Unlock BlackBerry instructions - Help you to easily unlock your locked BlackBerry phone by jpanamasy


									                             BlackBerry phones are mainly known as
business-friendly devices and are more popular among the business
community. The mobile maker has brought out a number of advanced and
successful handsets till date which have garnered a lot of appreciation
among the mobile phone users. In the mobile market worldwide, BlackBerry
phones are available through almost all the leading mobile network
service providers. The only demerit of these phones is that they are
locked by the particular network operator through which you have bought
the phone. Locked by the operator (eg:Virgin), the phone becomes limited
to be used only under that operator. It means that you can't use a locked
BlackBerry phone with SIM card of different network (eg: Vodafone, Orange
etc.). However, you can unlock blackberry in many ways. You can get it
unlocked through a company engaged in the business of unlocking
blackberry phones. You can also unlock your Phone through various
softwares available online. One of the best ways to unlock your
BlackBerry phone is through the BlackBerry unlock codes. These unlock
codes will permit you to use your Blackberry phone on almost all mobile
phone network. Using a locked BlackBerry phone while traveling out of the
country or even when beyond the mobile carrier's network, we have to pay
more on our roaming charges since we won't be able to use a SIM card. So
unlocking the phone is necessary to save our money. However, before
unlocking a blackberry it we must be sure that our network uses GSM
technology, not CDMA or another technology. Mobile phones with GSM
technology take SIM cards but CDMA does not use a SIM card. You can
unlock your BlackBerry phone by following the given instructions: • To
avail your unlock code you have to provide the IMEI number of your phone
that you can get by dialing *#06#. Alternatively you can also acquire it
from your phone itself in a white sticker behind the battery. • After
you get your IMEI number, you must get the BlackBerry unlock code. You
can get the code easily from several websites. Once you get it you can
start with the process of unlocking your phone. • Then go to setting
menu, click on options, then on advanced options and then you need to
select the SIM card option. • Now you need to type in MEPE by pressing
the Alt key. It is to be noted that the text won't appear on the screen.
Then it will ask you to enter your network MEP code. Now you need to
enter your unlock code and press the trackball in order to confirm the
code that you have entered. After confirming your code, your phone will
be unlocked and will be ready to be used with SIM card of any Network

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