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Strange snow creatures are attacking the small town of Haydens' Point and sending the residents into a panicked frenzy. Will the townsfolk be able to band together to eliminate this evil or, is it already too late?

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                                      Tiffany T.J. Craig and Zoe A. Craig

                                 Copyright 2011 Tiffany T.J. Craig and Zoe A. Craig

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      There are few things as innocent as a first snowfall. The way the flakes seem to dance about the sky to an
unheard symphony, before floating down to form a protective blanket over the Earth. Almost every human
being on the face of this planet has, at one time in their life, stopped to admire a snow storm, or watch as
children made use of a freshly covered hillside.
      But, to all this innocence there is a dark side, one that most people couldn’t possibly fathom. But, I know
it’s there, for I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.
      It happened nearly twenty years ago, when I, even at the rough age of fifty-four, was still strong enough to
defend the world from that which lurked beneath the snow…

                                                  December 17, 2011

     I’m not sure what woke me first that morning, the ringing of my telephone, or the shrill screaming of my
neighbor as he beat loudly on my bedroom window. Although, now that I think about it, I’m sure it was the
     “Winston! Winston, wake up! Wake up!” he yelled.
     “What do you want, Clive?” If my furious tone had any affect on him, he didn’t show it.
     “Winston! Oh, thank God! I need your help!”
     “Have you killed someone? Because, if this isn’t as serious as a murder, I’m not getting out of this bed!” I
threatened, looking at the window.
     “This is good, I swear! It may even be the find of the century!” he promised.
     I groaned inwardly. This wasn’t the first time my amateur archaeologist neighbor had boasted the ‘find of
the century’, only to have it turn into the centuries’ biggest flop.
     “Come on, buddy! If it’s nothing this time, I…I’ll never bother you again!”
     My ears perked up instantly. “Never?” I asked, intrigued by the thought.
     “Never!” Clive reiterated.
     This was too good of an opportunity to pass up. “Fine, but I want that in writing!”
     He nodded eagerly. “Whatever you say, man! I’ll see you at the diner!”, and with a final nod he was off,
taking my peaceful Saturday with him.

                                                    The 7-7 Diner

     It wasn’t until I had drained my third cup of coffee that my brain finally began to function, and the thought
that had been niggling at the back of my head came into sharp focus. It was the middle of winter! One of the
worst we’d had in years. So, how had Clive, who was notorious for digging only in his backyard, found
anything under all this snow? I didn’t have time to wonder for long however, as the man in question appeared
suddenly before me.
     “What is that?” I asked, gesturing towards the large cooler he had set on the tabletop.
     “This is the mother lode!” he cried excitedly.
     I rolled my eyes, but still watched as he pulled off the lid and reached inside. What he pulled out made me
wish I had stayed in bed. “A snowball? You drug me out of my house and into this blizzard for a snowball?”
     “It’s not a snowball, Winston. Look at it closely!” he begged, placing the thing in my unwilling hand.
“Notice how heavy it is, and how smooth. It even…”
     I was scarcely listening to him now. I was so mesmerized by this…object.
     “Huh? What?” I asked, coming out of my daze.
     “I said, what do you think? Have I found some previously undiscovered form of fossilized creature?”
     “I have no…oh my God!” I cried.
     “It moved!” I said, balancing the thing on an empty coffee cup.
     “You mean that thing is alive?” Clive asked. “I wonder if the rest of them are.”
     “Rest of them?” I asked incredulously, “There’s more of these?”
     He nodded. “Oh, yeah…there’s definitely more of them.”
     “How many?” I asked, dreading the answer.
     “Hundreds of them. They’re all over the place, in every snow bank and…”
     “You need more coffee, Winston? It’s fresh.” A voice said.
     I glanced up at our waitress and nodded. “Thanks, Tisa.”
     Just as she started pouring the coffee, a loud crash came from the kitchen and she jumped, spilling hot
coffee all over the table and the ‘egg’. A strangely strangled cry seemed to come from it as it careened over the
edge of the table and fell to the floor. We looked at each other for several seconds before looking down.
     The ‘egg’ had shattered into several pieces, revealing a small, white snowman shape with flipper-like hands
and legs. The creature was clearly dead.
     “What in the world is that?” Tisa asked, taking a step backwards.
     I shook my head slowly. “I don’t know, but I think we’d better get it over to Dr. Pierce at the university. Do
you have any more of these eggs with you, Clive?”
     “Yeah, there’s four more in the cooler. Do you think I’ve discovered some new type of animal?” he asked,
his eyes lighting up at the possibility.
     “I don’t know what you’ve found, Clive, but you’ve definitely found something.

                                              Hayden’s Point University

     After a brief phone call to Dr. Pierce explaining our situation, we were instructed to rush the eggs and the
creature to the university for an in depth examination. The minute we arrived, we were rushed into a laboratory,
where the doctor was waiting for us.
     “So, what do you think they are, Dr. Pierce?” Clive asked.
     He sat down the egg he had been inspecting. “I have no idea. Why don’t you leave them with me tonight…
let me take a really good look at them… do some tests.” He suggested.
     “Fine by me, doc. We’ll be back tomorrow.” I said agreeably.
     He nodded absentmindedly, too absorbed in his work to notice that we were gone.

                                                December 18, 2011
                                              Hayden’s Point University

    Clive and I met at the university early that morning, and quickly made our way to Dr. Pierce’s office. As
soon as we arrived, we realized something was wrong. The door to the laboratory was wide open, the radio was
blaring, and every piece of scientific equipment was running at high speed.
     “Dr. Pierce, are you in here?” I called apprehensively.
     We walked in slowly, carefully avoiding the many puddles of water spread across the floor of the lab.
     “Dr. Pierce?” I called again.
     Clive switched off the radio, and came to stand beside me. “I guess he isn’t…”
     “…help me…” a voice called faintly.
     “Dr. Pierce? Caden, is that you?” I yelled.
     We followed the voice to the supply room, and yanked open the door. We were both horrified to see Dr.
Pierce’s mangled body come tumbling out. He was covered in blood, and both his legs were missing. He was
barely clinging to life.
     “Caden! What happened?” I cried. “Clive, call an ambulance, now!”
     “Winston…the creatures…”
     I leaned down closer, in order to hear him better. “What about them, Caden?”
     “…they like…the…noise…” he managed to say, before he collapsed in my arms, his eyes fluttering shut.
In that instant, I knew he was gone.
     “What did he mean by that?” Clive asked.
     Before I could answer, we heard the distinct sounds of sirens blaring, people screaming, tires squealing and
guns firing.
     “What the hell?” Clive cried, rushing for the door.
     After lying my friends’ head gently on the floor, I followed Clive out the door, where I came face to face
with the most horrendous sight ever gazed upon by man. Everywhere we looked there were bodies, and right
before us were the creatures. There were four large ones, each about seven feet tall, rock hard and a distinctive
slate blue color. All around their feet little ones, newly hatched, ran about nibbling on the fallen bodies.
     Clive looked at me in horror. “What…where…?”
     “Let’s get out of here” I yelled, grabbing him and pulling him towards my jeep.
     “Where are we going?”
     “To the safest place in town.”

                                                    The 7-7 Diner

     “The diner? What in the world makes you think we’ll be safe here?”
     I shook my head in exasperation. “The windows are bulletproof and tinted, they’ve got food, water, a police
scanner and a cb radio.”
     “When did this place become Fort Knox?”
     “Old man Rayner was always a survivalist nut. After he died, the new owners kept up the provisions, just in
     “Lucky for us, I’d say.” Clive commented.
     “Me, too. I’m just glad I remembered it.” I replied, pulling open the door. I’m not sure what I expected to
find, but I know it wasn’t the barrel of a gun pointed at my nose.
     “Freeze! One more step, and I blow your head off!” a voice yelled.
     “Tisa, it’s just us!” I cried, throwing my hands in the air.
     She lowered the barrel immediately. “Oh, Winston! Clive! Thank God! What is going on out there?”
     “You remember that thing we had in here yesterday? Turns out it really was an egg. Apparently, there are
hundreds of them in the snow, and those creatures are what comes out of them when they hatch.”
     “Oh, my…”
     Tisa bent down and picked up the small girl that had been clinging to her leg. “It’s okay, Nile, everything’s
alright. You remember Uncle Winston and Uncle Clive, don’t you?”
     She nodded, sticking a thumb in her mouth.
     “They’re here to help.”
     “You make scary monsters go way?” Tisa’s daughter asked.
     Despite my better judgment, I nodded.
     “And, just how do you intend to do that, Winston?” Clive asked.
     “There’s got to be a way to get rid of them. They must have some weakness. Everything has a weakness!” I
replied. “We just have to find it.”
     “Okay, but what kind of weakness can a…a snowsquatch have?” Tisa asked.
     She shrugged. “It’s what Nile calls them.”
     “Okay. Well, fire should…”
     “Fire works on the little ones, but not the big ones.” Tisa interjected. “It’s all over the scanner. The police
are having success using fire on the ‘babies’, but it’s like the big ones are made of rock or something, they’re
don’t melt.”
     “So, we really only have to worry about the four big ones.” I mused.
     Tisa nodded. “But, how are we supposed to kill snowsquatches?”
     “What did Dr. Pierce say, Clive? Something about them liking noise, wasn’t it?”
     Clive nodded. “That would explain how they got so big so fast.”
     “What do you mean?” I asked curiously.
     “The noise. Remember? Everything was on in the lab when we got there.”
     “That’s right! We could barely hear ourselves think. But, could that really be the reason they grew so fast?”
     “The only way to know for sure would be to test the theory. Maybe, if we could trap a small one…”
     “There’s no time for that, Tisa. People are dying out there.”
     “Well, have you got a better idea?” she asked.
     “If we could get one on its own… lure it someplace quiet… maybe, just maybe, we might be able to kill it.”
     Clive refilled his coffee cup. “How are you going to lure it?”
     “They’re supposed to like noise. Maybe they’re attracted to it. If we had something that made a lot of
     “There’s a portable stereo in the back. You could carry it in the jeep.” Tisa suggested.
     “I think that should work but, where do we lure the creature to?”
     “It has to be someplace quiet… really quiet.”
     “What about the old abandoned airport? Those hangers have got to be big enough to trap one of those
things, and that side of town is practically deserted.” Tisa pointed out.
     “That’s right! Ever since they built the new highway, hardly anyone goes over to that side of town, unless
they’re just passing through or lost.” Clive said agreeably.
     “Alright. Tisa, you stay here and try to raise the army, or the National Guard.”
     “Okay, I’m on it. Good luck, you guys.”
     At The Abandoned Hanger
     It was surprisingly easy to entice one of the creatures, and lure it to the old abandoned hanger. Once there,
away from all the noise of the town, it seemed to start shrinking, and its color began to fade from slate grey to a
dingy white.
     “I think it’s working.” Clive whispered. He and I were sitting in the jeep, blocking the only open doorway.
     I nodded my head in response, never taking my eyes off of the snowsquatch as it rushed around, beating on
the hanger walls and belting out its piercing cry. Oddly enough, none of the noise it made seemed to help it.
Without the outside noises, it seemed to be totally ineffective.
     An hour passed, and still we sat, watching the creature struggling to overcome its fate. By now, it was very
soft, and ghostly white.
     “How do we know if it’s been long enough?” I asked, just as Clive began to open the car door. “What are
you doing?” I whispered fiercely.
     “Relax, I have an idea.” Once he was free of the jeep, he reached down and grabbed an old wrench from
the hanger floor. Using all of his strength, he hurled the wrench at the creature, hitting it just above the elbow,
causing a forearm to fall onto the floor with a slushy plop. “Oh, yeah… it’s working.” He whispered back,
grinning mischievously.
     As soon as Clive was back in the jeep, I gunned the engine.
     “What are you doing?” he cried, holding on for dear life.
     “Now, I have an idea!” I said, and punched the gas pedal. We sped forward, and hit the snowsquatch at
forty-five miles an hour, sending pieces of him flying into the walls.
     “Yeah! Right on, Winston! Do you think the others will be that easy to kill?”
     “I don’t know.” I replied honestly.
     The answer to his question was, of course, no. While we were able to kill one more in this manner, the
other two proved more challenging…
     The 7-7 Diner
     “That’s two down!” Tisa cheered, as she passed out cups of coffee and plates of food to the many refugees
she had welcomed into the diner.
     “Yeah, but that still leaves two.” I reminded her.
     “Don’t worry, hon, you’ll mop the floor with those suckers, just like you did with those other two.” She
said confidently.
     She may have sounded confident, but I wasn’t so sure.
     “Were you able to reach the army?” I asked.
     “No, but I’ll keep trying.” She promised.
     “Thanks, Tisa.” Once she had moved on to the next table, I turned my attention to Clive. “I think we should
wait until tomorrow to go out again. It’ll be dark soon, and…”
     “Say no more, buddy. I don’t want to be caught with them after dark, either.”

                                                 December 19, 2011

     We set out early the next morning, but after several hours of searching, still hadn’t found the other two
     “Where do you think they’ve gone?” Clive asked.
     I shrugged my shoulders, keeping my eyes trained on the area around us.
     “You don’t think they’ve learned to avoid us, do you? Or, maybe they morphed into something different,
like in that movie.”
     “I sure hope not. Let’s head over to Royale Street. That’s where they’ve been spotted the most.” I
suggested, turning the car in that direction.
     We parked on the corner of Royale and Third. Even in this, the nosiest section of town, there was no sign of
the snowsquatches. The emergency workers were taking advantage of this respite to gather up the bodies of the
fallen, the ones that the snowsquatches hadn’t consumed. At last count, the death toll had been close to a
hundred and sixty people, nearly a third of our towns’ population.
     “Where do you think they came from?” Clive asked, out of the blue.
     “What do you mean?”
     “The snowsquatches… where do you think they came from?”
     “Why? Does it really matter?”
     “Come on, Winston, aren’t you just a little bit curious?”
     “No.” I replied shortly. “I just want them gone.”
     “I think that, with all the junk we’ve sent into space, we’ve angered some type of alien race, and this is how
they’re punishing us.”
     “You think aliens sent snowmen to kill us because we polluted space?” I asked, looking at him
     His eyes lit up, as if he’d had some great inspiration. “No! I bet it was the inhabitants of Pluto that sent
them!” he cried.
     “Pluto? Why Pluto?” I asked, knowing I would regret my foolishness.
     “Because, they’re miffed about the whole ‘you’re not a planet anymore’ thing!”
     I couldn’t help but stare at him.
     “What?” he asked innocently.
     “Nothing.” I said, shaking my head in disbelief. “It’s almost four o’clock, let’s head back to the diner.”
                                                      The 7-7 Diner

      Tisa greeted us as we entered the restaurant. “Hey, guys, how’d it go?”
      “We couldn’t find them.”
      Half the diner looked at us, surprised by her outburst.
      “Keep your voice down, I don’t want to worry the others.”
      “Sorry, I just don’t understand how you couldn’t find them! I mean, they’re giagantic, for Pete’s sake!
Unless… you don’t think they went away on their own, do you?”
      I shook my head. “No, I don’t. I just wish I knew where they were.”
      “They’re here!” a woman’s voice screamed.
      Seeing the horrified look on Tisa’s face, I turned just in time to see the bulletproof glass shatter, and one of
the creatures leap through the window. It howled ferociously, and the diner erupted in a panicked frenzy.
      “Be quiet, everyone! The noise makes it stronger! Clive! Tisa! Shut them up!” I cried.
      They both slid through the room as quietly as possible, silencing as many people as they could. Those that
couldn’t be quieted soon became food for the snowsquatch.
      “Winston!” Tisa hissed, when she was once again by my side. “We’ve gotta get that thing out of here!”
      “How do you propose doing that? I’m certainly open for suggestions.”
      Clive pointed to the beast. “Look, the silence is affecting it, it’s starting to get mushy.”
      “Okay. When it starts glopping on the floor, we just need to hit it with something, or…”
      “Blow it up?” Tisa suggested.
      “I suppose that would work, but how do you suggest we do that, dear?” I asked.
      “With these.” She replied, reaching under the counter and calmly pulling out a small box. When she opened
the lid, we saw the three grenades.
      “Those are incredibly dangerous, Tisa! Where did you get them and, more importantly, why do you keep
them in the diner?” Clive exclaimed..
      “Doesn’t matter… we’re damned lucky they’re here. Now, we just need a place to contain it… keep the
blast from getting all of us.” I said.
      “The freezer! It’s huge, and it doubles as a bomb shelter!” Tisa cried.
      “That’ll work. Tisa, start talking the others out the back door. Clive and I will distract the monster and lead
it into the freezer.”
      “We’ll do what?”
      “You heard me.”
      “Look! You got me into this mess, and you’re bigod going to help get me out of it! I could have stayed in
bed and…”
      He threw his hands into the air. “Alright, alright! What do you want me to do?”
      “Grab that pan and spoon, and start banging.” I ordered.
      We made just enough noise to lead the creature away from the others, and into the large walk-in freezer.
Once he was inside, Clive pulled the ring from the grenade, threw it in behind the beast, and slammed the door.
      “Yeah, Clive?”
      “We’ve only got five seconds before that thing goes off.”
      Without another word, we bolted for the back door, making it outside with mere nanoseconds to spare. The
blast was deafening.
      “Man, that was close!” Clive cried, holding his ears.
      “I’ll say! How did they know where we were?”
      “I’m telling you, they followed us…”
      We glanced up to see Tisa and the others pressed up against the wall of the diner.
      “What are you all doing?”
      They pointed frantically behind us.
     “Holy crap!” I exclaimed, as we turned slowly, already knowing what we would see. The fourth and final
snowsquatch stood leering at us, half of a human body clutched in his hand.
     “Where are the other two grenades?”
     Clive shook his head. “I left them in the diner, Winston.”
     “What are we going to do?” Tisa cried.
     “I… I don’t know. The only thing we can do is stay silent and hope…”
     The creature lunged towards us, its fingers ready to grab Nile from her mother’s arms, when suddenly, a
blast of orange flames flared up behind the monster. It screamed and tried to run, but more flames appeared, and
soon, a large puddle was all that was left of the snowsquatch.
     Moments later, we saw several dozen uniformed men step out of the shadows. One of them approached us.
     “Hello! I’m Captain Daniel Compton of the National Guard. Sorry it took us so long to get here.”
     “We got several hundred calls… all from a woman named Tisa, and all concerning a bunch of murdering
maniac monsters… her words, not mine.”
     “But, how did you know to bring flame throwers, and to not run your sirens?”
     “Those are two things she insisted upon. She’s very persistent, and persuasive.”
     “Yes, I can see that, Captain.”
     I gave the Captain my statement, then joined Tisa, Nile and Clive, who were watching the freshly falling
snow. We were quiet for a while, contemplating our narrow escape, but it couldn’t last forever.
     “Who would have thought that the way to kill a snow monster would be with silence?” he said in
amazement. “I guess it’s true what they say… ‘silence is golden’, eh, Winston?”
     I nodded, but couldn’t help thinking that, if I was going to put a color on silence, it would definitely be


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