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           VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE AND STATE UNIVERSITY                             http://www.unirel.vt.edu/spectrum/                   VOLUME 24 NUMBER 31 FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2002

Giacco, Grado receive Alumni Distinguished Service Awards today
  By Kelly Corace and Courtney O’Hara,                                                                                                                         In addition to his corporate career,
        University Relations interns                                                                                                                     Giacco served as a member of the Virginia
     The growth and development of Vir-                                                                                                                  Tech Board of Visitors from 1979 to 1987
ginia Tech as a major research university is                                                                                                             and was rector of the board for the last three
due in large measure to the active support of                                                                                                            years of his term. During the university’s
the university’s alumni. In honor of the nu-                                                                                                             national “Campaign for Excellence,” which
merous contributions that Alexander F.                                                                                                                   generated more than $108 million dollars in
Giacco and John Grado have made to the                                                                                                                   less than three years, he chaired the Corpo-
betterment of the nation and Virginia Tech,                                                                                                              rate and Foundation Gifts Committee. He
the Alumni Association has recognized them                                                                                                               was inducted into the College of
with the 2002 Alumni Distinguished Service                                                                                                               Engineering’s Academy of Engineering Ex-
Award.                                                                                                                                                   cellence in 2000 and is a member of the
     The awards will be presented to Giacco                                                                                                              college’s Committee of 100.
and Grado today at the Founders Day Con-                                                                                                                       After Giacco retired from Hercules, the
vocation, which begins at 3 p.m. in Burruss                                                                                                              company established the Alexander F. Giacco
auditorium.                                                                                                                                              Presidential Chair at Virginia Tech with a
     After graduating from Virginia Tech in                                                                                     GRADO                    $1-million endowment. The Alexander F.
1942 with a B.S. in chemical engineering,                                                                                                                Giacco Engineering Scholarship Fund was
Giacco began his 45-year career with Her-              Since leaving Hercules, he has served as        throughout the U.S. He also has been honored      subsequently established through his sup-
cules, Inc. He served as the company’s presi-    president and CEO of Rheometric Scientific            by the nation of his birth—in 1985, the Italian   port. In 1989, he received the University
dent from 1977 to 1987 and chairman of the       Inc., and chairman and CEO of HIMONT Inc.             government conferred a title of honor,            Distinguished Achievement Award for “sig-
board from 1980 until his retirement in 1987.    He is currently managing director of Axess            Commendatore, the country’s highest civilian      nificant achievement of enduring signifi-
The Wall Street Transcript dubbed Giacco         Corp.                                                 commendation. In 1987 he was elected to mem-      cance to society.”
“The Chemical Industry’s Outstanding Chief             Giacco’s achievements have earned sev-          bership in the prestigious National Academy of          “Just as Al Giacco has played a vital
Executive Officer” in 1984.                      eral honorary doctorates from universities            Engineering.                                                  (See SERVICE AWARDS on 3)

Kraft selected 2002 Ruffner Medal recipient                                                                                                              Restructuring may
             By Lynn Nystrom
     When Christopher C. Kraft Jr. won the
                                                 among its esteemed alumni Dr. Christopher C.
                                                 Kraft,” President Charles Steger said. “He has
                                                                                                       the development of
                                                                                                       the Space Shuttle.
                                                                                                                                                         lead to college
1999 National Space Trophy from Rotary
International, the group described him as “a
                                                 provided vision and leadership in his service to
                                                 the university on the Board of Visitors in addition
                                                                                                       During its definition
                                                                                                       and design studies,
driving force in the U.S. human space flight     to his support for Alumni Center Campaign, the        he played a vital role                                           By Clara B. Cox
program from its beginnings to the Space         Class of ’45 Campaign and the College of              in the decision-                                       The grouping of several colleges into
Shuttle era, a man whose accomplishments         Engineering Committee of 100.”                        making process that                               “consortia of colleges,” defined by Provost
have become legendary.”                                Kraft was instrumental in the decision to       created the Space                                 Mark McNamee as “a group of colleges that
     In honor of his distinguished service to    land an astronaut on the moon. He led the             Shuttle program, and                              shares common approaches to accomplishing
science and the nation, the Board of Visitors    planning and operational control of programs          he determined the                                 goals in one or more of the university’s
has awarded him the 2002 William H. Ruffner      from the two sub-orbital Mercury missions             initial configuration                             missions,” is among the proposals that have
                                                 through Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and the Apollo        of the Space Shuttle             KRAFT            emerged during the university’s examination
Medal, the university’s highest honor.
     “Virginia Tech is truly honored to count    Soyuz/test project. He was deeply involved in          (See KRAFT on 3)                                 of restructuring.
                                                                                                                                                              In a letter to faculty and staff members
                                                                                                                                                         on Monday, McNamee provided a progress
Roy Graduate Commencement speaker Alexander’s Fulbright                                                                                                  report that summarizes the “current state” of
                By Julie Kane                    including the university-wide Alumni Award            to fund teaching                                  the restructuring discussions. The report,
                                                                                                                                                         available       on      line     at    http://
      Lucinda Roy will be the keynote speaker
for Graduate Commencement on May 10,
                                                 for Teaching Excellence, Roy was co-founder
                                                 of the Service-Learning program at Virginia
                                                                                                       materials on China                                www.provost.vt.edu/restructuring.html,
                                                 Tech and has authored a number of successful                                                            outlines six broad areas of recommendations
beginning at 4:30 p.m. in Cassell Coliseum.                                                                            By Jean Elliott
                                                 grants in support of on-line course develop-                                                            designed to “maximize our effectiveness in
      Roy is alumni distinguished professor                                                                  M. David Alexander, chair of the Depart-
                                                 ment and diversity initiatives.                                                                         recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty
in English and director of creative writing at                                                         ment of Educational Leadership and Policy
                                                       She has published two novels, Lady Moses                                                          members, students, and staff members as
Virginia Tech. In May, she will assume the                                                             Studies, has been awarded funding from the
                                                 and The Hotel Alleluia, and two collections of                                                          part of the effort to expand the scholarly
position of chair of the English Department.                                                           Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Pro-
                                                 poetry. Her poetry collection, The Humming                                                              environment appropriate for a top-30
She served as an associate dean in the Col-                                                            gram. The grant will fund 15 educators and
                                                 Birds, won the 1994 Eighth Mountain Poetry                                                              university.”
lege of Arts and Sciences from 1993-1996,                                                              administrators from Virginia Tech, Western
                                                 Prize. She received her B.A. (honors) in En-                                                                 One recommendation would expand
and was the Gloria D. Smith professor in                                                               Kentucky University and three Virginia public-
                                                 glish from King’s College, London, and her                                                              the Pamplin College of Business to include
black studies from 1997-1999. In 1992, she                                                             school systems, for a four-week study tour in
                                                 M.F.A. in creative writing from the University                                                          the Department of Hospitality and Tourism
was the Margaret Bundy Scott professor of                                                              the People’s Republic of China.
                                                 of Arkansas. In May 2000, she was awarded an                                                            Management. In another recommendation,
English at Williams College in Massachu-                                                                     “Our goal is to develop curriculum mate-
                                                 honorary doctorate of letters from the Univer-                                                          the College of Architecture and Urban
setts. Roy has taught in Africa, England, and                                                          rials about China that will enhance current
                                                 sity of Richmond.                                                                                       Studies could add part or all of the School of
the United States, and frequently gives pre-                                                           programs within the K-12 districts and the
                                                       Currently, she is at work on her third                                                            the Arts, the interior-design component of
sentations throughout the country on cre-                                                              offerings within the universities,” Alexander
                                                 poetry collection, her third novel, and a series                                                        Near Environments, and, for administrative
ative writing, higher education, and diver-                                                            said.
                                                 of oil paintings in which she reinterprets the                                                          purposes, the School for Public and
sity.                                                                                                        Consisting of a series of seminars, field
                                                 trials of the “middle passage.”                                                                         International Affairs.
      A recipient of several teaching awards,
                                                                                                                                (See FULBRIGHT on 4)                  (See RESTRUCTURING on 4)

                           EVENTS                                       Wednesday, 1
                                                                             Pay Date for Faculty and Staff Members.
                                                                                                                                              Friday, 26
   Friday, 26                                                                Classes End.
                                                                                                                                                  Highlands in Chemistry, 11:15 a.m., 3 Davidson: Chris
       Founders Day, 3 p.m., Burruss auditorium.                             Family, Work/Life Resources Program, noon to 1 p.m.,
                                                                                                                                              Walsh, Harvard Medical School.
       TA Event, 8 p.m., Squires Studio Theater: “Radon!”               DBHCC conference room G.
                                                                                                                                                  MCBB, 12:20 to 1:10 p.m., Fralin auditorium: George
   (Through 4-27).                                                           “With Good Reason,” 7 p.m., WVTF.
                                                                                                                                              Bloom, UVa.
                                                                             SOTA Event, 8 p.m., Burruss auditorium: Benjamin
                                                                                                                                                  STS, 4 p.m., 132 Lane: Michael Klein.
   Saturday, 27                                                         Britten’s War Requiem.
       New River Valley Symphony, 8 p.m., Burruss audito-                                                                                     Monday, 29
   rium.                                                                Thursday, 2                                                                Horticulture, 4 p.m., 409 Saunders: Lisa Kelk.
       YMCA Hike, 10 a.m., YMCA Parking Lot.                                 Reading Day.
       Virginia Museum of Natural History Event, 11 a.m. to                  SOTA Event, 8 p.m., Squires Recital Salon: Faculty
                                                                                                                                              Wednesday, 1
   noon, Saturday Science: Flowers and Plants.                          Recital.
                                                                                                                                                  ESM, 4 p.m., 136 Norris: Andrew Hood, U.S. State
       SOTA Event, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., PAB: open auditions for                                                                                 Department.
   Blacksburg Summer Arts Festival.                                     Friday, 3
                                                                              Exams Begin.
                                                                                                                                              Wednesday, 8
   Sunday, 28                                                                                                                                     Human Development, 7 p.m., Wallace atrium: Shirley S.
        SOTA Event, 3 p.m., Squires Recital Salon: Faculty                                                                                    Travis, UNC—Charlotte.

   SCC announces last assistance day                                    Technology, and Natural Resource Policy in New Delhi, India.          Music department sponsoring Alumni Weekend
       The last day to request assistance from the Statistical          She is known for her scholarship in—and work to protect—                   The Department of Music is sponsoring the first annual
   Consulting Center is April 26. The center will begin accepting       biological and cultural diversity, traditional agro-ecosystems,       Music Education Alumni Weekend April 26-27.
   new clients for the summer on May 16.                                and the knowledge and rights of women, indigenous peoples, and             More than 20 alumni are returning to campus to lead
                                                                        peoples of the Third World.                                           seminars, classes, and conduct ensembles for Tech’s
   Shiva program set for April 29                                            Her visit is sponsored by the Campus Greens at Virginia          undergraduate music-education majors. Music-education faculty,
        Vandana Shiva, scientist, ecofeminist, and activist, will       Tech. Co-sponsors include the departments of Biological Systems       alumni, and undergraduates will participate in a series of seminars
   present a program in the Donaldson Brown auditorium Monday           Engineering and Political Science, International Club at Virginia     and ensemble performances that will bring the real world of
   April 29, at 8 p.m.                                                  Tech, Multidisciplinary Studies, Science and Technology Studies,      public school music education to Tech’s undergraduate music-
        She is the director of the Research Foundation for Science,     womanspace, and the Women’s Studies Program.                          education program. Alumni will experience the latest in music-
                                                                                                                                              education theory and technique while undergraduates experience
                                                                                                                                              the “real world” of music-education alumni.

Staff and Faculty Annual Fund offers donation options                                                                                                           Engineering freshmen
             By Kathleen Pantaleo                     tions made by Virginia Tech employees.
                                                                                                                                                                will need laptops
                                                                                                           ment—started by President Charles Steger along
     Last year, the Staff and Faculty Annual               So that the Staff and Faculty Annual Fund       with past university presidents—ensures that         this fall
Fund experienced a 45-percent increase in the         may better meet the expectations of Virginia         spouses and dependents of employees will al-                         By Karen Gilbert
number of participants from earlier years. Input      Tech employees, the following are now offered:       ways have scholarship opportunities made avail-            The computer requirement for engineer-
from staff and faculty members and retired            on-line giving at http://www.filebox.vt.edu/         able to them if they choose to attend Virginia       ing freshmen has been changed from a desktop
employees resulted in many positive changes,          univdev/af/; the option to give collectively for     Tech.                                                to a laptop to reflect the increased technology
such as the Employees’ Spouse and Dependent           employee groups, and payroll deduction. Em-               In addition to the scholarships already         needs of students.
Scholarship Fund (http://www.fst.vt.edu/vtsp/)        ployees who contribute at least $1 per paycheck      mentioned, current and retired Virginia Tech               “The college is a strong believer in provid-
emerging as a primary focus for the campaign.         ($24) made by June 30, will receive a chance to      employees can make a gift to any area of the         ing useful technologies that will serve our stu-
     This scholarship fund is now highlighted         win drawing for $400 in airfare.                     university. Current and retired Virginia Tech        dents well while learning at Virginia Tech and
throughout the Staff and Faculty Annual Fund               A new option introduced this year is the        employees can look for a pledge card in the mail     prepare them for the next stage in life, entering
campaign, although many other areas at the            opportunity to add to the Presidential Depen-        on or around May 1.                                  the workforce,” said Glenda Scales, assistant
university can and do benefit from annual dona-       dent Scholarship Endowment. This endow-                                                                   dean for distance learning and computers in the
                                                                                                                                                                College of Engineering.
Campus beautification competition winners announced                                                                                                                   About 30 percent of engineering students
                                                                                                                                                                surveyed by the college’s laptop taskforce,
                  By Sherri Box                       the fall 2001 semester was eligible to submit an     surrounded by Hokie stone, each with a college       which was established to seek broad-based
     Jon Phillips, a business-information-            entry and the submissions were accepted from         seal cast in bronze. As a final design element,      input before deciding on the requirement, re-
technology major, and Lauren Fisher, a                Oct. 1, 2001 through Feb. 1, 2002.                   Fisher included a screening wall along Prices        ported that they have already switched to a
landscape-architecture major, were honored                  “Banners on a Campus Lot,” Phillip’s entry,    Fork Road lines with trees to hide the commuter      laptop computer out of preference. Students
April 20 at the Student Recognition Banquet for       was described as a simple, yet effective solution    lot. Her design combines campus landmarks            responded that laptops are more convenient and
winning first place for their submissions to the      to the expanse of the commuter-lot entrance to       and insignia into an aesthetically pleasing          provide quick access to the Internet, e-mail and
“Ornament the Cement” competition. The                the university. Phillips designed high-durability,   landmark entrance.                                   homework files.
winners will each receive $500 and a certificate.     weatherproof banners in orange and maroon,                The entries were judged upon their                    “One of the key things that came out of the
     The beautification competition began six         complete with the Virginia Tech emblem, which        innovative and creative use of construction,         survey that interested me was the number of
months ago, and on March 4 a selection jury           could be attached to the lighting structures         landscape, and design elements; successful           times engineering students return to their dorms
made up of visiting and university faculty            throughout the lot. The banners can be changed       integration of the design into the existing          or apartments to use the computer,” said Tom
members, administration, and past graduates           for various events, as well as portray the parking   environment and architectural style;                 Walker, associate professor of engineering fun-
chose the winners. In October, students were          designations of each lot. The design provides        comprehensiveness and thoroughness of                damentals. About two-thirds of students live
charged with the task of beautifying what has         color, versatility, easy upkeep, and is cost         submitted design; and feasibility and practical      off campus and these students spend an esti-
become one of Virginia Tech’s main                    effective.                                           implementation. Submissions also had to include      mated seven hours a week in wasted travel time
entranceways: the area between Prices Fork                  “Unity in Design,” Fisher’s entry, proposed    a visual representation of the idea and a design     going back and forth from classrooms to home
Road, West Campus Drive, Perry Street, and            building several university-themed structures        essay.                                               for computer use. The need to return home
Stanger Street.                                       surrounding a new road entranceway. The road              Honorable mention was awarded to                increases the pressure on students to own a car,
     The competition was designed by the              will create a more direct entrance from Prices       Michelle McLeese for “Ornament in the Cement         which compounds the parking problem on cam-
Campus Beautification sub-committee of the            Fork Road to West Campus Drive and will have         Project,” and special mentions were awarded to       pus.
Commission on University Support as part of an        a Burruss Hall abstract design made of pylons        Jeremy Richa for “VT West Campus Design                    Network plug-in or wireless network ac-
effort to improve the aesthetics of the campus.       on the corner of the turn. Drivers approaching       Competition,” and Alison Thorne for “A Vision        cess is currently available in certain classrooms
Any student organization or full-time student in      campus along Route 460 will see eight pylons         in Motion.”                                          and study areas, such as Randolph Hall and
                                                                                                                                                                Torgersen Hall. “CNS wants the laptop initia-
                                                                                                                                                                tive to be successful and understands that ex-
                                                                                                                                                                                     (See ENGINEERING on 4)
                                                                                                                                                                  FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2002 SPECTRUM                     3

                                                                  Housekeeping Worker, 007324C, PB 1,                Large Animal Husbandry, W022155M,                    Policy Studies. Assistant/Associate
         CLASSIFIED POSITIONS                                     Physical Plant.
                                                                  Human Resources Specialist, 007570D,
                                                                                                                     PB 1, VTH.
                                                                                                                     Program Coordinator, W023168J, PB 3,
                                                                                                                                                                          Professor in Counselor Education.
                                                                                                                                                                          (CACREP-accredited program.) Contact:
      The following classified positions are                      PB 4, Personnel Services.                          CDAC.                                                Mary Whitlock, College of Human Re-
currently available. Position details, spe-                       Laboratory Specialist, 007944M, PB 3,              Program Support Technician, 004570M,                 sources and Education, 103 War Memo-
cific application procedures/position-clos-                       Biochemistry.                                      PB 3, CSES.                                          rial Hall (0317), Blacksburg, VA 24061.
ing dates may be found on Personnel Ser-                          Laboratory Technician, 007945G, PB 2,              Radiologic Technologist, W022412M, PB                Review begins May 16.
vices web site http://www.ps.vt.edu. Posi-                        CVM.                                               3, VTH.                                                       NON-INSTRUCTIONAL
tions are also listed on the Job Line, a 24-                      Large Animal Veterinary Technician,                Security Guard, W020470Y, PB 1, Police.                    University Development. Director
hour recorded message service. For infor-                         001996M, PB 4, VTH.                                Switchboard Operator, W022101A, PB 2,                of Development Communications. Con-
mation on all job listings, call 1-5300. Some                     Office Services Specialist, 001286S, PB            CNS.                                                 tact: Rhonda K. Arsenault, Assistant Vice
positions include state benefits. Positions                       2, Purchasing.                                     Switchboard Operator, W020821M, PB                   President for Advancement Services, Of-
with numbers beginning with “W” are hourly                        Office Services Specialist, 007283G, PB            2, VTH.                                              fice of University Development, 201 Pack
and do not include state benefits. Individu-                      2, ECE.                                            Veterinary Technician, W023340M, PB                  Building, Mail Code (0336), Virginia Tech,
als with disabilities desiring assistance or                      Phototypesetting Specialist, 000601A,              4, VTH.                                              Blacksburg, Virginia 24061.
accommodation in the application process                          PB 3, Printing Services.                                       OFF CAMPUS                               Metropolitan Institute, College of Ar-
should call by the application deadline.                          Practical Nurse, 001776J, PB 3, SHC.               Nursing Supervisor, 000606M, PB 3,                   chitecture and Urban Studies. Senior
Closing date for advertised positions is 1                        Radiologic Technologist, 002394M, PB               CVM—EMC.                                             Project Associate. Contact: Robert E.
p.m. Monday. An EO/AA employer commit-                            3, VTH.                                            Office Manager, 007796Y, PB 3, IALR.                 Lang, Director, Metropolitan Institute at
ted to diversity.                                                 Technical Operations Assistant,                    Operating Room Supervisor, 007377M,                  Virginia Tech, 1101 King Street, Suite
                 FULL TIME                                        007940J, PB 2, VTTI.                               PB 3, CVM—EMC.                                       612,      Alexandria,     VA      22314.
One full-time food-service position avail-                        TV/Media Systems Engineer, 000196A,                Research Specialist, 007942J, PB 3, VTTI.            Women’s Center. Program Coordina-
able.                                                             PB 4, VBS.                                         Secretary Senior, 002089R, PB 2, NVC.                tor. Contact: Program Coordinator Search
Assistant Manager, 000561H, PB 3, RDP.                            Web Designer, 007510A, PB 4, BEV.                  Wildlife Worker, 006638G, PB 2, Biology.             Committee, Women’s Center at Virginia
Electrician, 001050F, PB 3, Physical Plant.                       Webmaster, 007943Y, PB 4, VBI.                                                                          Tech, Price House, Stanger St. (0270),
                                                                                 PART TIME                                                                                Blacksburg, VA 24061-0279. Review be-
Graduate Enrollment Specialist,
001846G, PB 3, ESM.                                               Laboratory Technician Senior,
                                                                                                                              FACULTY POSITIONS                           gins May 20.
Graduate Program Coordinator,                                     W022172M, PB 2, VTH.                                        INSTRUCTIONAL
001092G, PB 3, Math.                                                                                                 Department of Educational Leadership

                                                                                                                                                                          Paper Co., offered Grado a job as chief indus-
Virginia Public Service Week set                                                                                     SERVICE AWARDS
                                                                                                                                     Continued from 1
                                                                                                                                                                          trial engineer. Grado soon became president of
                                                                                                                                                                          Fitchburg’s Decotone Division and eventually
      Later this month, Governor Mark Warner                      Virginia Public Service Steering Committee, a      role nationally in the chemical industry, he has     executive vice-president of the parent com-
will announce the observation of Virginia Public                  state-level committee, will review all entries     also given Virginia Tech the benefit of his          pany.
Service Week (VPSW) for May 6-12. This                            and the selected employees will be honored at a    renowned executive talents,” said Malcolm                  When Litton Industries bought Fitchburg
year’s theme is “Proudly Serving Virginians.”                     ceremony during that week. Because of the          McPherson, interim dean of the College of            Paper in 1967, Grado—then only 35 years
      VPSW is an opportunity to reward and                        short time frame for VPSW, the university will     Engineering. “His leadership on the Board of         old—was made the corporate vice-president of
recognize employees for their hard work and                       submit the names of the fall 2001 winners of the   Visitors during a time of growth and change          Litton. In 1983 he bought the company from
                                                                                                                     was a major force in bolstering the university’s     Litton, renamed it Technographics and moved
dedication to the state and raise public awareness                President’s Award for Excellence for several
                                                                                                                     substance and status.”                               the world headquarters to Fitchburg, Massa-
of the contributions state employees make every                   Governor’s Awards. The five university                                                                  chusetts. Grado’s entrepreneurial talents made
day. In addition to supporting VPSW, Virginia                     nominees are Penny Cook, Jessie Eaves, Tom               Grado entered Virginia Tech at the age of
                                                                                                                     16 and a year later he interrupted his studies to    Technographics a resounding success. In 1999
Tech provides many university employee award                      Head, Christopher Peters, and Sally Stafford.                                                           he sold the company and retired from corporate
                                                                                                                     enlist in the U.S. Navy for two-year stint during
and recognition programs in the spring and fall,                        Thirty-five employees from state agencies    World War II. He then returned to the univer-        life.
including Staff Appreciation Day, scheduled                       will be randomly selected by the state’s           sity and received his degree in industrial engi-           His generosity to Virginia Tech includes
for the week following Virginia Public Service                    Department of Human Resource Management            neering in 1951.                                     endowment of the Department of Industrial
Week.                                                             to participate in the Governor’s Award ceremony          His early work led to a career in the paper    and Systems Engineering (ISE), which became
      The state-wide program will recognize                       as employee ambassadors to thank award             and printing business. In 1956 George Wallace,       the Grado Department in 2000. He also has
employees through Governor’s Awards. The                          recipients on behalf of other employees.           then president of Fitchburg (Massachusetts)          endowed the John Grado Professorship and a
                                                                                                                                                                          scholarship fund that supports 19 students an-
                                                                  KRAFT                                              for Rockwell International, IBM, and a number              Grado is a member of the College of
                                                                                                                                                                          Engineering’s Committee of 100 and is an
                                                                                 Continued from 1                    of other companies. A brief listing of his many
                                                                                                                     honors include membership in the prestigious         inductee of Virginia Tech’s Ut Prosim Society.
                                                                  system, a new concept in space transportation.
                   VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE                                                                    National Academy of Engineering, the                 He has served on ISE’s Advisory Board and is
                        AND STATE INIVERSITY                      Kraft was the director of the National
                                                                                                                     International Academy of Astronautics of the         a member of its Academy of Distinguished
      Spectrum, a faculty-staff tabloid, is published each        Aeronautics and Space Administration’s
                                                                                                                     International Astronautical Association, and         Alumni. He also has served on the Virginia
 Friday during the academic year, with the exception of           (NASA) Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in
 certain holidays, exam weeks, and the summer. Copy                                                                  the Aerospace Medical Association.                   Tech Foundation Board and the board of the
                                                                  Houston, Texas, from January 1972 to August
 deadline is noon Friday. No advertising is accepted.                                                                     Among his awards, he received the NASA          Corporate Research Center. He has been hon-
     Spectrum is a non-profit publication of the Office of        1982.
                                                                                                                     Outstanding Leadership Medal from the                ored with the University Distinguished Alumni
 University Relations: Lawrence G. Hincker, associate vice             Kraft was born in 1924, two years before
 president for University Relations; David Nutter, director of                                                       president of the United States in 1963, the Spirit   Award and election to the College of
                                                                  American physicist Robert Goddard launched
 college and media relations.                                                                                        of St. Louis Medal from the American Society         Engineering’s Academy of Engineering Ex-
                                                                  the first liquid-fueled rocket. Graduating in
                                                                                                                     of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in 1965, the          cellence, and he has received ISE’s Agee Dis-
                          Editor                                  1944 with a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical
                    John Ashby, 1-6961                                                                               Virginian of the Year Award from the Virginia        tinguished Alumni Award.
                                                                  engineering, he immediately joined the Langley
                                                                                                                     Press Association in 1967, the ASME Medal in               “He started as a student who didn’t have
                   News Bureau Manager
                                                                  Aeronautical Laboratory of the National
                                                                                                                     1973, and the Goddard Memorial Trophy from           anything and now he has given so much back to
                    Sherri Box, 1-8508                            Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA),
                                                                                                                     the National Space Club in 1979. He also             Virginia Tech students,” said ISE student
                                                                  the precursor of NASA.
                   Production Manager                                                                                received the NASA Distinguished Service              Heather Rae Danforth, a recipient of a Grado
                  Melinda Shaver, 1-8524
                                                                       In 1958, Kraft was selected as one of the
                                                                                                                     Medal, the highest NASA award, four times.           Scholarship.
                                                                  original members of the Space Task Group, the
                     Business Manager                             organization established to manage the Project
                                                                  Mercury. The group developed the basic
                   Web/Editorial Assistant
                   Sherri Songer, 1-2522
                                                                  concepts of the Mercury Project that launched
                                                                  the human space flight program for the United                       Staff Appreciation Day
                                                                  States. He personally served as the flight
   Letters to the editor and questions for "Ask Spectrum"
 should be addressed to the editor, 102 Media Building,
 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061.
                                                                  director for all of the Mercury missions and
                                                                  many of the Gemini missions.
  Electronic Spectrum: http://www.unirel.vt.edu/spec-
    Virginia Tech does not discriminate against employ-
 ees, students, or applicants on the basis of race, color,
                                                                       Kraft retired from NASA in 1982. In a
                                                                  tribute to his career at the time, the Roanoke
                                                                  Times editorialized that he “epitomized the
                                                                                                                                             May 15,
 gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran sta-
 tus, national origin, religion, or political affiliation. Any-
 one having questions concerning discrimination or ac-
                                                                  space age…he probably instilled more
                                                                  confidence in our space program than any slick
                                                                                                                                      from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
 cessibility regarding the programs described in this news-
 paper should contact the Equal Opportunity Affirmative
 Action Office: 540-231-7500 (v), 540-231-9460 (TTY).
                                                                  campaign could have done, because of his
                                                                  knowledge and ability to impart it.”
                                                                       Since his retirement, Kraft has consulted
                                                                                                                                      in Rector Field house.

                                                                                        IN OTHER NEWS
HTM educators among most influential                                                                       Wakefield appointed VCHR associate director
                  By Jean Elliott                     a UNLV professor with 141 citations. The only                        By Sarah Newbill                     new capacity. “The center has been very
       Three Virginia Tech faculty members were       other scholars with a minimum of 100 citations             Building Construction Professor Ron            successful in accomplishing its mission to
 ranked among the top five educators in a cita-       are all Virginia Tech faculty members: Olsen         Wakefield has been appointed to the new              improve the quality, affordability and
 tion analysis, according to the most recent issue    (122), Weaver (106), and McCleary (101).             position of associate director for the Virginia      accessibility of housing through research. That
 of the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Edu-       Besides having an impact on their field over         Tech Center for Housing Research housed in           success relies entirely on the involvement and
 cation.                                              time, the trio also ranked third, fourth and fifth   the College of Architecture and Urban Studies.       leadership of faculty members like Ron
       Michael Olsen, Pam Weaver and Ken              in most recent citation activity (1997-99): Olsen    He will continue his duties in the building-         Wakefield. Faculty members from the
 McCleary ranked third, fourth, and fifth, re-        (54), McCleary (52), and Weaver (47). Virginia       construction department while assuming this          departments of Building Construction and
 spectively in an “Update of Hospitality Man-         Tech’s Muzaffer Uysal ranked 27th with 16            new role, as well as additional responsibilities     Architecture have developed an impressive
 agement Education’s Most Influential Schol-          citations—despite his focus on tourism being         in the college.                                      agenda of nationally and internationally
 ars: A Citation Analysis 1989-1999.”                 featured more widely in other journals.                    Wakefield’s leadership role in housing         recognized research on residential construction
       A citation analysis is the time-consuming            Virginia Tech’s overall impact on the          technology research is shown most recently           technology,” Koebel said.
 process of counting the number of times any          hospitality industry is also evidenced by the        through a series of publications he has co-               Wakefield will assume his new duties at
 publication or researcher has been cited in          fact that eight VT HTM doctoral graduates            written. Funded by the U.S. Department of            the center in July, along with another appoint-
 “main articles” in peer-reviewed journals. In        ranked among the top-60 in the 1989-99 cita-         Housing and Urban Development, the publica-          ment as director of the environmental design
 this case, the five major hospitality-manage-        tion analysis.                                       tions focus on the residential construction site     and planning doctoral program. He holds the
 ment education journals were used: the Cornell             “Overall, Virginia Tech ranked second          and ways to make the building process and            William E. Jamerson Professorship of Building
 Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quar-            among institutions for cumulative citations,”        information flow more efficient. These can be        Construction and earned his Ph.D. in civil engi-
 terly, the FIU Hospitality Review, the Interna-      said Brian Mihalik, head of the Department of        found on the HUD web site at http://                 neering from the University of New South
 tional Journal of Hospitality Management, the        Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM).            www.huduser.org/publications/manufhsg/               Wales, Australia. He has been at Virginia Tech
 Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education,        “I am very impressed with our faculty dedica-        ircs2.html.                                          since 1998.
 and the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism           tion and am confident that if the research was             Center Director Ted Koebel said Wakefield           More information about the Center for
 Research. Main articles are the major pieces of      expanded to the entire tourism field, Dr. Uysal      is recognized as both a principal investigator       Housing Research can be found at
 a journal and do not include book reviews or         also would have joined Dr. Olsen, Dr. McCleary       and as a program builder, and looks forward to       www.caus.vt.edu/CAUS/RESEARCH/vchr/
 reports on working papers. Each reference ap-        and Dr. Weaver in the top-ranked faculty. This       even greater success with him serving in this        VCHR.html.
 pearing in a main article is logged in a database.   example of HTM faculty dedication to re-
       No self-citations are counted and authors      search further reinforces our departmental com-
 are counted only once per main article, regard-      mitment to excellence in scholarly activities.”      Earth Day Commuter Challenge results in
 less of the number of times cited within that              Virginia Tech, which posted 360 cita-
                                                                                                                          By Suzanne Ducker,                    checked in; the bus riders rode to the nearest bus
 article.                                             tions by six authors, trailed only Cornell in
                                                                                                                 alternative transportation manager             stop and walked to Torgersen; and the car
       The field was led by a retired scholar,        total citations, which posted 455 but had 14
                                                                                                                 The first Earth Day Commuter Challenge,        drivers drove in, found a parking space and then
 Robert Lewis, with 142 citations, followed by        authors.
                                                                                                           sponsored by the Office of Transportation and        walked to Torgersen Hall. The following re-
                                                                                                           Blacksburg Transit was held Monday.                  sults were obtained on the Patrick Henry Drive
ENGINEERING                                           quire—tables and chairs instead of desks, for
                                                                                                                 The three ‘commuters’ participating in the     to Torgersen Hall, Tom’s Creek bus route:
                Continued from 1                                                                           challenge at Tall Oaks Circle in Hethwood and        bicycle—five minutes, 15 seconds; bus—nine
                                                      improvement in lighting and sound control,           Patrick Henry Drive began their trip to Torgersen
panded wireless coverage will be desired,” said       and for classroom comfort,” Associate Provost                                                             minutes, 15 seconds; car—12 minutes, 53 sec-
                                                                                                           Hall at 10:45 a.m. The bicyclists were the first     onds.
John Pollard, director of engineering operations      Dixon Hanna said. The availability of more           to reach Torgersen Hall from both routes. The              Tall Oaks Circle to Torgersen Hall,
for Communications Network Services.                  electrical receptacles in the classroom will sup-    bus riders were the next and the car drivers were    Hethwood bus route: bicycle—nine minutes, 2
       Having a laptop will give the students the     port the use of laptops. About 30 classrooms         the last to arrive. The bikers rode directly up to   seconds; bus—15 minutes, 15 seconds; car—
ability to take their computers—holding notes,        have been improved so far and the bond fund-         Torgersen, locked their bikes at the rack and        16 minutes, 41 seconds.
data, applications software and other informa-        ing would provide for the university to update
tion—to class, group meetings, and study ses-         an additional 50 classrooms.
sions. “We see this as a significant improvement            Virginia Tech was the first public univer-     RESTRUCTURING                                        maintained as a separate college from the natural
in the academic environment for our students,”        sity to require its entering engineering students                  Continued from 1                       sciences because of its distinctive teaching and
said Nat Davis, assistant department head in          to bring a desktop computer to school. The                A new College of Biological,                    research programs, but a School of Computer
electrical and computer engineering. Instruc-         college has been offering laptops as an option       Mathematical, and Physical Sciences would be         Sciences and Information Technology would
tors will be able to set up ad-hoc “computer          to the computer requirement since 1998.              created and would join the College of Natural        be created to reflect the growing importance of
labs” for their classes simply by having students           The cost of a laptop compared to the           Resources, College of Agriculture and Life           computer science, computer engineering, and
bring their laptops with them.                        previously required desktop is approximately         Sciences, and Virginia Maryland Regional             other forms of information technology.
       As part of a bond issue to be voted on this    $400 to $600 higher. Financial-aide guidelines       College of Veterinary Medicine under an              Discussions continue about the administrative
fall, the university is seeking funds to renovate     for freshmen engineering students will be ad-        umbrella “colleges of natural science,” which        home for the school.
its inventory of outdated classrooms. “Obvi-          justed to factor in this cost.                       might also include the departments of                     Several college models have been proposed
ously, technology plays a big part, but our initia-         For more information, contact Tom              psychology; economics; and human nutrition,          to address the arts, humanities, social sciences,
tive is also fueled by the need for flexibility in    Walker at twalker@vt.edu or visit                    foods, and exercise.                                 education, and human-resources programs. A
seating styles that new learning pedagogies re-       www.eng.vt.edu/compreq/compreq.html.                      The College of Engineering would be             consortium of two colleges—one an outgrowth
                                                                                                                                                                of the College of Arts and Sciences and one
                                                      economy, geography, customs, and traditions               Since 1961, the Fulbright-Hays Group            emerging from the College of Human Resources
FULBRIGHT                                             of the Chinese people.                               Projects Abroad Program has awarded grants           and Education—would be formed to attain
                Continued from 1                            Alexander has extensive international ex-      to universities, state departments of education,     nationally prominent educational and research
visits, and curriculum-development workshops,         perience, making his first trip to China in 1993     and private non-profit educational organiza-         objectives. A Graduate School of Education
the program will be conducted by Jinhuan Shi,         by invitation of the People’s Education Press,       tions to provide training opportunities for fac-     would be organized within the latter college to
professor of education at Beijing Normal Uni-         the largest education press in China respon-         ulty members, teachers, and students in foreign      highlight the commitment to science and
versity; Jianliang Wang, associate professor at       sible for curriculum development and textbook        countries where the United States has diplo-         mathematics education.
Western Kentucky University; and Alexander.           compilation for all elementary and secondary-        matic representation. Under this program,                 The core curriculum could fall under the
The participants will form three study/writing        school children in China. He also led a delega-      awards are made to conduct overseas group            umbrella of a “university college.” Specific
teams, each having representatives from the           tion of 15 educators to China in a similar           projects in research, training, and curriculum       proposals are under development.
universities and public-school systems. They          Fulbright-Hays sponsored grant in 1997.              development.                                              The report also describes several concepts
will visit Beijing, Xian in Shaanxi Province,                                                                                                                   underlying the restructuring plan “that should
and Chengdu in Sichuan Province.                                                                                                                                aid us in advancing all missions of the university
      Resource materials will be developed                                                                                                                      without setting up hard, inflexible, competing
collaboratively, implemented in participating                                                                                                                   administrative structures.” In addition to taking
school systems, and disseminated at the state                                                                                                                   advantage of shared approaches, the consortia
and national levels through the network of                                                                                                                      of colleges concept would share certain
educators and by establishing a web site at                                                                                                                     administrators, such as the associate dean for
Virginia Tech. The focus will be on the                                                                                                                         undergraduate studies, associate dean for
modernization process occurring in China and                                                                                                                    research, and associate dean for outreach.
its national and international impact on social,                                                                                                                     Another concept “involves an on-going
economic, and educational systems.                                                                                                                              effort to continue discussions among department
      Educators from Giles County Public                                                                                                                        heads across college lines based on shared
Schools, Menchville High School (Newport                                                                                                                        interests.”
News) and two high schools in Fairfax County                                                                                                                         Two town hall meetings were held on
(Westfields and Langley) will participate. Giles                                                                                                                Wednesday to provide a forum for discussion
County schools have established a school-busi-                                                                                                                  of the proposals.
ness partnership with Hoechst Celanese, which                       Blacksburg,VAPermitNo.28                                                                         A comprehensive set of recommendations
has business interests in China. The Giles County       Non-ProfitOrganizationU.S.PostagePAID
                                                                                                                                 Blacksburg,VA24061             for evaluation by the Board of Visitors will be
educators will focus on developing a curricu-
                                                                                                                                 VirginiaTech                   presented to the university community by May
lum to gain a better understanding of the                                                                                                                       1.

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