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What websites to trust for iphone unlock and jailbreak solutions


									                             Should we go to the firsts websites Google
shows? No! Many people wanting to unlock/jailbreak their iPhone , go to
the first websites provided by Search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo
presuming that since the Search engines are showing this sites first
should mean that this are trustful sites, not scams. This is not always
true, to have your website in the first results it just have to be SEO
(Search Engine Optimization) friendly. Even though nowadays Search
engines have a more elaborate way of ranking websites ,these are still
machines and cann't rank them by evaluating if the information presented
is true and accurate or not. At least if you search "iPhone unlock" the
first results will be some well designed websites that are selling unlock
solutions, and unfortunately almost all websites that are selling iPhone
unlock solutions, are either scams or are just selling free programs.
More accurate result you would get if you write in the search engine
"iphone unlock forum" and read other people opinions, but this may be
misleading to because the website owners usually promote their websites
by writing good reviews on forums or on other websites. So how to spot a
scam unlocking/jailbreaking website You should start with the presumption
that it is a scam, and do not buy anything until you are totally sure.
Write the name of the website followed by the word " scam " in Google
(Will use Google when referring to Search provider as its more common ) .
If more then one person says it is a scam for sure it is. Write the name
of the website followed by the word "forum" in Google, look what other
persons say about it. Look at the their review/testimonials from their
website , if they are in the first results from Google and have only 3-10
review for sure those were written by the owners.If they pretend to
unlock any device (even new devices ,like the iPhone 4GS or new firmwares
) their solution is fake for sure. To verify that ,search in trusted
iPhone websites or forums (blog.iphone-,,,,, etc) about the unlock/jailbreak solution
for that device/firmware . If nothing is said there the unlock probably
is not out yet. ConclusionsDo not buy expensive iPhone unlock solutions
because you will either not receive anything (the unlock is not out yet )
or receive unlock guides for free tools (most of which can be found for
free), but which do not worth the money for sureIf you want to
unlock/jailbreak your iPhone follow an online guide from one of the
iPhone trusted websites I mentioned before , or if you are not sure you
can do it by yourself and want to be sure you won't mess things up and
damage your iPhone , or just do not want to loose time reading the online
tutorials just ask someone from to do it online for

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