, Kohdasht, and the college of Naval science and
   mathematics, and the lands next to that, from areas of # 1,2,3, and section # 3 of
   4. The village of Albo-Nahi, parcel-1 main section # 3 in Khorramshahr.
   5. Municipality of Nakhl (Towijat), Faisali Creek, Faisiliaeh, Koute-Shaykh areas #
   4,5,6,7 and 8 section # 3 of Khorramshahr

 C.- Western Section: Lands of western bank of Karoon River, from coastal boulevard
      to Shalamcheh:
   1. Custom offices and facilities of port of Khorramshahr, parcels 11 and 11/1 of
   area #2- section 4 of Khorramshahr.
   2. Left side of Shalamcheh Road, village of Eastern Doorband, Western Doorband
   and the village of Soarrah in between the port wall to Failyeh Road, parcels # 1, 3
   and #9, main- Section 4 of Khorramshahr.
   3. Left side of Shalamcheh Road, from the Port Authority Road and Failyeh Road,
   to village of Khain, unto Gharieh, about parcels 10, 11/1 and 11- section 4

B. – The limits of the Middle Section: Parts of the right side of Abadan-
    Khorramshahr Boulevard and the lands north of Bahmanshir River:
    1. The right side of Abadan-Khorramshahr Boulevard- land adjacent to the village
    of Shanah unto the village of Faiazi, area # 1 of Abadan.
    2. Lands of north of Bahmanshir River, anything between east of Jyan Canal unto
    the village of Moinkh- parcel #1, section 8 of Khorramshahr.

G. – The extent of land the northern Section: Includes the current special economic
    area of Khuzestan- The industrial townships of Abadan and Khorramshahr and
    the villages around the industrial townships:
    1. Villages of Ghosbe-Al-Maniat, Haj Abda…parcel 7 new, parcel old 3/2 main,
    section 7 of Khorramshahr.
    2. Villages of Ghosbe-Al-Maniat- Sadat, parcel 8 new-parcel 3/2 old main,
    section 7 of Khorramshahr.
    3. The village of Zowidat and Mehrabad, parcel new 6, section 7 of Khorramshahr
    4. The village of Moaf, parcel new 4-parcels old 1/256 and 1/254, section 7 of
    5. The village of Khanfari, parcel new 3/2/13-parcel old 4 main- section 7 of
    6. The industrial city of Khorramshahr and the government lands around it,
    registered parcels 1/2-2/2-3/1-4/1-2/235/6/29, section 7 of Khorramshahr.
    7. The village of Hatshieh, parcel 2-section 7 of Khorramshahr.
    8. The village of Badrieh, parcel 1-section 7 of Khorramshahr.
    9. The village of Marad, parcel new 5, parcel 5 - section 7 of Khorramshahr.
    10. The village of East Hafar, under the parcel 4 new, parcels 3 old, section 8 of
11. The industrial city of Abadan-parcel 9 - section 0 of Abadan.The Area of
Foundational and Development of the Free Aravand commercial-industrial Zone.

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