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									                Maricopa County Community College District
                Maricopa Community Colleges District Office
                          Dr. Rufus Glasper, Chancellor
         District Office: 2411 West 14th Street, Tempe, Arizona 85281
Phone: 480.731.8100         Fax: 480.731.8502       Website:

Introduction                                     information about labor, economic and
                                                 workforce trends and workplace issues.
The Maricopa County Community College
District is a dynamic higher education           At the Maricopa Community Colleges,
system serving the educational needs of          education is affordable and accessible, with
Maricopa County.                                 courses in traditional classroom settings,
                                                 via the Internet, and on weekends and
Commonly referred to as the Maricopa             evenings.
Community Colleges, the organization
consists of 10 fully accredited colleges, two    The Colleges educate a diverse group of
skill centers and dozens of learning centers.    students, including about 58 percent Anglo,
These facilities serve more than 250,000         17 percent Hispanic, 6 percent African
full, part-time, credit and non-credit           American, 4 percent Asian, and 3 percent
students each year. The Colleges employ          Native American. Students range in age
more than 5,400 full-time and adjunct            from 15 to 91. More than half are women.
faculty members annually.
                                                 The    Maricopa      Community     Colleges
The Colleges provide a full range of             Foundation     strives   to    support   the
academic services including many high            educational dreams of students. Since
quality academic, career and technical and       1977, the Foundation has awarded over
personal interest programs.        Students      $13.9 million in scholarships to more than
planning to transfer to university may earn      28,000 students. It supports the Achieving a
the 35-credit hour Arizona General               College Education program, which focuses
Education Core (AGEC) or one of the              on minority and disadvantaged students,
following transfer degrees: Associate in         and annually hosts its Heroes of Education
Arts, Associate in Business, Associate in        dinner and other fundraising events.
Science, and specialized degrees in
Elementary Education and Fine Arts.              Throughout its 44-year existence, the
Numerous Associate of Applied Science            Maricopa Community Colleges have been
degrees are designed for students seeking        an innovative leader in higher education.
technical expertise or upgrading their skills.
                                                 Challenges and Opportunities
The District is the largest provider of
workforce training in Arizona, with programs        The District’s primary goal is teaching
in such areas as health, technology,                and learning in support of student
business, construction and more. Through            success. To promote that goal, the
its Center for Workforce Development, the           District seeks to expand educational
District serves as a central resource for           opportunities and access to higher
education while giving taxpayers a good
return on their investment.                                      Facts-at-a-Glance
The District strives to demonstrate           Maricopa Enrollment FY 2007-2008
                                              Annual FT Equivalent Student1                                       68,192
excellence in all areas of operation, with
                                              Annual Unduplicated Headcount2                                     217,364
particular focus on stewardship of public     Fall 2007 Headcount (credit)                                       118,665
funds.                                        By Full-time or Part-time                                     Fall 2007
Long known as a strong supporter of           Full-time                                                   30,153    25%
accessible and affordable quality             Part-time                                                   88,512    75%
education,       the     District    seeks    Total                                                      118,665 100%
                                              By Gender                                                     Fall 2007
opportunities to advocate for those           Female                                                      66,425    56%
goals.                                        Male                                                        48,871    41%
As the largest provider of workforce          Undeclared                                                   3,369      3%
training in Arizona, the District continues   Total                                                      118,665 100%
to look for partnerships with businesses      By Residency Status                                           Fall 2007
                                              Resident                                                   103,848    88%
to ensure a steady supply of skilled,         Out-of-County                                                2,925      2%
well-trained workers.                         Out-of-State                                                10,817      9%
The District has moved from a model of        Foreign                                                      1,075      1%
competition among its 10 colleges to          Unknown
one of cooperation.                           Total                                                      118,665 100%
                                              By Ethnic or Race Group                                       Fall 2007
The District continues to implement its       Non-resident Alien                                           1,165      1%
plan to maintain existing facilities and      Black, non-Hispanic                                          6,922      6%
build new ones that meet the growing          Am Indian/Alaskan Native                                     3,205      3%
needs of Maricopa County. Building            Asian or Pacific Islander                                    4,787      4%
plans are proceeding cautiously, taking       Hispanic                                                    22,512    19%
                                              White, non-Hispanic                                         68,164    57%
into account the increased cost of            Unknown/unreported                                          11,910    10%
construction in recent years.                 Total                                                      118,665 100%
The District continues to build upon its      Instructional Staff                                           Fall 2007
successful initiatives for community          Full-Time Instructors                                        1,499    27%
outreach.                                     Part-Time Instructors 3                                      3,964    73%
                                              Total                                                        5,463 100%
The District is actively working to
                                              District Fund Sources FY2007-08
strengthen partnerships with business         Tuition & Fees                                               $179,405,736
and community organizations.                  State Aid (incl. Equalization)                               $68,732,300
Because university transfer continues to      Primary/Secondary Tax Levy                                   $393,954,753
be one of the most important goals of its     Restricted Grants                                            $104,162,627
students, the District continues to work      Bond Proceeds                                                      -
                                              Other                                                        $40,642,095
closely with the state’s universities to      Fund Balance                                                 $98,798,327
provide an easy transition for community      Total                                                        $885,695,838
college graduates seeking four-year           District Expenditures(All Funds)
degrees.                                      FY 2007-08
                                              General Fund                                                 $474,893,640
                                              Restricted Fund                                              $98,900,362
                                              Auxiliary Fund                                                $63,019,908
                                              Unexpended Plant Fund                                        $124,268,175
                                              Retirement of Indebtedness                                    $76,679,773
                                              Total                                                        $837,761,858
                                                  Annual FT Equivalent Student for 2007-2008 are preliminary unaudited numbers.
                                                  Students may be enrolled at more than one college during the time period.
                                                  Part-Time Instructors may teach at more than one college during the time period.

                Maricopa County Community College District
                      Chandler-Gilbert Community College
                           Dr. Maria L. Hesse, President
                2626 E. Pecos Road, Chandler, Arizona 85225-2499
    Phone: 480.732.7000         Fax: 480.732.7090        Website:
    Introduction                                    •   CGCC faculty participated in the National
                                                        Project on Assessing Learning in Learning
    Chandler-Gilbert     Community    College           Communities.
    serves the educational needs of more than       •   CGCC partnered with the Chandler
    15,000 students annually in the Southeast           Chamber of Commerce, Chandler Unified
    Valley of metropolitan Phoenix. CGCC has            School District, Seton Catholic High School,
    two comprehensive campuses—the Pecos                and ASU Polytechnic for the Creating
    Campus and Williams Campus. The Sun                 Educational Opportunities (CEO) Program,
    Lakes Center serves the needs of mature             a four-month business-mentoring program
    adults.                                             which pairs students with company
                                                        executives who serve as mentors and
    Major Accomplishments in 2007-2008                  provide insight into their area of business.
                                                    •   CGCC partnered with the Chandler Unified
•   CGCC was one of four colleges nationwide            School District to host “Destination
    to receive the 2007 Campus Sustainability           College,” a summer school program for
    Leadership Award in the category of two-            sixth graders from Title I elementary
    year institutions. Presented by the                 schools. During this three-week enrichment
    Association for the Advancement of                  program, more than 100 students learned
    Sustainability    in     Higher   Education         about various career fields, as well as
    (AASHE), the award recognizes institutions          attended classes covering computers,
    that have demonstrated an outstanding               math, nutrition, wellness, and more.
    overall commitment to sustainability in their   •   Faculty, staff, and students worked
    governance and administration, curriculum           collaboratively to support CGCC’s college-
    and research, operations, campus culture,           wide co-curricular theme, SEE Your World,
    and community outreach.                             which asks students to critically examine
•   CGCC was again named to the U.S.                    social, environmental and economic issues
    President's Higher Education Community              both inside and outside the classroom. A
    Service Honor Roll. Of the nation's 1100            calendar of events, nationally-known
    community colleges, approximately 50                speakers, and panel discussions were held
    community colleges were among the                   to support and enhance classroom learning
    recipients.                                         by actively engaging students on campus
•   The CGCC Shared Futures team                        and in the local and global community.
    participated in the AAC&U Shared Futures        •   Math faculty Dr. Scott Adamson was the
    Project. This grant supported a network of          recipient     of    the     2007     American
    colleges and universities who worked                Mathematical Association of Two-Year
    together to incorporate global learning             Colleges (AMATYC) Teaching Excellence
    goals into general education programs and           Award. Dr. Adamson was among eight
    to prepare students for citizenship in a            awardees from across the U.S. who were
    world      of     global     change      and        honored.
•   English faculty Chris Schnick, was the
    recipient of the Maricopa Colleges                              Facts-at-a-Glance
    Foundation Outstanding Employee award          Chandler-Gilbert Enrollment FY 2007-2008
    for 2007-08.                                   Annual FT Equivalent Student1                5,326
                                                   Annual Unduplicated Headcount               15,101
•   Athletics director Jeff Mason was inducted     Fall 2007 Headcount (credit)                10,277
    into the Arizona High School Baseball          By Full-time or Part-time             Fall 2007
    Coaches Hall of Fame.                          Full-time                           3,011     29%
•   CGCC broke ground on Engel Hall, a new         Part-time                           7,266     71%
    classroom building at the Williams Campus,     Total                              10,277 100%
    using money from the 2004 bond election.       By Gender                             Fall 2007
                                                   Female                              5,535     54%
                                                   Male                                4,447     43%
    Major Issues & Resolutions in 2007-2008        Undeclared                            295      3%
                                                   Total                              10,277 100%
•   A new Student Information System was           By Residency Status                   Fall 2007
    implemented       across     the   Maricopa    Resident                            9,051     88%
    Community College District, which includes     Out-of-County                         452      4%
                                                   Out-of-State                          673      7%
    student self-servicing options.
                                                   Foreign                               101      1%
•   CGCC developed a Biomedical Research           Unknown
    Technology degree and expanded its             Total                              10,277 100%
    existing Fire Science program in 2008 in       By Ethnic or Race Group               Fall 2007
    response to workforce development needs        Non-resident Alien                    114      1%
    in the Southeast Valley.                       Black, non-Hispanic                   360      4%
                                                   Am Indian/Alaskan Native              183      2%
•   CGCC and NAU partnered to offer a 90/30
                                                   Asian or Pacific Islander             607      6%
    degree in which students can take 90           Hispanic                            1,563     15%
    credits through CGCC and 30 through NAU        White, non-Hispanic                 6,615     64%
    to earn a bachelor’s degree. Students can      Unknown/unreported                    835      8%
    complete the entire degree without leaving     Total                              10,277 100%
    CGCC’s Pecos Campus.                           Instructional Staff                   Fall 2007
•   Construction cost increases have continued     Full-time Instructors                 116     25%
                                                   Part-time Instructors                 340     75%
    to erode the value of the 2004 bond issue,
                                                   Total                                 456 100%
    causing the college to revise plans for
    facilities                      development.

    Upcoming Issues for 2008-2009

•   The discontinuation of the CGCC/ASU
    Polytechnic co-enrollment partnership will
    negatively impact CGCC Williams Campus
    enrollment. CGCC will continue to expand
    course offerings at this campus, as well as
    increase marketing efforts to draw new
              Maricopa County Community College District
                 Estrella Mountain Community College
                         Dr. Ernie Lara, President
              3000 N Dysart Road, Avondale, Arizona 85392
Phone: 623.935.8000 Fax: 623.935.8008 Website:
Introduction                                      Five full-time residential liberal arts and
                                                  nursing faculty were hired
Estrella Mountain Community College               The Ninth Annual New Car Raffle raised
(EMCC) provides educational opportunities         more than $65,000 for student
and workforce training for approximately          scholarships.
13,000 students annually. The College             The Culinary Studies Program held its
serves a burgeoning population of close to        fourth summer Culinary Camp for more
300,000 residents in Western Maricopa             than 56 high school students. In
County.                                           cooperation with Western Maricopa
                                                  Tech Prep, the program provides hands-
Major Accomplishments 2007-2008                   on skills to individuals interested in
                                                  working in a professional kitchen.
                                                  More than 127 K-12 students partici-
   EMCC embarks on Learning College               pated in other summer opportunities
   journey. “The Learning College concept         including: Teen Law Enforcement
   captures a college’s commitment and            Training Academy, Mars Academy,
   journey to realign institutional priorities,   Building Structures, Lego Robots, Hoop
   policies, programs, practices, and             of Learning, and ACE Capstone
   personnel to focus on learning as the          Leadership Project.
   primary business of the college.”              EMCC continues its commitment to
   League        for     Innovation      Site:    diversity through a variety of inspiring,
   (       thought-provoking events, including, but
   cp/index.htm)                                  not limited to, Black History and
   Estrella Mountain was awarded a $2.8           Hispanic Heritage Month.
   million Title V - Strengthening Hispanic       The College held its third Media Arts
   Institutions Grant. The actual value of        Camp, a summer bridge program for
   the project will total approximately $3.2      West Valley high school students
   million, of which 88% is federally funded      connecting artistic talent and vision with
   and 12% from non-federal sources. The          small business in the West Valley
   grant supports the Learning College            looking for assistance in marketing,
   journey by focusing activities on:             advertising and even web design.
   1) Improving learner preparation and           National Institute for Staff and
   success                                        Organizational Development (NISOD)
   2) Increasing student engagement               faculty winners included: Dr. Deborah
   campus-wide                                    Raffin, education faculty; Dr. Rachel
   3) Transforming and cultivating a              Smith, biology faculty; and Bronwen
   learning climate and culture                   Steele, biology faculty. Each faculty
   4) Building and strategically aligning the     member        has     made       significant
   endowment                                      contributions to the college including
   The College awarded 397 associate              development of teaching programs and
   degrees and 263 certificates.                  courses; serving as mentors to students;
   active participation in campus activities,                      Facts-at-a-Glance
   committees and clubs; and supporting             Estrella Mountain Enrollment FY 2007-2008
   their peers.                                     Annual FT Equivalent
                                                    Annual Unduplicated
Major Issues & Resolutions in 2007-2008                                                     10,026
                                                    Fall 2007 Headcount
   The Maricopa Community Colleges                  (credit)
   continue to implement the 10-year                By Full-time or Part-time        Fall 2007
   capital bond program that provides               Full-time                     1,516       25%
   EMCC $71 million in capital for Phase III        Part-time                     4,457       75%
                                                    Total                         5,973      100%
                                                    By Gender                        Fall 2007
   The College updated its Emergency                Female                        3,372       56%
   Communication Plan and installed multi-          Male                          2,116       35%
   module communication devices that                Undeclared                      485        8%
   provide instant classroom notification,          Total                         5,973      100%
   text messaging, electronic roadside              By Residency Status              Fall 2007
   communication, etc to students when              Resident                      5,539       93%
   the campus has to be closed or                   Out-of-County                    11          *
   evacuated.                                       Out-of-State                    392        7%
                                                    Foreign                          31          *
   The College continues to explore                 Unknown
   opportunities to develop a performing            Total                         5,973      100%
   arts center.                                     By Ethnic or Race Group          Fall 2007
   Overall enrollment continues to grow.            Non-resident Alien               35        1%
   The Youth market (24 and under) is still         Black, non-Hispanic             448        8%
   the largest population the college               Am Indian/Alaskan Native         79        1%
   serves.                                          Asian or Pacific Islander       248        4%
   The next building in the college’s bond          Hispanic                      1,903       32%
                                                    White, non-Hispanic           2,323       39%
   plan,     Mariposa    Hall,   is   being
                                                    Unknown/unreported              937       16%
   constructed to pass national LEED                Total                         5,973      100%
   certification standards as the college           Instructional Staff              Fall 2007
   continues to develop sustainability              Full-time Instructors            84       30%
   efforts.                                         Part-time Instructors           195       70%
                                                    Total                           279      100%
Upcoming Issues for 2008-2009                   1 Annual FT Equivalent Student for 2007-2008 is preliminary unaudited.
                                                2 Includes FTSE and instructional staff for the Southwest Skill Center.
                                                * Less than .5%
   Reduction in state budget appropriations
   will be monitored and impact determined
   on college programs and services.
   Continued implementation of Prop 300
   requirements will continue to be
   Maricopa Community Colleges District-
   Wide Student Information System will
   continue to be implemented and
   adjustments made to improve student
              Maricopa County Community College District
                      GateWay Community College
                     Dr. Eugene Giovannini, President
            108 North 40th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85034-1795
Phone: 602.286.8000 Fax: 602.286.8010           Website:
Introduction                                  A new E-Learning Coordinator position
                                              was approved to work with faculty in the
Established in 1968, GateWay Community        development of online course materials
College is celebrating its 40th anniversary   and to enhance the quality of online
as a comprehensive public institution of      courses.
higher education providing educational        A new HVAC training contract was
opportunities to over 16,500 students         implemented with the U.S. Corps of
annually at the main campus, the Maricopa     Engineers.
Skill Center, and GateWay Early College       The Center for Service Learning opened
High School.                                  in the Career Center to provide
                                              information for students learning through
Major Accomplishments 2007-2008               volunteer activities.
                                              Jeanne Dial was a speaker at the
   Received an $800,000 grant from the        international Society of Nuclear
   City of Phoenix to assist in the           Medicine Conference; she currently
   development of a biosciences facility.     serves as President of the Arizona
   Offered eight Summer Bridge programs       Nuclear Medicine Society and was
   for high school students, representing     appointed as a member of the Society of
   278 students from over 25 high schools     Nuclear Medicine Education Task
   who completed a total of 1,232 college     Force.
   credits.                                   The Nursing Division won the college’s
   GateWay Early College High School          Innovation of the Year for the
   enrolled 225 students, graduating 40.      “Simulation Experience at GWCC.” The
   The Class of ’08 earned 803 college        Simulation Team also presented “Build
   credits, three college certificates of     Your Own Patient,” a Student
   completion and one associate’s degree.     Experience in Simulation at a
   GWECHS student Jose Razo was               technology conference in South
   named Outstanding Young Man of the         Carolina.
   Year by the City of Phoenix.               Toni Rodriguez was elected President of
   High school students published             the American Association for
   Documented Dreams, a collection of         Respiratory Care and is Chair of the
   letters and essays about their             Arizona Board of Respiratory Care
   experiences as students from immigrant     Examiners.
   families.                                  Kathryn Patterson was named
   Established a partnership with the City    Practitioner of the Year by the Arizona
   of Phoenix and the Internal Revenue        Society for Respiratory Care and
   Service to train students to serve as      Volunteer of the Year by the Arizona
   volunteers to assist low income and        Vocational Education Association.
   elderly Phoenix residents to file their    Mario Castaneda (Water Technologies)
   taxes.                                     served as International Committee Chair
    for the Arizona Water Pollution Control    Launch first college-based fundraising
    Association.                               campaign with employee annual fund
    The Water Technologies program was         and community major gifts phases.
    chosen as a partner in the City of         Focus on achieving designation as a
    Phoenix Brownfields Job Training           Hispanic Serving Institution, providing
    Program grant from the E.P.A.              greater access to funding to support
    Maricopa Skill Center, in partner-ship     non-traditional student success.
    with Western Maricopa Educational          Absorb the loss of future-year capital
    Center District 402, opened a new          funding from the legislature into the
    Cosmetology program serving the high       operational budget of the college.
    schools primarily in the central and
    northwest valley. Classes started early                   Facts-at-a-Glance
                                                 GateWay Enrollment FY 2007-2008
    July. First class of juniors and seniors     Annual FT Equivalent
    totaled 232 students.                                                            4,219
                                                 Annual Unduplicated
Major Issues & Resolutions 2007-2008             Headcount
                                                 Fall 2007 Headcount
•   Hired Ayers/Saint/Gross Architects to        By Full-time or Part-
    update the master facilities plan with                                   Fall 2007
    input from college and community             Full-time                  1,144      17%
    stakeholders.                                Part-time                  5,730      83%
•   Worked with the City of Phoenix to           Total                      6,874    100%
    complete a 38th Street extension             By Gender                   Fall 2007
                                                 Female                     3,475      51%
    through campus in preparation for light
                                                 Male                       3,230      47%
    rail launch.                                 Undeclared                   169       2%
•   Opened the Center for Workforce              Total                      6,874    100%
    Transition and launched the Boomers In       By Residency Status         Fall 2007 web site as part of Piper         Resident                   5,965      87%
    Trust grant.                                 Out-of-County                195       3%
                                                 Out-of-State                 680      10%
•   Brought Caregiver training program into      Foreign                       34         *
    WTC Boomers project and received             Unknown
    another $25,000 grant to continue            Total                      6,874    100%
    growth.                                      By Ethnic or Race
                                                                             Fall 2007
•   Ramped up a new development                  Group
    campaign to address student                  Non-resident Alien            36       1%
                                                 Black, non-Hispanic          591       9%
    scholarships, instructional materials,       Am Indian/Alaskan
    and other unbudgeted needs.                  Native                       319       5%
                                                 Asian or Pacific
Upcoming Issues for 2008-2009                    Islander                     269       4%
                                                 Hispanic                   1,715      25%
    Finalize new campus master plan in           White, non-Hispanic        3,340      49%
    partnership with the community.              Unknown/unreported           604       9%
    Widen access to the college when the         Total                      6,874    100%
                                                 Instructional Staff         Fall 2007
    new light rail line opens in late 2008.
                                                 Full-time Instructors        134      40%
    Continue self-study in preparation for       Part-time Instructors        202      60%
    HLC/NCA reaccreditation review in            Total                        336    100%
    spring 2010.                                Includes FTSE and instructional staff for the Maricopa Skill Center.
                                               * Less than .5%
              Maricopa County Community College District
                     Glendale Community College
                       Dr. Velvie Green, President
             6000 West Olive Avenue, Glendale, Arizona 85302
Phone: 623.845.3333 Fax: 623.845.3060       Website:
Introduction                                          Initiated a $3.2 million, 17,000 sf
                                                      remodel      of   the    Business    and
Glendale Community College offers unique              Information Technology Bldg.
educational opportunities in Western                  Business and Information Technology
Maricopa County. It prepares students to              Dept. became a Microsoft Academy.
transfer to four-year institutions, gain              The Child & Family Studies Program
employment, or pursue lifelong learning. In           now provides an Associate degree in
2007-08, nearly 30,000 students enrolled in           Management and Administration for
credit courses. GCC offers students access            Child and Family Center Leadership.
at three sites: Main campus, GCC North,               Communication Department has two
and the NAU North Valley Campus. GCC                  new certificates: “Communication in the
offers more than 60 degrees, 70                       Workplace” and “Communication Skills
certificates, and 1,100 credit and non-credit         for Non-Native English Speakers.”
courses. Since 1965, more than 359,000                Began a two-year pilot of web-based
students have enrolled. The signature                 recruitment and retention software:
strengths of GCC are high academic                    Education Dynamics.
achievement;       use     of    technology;          The Center for Learning introduced
exceptional activities in science, athletics          Supplemental Instruction (SI) to faculty.
and the arts; and a wide offering of                  GCC Employers posted almost 3,000
academic and occupational programs.                   jobs on the Maricopa Career Network.
                                                      Continue to have the largest student
Major Accomplishments 2007-2008                       internship program in MCCCD.
(All pertain to GCC Main unless noted as GCC North)
                                                      Children’s Center, with Child & Family
     Awarded $1.9 million in student                  Studies Dept. supported the academic
     scholarships to more than 2,000                  learning of two Early Childhood interns.
     students, a 19% increase over the prior          Videophones (new technology for the
     academic year.                                   deaf) were installed in the DSR office
     All financial aid/scholarship forms and          and library to replace outdated TTYs.
     publications are now on the GCC web              Implemented R25, an online event and
     for easy student access.                         space management program.
     ACE Plus 2008 cohort was largest ever            Testing is now using ACCUPLACER
     at GCC: 320 students were accepted.              software in place of COMPASS.
     Completed a $25 million, 68,000 sf               Student Leadership Center reports 39
     expansion at GCC North.                          active student organizations.
     Completed the $23 million, 63,000 sf             NAU graduated the first cohort of
     Life Science Bldg. at Main.                      bachelor degrees in Communication at
     Began construction of $11.9 million,             GCC (as many as graduated after
     25,000 sf Public Safety Sciences Bldg.           taking all four years at NAU).
   A cohort of NAU Elementary Ed majors       Plan for class and office relocations
   will finish next year with bachelor        during various building remodels.
   degrees at GCC.                            Deal with the many needs of increasing
   GCC submitted an institutional change      numbers of students with autism and
   request to HLC to obtain “full branch      Asperger’s syndrome.
   campus” status for GCC North now that      Student Leadership Center needs extra
   North has student services and ability     funding for activities at GCC North.
   to grant some Associate degrees.           Continue to develop Strategic Plan to
                                              include measures of progress.
Major Issues & Resolutions in 2007-2008       Implement a student success and
                                              retention program aimed at first-time,
   Implemented a massive reorganization       full-time students.
   of Information Technology Services and                        Facts-at-a-Glance
   hired a dedicated VP of IT.                    Glendale Enrollment FY 2007-2008
                                                  Annual FT Equivalent
   Completed the redesign of GCC’s web            Student1
   site, which won an NCMPR gold medal.           Annual Unduplicated
   Children’s Center installed a poured                                                   29,936
   rubber “resilient fall zone” on the            Fall 2007 Headcount
   playground surface per State mandate.          (credit)
                                                  By Full-time or Part-time        Fall 2007
   Testing constantly had major computer
                                                  Full-time                      5,779      31%
   malfunctions and waited long periods of        Part-time                     12,665      69%
   time to have them serviced. Acquiring          Total                         18,444 100%
   ACCUPLACER software to replace                 By Gender                        Fall 2007
   COMPASS greatly lessened problems.             Female                        10,135      55%
   Hiring of a Coordinator and student            Male                           8,039      44%
   workers has lessened inadequate                Undeclared                       270       1%
   staffing in Student Leadership Center.         Total                         18,444 100%
                                                  By Residency Status              Fall 2007
   Per concerned community requests:              Resident                      16,931      92%
   GCC North built a fence around site to         Out-of-County                    116       1%
   control dust and noise; also installed a       Out-of-State                   1,231       7%
   sidewalk along east side of property.          Foreign                          166       1%
Upcoming Issues in 2008-2009                      Total                         18,444 100%
                                                  By Ethnic or Race Group          Fall 2007
   Complete construction of Public Safety         Non-resident Alien               178       1%
                                                  Black, non-Hispanic            1,104       6%
   Science Bldg. and remodel of Business
                                                  Am Indian/Alaskan Native         345       2%
   and Information Technology Bldg.               Asian or Pacific Islander        824       4%
   Must address facilities maintenance            Hispanic                       4,096      22%
   challenges as many buildings enter             White, non-Hispanic           10,528      57%
   their fifth decade of service.                 Unknown/unreported             1,369       7%
   Continue        Emergency      Response        Total                         18,444 100%
   planning and training per district-wide        Instructional Staff              Fall 2007
                                                  Full-time Instructors            283      36%
   Emergency Response Plan.
                                                  Part-time Instructors            508      64%
   Continue fundraising, donor cultivation        Total                            791 100%
   and resource development.                  ¹ Annual FT Equivalent Student for FY 2007-2008 has not been audited.
                                                Budgeted full-time instructors for FY 2007-2008.
   Reengineer processes and functions
   not complete when SIS went live.
              Maricopa County Community College District
                       Mesa Community College
                       Dr. Shouan Pan, President
            1833 West Southern Avenue, Mesa, Arizona 85202
Phone: 480.461.7300 Fax: 480.461.7804      Website:
Introduction                                         and cooling systems, creation of eight
                                                     new tennis courts, additional parking for
Excellence in teaching and learning are at           students, and installation of additional
the heart of Mesa Community College’s                security cameras, monitoring, and
mission, providing lifelong opportunities to a       communication systems.
diverse student population while promoting       •   Almost 1,700 students donated a
excellence in teaching, learning, and                combined total of 199,750 hours of
service.                                             community service through service-
                                                     learning and AmeriCorps programs (a
MCC provides access to students through              30% increase from 06-07). The
its Southern and Dobson and Red Mountain             volunteer time is valued at $3,825,212
campuses and Downtown Center.                        million.
                                                 •   Named for the second time to the
Major Accomplishments in 2007-2008                   President’s Higher Education
                                                     Community Service Honor Roll, the
•   More than 3,000 students graduated               highest federal recognition a school can
    with associate’s degrees from MCC.               achieve for its commitment to service-
•   All 18 students in the Dental Hygiene            learning and civic engagement.
    Program passed the Dental Hygiene            •   Hosted the traveling Smithsonian exhibit
    National Board Exam, reaching the 100            Documenting China: Contemporary
    percent Mark. The Program received               Photography and Social Change in
    full accreditation from the National             partnership with Mesa Public Schools
    Commission for Dental Education.                 and the Chinese Cultural Center.
•   MCC Theatre students received the
    highest ranking for MCC at the Kennedy       Major Issues & Resolutions in 2007-2008
    Center American College Theatre
    Festival since returning to the festival     •   Filled vacancies in two of the college’s
    three years ago                                  top leadership positions with the
•   Implemented Voice over IP (VoIP)                 appointment of Dr. Shouan Pan,
    technology in all classrooms, meeting            President and Dr. James Mabry, Vice
    rooms, and offices to broadcast                  President of Academic Affairs.
    emergency information and determine          •   Implemented PEOPLESOFT, the New
    where campus safety assistance is                Student Information System, including
    needed.                                          intense campus-wide efforts to train
•   Completed construction of the Physical           staff, trouble shoot problems, and
    Science Building, the District’s first           educate students about the new
    major Leadership in Energy and                   system’s tools.
    Environmental Design (LEED) building.        •   Addressed the impact that inflation in
    Completed several site development               the construction industry will have on
    projects at the Southern and Dobson              monies for the 2004 bond package by
    campus, including: upgrades to heating           opting in several instances to renovate
    existing buildings rather than construct                  Facts-at-a-Glance
    new ones. Property and buildings           Mesa Enrollment FY 2007-2008
    adjacent to the southeast corner of        Annual FT Equivalent
    MCC’s Southern and Dobson campus           Annual Unduplicated
    were purchased and will be renovated to                                             39,860
    become the Performing Arts building        Fall 2007 Headcount
    outlined in the 2004 bond.                 (credit)
•   MCC and partners Mesa Public Schools       By Full-time or Part-time         Fall 2007
                                               Full-time                       7,669      31%
    and Northern Arizona University decided    Part-time                      16,801      69%
    to relocate the future P-20 Education      Total                          24,470 100%
    Center from Downtown Mesa to the           By Gender                         Fall 2007
    recently purchased property at the         Female                         13,120      54%
    southeast corner of MCC Southern and       Male                           11,049      45%
    Dobson. Construction is expected to        Undeclared                        301       1%
    begin in 2010.                             Total                          24,470 100%
                                               By Residency Status               Fall 2007
                                               Resident                       21,085      86%
Upcoming Issues for 2008-2009
                                               Out-of-County                   1,011       4%
                                               Out-of-State                    2,042       8%
•   An Enrollment Management Steering          Foreign                           332       1%
    Committee was created in response to       Unknown
    declining enrollment. The committee is     Total                          24,470 100%
    charged with guiding the development       By Ethnic or Race Group           Fall 2007
    and execution of a strategic enrollment    Non-resident Alien                360       1%
                                               Black, non-Hispanic             1,152       5%
    management plan.                           Am Indian/Alaskan Native          840       3%
•   Potential budget cuts due to MCC’s         Asian or Pacific Islander       1,062       4%
    enrollment decline and the State of        Hispanic                        3,859      16%
    Arizona’s budget deficit will impact       White, non-Hispanic            15,277      62%
    programs and services.                     Unknown/unreported              1,920       8%
•   A technology audit is in progress to       Total                          24,470 100%
                                               Instructional Staff               Fall 2007
    develop a plan to better meet the needs    Full-time Instructors             338      28%
    and expectations of students and           Part-time Instructors             857      72%
    employees.                                 Total                           1,195 100%
              Maricopa County Community College District
                  Paradise Valley Community College
                     Dr. Paul Dale, Interim President
            18401 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85032-1200
Phone: 602.787.6500 Fax: 602.787.6625 Website:
Introduction                                    •   Completed Education Specifications for
                                                    the “Q” building (former County Library)
For 20 years, Paradise Valley Community         •   Development and Management
College (PVCC) has kept pace with the               agreements completed with Desert
constant growth of the North Valley, offering       Foothills Foundation for construction of
breadth and depth of             educational        PVCC at Black Mountain
opportunity in more than 60 degree and          •   Improved relationship building with
certificate programs.      Its service area         Phoenix Police and Fire to improve
extends from Glendale Avenue on the                 emergency planning
south to I-17 on the west to Scottsdale         •   Upgrades to campus security system;
Road on the east and the Maricopa County            new fire alarm system with voice
line on the north-- 374 square miles.               evacuation capabilities
                                                •   Learning Support Center piloted online
The focus of the college is effective student       tutoring option
learning, the measurement and assessment        •   Student Financial Assistance piloted
of learning, and the creation of systems that       online information for students
foster and facilitate such learning.            •   Explored new alternative course
                                                    scheduling options; New online and
Major Accomplishments in 2007-2008                  hybrid courses being developed
                                                •   Full implementation of student PEAK
•   Developed new college Strategic Plan            Leadership and iGoal programs
    for 2008-2013                               •   Athletics added baseball program with
•   Successful launch and integration of the        successful recruitment of first team
    new Student Information System              •   Honors and Service Learning students
•   The iStartSmart pilot program Student           participated in alternative spring break
    Success Course and hybrid online and            service-learning project in San Diego
    on-campus Orientation and Academic          •   Human resources implemented new
    Advising components served over 1,000           Time and Labor system, Online Job
    students. Program has been adopted by           Requisitions and integration of E-Verify
    several Maricopa sister colleges            •   Expansion of campus wireless service;
•   Progress Report on Assessment                   campus network and servers updated
    submitted and accepted by Higher            •   Completed Graphic Identity Standards
    Learning Commission                         •   Completed Crisis Communications Plan
•   Completed planning and launch of            •   Installation and dedication of donor-
    Accelerated Associate Degree and Early          funded Scale Model Solar System
    College program initiatives                 •   Continuing Education exceeded
•   Dual-enrollment program at Cactus               enrollment goals for non-credit courses,
    Shadows High School was established             and Kids College
•   Groundbreaking for the new Life             •   First season of professional Arizona
    Sciences Building                               Jewish Theatre Company in residence
•   Groundbreaking for new Baseball Field
    brought new audiences to PVCC’s            •   PVCC at Black Mountain/YMCA
    Center for Performing Arts                     Partnership: Facility Development,
•   The Early Childhood Education program          Program Planning
    accredited by NAEYC                        •   Community Engagement
•   The Learning Connections Consortium        •   Fundraising/Development Planning
    sponsored a meeting of college,            •   Academic Master Planning
    university and K12 mathematics faculty     •   Presidential Leadership Search
    to better align curriculums                •   Integration with District Emergency
•   Hosted International Business Summer           Preparedness Planning
    Camp for high school students with         •   Community Math Center Planning
    Western Maricopa Tech Prep
    Consortium                                                Facts-at-a-Glance
                                               Paradise Valley Enrollment FY 2007-2008
Major Issues & Resolutions in 2007-2008        Annual FT Equivalent
                                               Annual Unduplicated
•   Completion of Strategic Plan for 2008-     Headcount
    2012                                       Fall 2007 Headcount
•   Continued development and refinement       (credit)
    of the “iStart Smart” pilot serving over   By Full-time or Part-time        Fall 2007
    1000 students including orientation,       Full-time                      2,311     27%
    campus tour, iGoal, placement testing,     Part-time                      6,263     73%
                                               Total                          8,574 100%
    advisement, registration, and new
                                               By Gender                        Fall 2007
    College Success course                     Female                         4,941     58%
•   Successful “Go Live” and conversion to     Male                           3,376     39%
    the enterprise-wide New Student            Undeclared                       257      3%
    Information System in February 2008.       Total                          8,574 100%
    Incorporation into all systems and work    By Residency Status              Fall 2007
    processes.                                 Resident                       7,931     93%
•   Refinement of Crisis/Emergency             Out-of-County                     36         *
                                               Out-of-State                     559       7%
    Preparedness and Communications
                                               Foreign                           48       1%
    Plans                                      Unknown
                                               Total                          8,574 100%
Upcoming Issues for 2008-2009                  By Ethnic or Race Group          Fall 2007
• Resource/Financial Management in             Non-resident Alien                49       1%
  Declining Budget Climate                     Black, non-Hispanic              168      2%
• Enrollment Management                        Am Indian/Alaskan Native         114      1%
• Continued New Student Information            Asian or Pacific Islander        280       3%
  System integration                           Hispanic                         840     10%
                                               White, non-Hispanic            6,186     72%
• Assessment / Learning                        Unknown/unreported               937     11%
• Capital Development Projects: Life           Total                          8,574 100%
  Sciences Building and Q Building             Instructional Staff              Fall 2007
• Implementation of New Accelerated            Full-time Instructors            101     23%
  Associate Degree and Early College           Part-time Instructors            333     77%
  Programs                                     Total                            434 100%
                                                   * Less than .5%
• Continued exploration of New/Expanded
  Alternative Program Delivery Methods
  (ie, Online, Hybrid, 8-Week)
           Maricopa County Community College District
                             Phoenix College
                        Dr. Anna Solley, President
             1202 West Thomas Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85013
Phone: 602.285.7500 Fax: 602.285.7700 Website:
Introduction                                   Dedicated The Ed and Verma Pastor
                                               Plaza in honor of the Pastors’
Phoenix College (PC) is Arizona’s original     championship of higher education
two-year institution of higher learning,       opportunities.
founded in 1920. More than 30,000              A campus-wide survey resulted in the
students each year prepare for university      refinement of the college’s core values,
transfer, career training and advancement,     the PC Basics: Innovation, Engagement,
or lifelong learning in one of PC’s 200        Stewardship, Integrity, Respect, and
degree and certificate programs. A             Excellence.
designated Hispanic Serving Institution,       The ACE program increased enrollment
PC’s student body reflects the diverse,        by 42%.
urban community served by the College,         The Dental Hygiene program marked its
with minority students comprising 49           40th year as a major contributor to
percent of the student population.             Arizona's workforce, training over 800
                                               dental hygienists since 1968.
Major Accomplishments in 2007-2008             Implemented a new communication
                                               feature allowing students and employees
   Conferred over 1700 associate degrees       to     receive      campus        emergency
   and certificates to graduates/ holders in   notifications via text messaging or e-mail.
   2007-2008.                                  The Making Life Better for Generations
   The progress report submitted to the        multi-year fundraising initiative met its
   Higher Learning Commission of the           goal 10 months early, raising $1 million
   North     Central     Association    was    dollars by December 2007.
   accepted, granting PC the next              New       partnerships    expanded      the
   comprehensive evaluation in 2015.           college’s ability to deliver programs to
   A strategic plan outlining new goals and    students off-site, including a new cohort
   objectives for 2008-2011 was approved.      of Medical Assisting students at
   A new single-level parking structure was    Maricopa Integrated Health System and
   completed, providing over 300 additional    phlebotomy training for law enforcement
   parking spaces and housing a new            officers in the Prescott Valley area.
   College Safety Office.                      Nursing      Program      facilities   were
   Completed successful national searches      expanded to accommodate larger
   for a VP of Administrative Services and     cohorts.       The college successfully
   Dean of Student Affairs.                    graduated the first Bilingual Nursing
   PC awarded in excess of $1.2 million in     cohort.
   state, federal and private grants and       The Learning Center and the Math +
   $513,000 in private contributions during    Science Center combined resources
   fiscal year 2007-2008 to develop and        and locations to create the new Success
   support academic programs, student          Center.
   services, and scholarships.
   The      Financial    Aid     Department       Maximizing the use of bond and capital
   distributed $713,000 in Maricopa Grant         funds to improve learning space and
   funds to 1333 students.                        better serve students, PC will complete
   PC Men’s Basketball was named                  construction on a new Fine Arts building
   National Academic Team of the Year; 9          and a new M&O Center and will begin
   out of 13 sports were named Academic           remodeling the Student Services area.
   All American Teams; Women’s Softball           Through identifying, evaluating, and
   won their 5th Consecutive National             communicating       alternative    delivery
   Championship; the Volleyball team              strategies, the college will continue to
   ranked 4th nationally; and 12 out of 13        strengthen the Distance Learning plan.
   PC sports qualified for post-season play.      Enrollment Management action plans
                                                  will focus on creating a positive, service-
                                                  oriented experience for students.
Major Issues & Resolutions in 2007-2008
                                                  The Developmental Education plan will
   A total of 31 quality, diverse employees       be implemented and will provide
   were hired during 2007-2008.                   continued support to assure student
   Custom Training and Education (CTE)            success.
   and the Raul H. Castro Institute                               Facts-at-a-Glance
   relocated to PC Downtown, where a           Phoenix Enrollment FY 2007-2008
   phased growth plan is under way,            Annual FT Equivalent Student1                     5,848
   including the construction of a state-of-   Annual Unduplicated Headcount                    18,709
                                               Fall 2007 Headcount (credit)                     11,097
   the-art electronic courtroom and a
                                               By Full-time or Part-time                 Fall 2007
   Macintosh lab for digital media editing.    Full-time                               2,573      23%
   The Distance Education plan was             Part-time                               8,524      77%
   refined and implemented, and 25             Total                                  11,097 100%
   classroom-based         courses      were   By Gender                                 Fall 2007
   revamped for online or hybrid delivery.     Female                                  6,500      59%
   Enrollment    Management marketing          Male                                    4,066      37%
                                               Undeclared                                531       5%
   action plans were implemented in six
                                               Total                                  11,097 100%
   critical areas: Research, Curriculum        By Residency Status                       Fall 2007
   Delivery,      Services,       Promotion,   Resident                                9,784      88%
   Recruitment and Inquiry Follow-up, and      Out-of-County                              56       1%
   Retention.                                  Out-of-State                            1,180      11%
                                               Foreign                                    77       1%
Upcoming Issues for 2008-2009                  Unknown
                                               Total                                  11,097 100%
   PC will continue to develop and             By Ethnic or Race Group                   Fall 2007
   strengthen strategic partnerships with      Non-resident Alien                         88       1%
   the community, business/industry, and       Black, non-Hispanic                       975       9%
   school partners.                            Am Indian/Alaskan Native                  405       4%
   Fundraising and resource development        Asian or Pacific Islander                 314       3%
                                               Hispanic                                3,670     33%
   will remain a priority.                     White, non-Hispanic                     3,837     35%
   PC will continue to implement cost-         Unknown/unreported                      1,808     16%
   savings strategies, secure alternative      Total                                  11,097 100%
   funding sources, and reduce duplication     Instructional Staff                       Fall 2007
   of resources and services.                  Full-time Instructors                     182     33%
                                               Part-time Instructors                     362     67%
                                               Total                                     544 100%
              Maricopa County Community College District
                            Rio Salado College
                         Dr. Linda Thor, President
             2323 West 14th Street, Tempe, Arizona 85281-6950
Phone: 480.517.8000 Fax: 480.517.8149            Website:

                                              Continued to serve more than 2,000
Rio Salado College is the largest Maricopa    members of the armed forces through a
Community College in terms of headcount,      variety of certificate and degree
with 2007-2008 annual credit enrollment at    programs targeted at soldier students.
49,806 students, reflecting a nearly 2%       Launched 50 start dates annually for
increase. The college recorded FTSE (Full-    online classes, the most for any U.S.
Time Student Equivalent) at 13,279. Rio       community college.
Salado served more than 8,600 additional      Launched a Textbook Savings Program
students in non-credit Adult Basic            in partnership with Pearson Custom
Education programs, plus several thousand     Publishing, saving students up-front as
in corporate training seminars and lifelong   much as 52% on new customized
learning classes, for a combined total of     textbooks. The program received the
nearly 60,000 students in 2007-08. Rio        Maricopa Innovation of the Year Award.
Salado offers customized, unique programs     Launched a partnership with the Isaac
and partnerships, accelerated formats, and    Elementary School District to construct
online certificate and degree programs to     a $3.7 million Adult Learning Center at
meet the needs of unserved and under-         the David Kazan Family Education
served populations.                           Center in Phoenix.
                                              President Linda Thor became a charter
Major Accomplishments 2007-2008               signer of the American College and
                                              University Presidents Climate Commit-
   Educated a total of 60,000 students.       ment. The college subsequently began
   Served 31,000+ online students through     an audit of its carbon footprint.
   450 different courses offered over the     Expanded enrollment in multiple teacher
   Internet, an increase of 14% in            education programs, including early
   headcount and 16% in FTSE.                 childhood education, to ease workforce
   Educated 10,000+ students through          shortages. Presented recognitions of
   occupational programs delivered on-site    academic achievement to 171 online
   at more than 40 partnering corporations    post baccalaureate teacher preparation
   and government agencies. As a result,      completers.
   3,457 certificates of completion for       Since receiving full accreditation from
   workforce development were awarded.
                                              the Commission on Dental Accreditation
   Was ranked #4 in the nation by the U.S.
                                              of the American Dental Association, the
   Department of Education for the number
                                              Online Clinical Dental Assisting program
   of one-year certificates awarded.
                                              has more than doubled its enrollment.
   Awarded 349 associate degrees.
   Served approximately 6,000 high school
   students through Dual Enrollment
   programs at 49 Valley high schools.
Major Issues & Resolutions 2007-2008              Continue development of our sustain-
                                                  ability initiatives (curriculum, practices,
  Using Proposition 401 funds, renovated          etc.).
  a Tempe administrative facility known as
  Rio @ Hohokam Drive.
  Also using Prop. 401 funds, completed                          Facts-at-a-Glance
  and dedicated Rio Salado @ Avondale,          Rio Salado Enrollment FY 2007-2008
  a 12,170 square-foot West Valley              Annual FT Equivalent
  service center offering primarily Adult       Annual Unduplicated
  Basic Education.                                                                          49,806
  Dedicated the expanded and remodeled          Fall 2007 Headcount (credit)                18,331
  Lifelong Learning Center in Surprise,         By Full-time or Part-time            Fall 2007
  tripling its size to 14,500 square feet.      Full-time                           1,913      10%
  Launched an intensive initiative directed     Part-time                          16,418      90%
  at sustainability with a triple bottom line   Total                              18,331 100%
  of social, economic and environmental         By Gender                            Fall 2007
                                                Female                             11,193      61%
  components. Began a carbon footprint          Male                                6,404      35%
  audit.                                        Undeclared                            734       4%
  Began the transition of college-specific      Total                              18,331 100%
  systems to the new student information        By Residency Status                  Fall 2007
  system called being           Resident                           14,827      81%
  implemented at all Maricopa colleges.         Out-of-County                         783       4%
                                                Out-of-State                        2,671      15%
Upcoming Issues in 2008-2009                    Foreign                                50         *
  Complete construction of Arizona’s first      Total                              18,331 100%
  communiversity—a 26,000 square-foot           By Ethnic or Race Group              Fall 2007
                                                Non-resident Alien                     51         *
  in partnership with the City of Surprise
                                                Black, non-Hispanic                 1,174       6%
  at the Surprise civic center complex.         Am Indian/Alaskan Native              306       2%
  The college will seek additional partners     Asian or Pacific Islander             714       4%
  in the form of community colleges and         Hispanic                            2,178      12%
  universities.                                 White, non-Hispanic                11,747      64%
  Launch a new Student Outreach Center          Unknown/unreported                  2,161      12%
  using      a   Customer      Relationship     Total                              18,331 100%
  Management approach to enhance                Instructional Staff                  Fall 2007
                                                Full-time Instructors                  27       5%
  student data collection and create
                                                Part-time Instructors                 565      95%
  phone and email follow-up campaigns           Total                                 592 100%
  for recruitment and retention initiatives.      * Less than .5%
  Continue to implement strategies and
  actions associated with the college’s
  strategic plan named Rio 2012.
  Formally launch the beginning of our
  self-study process in preparation for our
  comprehensive visit by the Higher
  Learning Commission in 2012.
  Complete an Emergency Preparedness
  Plan and conduct training.
              Maricopa County Community College District
                      Scottsdale Community College
                         Dr. Jan Gehler, President
            9000 East Chaparral Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85256
Phone: 480.423.6000 Fax: 480.423.6200        Website:
Introduction                                     Developed       and     implemented    a
                                                 comprehensive college-wide strategic
Scottsdale Community College (SCC) is            technology plan.
located on land leased from the Salt River       Completed construction of a water
Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. The              treatment facility that ensures safe
college’s mission is to create accessible,       drinking water on campus.
effective and affordable teaching and            Conducted groundbreaking on the
learning environments for the people of the      46,000 square foot natural science
communities we serve so that they may            building.
grow personally and become productive            Completed second phase of athletic
citizens in a changing multicultural world.      fields master plan; conversion of two
                                                 practice baseball fields into a large
Major Accomplishments in 2007-2008               multi-use sports field to meet the needs
                                                 for football practice, men/women soccer
   SCC’s president, athletes, coaches, and       (practice and game fields) and HPERD
   mascot (Artie the Artichoke) were             (notably golf) classes.
   featured on CBS Sunday Morning with           Acceptance and participation in the
   Bill Geist - receiving significant national   Higher        Learning       Commission
   media attention on campus.                    Assessment Academy.
   Conducted        Employee       Campaign      Implementation of Student Success
   (“Legacy Campaign” honoring Dr.               Initiative.
   DeCabooter); raised $32,000.                  Creation of a peer supplemental
   Conducted       Community       Campaign      instruction program.
   (“Legacy Campaign” honoring Dr.               Two SCC biology students and their
   DeCabooter); raised $82,000.                  professor, John Nagy, wrote paper on
   Organized       and     conducted       Dr.   cancer       research      which     was
   DeCabooter’s community celebration for        subsequently published in international
   300+ community members.                       science journal - Nature.
   Computer Information Systems special          Implementation of the new student
   projects program, Computers for Kids,         system (SIS).
   repaired and donated 200 computers to         Welcomed 171 new students to SCC
   underserved elementary school children        from 54 countries (an 18% increase
   at Supai Middle School and the Boys &         from the previous year).
   Girls Clubs of the East Valley.               Hosted 7 Maori performing artists as
   Hired new college president, Dr. Jan          part of SCC’s on-going indigenous
   Gehler.                                       exchanges with Australia, New Zealand
                                                 and Arizona tribes.
   Faculty      member       John      Liffiton   Upcoming Issues for 2008-2009
   participated in 5-week Fulbright-Hayes
   Group Project and Faculty Development            Improve student retention and success.
   program in Morocco in summer 2008.               Renew college strategic plan.
   Music faculty member Christina Novak             Plan for budgetary challenges.
   participated      in    2-week      Global       Expand      targeted   marketing    and
   Engagement program in Prague.                    outreach.
   Math faculty and Humanities faculty              Align student and academic affairs.
   members Phil Clark and Janet Robinson            Expand online instruction.
   participated in Council for International        Deploy     college strategic enrollment
   Educational Exchange programs in                 management plan
   Australia and Turkey.                            Strengthen partnership with Salt River
   13 SCC students and faculty member               Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.
   John Ellis went to Costa Rica for a 4-
   week program in Spanish language and                           Facts-at-a-Glance
   culture.                                       Scottsdale Enrollment FY 2007-2008
   Hosted first two exchange students from        Annual FT Equivalent Student1               5,949
                                                  Annual Unduplicated Headcount              17,618
   design school in Paris.                                                                   10,371
                                                  Fall 2007 Headcount (credit)
   Political Science faculty member, Nick         By Full-time or Part-time            Fall 2007
   Damask, took students to annual Model          Full-time                          3,369     32%
   United Nations competition in NY.              Part-time                          7,002     68%
   SCC had 13 Academic All-American               Total                             10,371 100%
   athletes (five distinguished) and 7            By Gender                            Fall 2007
   Academic         All-American       Teams      Female                             5,480     53%
                                                  Male                               4,685     45%
   (women’s teams: cross country, soccer,
                                                  Undeclared                           206      2%
   track and tennis; men’s teams: soccer,         Total                             10,371 100%
   basketball, and baseball)                      By Residency Status                  Fall 2007
   Natan Vorobiovski, All-Arizona Team            Resident                           9,078     88%
   #2, earned an Associate in Business;           Out-of-County                        222      2%
   transferred to ASU in Fall 2008.               Out-of-State                         862      8%
   Sara Elizabeth Martin-Bunting, All-            Foreign                              209      2%
   Arizona Team #2; earned an Associate
                                                  Total                             10,371 100%
   in Arts; transferred to ASU in Fall 2008.      By Ethnic or Race Group              Fall 2007
   200 nursing students graduated from            Non-resident Alien                   225      2%
   SCC’s nursing program.                         Black, non-Hispanic                  315      3%
                                                  Am Indian/Alaskan Native             426      4%
Major Issues & Resolutions in 2007-2008           Asian or Pacific Islander            315      3%
                                                  Hispanic                             997     10%
                                                  White, non-Hispanic                7,171     69%
   Started the installation of an approx.
                                                  Unknown/unreported                   922      9%
   $750k safety system on campus.                 Total                             10,371 100%
   Smooth transition from retiring college        Instructional Staff                  Fall 2007
   president of 30 years to new present.          Full-time Instructors                172     28%
   Implementation of new student system           Part-time Instructors                432     72%
   and ongoing training for both employees        Total                                604 100%
   and students.
               Maricopa County Community College District
                   South Mountain Community College
                         Dr. Ken Atwater, President
                 7050 S. 24th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85042
Phone: 602.243.8000 Fax: 602.305.5796 Website:
Introduction                                     classroom and office building to be
                                                 shared with Northern Arizona University
South Mountain Community College                 (NAU); and a new laboratory science
(SMCC) provides quality educational              annex, constructed with Title V funding.
opportunities for a dynamic and diverse          SMCC partnered with the Joyner-Walker
population. The College is a federally-          Foundation to initiate a program of
designated Minority Serving Institution and      financial literacy instruction for students
Hispanic Serving Institution. SMCC offers        attending high schools within the college
classes at its main campus (7050 S. 24th         service area. The first class completed
Street), as well as its Ahwatukee Foothills      this four-week program in June 2008.
Center, Guadalupe Center, and Laveen             A total of 226 degrees and 37
Center (currently based at Betty Fairfax         certificates were conferred at the 2008
High School.)                                    SMCC Commencement on May 9, held
                                                 in the new Performing Arts Center
The College awards associate degrees and
                                                 Amphitheatre. Former ASU President
certificates, thus preparing students for
                                                 Dr. Lattie Coor was keynote speaker at
transfer to universities and for jobs and
                                                 the event, which attracted nearly 2,000
careers in fields such as teaching, early
childhood development, behavioral health,
                                                 SMCC’s TRIO-funded STEP program
the biosciences, CISCO and many more.
                                                 served more than 160 students, with 39
The College also offers numerous
                                                 graduating and transferring to four-year
developmental courses and more than 80
                                                 colleges and universities.         SMCC’s
classes a year in English as a Second
                                                 Upward Bound program was initiated,
                                                 focusing on high school students at
Major Accomplishments in 2007-2008               Central and South Mountain High
   SMCC greatly improved service delivery
   at its off-site locations. The SMCC        Major Issues & Resolutions in 2007-2008
   Guadalupe Center doubled in size and
   expanded its classroom space and              Through a number of college-wide
   technical capabilities; the SMCC              initiatives, including implementation of a
   Ahwatukee Foothills Center relocated to       student call center, enhanced marketing
   a newer and larger location; and SMCC         efforts, strengthened focus on retention
   Laveen established an office onsite at        and an improved student orientation
   Fairfax High School.                          program, SMCC was able to reverse a
   The College opened two new buildings          1.7% FTSE decrease in 2006/2007 into
   on its main campus: a joint-use               a 1.6% FTSE increase for 2007/2008.
  As part of a District-wide upgrade,           Emergency Operations Plan for SMCC,
  SMCC implemented a new Student                and address other safety and security
  Information System utilizing PeopleSoft       issues pertinent to campus operation.
  programming in February 2008.         A
  college-wide task force of more than 20                      Facts-at-a-Glance
  staff members worked overtime to bring      South Mountain Enrollment FY 2007-2008
  the new system to South Mountain with       Annual FT Equivalent Student1               2,086
                                              Annual Unduplicated
  minimal disruption to students.             Headcount
  As expansion and new structures have        Fall 2007 Headcount (credit)                4,254
  been added to the main campus in            By Full-time or Part-time            Fall 2007
  recent years, enhancement of the            Full-time                            868     20%
  physical plant’s capacity to adequately     Part-time                          3,386     80%
  serve the campus has become                 Total                              4,254 100%
  necessary. Approval and funding of the      By Gender                            Fall 2007
                                              Female                             2,674     63%
  expansion of the physical plant was         Male                               1,459     34%
  attained in 2007/2008, with work            Undeclared                           121       3%
  beginning in early summer 2008.             Total                              4,254 100%
                                              By Residency Status                  Fall 2007
Upcoming Issues for 2008-2009                 Resident                           3,657     86%
                                              Out-of-County                         43       1%
  Reaccreditation of the College by the       Out-of-State                         527     12%
  Higher Learning Commission (HLC) will       Foreign                               27       1%
  continue to be the most important           Unknown
                                              Total                              4,254 100%
  College-wide issue for the coming year.
                                              By Ethnic or Race Group              Fall 2007
  Preparation of the College self-study is    Non-resident Alien                    29       1%
  nearing completion, and it will be          Black, non-Hispanic                  635     15%
  published in early 2009. The campus         Am Indian/Alaskan Native             188       4%
  visit by the HLC Evaluation Team is         Asian or Pacific Islander            154       4%
  scheduled for April 6-9, 2009.              Hispanic                           1,691     40%
  Development of the proposed joint           White, non-Hispanic                1,140     27%
                                              Unknown/unreported                   417     10%
  library project with the City of Phoenix
                                              Total                              4,254 100%
  continued with MCCCD Governing              Instructional Staff                  Fall 2007
  Board approval of an intergovernmental      Full-time Instructors                 62     27%
  agreement and selection of an architect     Part-time Instructors                170     73%
  and construction manager for the            Total                                232 100%
  project, projected for completion in
  A task force oversaw a reorganization of
  the college’s strategic planning process
  during      2007/2008,      with    their
  recommendations          adopted      for
  implementation in 2008/2009.
  In support of District-wide efforts to
  ensure consistency and compliance with
  federal emergency planning guidelines,
  a task force was created to establish an

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