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Who Needs Cloud Computing


									Who Needs Cloud Computing
The term 'cloud computing' is being discussed a lot recently and not only by those
involved in IT, but as it's still a relatively new concept there are plenty of us who
don't really have any idea what it's all about. Put very simply it claims to benefit,
and even revolutionise, the way businesses are run by offering a range of
applications and services over the internet.

Every business can profit from cloud computing as it helps to eliminate business
barriers which in turn leads to increased efficiency in running your business. The
other advantage is that you have access to the latest cloud technology. SaaS
(Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), Desktop as a Service
(DaaS), back up, disaster recovery, data storage and much more are just some of
the services it's able to offer businesses no matter how big or small.

Ideal for those intending to start a new business it can be facilitated to set up an IT
network that involves only those services and programmes necessary, as there's no
need to buy expensive IT hardware and you only have to pay for what you use this
makes serious business sense. Paying only for what you use on a monthy basis
means you keep your expenses low, then once business starts to pick up you can
simply add additional features as they're required - keeping set-up costs to a
minimum at a time when you don't have much profit coming in means your new
business is off to a healthy start.

People can be empployed on a freelance basis which saves you money in employee
wages and office costs as they can work from home just as easily. Employees have
the option of working anywhere as long as it has internet connection which gives a
higher level of flexibility, scalability and consistency. This also eases the workload
on support staff.

Is your business growing rapidly? If you intend to expand in the near future then
consider a cloud infrastructure as it allows for on demand scalability, in other words
you can make decisions and carry them out very quickly. This could include opening
another branch of your company or even an international office, or business might
be so good you need to quickly employ more people to join the team or double the
number of projects you can complete each month.

The ability to access software via the internet means you always have the most up-
to-date version, having the latest software is a huge benefit for a company as it
puts you well ahead of competition and will attract those big name clients.

One of the main benefits of cloud computing is the provision of a back-up service.
Everyone dreads systems failing and to prevent losing important files and data it's
vital they're constantly being backed up. The Back up as a Service (online data
backup) eliminates the need to back up data manually and is crucial for a business
environment as files can be quickly recovered reducing downtime and increasing

You can also minimise financial risk by subscribing to a service as they'll take care
of all the IT services, from updating the software and infrastructure to maintaining
security, as you pay for the service on a monthly basis it means you can keep an
eye on, and control, business expenditure. Top of the line physical and virtual
security ensures that business never has to stop during a busy period as they'll
maintain your service and provide accessibility and recoverability with an online
disaster recovery solution. Want to find out more? Just look online, cloud computing
explained in very simple terms is available.

Check out cloud computing Australia where software and hardware specialists make
certain your IT investment is suitable for your business needs. Put yourself in the
cloud today and appreciate the advantages of a hosted solution. The ability to use
computing resources and platforms only when you need them, coupled with an IT
infrastructure that's dynamic, scalable and cost effective can only be a winner.

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