How to Activate Unlock and Jailbreak your iPhone for free

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					                             Initially let me make it simple that what do
we exactly mean by activating, unlocking and Jailbreaking. the three
terms are different in meaning.Activating:You need to activate you iPhone
if its new or its updated to a latest version by apple's server. before
activation your iPhone would do nothing other than allowing to make an
emergency call. Nothing else nothing means NOTHING!!!If you have got an
iPhone with a contract and you wants to be on official carrier, its easy
to activate. Just insert your SIM and billing info and your iPhone will
be activated.If you want to use another carrier you will have to activate
it and unlock it, either by activating with official carrier or just with
some tools or simply by using a custom-built unlocked
firmware.Unlocking:Once you have activated but not unlocked your iPhone
is functional except that it can make calls (or use services) from only
the specific mobile company i-e: the official carrier or the one with
contract.If you are on official carrier its fine for you.If you are keen
to use the same iPhone for some different mobile companies connection
then you need to unlock it, either by using some difficult tools or by
simply updating to a customized unlocked firmware. Jailbreaking:It allows
you to install different installers like Cydia etc. through which you can
download and install different applications for free and other than those
from apple's apps store. An iPhone can be Jailbroken either it is
unlocked or not.The simplified way to activate unlock and jailbreak an
iPhone is to download a latest customized unlocked and Jailbroken
firmware and update your iPhone to it, as this cross all the three
barriers to freedom.How to activate unlock and jailbreak your iPhone?1 -
Download an unlocked firmware from - Connect your
iPhone to iTunes3 - Off your iPhone4 - Put it into DFU mode (method is
mentioned below )5 - Press and hold "Shift" key and click on restore6 -
Select the firmware you downloaded7 - Enjoy! your iPhone is Jailbroken
and unlockedHow to get into DFU mode?Follow these steps.1- Off you
iPhone2- Press and Hold Power Button of iPhone for 3 seconds.3- Hold
Power button and Press & Hold Home Button for next 10 seconds.4- Leave
the Power Button but keep Holding Home Button for next 30 seconds.Enjoy!
your iPhone is in DFU mode.Common Question and its solution:Q - My iPhone
is showing only one bar of signal after unlock?Ans - Follow these
steps.1- Open Cydia.2- Write Ulrtasn0w 1.2.1 in search.3- Download and
install ultrasn0w 1.2.1.Enjoy! your problem is solved.If you have any
further questions please let me know, I would try my best to answer.

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