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					                                                                                             Fall 2007

                                     Research Leads                     MARF (Mesothelioma Applied
  www.libbyasbestos.org                                                 Research Foundation) and focused on
                                   to Understanding of                  the specific biomarker SMRP. SMRP
    (406) 293-9274
                                 Mesothelioma Biomarkers                is a protein made by mesothelial cells
                                 Libby, Montana, along with com-        and demonstrates significantly higher
                               munities in France, Australia, and       levels in individuals with meso and
 Inside this issue:            Turkey all came together through the ovarian cancers. Our involvement
                               work of Dr. Harvey Pass at New           helped to better understand the
     Understanding         1
Mesothelioma Biomarkers        York University. This collaborative normal range of SMRP levels in the
                               effort was to work towards develop- blood and urine of people exposed to
  Symbicort/Influenza      2   ing an early detection screening tool, Libby amphibole asbestos and also
                               SMRP, for mesothelioma (meso).           for people with no significant asbes-
  Funding/GoodSearch       2
                               Meso is a specific cancer involving      tos exposure. Our “normals” were
  What Is Resiliency?      3   the lining around the lungs (pleural     compared to different populations to
                               lining), abdominal cavity, or heart. Its understand what the normal range
 CARD Research Plays       4                                            should be for this screening tool.
   Important Role              only known cause is asbestos expo-
                               sure. SMPR could be used as an           On October 5, 2007, Dr Pass pre-
                               annual screening tool for at risk        sented his preliminary finding at the
                               populations, provide earlier identifi- MARF annual conference. It appears
   Smoke-Free                  cation and intervention for meso,        that 3 biomarkers might be used in
                               and also serve as a monitoring tool      combination for the desired meso-
       For Life!               for recurrence in patients who have      thelioma screening tool. These are:
                               undergone treatment for meso.            SMRP, Osteopontin, and MMP9.
  The next six week quit       Biomarkers are highly sensitive tools There is still more preliminary
                               that can identify disease long before research that must be done before this
  smoking series begins        there is any x-ray evidence.             screening tool is available for routine
 in mid-January. Contact       From September of 2005 through           use in medical clinics. However, the
    CARD to sign up!           September of 2007, over 550 Libby work done with the Libby community
                               community members participated in has brought us one step closer to
                               the biomarker project, with nearly       making this happen. This is of great
  Smoke-Free For Life          300 of these volunteers giving a         benefit to our community members
                               second sample during year two of         and to all people across the nation
  Monthly Gatherings                                                    and world who have been exposed to
                               the project. The Libby community
  are also available the       wowed the research community with asbestos and are at high risk of devel-
                               their willingness to participate to      oping mesothelioma. Finding an early
  1st Monday of every
                               make this research project a huge suc- detection marker is a high priority
 month. Call CARD for          cess! THANK YOU EVERYONE!                because with most cancers, early
                                                                        detection and treatment interventions
   more information.           The project done at CARD in coop- usually result in much improved
                               eration with Dr. Pass was funded by outcomes.
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               Symbicort                                            The Influenza Virus
 Symbicort is a new respiratory                 The leaves are turning, the tem-     For those who have a lung
 medication that involves budesonide and        perature is dropping, and the        problem, such as asbestosis, the
 formoterol. Budesonide is an inhaled cor-      days are shorter. It is, in fact,    “flu” can be very serious. If any
 ticosteroid which decreases inflammation       fall, and however a beautiful        of the symptoms mentioned
 in the lungs which can decrease chest          time of year, it can often be the    above become apparent in your
 tightness and wheezing. Formoterol is a        most unhealthy due to the influ-     life you must contact a physician
 long-acting bronchodilator which helps         enza virus. The influenza virus,     immediately. If the “flu” is left
 relax the muscles around the bronchial         or the “flu”, generally affects      untreated for too long it may
 tubes thus further decreasing wheezing         people from November to April.       lead to more serious complica-
 and shortness of breath. Symbicort does        Preventing yourself from getting     tions, such as pneumonia,
 not relieve sudden symptoms; it must be        the “flu” is always essential, and   Treatment for the “flu” consists
 taken as directed over a period of time for    being educated about what the        of plenty of rest, fluids, and
 people to experience the full benefits.        influenza virus is can help          aspirin to ease aches and fever.
 Therefore, you may need to continue            determine proper treatment.
 using your fast acting bronchodilators                                              Many precautions, including
 like Albuterol for sudden symptoms.            Influenza (flu) is a viral upper     vaccines, can be taken to help
                                                respiratory illness that comes on    decrease your chance of con-
 The medical team will determine the            suddenly, causing symptoms           tracting the “flu”. Vaccines
 right strength for you and show you the        such as fever, body aches, head-     available today contain a dead
 proper technique in using this medication      ache, fatigue, loss of appetite, a   virus, and do not cause you to
 and caring for your inhaler. It should be      dry cough and a sore or dry          get sick when given one. The
 taken as 2 puffs morning and 2 puffs           throat. The “Flu” almost never       injection site may become red
 evening. Rinse your mouth after each use       causes stomach symptoms; the         and irritated. Some people
 as the corticosteroid component can            illness that people often call       experience a fever with in the
 interfere with the normal flora in your        "stomach flu" is not influenza.      first 24-48 hours after receiving
 mouth causing thrush-like symptoms. Be                                              the vaccine but this just means
 aware of any side effects, the most com-       Influenza is not the same as a       your immune system is working.
 mon being throat irritation, and report all    common cold; “flu” symptoms          Basic hand washing and staying
 side effects to your medical provider.         are more severe, and usually         away from those affected are
                                                lasts 7-10 days with the worst       good ways to protect yourself
                                                symptoms lasting 3-4 days.           from getting the “flu”!

         Understanding CARD Funding                                           www.goodsearch.com
There seems to be some confusion around the topic of CARD                Support CARD by searching the web!
funding. CARD is NOT associated with WR Grace in any way.
                                                                     An easy way to help CARD is through a new
CARD is not associated with any health plan or organization at
all. CARD is an independent, non-profit organization that is         search engine powered by Yahoo! at a site
funded by billing for patient services, research dollars, and do-    called GoodSearch. They will make a $.01
nations from individuals and foundations. CARD is governed           donation to CARD with every search and/or
by a local community-based volunteer Board of Directors.             every online purchase at one of their partner
As reimbursement for healthcare services continue to decline,        merchants. It doesn't cost you a thing! The
contributions to CARD are more important than ever. We rely          more people who use this site, the more money
on the generosity of donors to help continue our services.           will go to CARD. So please spread the word to
Donations assist in the purchase of equipment, expansion of          friends & family. Visit www.goodsearch.com.
services and facility enhancement to meet the needs of families
and individuals impacted by asbestos exposure. All donations         Once you’re there enter in Center for Asbestos
are tax-deductible. For more information on ways to give,            Related Disease as the organization you
contact Betty Jo Wood, Program Developer 293-9274 ext. 32.           goodsearch for. Thanks for your donation!
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  What Is Resiliency?                     doubt that this can be a hard mindset   appropriate way to express it, and
                                          to keep during difficult times. But     working towards a resolution if pos-
-by Tanis Hernandez,                      having the right outlook can help a     sible. This means Being Flexible
      CARD Social Worker                  lot when times are tough.               About Change. People who are re-
                                                                                  silient are good at adapting. Not that
Some people seem to have an                                                       they necessarily like the change, but
amazing ability to deal with stress-                                              they realize it is inevitable so there
ful and challenging life situations,                                              is no reason to stiffen up and resist it
                                                   Know Yourself
such as those who live with a                                                     as that only makes things harder.
chronic disease. They are able to          Know Your Explanatory Style            This allows them to stay calm and
adapt without becoming over-                                                      figure out how to make the best of
                                          Trust Yourself, Trust Your Body
whelmed and overall keep their life                                               the new way things will need to be.
on course. They don’t deny that                      Take Action
                                                                                 Developing Relationships and
there are difficult things to deal with   Deal with Your Emotions Wisely         being willing to ask for help when
sometimes, but they are able to
                                               Be Flexible About Change          you need it most, is an important
confront whatever challenges come
                                                                                 part of being resilient. A strong
their way. This is called Resiliency.            Develop Relationships           relationship with family, friends,
For many of us this involves learn-
                                                 Take Care of Yourself           coworkers, or healthcare
ing new skills. This is a completely
                                                                                 professionals is an important way to
normal thing to do when we strive to
                                                                                 get needed assistance, information,
successfully deal with the unex-
                                          Trust Yourself, Trust Your Body and support. A Close Relationship
pected challenges that life presents.
                                          means learning to listen to your       with a spouse, or an important
Here are some tips that can help all
                                          body’s symptoms when it begins to friend, also gives you a safe place to
of us become more resilient.
                                          tell you that things may get difficult get the friendship and comfort
It is important to Know Yourself          in the near future. Trusting yourself needed to regain your strength and
and to be able to objectively look at     to Take Action to deal with things confidence to continue facing your
yourself and say, “isn’t it interesting   when they first start will help you    difficulties.
how I reacted to that.” If you didn’t     trust your body messages even
                                                                                 Taking Care Of Yourself doesn’t
react in the most beneficial way, try     more. In hand, this will help you
                                                                                 just mean taking care of your illness.
out other ways of handling that           trust yourself to anticipate and
                                                                                 It also means taking time to relax,
situation when it presents again and      compensate for these challenges in
                                                                                 play, to get energized and enjoy
evaluate the results. This is a           the future. In summary, being
                                                                                 pleasurable things. When your
difficult task as changing our            resilient is not just about bouncing
                                                                                 illness is presenting you with
reactions and behaviors takes time        back after a fall, it’s also about
                                                                                 difficult challenges remember that
and a focused effort. It is also          acting in advance to prevent the fall.
                                                                                 it is only one aspect of who you are.
important to Know Your Explana-
                                          It is completely normal that there     And while it is important, it is not
tory Style. This means knowing
                                          will be times when emotions seem your whole life. Make sure to
how you are likely to respond to
                                          to take over and run your life.        appreciate the other parts of life.
difficult times. Do you generally
                                          Maybe you experience anger about
believe that things will work out
                                          having your illness or despair about
okay or do you always think the                                                       It’s not about how hard
                                          dealing with it day after day. This
worst will result? People who are
                                          being said, it is also important to
resilient have learned to view their
                                          Deal With Your Emotions
                                                                                      you fall, it’s about how
illness as an inconvenience and they
remember that it’s only one compo-
                                          Wisely. This means identifying             high you bounce back...
                                          what you are feeling, finding an
nent of who they are. There’s no

         If you have questions or comments about this newsletter, or would like to receive it by mail:
           Contact Tanis Hernandez at the CARD: tanis@libbyasbestos.org or 406-293-9274 x29.
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                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                              LIBBY, MT
                                                                             PERMIT #35
        214 East 3rd Street
         Libby, Montana

                 THE BIG CARD NEWS
Many of you have probably heard about the required science that must be done to drive the
clean up process in Libby. This is because Libby Amphibole Asbestos (LAA) is a different
type of asbestos fiber compared to the more common “commercial” asbestos called chrysotile.
Toxicological studies (that seek to understand how toxic the fiber is) and epidemiological
studies (that seek to understand the health effects) must be done so the baseline risk assessment
used to drive the clean up is based on LAA, not some other type of asbestos. Although EPA is
facilitating all of this science, they are working with many expert researchers from around the
country who are focusing on LAA.
CARD and all willing CARD patients play a very important role in the epidemiological studies
that will help everyone understand the health effects of LAA. Many of you (over 300 people)
have given permission for your de-identified (no names) health data to be included in CARD’s
database. This is one of the questions that will be asked of every patient as part of the All-
Inclusive Consent which was discussed in the last CARD NEWS. It is every patient’s individ-
ual choice. We hope everyone will participate because by organizing and combining all of this
health data we will be able to truly understand the health effects of LAA. Understanding the
health effects will not only guide clean up activities, but it will also guide research activities
that are focused on discovering new treatments and cures for asbestos related diseases.

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