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									a Pioneers-usa publication                 Spring 2009

                                   ThE ENEMy GoD
                                    Why a Pioneers
                                   team created
                                    a feature film
                                   SMS & MISSIoNS

ConneCtion                      Reaching muslims
                                 in indonesia with
                                    text messages
                                aDVoCaTE CIRCLES
                                Build relationships
                                and multiply your
                                    giving impact

 TO MOuNTAINS   Incarnational ministry
             among the unreached of Peru


        his is a very exciting time to be involved in global mission.
        Three things in particular encourage my heart. First, the
        global economic downturn is forcing God’s people back to
the basics. We are being reminded that life is not primarily about
“things that can be seen, but things that cannot be seen” (2 Cor.
4:18). Many of us are simplifying our lives, refocusing our passions,
and returning to a bedrock of prayer and faith.
  Second, the global mission movement is rapidly gaining momen-
tum. More and more in my travels, I am meeting missionaries
from Latin America, Africa, or Asia who are zealously pioneering
new ministries among the least reached. They serve with a simple
yet powerful faith. These people simply cannot be stopped and
their numbers are growing!
  Third, I find the variety and creativity of modern missions to be
breathtaking. You’ll see a few examples in this issue of BottomLine
Connection. The gifting of God’s people is being unleashed like
never before! I feel like we are witnessing a second Reformation as
the body of Christ rediscovers the “missionhood of the believer.”
  Don’t let the doom and gloom in today’s news fool you. We are
                   first and foremost citizens of heaven, not citizens
                   of this world. I for one am grateful to be a witness
                   and participant in the advancement of today’s
                   real news—“Aslan is on the move.”

                                                      Grateful for your partnership,
Steve Richardson is
president of Pioneers- usa

     Your Pioneers missionary needs 15 minutes of your time. Find out how you can help on page 10.

2 BottomLine ConneCtion
  JunGLe to
        A visit with Pioneers teams in Peru
                         debunks the notion that Latin America
                  is already reached with the gospel.
                                              By Matt Green

T h e hou r a n d   a half flight from Pucallpa,       That was until a Caquinte leader looked at
Peru, to the village of Tsoroja is akin to travel-   a jungle flower and said to himself, “Someone
ing back in time. The endless canopy of vivid        must have made this flower.” Later, he saw a
jungle slides under the plane, unbroken for          vision in which a man instructed him to visit
miles, except by wandering brown rivers and          a neighboring tribe where a Wycliffe Bible
tiny settlements of palm-roofed huts. The            Translators team was serving. This in turn
Caquinte, the people group that makes Tso-           led to a Wycliffe team coming to live among
roja its home, was once an elusive, nomadic          the Caquinte, translate the New Testament
tribe, avoiding contact with other tribes and        and begin a literacy program.
Westerners alike, unaware of the gospel.               “Now that the translation is complete, that’s

                                                                         BottomLine ConneCtion 3
   Previous Page: Rugged and isolated, the Carumas Valley is home to 15,000 Aymara.           Previous Page
  (Inset): Caquinte children in Tsoroja now have access to the gospel through the partnership of Wycliffe
Bible Translators and Pioneers.   Top Left: Shad and Heather Welsh’s porch in Tsoroja is a gathering place for
village children.   Top Right: Scott and Nichole Welsh with Stephen and Govi; Shad and Heather Welsh with
Davin and Dani.     Center: The Welsh families built homes in Tsoroja at the edge of a grass airstrip.   Bottom
Left: In Arequipa, Café Berea doubles as a church and coffee shop—a hangout for students from the nearby
college and a hotspot for Saturday morning Bible studies.      Bottom Right: Shane and Carey Treadway with
      Colette and Solana, now make their home in Carumas, where they minister among the Aymara.

4 BottomLine ConneCtion
where we come in,” says Shad Welsh, of the          tian witness in the centuries since the Spanish
Pioneers team in Tsoroja. “To learn the lan-        conquistadores imported Roman Catholicism—
guage and use that translation to teach in their    which the Aymara promptly assimilated into
heart language, to disciple and raise up a body     their traditional animistic beliefs. The need is
of believers that is an autonomous church           great for strong churches to reproduce among
sending its own missionaries.”                      the villages scattered throughout the valley.
  Prior to their arrival in Tsoroja, Shad and his     Already fluent in Spanish, the Pioneers team
wife, Heather, and Scott and Nichole Welsh          in Carumas is learning the Aymara dialect and
(Shad and Scott are brothers) and their chil-       building relationships among the inhabitants of
dren served in a different region of Peru, train-   the valley, seeking God for innovative ways of
ing indigenous believers for ministry among         connecting the few scattered believers and rais-
isolated tribes. Workers from Pioneers and          ing up leaders to begin a church-planting move-
other ministries are seeing progress in train-      ment among the Aymara. Like their counter-
ing and empowering tribal believers to take         parts in the jungle, ministry in the highlands is
the gospel to these villages.                       all about relationships—from attending funer-
  The role of the Pioneer in this village is that   als and baby showers to helping neighbors haul
of a chainsaw repairman, hunter, nurse, soc-        potatoes home from their farms.
cer player, carpenter and friend to whomever          “Because this is such a culture of work, we’ve
happens to drop by during the day … or night.       found that one of the best ways to get to know
Ministry happens in the context of real life—       these people is to join them in the work of their
language learning, child-rearing, sharing a         daily lives,” Shane notes.
piece of fish on the way down to the river for        A long-term goal of the Carumas team is to
the daily bathtime. In the tight-knit commu-        use Aymara radio programming to sow seeds
nity, boundaries are fuzzy, and the life of a       of the gospel among the villages that dot the
believing family becomes an unwitting show-         isolated valley. Although the Aymara have
case of God’s presence, in contrast to the wife-    scant access to the Internet and print publi-
swapping, child abuse and alcoholism that           cations in their language, radios are ubiqui-
often plague jungle communities.                    tous—on the windowsills of their homes and
  Although Latin America is sometimes               strapped to their backs while they tend sheep
considered “reached,” a visit to Tsoroja is a       and harvest crops.
reminder that there are still swaths of isolated      Although the mountains and jungle of Peru
jungle that are home to people groups and           represent the vivid contrasts in this nation’s
communities yet to see an authentic, incarna-       geography and culture, the common denomi-
tional presentation of the gospel.                  nator is the spiritual famine that plagues a
  Nearly 600 miles south of Tsoroja, in the arid    part of the world many consider reached with
highlands of the Peruvian Andes not far from        the gospel.
the Chilean border, another Pioneers team
has begun ministry in the Carumas Valley, a
seven-hour drive from Arequipa and the near-
est airport. The fertile valley is home to nearly
15,000 members of the Aymara people group,
sheep herders and oregano growers known
for their women’s year-round festive apparel.
Ancient terraces curl around the rugged slopes
like dusty green snakes, and graceful eucalyp-
tus trees sway in the dry mountain air.
  Shane and Carey Treadway had planted a
church based in a coffee shop in Arequipa,
the second largest city in Peru, when they
felt a call to start a ministry in the isolated
Carumas valley. They discipled a Peruvian
national to lead the church and manage the          Matt Green, director of communications for
coffee shop, so the transition was a natu-          Pioneers-usa, traveled to Peru to report on
ral shift into pioneering ministry among an         ministry in the region. To see a video interview
unreached people group. Soon after, Pio-            with the Welsh families and to view more photos
neers Tom and Janet Weist and their chil-           of Peru, visit . To give to the
dren joined the Treadways in Carumas.               Peru Radio Project, visit
  Historically, the valley has seen scant Chris-    and click on Global Projects.

                                                                         BottomLine ConneCtion 5
   15 minutes of your time could make a world of difference. Find out how on page 10.



    Multiplying your investment in kingdom initiatives
   The habit of           through personal         global project or         Advocate Circle
dropping a few            invitation. Each         missionary needs          allows us to combine
bucks in the church       group is facilitated     and challenges. At        our gifts with others
offering plate and        by a “manager” who       the end of a year,        and make a bigger
heading home for          provides very basic      circles could grow        impact than we could
pot roast is leaving      direction concerning     and multiply into two     have by ourselves.”
many people feeling       project updates and      or three.                    “Thanks for giving
empty—and they’re         meeting logistics.         Although Advocate       us the opportunity
not sure it was that        Advocate Circles       Circles collectively      to become cheerful
biblical to begin with.   are fun, easy to         choose a global           givers. These projects
Similarly, the days       manage and attend,       project or missionary     really fuel my heart
of writing a check        and edifying to your     to support, members       with a desire to give
to a missionary or        spiritual growth.        give individually         more out of the
global ministry once      Gatherings often         each month (helpful       abundance God has
a month—and not           include a social time,   for those desiring        given me.”
thinking about that       facilitated discus-      the tax benefit.)            “The Lord has
ministry again until      sion, project update,    Typically, amounts        loosed something in
next month—have left      and praying for your     range from $25 to         my heart giving me
givers disconnected                                $200 per person (or       hope because I now
from reaching the                                  couple) each month.       feel once again that
unreached. Rather         “I’m trying to           Essentially, the goal     I am making a differ-
than being several                                 is to make a bigger       ence somewhere for
steps removed,            live a more              collective kingdom        God’s kingdom work.”
Advocate Circles          generous life            impact than you             Interested in
connect you directly      but, to be               would on your own.        launching an
to the ministry you                                  Here’s what some        Advocate Circle
support. In essence,      honest, part-            people are saying         among your friends,
they bridge the gap       nering with              about their Advocate      in your dorm, at your
between givers and        others could             Circles:                  church? Visit pio-
receivers.                                             “My wife and I
Here’s how they work:     really help              can’t afford to give      circles, or contact
  Advocate Circles        me live it out.”         a whole lot, but our      Pioneers today!
could look any
way you want them
to. Some could be
virtual, while others
meet in a home or
coffee shop once
every month or two.
They are made up of
a group of people
who commit to
gather and pool their
resources to give
to a global project
or a missionary.
Advocate Circles
begin and grow

6 BottomLine ConneCtion
                     The Ripple Effect
How small investments in the kingdom
                       can make an eternal difference.
                                         By Robert Wassel

Gr ow i n G u p a r ou n d l a k e s ,                          sionaries into unreached people
I’ve probably skipped hundreds of                               groups—if we can raise an addi-
smooth stones across the water.                                 tional $250,000—before the June
One thing that has always caught                                30th deadline! That is $500,000
my attention is the series of rip-                              that will create a ripple effect
ples that are made by one small                                 toward engaging unreached peo-
stone. Although the stone is little,                            ples with the good news of Jesus!
and barely skims the surface of                                   We are calling on those that
the water, the ripples reach out                                are passionate about making His
far beyond their point of origin.                               name known to consider a one-
During these tough economic times, I want          time gift that will enable Pioneers to extend
you to know just how much we appreciate the        our reach into communities that have never
ripple effect you make through your prayer         heard the gospel. Any gift you give will be dou-
and financial support. It is making an eternal     bled (matched) by this foundation, creating a
impact that reaches far into His kingdom!          ripple effect on your “kingdom investment.”
  Even in the midst of the global financial cri-   Your gift of $100.00 becomes $200.00, or
sis, the Pioneers community can confidently        $1,000 becomes $2,000!
point to the work of God in drawing many to          Would you prayerfully consider giving to this
Himself. New teams are being established and       initiative and help Pioneers carry the hope of
churches are being planted among the least         Christ to forgotten peoples? If you would like
reached. Pioneers-usa appointed 405 new            to partner with Pioneers, or if you know others
missionaries over the past three years. This       who would like to strategically leverage their
is nothing short of miraculous, as the Lord is     resources through this unique opportunity
answering our prayers for quality workers!         please use the attached response slip. Again,
  One of the amazing ways God is keeping watch     thank you for your sacrifices and passion to
over Pioneers is through a recent matching gift    make Christ known among the nations!
from a private foundation. They will give Pio-        r obe r T wa s s e l
neers $250,000 toward mobilizing more mis-            V p of a dVa nc e m e n T

             (MaTChED) By ThIS FouNDaTIoN,
           kINGDoM INVESTMENT.”

                                                                        BottomLine ConneCtion 7

                                               Eastern Europe

    China This month,
my friend Bethany
turned 21. As she
explained to me, the
“You” culture doesn’t
believe in celebrating
birthdays because
it takes focus away
from Allah. If only
they knew how much
their true Creator        China                                                       Ghana
delights in life! I
sensed that Bethany
was saddened by
this tradition, so I      China I walk around different neighbor-
asked if it would be      hoods for hours each week, praying
OK if we had a small
party in honor of her     for our city. one day a local believer
birthday. She cheer-      stopped and thanked me for influenc-
fully accepted, and                                                       hungary After
                          ing her life. honestly, I felt I have had    attending English
we had a wonderful
time at Bethany’s first   very little influence on her life, but she   camp in 2007, Gabi
birthday party. We        started telling me the many ways God         began attending our
laughed, we danced                                                     church for the first
                          used our family to challenge and bless       time and, soon after,
and I saw a joyful
side of her that I had    her. as the conversation progressed I        was baptized. As with
never seen before.        asked, “how many house churches are          most new believers
Over and over again                                                    in our church, Gabi
                          you aware of in this city?” She shocked      is a first-generation
she kept whispering
to me, “I am so happy     me when she replied, “Probably 90 to         Christian. There was
today!” I continue        100.” My follow-up question was, “how        no encouragement
to pray that Bethany                                                   from his family to
                          many were there 10 years ago?” She           seek God, rather
and others will get
to experience a new       answered, “I wasn’t aware of a single        many instances of
kind of birthday,         one.” Then she surprised me as she           resistance. But when
one for which all of                                                   you ask Gabi how
                          continued, “I am glad the government         you can pray for
Heaven will celebrate
and one for which         keeps pressure on Chinese believers.         him, he will usually
rejoicing will not end.   It keeps us sincere and genuine.”            respond, “Please
                                                                       pray for my sister Niki
                                                                       and my mom Kati to
                                                                       come to know Jesus
                                                                       Christ as Savior.” Last
                                                                       year, Gabi began
                                                                       bringing Niki to many
                                                                       of our ministry events,
                                                                       and his mother Kati
                                                                       stepped into our
                                                                       church for the first
                                                                       time in 2008. They
                                                                       both commented
                                                                       that there was a
                                                                       noticeable change
                                                                       in Gabi after he
                                                                       became a Christian.
                                                                       God is multiplying
                                                                       the work he began in
                                                                       Gabi in Petofibanya
                                                                       as he serves in our
                                                                       VBS and English
                                                                       camp that ministers
                                                           Hungary     to Hungarians from
                                                                       various regions.

8 BottomLine ConneCtion
   Eastern Europe The neighborhood boys stared in defiance as I pulled into the
driveway. We had already had a few run-ins, so they didn’t like me and I didn’t
like them. But today something was different. a couple of the hoods were cradling
musical instruments—guitars! I was tired and intended to slip past them, but a
small voice told me to check it out. I could feel the hostility as I walked up. “Can I
see your guitar?” They snickered but then handed one over. as soon as I tweaked
one of the tuning keys, a rusty old string popped. More laughter. But one thing
led to another, and soon they were all sitting at my picnic table while I repaired,
restrung and tuned their guitars. Then came the request. “Would you teach us how
to play?” The following week, as we sat down for the first lesson, I explained, “By
the way, I teach guitar using songs about God.” They looked at each other and
protested that they were Muslims. “Sorry, the lessons are free, but those are my
conditions.” It’s been about six months now. They come faithfully every Wednes-
day, and the group has grown to eight. They have come to some youth group
meetings, and one boy has started attending the Bible study. In the meantime, my
daughters say there’s been a miraculous change in their street manners. Instead
of rude comments, the boys now wave politely to them and make their friends do
the same. Still, my daughter said it was shocking the first time she came home to
find the neighborhood terror sitting in her living room strumming.

“I am so glad the government keeps
          pressure on believers. It keeps us sincere
   and genuine.” – a Chinese Christian

    Ghana During a        Middle East                Bolivia Ella got into       Japan Ten years
recent conference,        Recently, while return-    trouble while helping    ago, Kinue Yoshida
local beliefs delayed     ing home from a trip, I    her friend send a        and her family lived
our Tuesday outing to     picked up a hitch-         not-so-pleasant          in Tokyo where she
the beach. We were        hiker standing on the      message to a rival for   met a missionary
told that beaches are     roadside holding out       a particular young       named Becky, who
closed on Tuesdays        his hand. The con-         man. She had been        invited Mrs. Yoshida
because some              versation rolled on        attending our Bible      to study the Bible with
Ghanaians believe         from family to work to     study but immedi-        her while their two
the sea god rests         George W. Bush and         ately stopped com-       young daughters
that day. Wednesday       finally to questions of    ing to church after      played. Daily they
morning found us          the heart. I explained     the incident became      studied the Scriptures,
sitting on an empty       about grace and            public. I sought her     and two years later,
beach under a wide        forgiveness and            out to talk about it,    Mrs. Yoshida and her
yellow umbrella.          asked him if he had        and she expressed        daughter accepted
David went in for         read the Good Book.        that she felt            Christ. Her family told
a swim but quickly        Nathan hadn’t but          ashamed to go back       her that she must
returned after only       was eager to read          to church. We studied    choose between this
a few minutes. He         it. When we arrived        what the Bible           Jesus and her family.
said the water was        at Nathan’s home, I        had to say about         With a broken heart
littered with garbage.    realized he lived in a     repentance and           and trembling body,
I decided to stay in      village in the interior    forgiveness. It would    Mrs. Yoshida drove to
the shade and watch       of our country totally     have been easy to        the church, prayed
the tide bring in the     untouched by any           miss the opportunity     with the other Chris-
trash. Sadly, just to     form of the good           with Ella, and it        tians and stepped
our left, the tide also   news. As I drove           causes me to reflect     into the baptismal
brought ashore the        away, I felt like light    on the times when I      waters. She grew in
body of a baby who        had been brought for       didn’t make the extra    her faith, and her life
had been thrown into      the first time to a dark   effort to reach out to   reflected God’s grace
the ocean to drown.       place. What a joy!         someone around me.       and love. Soon her
We watched as a                                                               husband became
crowd gathered to                                                             a Christian. Several
see the abandoned                                                             years later, her par-
infant, saw some walk                                                         ents accepted Christ
away shaking their                                                            because of the joy
heads in disbelief                                                            and peace they saw
and heard others                                                              in the Yoshidas’ lives.
voice disgust at such                                                         Becky had many
a heart-rending act.                                                          American Christians
We left the beach                                                             praying for Mrs.
remembering again                                                             Yoshida’s salvation.
why we’re here and                                                            “They prayed for me,”
saying to ourselves,        Japan                                             she says. “And I didn’t
“This is Africa.”                                                             even know.”

                                                                          BottomLine ConneCtion 9

a Pioneers team uses film to tell the
              story of the yanomamö people group
      In a true story     with the Yanomamö,          to the question that        award-winner at film
of life and death in      that finally brings their   many shamans ask,           festivals and chal-
the Amazon rainfor-       true story to the world.    “Who is this other          lenges secular and
est, The Enemy God        It is a story of man’s      spirit, who I know          Christian audiences
recounts the life of      search for spiritual        as my enemy?” His           with a powerful story
Shake, an extraordi-      truth and a story of        search for the answer       of faith and hope.
nary Yanomamö sha-        a people who are            will forever be seen        Information about the
man. His interaction      caught between two          as a turning point in       film can be found at
with the spirit world     worlds—the old, a           Yanomamö history. 
gives us an insider’s     culture in bondage to       The Yanomamö                The film is also avail-
look at what is taking    fear and superstition,      themselves asked            able as a pre-release
place in the spiritual    and a new one of            10X to make a film          edition DVD from
battle for his people.    hope and freedom.           to tell their story. The    Caleb Resources
The Enemy God is          And it is the story of      dream of Yanomamö           (calebresources.
a motion picture,         the radical transfor-       brothers and sisters        org) and it is avail-
produced by 10X           mation that occurred        is a reality today.         able for screenings
Productions (a Pioneers   when he dared to            The Enemy God is            in churches and
team) in partnership      search out the answer       already a multiple-         schools.

         Children at Risk: What your family can do More than 1.2 billion children
         around the world grow up without hope and basic necessities. This large
         group is normally untouched by the message of God’s love and compas-
         sion. What can we do? Red Card: Standing against oppression, Providing
         hope is a new curriculum on children at risk created by Caleb Resources,
         a Pioneers team based in Denver. The unique feature of Red Card is the
target audience—families. It builds family unity and empowers kids to become
advocates for vulnerable children, their own peers. This 8-week family class raises
awareness of six different types of children at risk: children in poverty, orphans,
street kids, child laborers, children of war, and children affected by hIV/aIDS.
hands-on learning allows participants to step into the daily lives of children at
risk, motivating them to make a difference. Red Card will be available June 1.
For more information and a sample lesson, go to

Working Together to advance God’s kingdom
      Pioneers Partner Survey Over the next           here’s how:
   three years, Pioneers will embark on our             Confirm your survey Security Code
   most critical endeavor to date, positioning          printed near your address on the back
   ourselves to reach out with greater depth            cover of this issue.
   and breadth to unreached peoples world-              Visit the website of our survey partner:
   wide. As a community of missionaries and    and click on
   financial partners, we will need to work             the survey link.
   together more closely than ever in order to          Enter the Security Code to
   achieve what God is calling us to do.                start the survey.
      your Voice Is Important You are
   already supporting one or more Pioneers            Please respond by May 15.
   missionaries as part of your own personal          Your opinion matters.
   commitment to share the gospel. We also
   need you to contribute important feed-              “Please tell us what is important
   back and insight through this survey, to            to you in this confidential online
   help us understand your perspectives on             survey.” - Steve R
   and priorities for our work.

10 BottomLine ConneCtion
By Dwight McGuire

  Recently, a Pioneers team, in collaboration with other organizations, aired Mel Gib-
son’s Passion of the Christ on national television in a Muslim-majority country. From
that showing, we had 65,000 people respond using text messages requesting
a video called The Secret Life —we chose to use text messaging as a response system
because radicals monitor other response systems such as Internet or local mail.

  In the video were testimonies of people who            From this experience we changed our media
explained how God had changed them. If the             strategy from using persuasion messages to
respondent wanted more information, he could           using media that highlights issues that Muslims
send us a text message to receive a discussion         struggle with in their religion. In the past we cre-
guide. In this guide the respondent was asked if       ated television programs to which as few as 100
they wanted to receive the Injil (Muslim term for      people would respond. By switching our focus
the New Testament). Of the 6,500 Muslims who           to looking for seekers, we often had over 100,000
asked for the Injil, we know of 85 who made pro-       respondents, eventually leading to dozens of
fessions of faith. Interestingly, of the 85, 25 were   discussion groups—precursors to cell churches.
not individuals, but small groups that gathered        Some of these discussion groups went on to split
to discuss the videos and Injil. These groups were     several times, becoming a cluster of cell groups
spread over five states and among many of the          that provided mutual support for one another.
people groups that Pioneers is seeking to reach.         Paul was a master at using mass media in
  Research has shown that mass media is                church planting. Scan the book of Acts: Paul
poor at persuading people to consider other            can be seen using the public speaking forum
religions, but is effective at identifying people      of the synagogues to identify God-fearing
who are in the searching mode. Our ministry            Gentiles and speaking at the lecture hall of
team discovered this while my wife and I were          Tyrannus, marketplaces and the Areopagus.
serving with Pioneers in a Muslim-majority country.    Through the mass media “public forum” Paul
My job was to use media in church planting.            was looking for those who were seeking God
Many of our first projects were gospel oriented        through Judaism and other religions. He was
media, but often the response rate was paltry          seeking seekers—seekers who became house
at best. Often, those who responded were bent          churches in cities like Berea, Philippi, Corinth
on arguing that Islam was a better religion or, in     and Athens.
some cases, were threatening us with harm.               Creative use of mass media, national televi-
  In conducting a research project in an area          sion, videos, text messaging, the Injil and small
where a missionary was seeing success in using         discussion groups are an integral part of Pioneers’
media, I noticed that he was using media not to        passion to see church planting movements
persuade, but to open up dialogue. He offered          begin among the unreached.
various booklets or stickers, about which people       Dwight McGuire is a Pioneer who has served with
could respond with their thoughts. Little content      his family in Southeast Asia. Currently, he is mis-
was given, but people were engaged in the pro-         siologist in residence at Pioneers- usa, conducting
cess. This is consistent with the axiom, “Don’t tell   research and consulting teams on the use of
people what to think, but what to think about.”        media to reach Muslim people groups.

                                                                             BottomLine ConneCtion 11
                                                                                           Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE

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Orlando, FL 32832-6931                                                                      Permit #4118
Address Service Requested                                                                   Orlando, FL

Help us save money
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IN CaNaDa:
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