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                                                    Theme of this Issue: EXHIBITIONS
                                                                                     VOLUME 27, NO. 2 SUMMER 2009

Exhibitions as Inspiration
Lisa Anderson, Executive Director, Mesa Historical Museum                     example, an exhibition at the local
                                                                              aquarium may inspire an individual
The traveling bus that came to my elementary school yearly was filled         to recycle styrofoam so wildlife is
with an eclectic mix of cultural objects. I was eight years old the first     not harmed by it or a Chicano Art
time I saw the Kachina doll display, but it remains vibrant in my             exhibition can inspire individuals to
memory. I remember the placement of the dolls, the vivid colors, and I        better understand immigration
wanted to know more about why they were different from the dolls that I       issues.
played with at home. The exhibit was small, and, year after year, it never
changed, yet, something about those dolls spoke to me. It would be years          Today, museum exhibits are
later, when I began studying anthropology, before I really learned about      approached with high expectations.
the cultural importance of Kachinas. This early encounter helped to           After two decades of experiencing
inspire my career.                                                            new paradigms in exhibition,
                                                                              visitors demand that museums
     Museum exhibitions have come a long way. Many in the past were           teach, excite, guide, encourage
flat, dry, and authoritative. But since the late 1990’s, museums have         exploration, offer diversity and
become leaders in creating displays that incorporate a variety of             accessibility, and respond to
experiences and perspectives. I was                                           cultural issues. That is a tall order!
inspired by “All Roads are Good”                                              Yet, Arizona museums are meeting
at the National Museum of the                                                 these demands, impressing me with
American Indian that juxtaposed                                               the ingenuity, sophistication, and
the curatorial voice with the Native                                          sensitivity in displays across our state.
voice to tell more than one story
                                         are truly the
about a single object or event.                                                    I have seen many exhibitions
“Art/Artifact” at the Center for
                                         cornerstone                          that have inspired me on many
African Art in New York asked                                                 levels. It is an amazing thing to
visitors to reconsider their notions
                                         of the                               stand in front of an iconic piece of
of what is art versus what is                                                 art, to learn what really happened to
utilitarian. “Mining the Museum” at
                                         museum                               a lost civilization, or walk in the
the Maryland Historical Society in                                            footsteps of a Holocaust survivor.
Baltimore presented a
                                         experience.                          Museum exhibitions create multi-
deconstruction of the traditional                                             sensory physical environments that
exhibition environment and encouraged critical thought about the              we experience on a personal level
museum construct. Great exhibitions don’t require highly technical            and help us make connections to a
displays or the expenditure of millions of dollars to be inspirational (all   place, a time, an event, an object, or
of the above exhibitions were simply designed), but rather they build a       to people. Exhibitions are truly the
connection in some way between the exhibition’s topic and visitors’           cornerstone of the museum
lives. Some exhibits can even be transformative for society. For              experience.

                                                                         "Día de los Muertos/Day of the
                                                                         Dead: The Gift of Remembrance"
                                                                         Peggy Hazard, Assistant Exhibit Curator, Tohono
                                                                                       Chul Park, Tucson
                                                                         August 23 - November 4, 2007

                                                                         In many areas of Mexico, ofrendas – offerings--are set
                                                                         up in homes in preparation for November 1, All Saints'
                                                                         Day, and November 2, All Souls' Day. Decorated with
                                                                         marigolds – the flower of the dead, special foods,
                                                                         candles, traditional incense called copal, toys, and
                                                                         other enticements, the offerings lure the departed loved
                                                                         ones back to Earth for a short visit to embrace the
                                                                         things they enjoyed during their lifetime. For Tohono
                                                                         Chul Park's 2007 Día de los Muertos exhibit, guest
                                                                         artist Carlos Navarette created an artistic Ofrenda in
                                                                         the tradition of his homeland of Oaxaca, Mexico,
                                                                         honoring his grandmother.

Carlos Navarette's Ofrenda for Tohono Chul's Day of the
Dead exhibition features an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

 "Flight Over Phoenix: Aerial Survey Traces Hohokam Canals"
Larry Warner, Exhibit Designer/ Curator of Exhibits
Pueblo Grande Museum, Phoenix
December 2005 – September 2006

"Flight Over Phoenix: Aerial Survey
Traces Hohokam Canals" was faced
with the challenge of presenting a
1930s flight suit in a limited footprint
space in order to accommodate the
rest of the exhibit in a 700 square foot
gallery space. We developed, in
essence, a corner wedge wall with
plexiglass protecting the suit, effectively
giving the appearance of an actual
exhibit case built into the corner of
the gallery. We were also able to seal
the top and protect the artifacts for the
long run of almost 9 months.                             In “Flight Over Phoenix” a leather flight suit is displayed in an innovative corner case.

"Cowgirl Up! Art from the Other Half of the West "
Nathan Augustine, Registrar/Exhibition designer
Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenburg
Annual exhibition 2005-2009
                                                                            When the Desert Caballeros Western
                                                                            Museum launched our annual
                                                                            “Cowgirl Up! Art from the Other Half
                                                                            of the West” exhibition and sale four
                                                                            years ago, one of the biggest
                                                                            challenges was fitting three works by
                                                                            each of 58 artists chosen by a
                                                                            Selection Committee into an L-
                                                                            shaped gallery totaling 3500 square
                                                                            feet. Nathan Augustine, our registrar
                                                                            and exhibition designer, came up with
                                                                            the idea of using 4’x8’ movable walls
                                                                            to form two 16-foot Xs in each leg of
                                                                            the space, leaving room at the hinge
                                                                            (see photo), entrances, and periphery
                                                                            for sculpture. This gives us plenty of
                                                                            wall space, allowing us to keep work
                                                                            by each artist in a fairly discreet area,
                                                                            an important factor as the work varies
Photo copy: “Cowgirl Up” gallery at Desert Caballeros Western Museum

widely in style. We make sure that returning artists are placed in a different location every year to keep the look
of the installation fresh.

"Beasts! Savannah South of the Snow"
George Fuller, Exhibit Designer
Dr. Sandra Lynch, Exhibit Curator
Sharlot Hall Miuseum, Prescott
Coming soon!

The development of a new three-
part exhibit is in progress at
Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott.
This exhibition is titled “Secrets
of our Primordial Past” and will
include “Arizona on an Alien
Planet,” “Beasts! Savannah South
of the Snow.” and “Mysteries of
the Village People: Stone-Age
Developers.” Pictured is a concept
rendering from “Beasts….”, an
immersive exhibition about the
giant creatures that inhabited the
Prescott area, an African-like
“Paradise” south of the ice about
1.64 million to 10,000 years ago.      Concept rendering from “Beasts! Savannah South of the Snow”

“Digging In: Bisbeeʼs Mineral Heritage”
Mary Dillion Bird, Smithsonian Institution, Senior Exhibits Designer
Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum, Bisbee
Designing “Digging In: Bisbee’s
Mineral Heritage” exhibition at the
Bisbee Mining & Historical
Museum had both challenges and
rewards. The story was strong, and
the concept simple: create an
environment in which one
experienced the mines. We started
with good mining artifacts, and, in
addition to the museum’s vast
mineral collection, there were
specimens donated to the
Smithsonian in the 1890s that had
now returned home. Our photo
archives provided excellent images
dramatizing life in the mines, and
many of our consultants had a
personal attachment to Bisbee –
some had worked in the mines or
for the Bisbee mining company;
others were local historians.
                                         The Open-pit Gallery in “Digging In” at Bisbee Mining &   Painting the ceiling of the Open-pit
                                         Historical Museum.                                        Gallery.

    With a limited amount of space       were low-tech – a touchable                     10 x 10-inch wooden beams,
and lots of stories to tell, a           montage of copper items and a 12-               conforming to the strict weight
Smithsonian editor worked closely        foot-high, walk-through tire! Walls             limits of a second-floor exhibit. To
with the director to distill reams of    could not be altered, so the museum             withstand the rigors of a desert
information into succinct and visitor-   building itself presented challenges,           environment, exhibit components
friendly copy. We introduced some        We needed the floor shored up and               needed to be made to last. Despite
audio-visual components and              an elevator for accessibility. Security         all, “Digging In,” a product of true
interactives to supplement the text—     needed upgrading. Bathrooms                     partnership, has gone on to receive
the rumble of ore as it came down a      needed to be redone. We needed to               numerous state and national awards.
chute and a video of a large shovel      find a way to build an underground
cab scooping out ore. Other features     mine passage, complete with

Wildland Firefighting Gallery
Peter Molloy, Exhibit Designer/Don Hale, Curator
Exhibit Construction and Installation
Hall of Flame Museum, Phoenix
The 2,000 square foot Wildland Firefighting
Gallery is dedicated to the history of wildland
firefighting and is the only exhibit on all
aspects of wildland firefighting in the United
States. Part of the exhibit deals with the fire
lookouts that spread over the nation’s forests
between 1900 and the 1960s. We chose the
design of a 12’ x 12’ wood lookout cabin with a
two-foot catwalk common to the northwest
between 1920 and 1940. Don Hale, built the
cabin on site in the gallery, resting it on heavy-
duty casters so that it can be easily moved. We
visited the Diamond Point Lookout just outside
of Payson and took photos of the views, putting
the pictures together panoramically. A local       A replica of a lookout cabin attracts visitors in the Wildland Firefighting
painter created a mural of the panorama on two Gallery at Hall of Flame Museum.
walls of the gallery as a backdrop. It took about two months to build the cabin and furnish it authentic artifacts
from Montana and California. Visitors can now walk into the cabin and look through the “firefinder” that
lookouts used to determine the range and direction to a fire.

Redesigning the Whole Museum
Gyroscope, Inc., Exhibit Designers; Weddle/Gilmore, Architects; Brignall Construction, Contractor
Tempe Historical Museum, Tempe
Completion in 2010
Experts write about designing
museum exhibits. They
discuss messages, target
audiences, word count,
typeface size, evaluation,
content. But, who writes about
redesigning the whole museum?
We are doing just that at the
Tempe Historical Museum.
Mix one interpretive plan with
one architecture firm, one
exhibit design firm, discuss
and sketch, discuss and sketch, Left: A toddler-sized stadium, complete with camera, allows crawlers to see themselves on the
draw and draw. Fold in best         scoreboard. Right: Kids climb on a real police motorcycle and pose for a souvenir photo..

practices from other museums. Let steep, brew, and ferment. Sprinkle in research from and interns. Design,
refine, design. Render, comment, re-render. Present, define, record public input. Bake, let sit, reflect. Agree,
dissent, agree. Get costs, pricing, estimates. Fuss and fidget, tackle the budget. Do the drawings, pursue the
permits. Wait for the construction fence to show up and build the dream!
                             PRESIDENTʼS MESSAGE

                            ach year, Arizona’s museums present a spectacular array of exhibitions that celebrate
                            and explore diverse topics from ecosystems to baseball to feathered dinosaurs.
                            Although there may be many other reasons that visitors come to museums, it is the
                     exhibition--that complex system of presenting and conveying concepts, objects, and
                     heritage--that excite the senses, create learning experiences, and inspire us in ways that keep
                     us coming back. As we examine the museum exhibition in this edition of the newsletter, I
                     am reminded of ones that have truly inspired me and of why exhibitions are the cornerstone
                     of the museum experience.
  Lisa Anderson     As museums struggle in the current economy, it is important that we not lose sight of why
museum exhibitions matter so much to the success of an institution. It is not just that exhibitions are
educational, bring in admissions and donors, enable research, create gift shop revenue--and the list goes on--but
what really matters is the way that exhibitions transform and inspire visitors.
And, on behalf of the MAA Board and our membership, I want to thank the town of Bisbee, its business,
citizens, and volunteers, and the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum who made the 2009 conference one of
our best. Thanks also to our keynote speaker Brian Crockett who was as inspirational and delightful as we had
remembered and to our committee who worked many long hours to make this conference a reality.
The success of the Bisbee conference shows that, now more than ever, there is a great need in the Arizona
museum community to network and share concerns, new ideas, and offer support as we continue to navigate
through challenging times. I hope that all of you who attended will use the experience gained from the
conference to continue to connect with your colleagues throughout the year.

The MuseumAssociation ofArizona provides statewide leadership amongArizona’s museums and cultural communities through
professional support, advocacy, education and collaboration.
Editor: Rebecca Akins
The MAA Gallery is a quarterly publication of the Museum Association of Arizona. An annual subscription is included in
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Newsletter themes and deadlines for submission:
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December 2009 issue              Conservation and Preservation         October 20, 2009
March 2010                       Museum Gift Shops                     January 20, 2010
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                 MUSEUM IN THE SPOTLIGHT

Capturing the Publicʼs Attention
                                          By Lennée Eller, Phoenix Airport Museum

                                                                        irports are busy, dynamic places filled with
                                                                        visual clutter, and many travelers are stressed by
                                                                        the unfamiliar environments and focused on
                                                                 finding their way. This makes an airport an extremely
                                                                  difficult space in which to exhibit artwork and, yet,
                                                                   the perfect place to reach a large audience. So how
                                                                   do you create exhibitions that attract the distracted
                                                                   and harassed traveling-public’s interest? The answer
                                                                  is good design and stringent application of the
                                                                 exhibition mantra: Be Creative, Concise, Clean,
                                                               Consistent, and Colorful.
                                                             These five Cs apply to all facets of an exhibition. Here are
                                                         a few examples of their use to get you started:
“Playful Mystique” exhibited the glass works of Bandhu
Scott Dunham of Prescott, AZ.

                    Be creative with signage. Invoke interest with catchy and clever titles that capture the
                    audience’s imagination and make them want to investigate the artwork. Make the graphics

                    work for the space. At the airport, title signs are as big as we can comfortably make them
                    within a given space and with vinyl letters 5” or more in height.
                    Text panels should provide concise and consistent information about artists, their materials and
                    the art process. Visual images of the artists or their artwork also create interest on labels. To

                    accommodate the airport’s diverse audience, our smaller labels always use a 20-point, easy-to-
                    read, clean font.
                    Exhibitions should literally be clean with fresh paint, dust and finger-print-free plexi-glass and
                    glass and no scuff marks on walls or floors. Exhibits are easier on the eye when they are

                    displayed in a balanced manner creating clean repetitive lines with all artwork hung at the same
                    center (56”-60”). Crisply cut and sharply contrasting printed labels placed consistently in
                    respect to the artwork also create a clean look.
                    Colors should be chosen to best show off the exhibited objects and artworks. Color has the
                    ability to unify a space, create mood, and drama.

                    Remember, it is all about creating “candy for the eyes.” We all know how additive
                    carbohydrates can be. Keep them coming back for more.
               This year the Phoenix Airport Museum’s exhibition program celebrates its 20th anniversary. For
               two decades the museum (formerly the Sky Harbor Art Program) has collaborated with Arizona
               artists, collectors, galleries, museums and school groups to provide public access to Arizona art.
               Every year more than forty-one million passengers, twenty-four thousand employees and other
               visitors enjoy the exhibitions displayed throughout the three airports: Sky Harbor International,
               Deer Valley, and Goodyear.
Just in time for the Super Bowl in 2007-2008, the Airport Museum       1998-1999ʼs “Theater Magic” showed masks and costumes from
opened “On the Ball.”                                                  Childsplay Inc., Tempeʼs professional childrenʼs theatre.

Beginning in 1988 with one exhibition space, the museum currently manages twenty-five spaces in six building
at the three airports. Each year, eighteen to twenty exhibitions showcase the artwork of Arizona artists working
in a variety of media. The museum’s mission is to promote Arizona’s unique artistic and cultural heritage, and,
from its inception, the exhibition program has showcased artwork from many diverse groups, drawing on
resources from throughout the state.

                             YOUR MAA IN ACTION
        n Mary 13th, 2009, the town of Bisbee and the Bisbee Mining &                      Bylaw changes created two new
        Historical Museum rolled out the red carpet for approximately                      board positions. President Lisa
        100 eager attendees of the 27th Annual Meeting of the Museum                       Anderson appointed Anne Wallace
Association of Arizona. From Wednesday’s convivial President’s                             the Annual Meeting Director and
Reception to the Saturday morning workshop, this conference lived up to                    Donna Reiner as Advocacy Director.
Bisbee’s reputation for hosting some of our most memorable annual                          Conference highlights were
meetings.                                                                                      • Brian Crockett’s delightful
At the Friday Business Luncheon, the recipients of the 2009 MAA                                  keynote address,
Professional Recognition Awards were announced:                                                • the scary but exhilarating
    • Award of Excellence – Friends of Arizona Archives (FAzA) for                               Queen mine tour,
      excellence in the field of archival preservation.                                        • Lavender Jeep tours of
    • Distinguished Service Award – Connie Kreamer, Sunnyslope,                                  historic Bisbee,
      for twenty years of dedication to the Sunnyslope Historical                              • the hot and sweaty turquoise
      Society Museum.                                                                            dig at the No. 7 dump,
    • Contribution Award – Lennée Eller, Phoenix Airport Museum, for                           • ,inspirational sessions,
      promoting Arizona’s cultural institutions and artists.
                                                                                               • the sumptuous Friday night
    • Best Interpretation of a Theme Award – “Cowgirl Up! Art from                               meal at Café Roka,
      the Other Half of the West” at Desert Caballeros Western Museum
                                                                                           and, as ever, networking with
      for providing a venue for the work of the best women artists of
                                                                                           friends from the far reaches of
      the West.
    • Community Support Award – To the Community of Bisbee.

MAA Annual Conference Phone Survey
Anne Wallace, Annual Meeting Director

As part of MAA’s strategic-planning process, the Annual Conference-Planning Committee is conducting a
phone survey to determine what the Arizona museum community likes about our conferences and what changes
they would like to see us make. Over the next month or so, members of the Planning Committee will contact
MAA members and other museum professionals throughout the state to gather this information. Committee
members understand how busy everyone is and will work hard to use as little of your precious time as possible,
but we ask for some of that time and your support as we work toward an MAA better able to serve our profession.
Thank you...

Clockwise from upper left: Intrepid MAA members prepare to go 1500 feet underground on the
Queen Mine Tour; Sheila Kollasch dolled up as a latter-day hippie to serve as MAA Live Auctioneer;
Brian Crockett delivers the keynote address at the Bisbee Repertoire Theatre; MAA President Lisa
Anderson networks with Deborah Shelton at the Presidentʼs Reception; Janice Klein and Keynoter
Brian Crockett enjoy a laugh at the Business Luncheon; Kai Landon presents a session on
technology for small museums; The Lavender Jeep tour departs for scenic points in Bisbee; Kim
savage, Kim Huber, Jerry Howard and Ann Mary Lutzick chow down at the Presidentʼs Reception;
MAA rockhounds show off their treasures after the No. 7 Dump turquoise dig; Tom Wilson presents
Lenneé Eller with the 2009 MAA Contribution Award.

                               REGIONAL NEWS
Hubbell Trading Post, Ganado                                        Based on Reed’s recently discovered travel
    A Native-American Art Auction took place in                     journals, photographs, and extensive original
    Ganado on May 9, sponsored by the Friends of                    research, Erik Berg tells a little-known story of
    Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, Inc.               travel, adventure, ill-fated romance involving one of
    This wholesale auction included over 400 hand-                  northern Arizona’s most overlooked early citizens.
    made works of art. The sale supports the artists, the        June 27, 2009
    National Historic Site and the Friends of Hubbell.           “Arizona Mineral Belt Railroad”
                                                                    This presentation is by Richard and Sherry Mangum.
Riordan Mansion State Park, Flagstaff
                                                                 July 11, 2009
Brown Bag Lunch Lectures
   12:15 pm on the front veranda of the historic                 “Two Guns and Route 66”
   1904 Riordan Mansion, Second Tuesdays of Each                    Sean Evans of NAU’s Cline Library discusses
   Month.                                                           Two Guns, one of the older sites in northern
                                                                    Arizona designed specifically to make money
June 9, 2009                                                        from Route 66 traffic.
“Victorian Fashions in Arizona Territory”                        August 29, 2009
   Terri Leverton and Kelley Gaston of McFarland                 “Ain’t it Purty”: Tourist Impressions of Grand Canyon”
   State Park give a glimpse under ladies’ Victorian
                                                                    ASU’s Paul Hirt and Yolanda Youngs talk about
   fashion from 1865 – 1900, exposing the
                                                                    how the Grand Canyon was publicized to tourists
   importance of undergarments.
                                                                    and the general public through popular images
July 14, 2009                                                       from penny postcards to magazines like Arizona
“Standing Watch: The Fire Towers of Arizona”                        Highways to motion pictures.
   Ruth Mortenson shares stories of the many people              Living History Event: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
   who have spent their time looking over the forest             August 22, 2009
   from their isolated posts.
                                                                 “The Arizona Rough Riders”
August 11, 2009
                                                                    The Arizona Rough Riders commemorative group
“Call of the Canyon”                                                will bring the Spanish/American War era to life.
   Tom Martin provides background information on                    Dressed in authentic period dress of the famous
   the origins of the GEM, Grand Canyon’s first                     Rough Riders and their ladies and carrying 100
   decked drift boat, also called a dory, with original             year-old weapons, the Rough Riders describe the
   film footage of river running in Grand Canyon in
                                                                    era, the war, the effects, and the social mores of
                                                                    turn of the century America.
Evening Slide Presentation Series: 7 p.m.
June 20, 2009                                                    Sedona Heritage Museum, Sedona
“Louis Akin’s Lost Bride: The Photos, Poems and                      The Sedona Heritage Museum and the Sedona
Adventures of Mai Richie Reed”                                   Historical Society were recently honored by Keep
   Famous Grand Canyon painter Louis Akin was                    Sedona Beautiful with an award of excellence in
   briefly married to a young woman from                         preserving local history. The Museum also organized
   Philadelphia who set out to explore the southwest             a series of three sold-out and well-received bus tours
   at a time when Arizona was still a rough territory            of Oak Creek Canyon led by the grandson of the
   and women did not yet have the right to vote.                 canyon’s first permanent settler.

NORTHERN Continued
Sharlot Hall Museum                                             Saturday, June 27
Through November 2010                                           Defining Folk Music
                                                                Concerts at 2 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.
   “PAINT! Breaking the Buckskin Ceiling”
   The exhibition features four prominent Arizona                  Blue Rose Theater
   artists in a series of one-person, four-month                   One in a series of eight monthly
   exhibits, starting with Jesse T. Hummingbird                    concerts/workshops addressing the history of
   (Cherokee) and followed by Judith Durr                          folk music, specifically of the central Arizona
   (Choctaw), Baje Whitethorne, Sr. (Navajo) and                   highlands. Folk music questions workshop is
   Michael Kabotie (Hopi). Individually and                        held at 10 a.m. Call 928.445.3122 for tickets.
   collectively these artists challenge and expand the          Prescott Indian Art Market
   meaning of the term “Indian art.”
                                                                Saturday, July 11 – Sunday, July 12
                                                                10 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily
                                                                    This renowned market features traditional and
                                                                    contemporary works of art, including
                                                                    distinctive jewelry, ceramics, hand-woven
                                                                    baskets, blankets, paintings and leatherwork.
                                                                    As one of the premier Indian art markets in
                                                                    the Southwest, everything presented is
                                                                    selected from an all-Indian artist jury. Visitors
                                                                    observe demonstrations of weaving, Kachina
                                                                    carving, silver-smithing, pottery making and
                                                                    other Native American arts, participate in a
                                                                    “quick draw/sculpt” experience, enjoy
Jesse Hummingbird, “Paint” artist at Sharlot Hall Museum            entertainment, and bid in a silent auction.

Folk Arts Fair                                                  May 23-25
June 6-7, 2009                                                    Western Art Show and Sale on the historic
   Because of recent State budget cuts, Sharlot Hall              Courthouse Plaza in Prescott. This highly
   Museum is charging adult non-members $5 for                    anticipated event continues to be Arizona’s
   admission to its annual Folk Arts Fair. Admission              premier outdoor western art show, and
   is free for members and children.                              features over 130 of the very best western
                                                                  artists and sculptors. And, on May 25, 2009,
Friday, June 12
                                                                  the Phippen Museum celebrated the 6th
“Ladies of the Garden”
                                                                  anniversary of the Miniature Masterpieces
   7:30 p.m. at the Blue Rose Theater
                                                                  Show & Sale. This very successful fundraiser
   Several intriguing Arizona women honored in Sharlot
                                                                  for the Phippen Museum features smaller,
   Hall Museum’s Territorial Rose Garden come to life
                                                                  more affordable drawings, paintings and
   at the hand of author and director Randi Wise. Call
                                                                  sculptures by some of the biggest names in
   928-445-3122 for tickets and information.
                                                                  Western art.
Living History Presentation
Saturday, June 20
   10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Fort Whipple Museum on the
   Veteran’s Administration Hospital,Highway 89.
   Visit with living history interpreters as they relive
   Arizona’s military past. Admission: Donation.

CENTRAL                                                        June 26 - September 26, 2010
                                                               “Cézanne and American Modernism”
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art,                         Steele Gallery
                                                               Heard Museum, Phoenix
July 30, 5:30 - 7:30 PM
Summer Family Night                                            Through January 24, 2010
                                                               “Mothers & Daughters: Stories in Clay”
   SMoCA invites children of all ages and their
   parents to celebrate the Dog Days of Summer, the               Three acclaimed mother-daughter teams from
   Museum’s annual Summer Family Night. Tour                      Santa Clara Pueblo explore their family, their
   SMoCA’s galleries to see the new exhibition                    views of the world and how they view themselves.
   Unexpected Wegman. Kids can make an artwork                 Through December 2009
   inspired by their favorite dog on the lawn at the            “Harry Fonseca: An Artist’s Journey”
   Scottsdale Civic Center Mall, followed by                      This exhibition charts the career of Harry Fonseca,
   fountain splashing, bubble play, and popsicle                  a Nisenan Maidu/Hawaiian/Portuguese artist.
   eating. Bring kids’ swimsuits and towels! $20.00            Through August 2, 2009
   for a family of up to 4 people, and $4.00 for each          “La Casa Murillo: A Life-Size Shadow Box”
   additional child. Pre-registration is required: call
                                                                  Chicano pop artists Patrick Murillo and Kathy
                                                                  Cano-Murillo created a life-size creation of their
SMoCA’s Two Current 10th Anniversary Exhibitions                  fantasy home in this exhibition.
Extended into Summer:
Now through July 5, 2009                                       “HOME: Native People in the Southwest”
“Seriously Funny”                                                 This $7.6 million, 21,000-square-foot exhibition
Now through August 9. 2009                                        of the finest works from the Heard’s collection
“At the Crossroads of American Photography:                       marks the culmination of the Heard Museum’s
Callahan, Siskind, Sommer”                                        75th anniversary celebration.

Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix                                    Pueblo Grande Museum, Phoenix
Through July 5, 2009
                                                               “Pieces of the Puzzle: New Perspectives on the
“Medievalism: Fashion’s Romance with the Middle
Ellman Fashion Design Gallery and Lewis Gallery                   Did the Hohokam vanish? “Pieces of the Puzzle”
                                                                  focuses on modern-day archaeological that give
March 15 - June 14, 2009
                                                                  us new perspectives on the Hohokam and how
“In Contemporary Rhythm: The Art of Ernest L.                     their culture changed in the 15th century.
Steele Gallery
March 21 - July 12, 2009
“Charting The Canyon: Photographs by Klett &
Norton Photography Gallery
July 12 - September 21, 2009
“Phantom Sightings: Art After The Chicano
Steele Gallery
July 11 - October 18, 2009
“Tony Foster: Searching for a Bigger Subject”                  “Pieces of the Puzzle” at Pueblo Grande Museum
Lewis Gallery
CENTRAL Continued
Deer Valley Rock Art Center, Phoenix                               May 13-16, 2009

June 13 & 27; July 11 & 25; and August 8 & 22                         Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum superbly
Twilight Tours                                                        hosted the 27th Annual Meeting of the Museum
7:00 – 8:00 p.m.                                                      Association of Arizona, "Mining for Change:
   Join Educators for a guided tour of Hedgpeth                       Transforming our Museums." The Museum was
   Hill’s spectacular rock art. Adults $6.50, Seniors                 well prepared, efficient, and warmly welcoming
   $3.50, Children $2.50. Call (623) 582-8007 for                     to the members of the Association. Our sincere
   more information.                                                  thanks go to Carrie Gustavson, her staff, and the
                                                                      whole Bisbee community!
SOUTHERN                                                           Henry F. Hauser Museum, Sierra Vista
Tombstone Courthouse State Park,                                   Ongoing
Tombstone                                                          "A New Twist on 'Then', A Celebration of the Sierra
                                                                   Vista Historical Society"
    The Arizona State Parks board meeting on Friday,
    April 3rd, resulted in operational changes for                    This exhibition honors the members of the Sierra
    Tombstone Courthouse State Park, Tombstone.                       Vista Historical Society and its many community
    The Parks Board passed a motion to allow the                      projects. Some of the projects being recognized
    agency to reduce the days and hours of operation                  are: the Historic Plaque Program, the Fry
    for the parks. This will ease the stress of trying to             Cemetery Project, and the New Museum Building
    keep parks open seven days a week while dealing                   Fund. The Historical Society held its first fund
    with a 26% reduction in ranger staff. Tombstone                   raising event for the new museum facility during
    Courthouse State Park will now be open Thursday                   the opening of this exhibit.
    through Monday and closed Tuesday and
                                                                   Arizona State Museum, Tucson
    Wednesdays with daily hours of 9 am - 5 pm.
                                                                   June 25-28, 2009
Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum,                                 Travel With ASM!
Bisbee                                                             Mata Ortiz & Paquime Learning Expedition
Ongoing                                                               Buy ceramics directly from famed potters, enjoy
"Digging In"                                                          ceramic-making demonstrations, explore cliff
    Located on the museum's second floor, "Digging                    dwellings of the Sierra Madres, tour the Museo de
    In" is a state-of-the-art mining exhibit beautifully              las Culturas del Norte, visit early terraced hillside
    crafted by Smithsonian designers.                                 villages, shop local galleries. See
                                                                      s.shtml for complete itinerary.
                                                                   July 27-31, 2009
                                                                   Archaeology Summer Camp for Adults
                                                                      Arizona State Museum's Homol'ovi Research
                                                                      Program has been excavating and researching
                                                                      ancestral Hopi sites near Winslow, Arizona, since
                                                                      1984. Join ASM archaeologists Chuck Adams and
                                                                      Rich Lange as they launch into a three-year
                                                                      process of analyzing excavated objects. Lectures,
                                                                      tours, and hands-on learning enabling you to
                                                                      identify, sort, and analyze prehistoric Hopi
                                                                      material. Please note: the lab is not ADA accessible.
Graphic panel from “Digging In,” Bisbee Mining & Historical
Museumʼs new exhibition.

Yuma Fine Arts Association/ Yuma Art                            July 9 – 18, 7:00 p.m.
Center Galleries, Yuma                                          “Steel Magnolias”
                                                                5-Point Theater Company
                                                                July 24 – 25, 7:00 p.m.
                                                                “Alice in Wonderland”
                                                                Yuma Art Center Summer Youth Theater
                                                                ARTbeat 2
                                                                  ARTbeat 2, the yearly fine art show in Historic
                                                                  Downtown Yuma sponsored by the Yuma Art
                                                                  Center, presented over forty local artists and their
                                                                  art, Saturday, April 18. The one-day event drew a
                                                                  large crowd to the Art Center. ARTbeat is the
                                                                  heartbeat of the local arts community featuring the
                                                                  best of the best of our local artists.

Patrons enjoy an opening at the Yuma Art Center.
“Armando Ahuatzi: Transcendence”
   The Mexican Consulate and the Cultural Council
   of Yuma were proud to present Armando Ahuatzi
   in the Central Gallery of the Yuma Art Center
   Galleries. This important Mexican artist was born
   in Tlaxcala and paints Mexico in a style sometimes
   reminiscent of Renaissance paintings although
   with an entirely different intent. His paintings have
   been exhibited in galleries worldwide.
“Louis LeRoy: A Retrospective.” West Gallery.
  History, remembrances, and works of art were
  featured in this tribute to LeRoy that ran through
                                                                Buyers and browsers enjoy Yuma Art Centerʼs fine art show in April.

  May 31, Mr. LeRoy passed away in 2008 and this                Arizona Historical Society -Yuma
  show brought together family, colleagues, and                 Seeks Yuma History
  friends to remember his life and celebrate his art.
  Louis LeRoy was past Director of Yuma Fine Art                    The Arizona Historical Society in Yuma is seeking
  Association.                                                      people, their relatives, or acquaintances who were
                                                                    involved with steam-boating on the lower
Historic Yuma Theatre
                                                                    Colorado River. Perhaps they were a captain, a
Summer Six Pac 2009                                                 passenger, a fireman, or someone who chopped
June 18-27, 7:00 pm                                                 wood for the boats… perhaps they worked on one
“Blithe Spirit”                                                     of the ocean-going boats that carried goods from
City of Yuma Employees Association                                  San Francisco to the Gulf of California to be
                                                                    transferred to the steamboats. If you can help with
July 1 and 2, 1:00 p,m.                                             this search, please contact AHS Yuma at
Family Film Fest, Free                                    

WESTERN Continued
Yuma Quartermaster Depot Event Cancelled
   The special event “Civil War Days,” April 18 and 19, was cancelled. The Yuma Quartermaster Depot will
   be reducing its hours of operations, as directed by the Parks Board, due to the current economic recession.
   The YQD will be shortening weeks starting April 14.

Mohave Museum of History and Arts, Kingman
“Clowns, Toys and a Doll House…”
   The new exhibit features clown “portraits,” antique toys, and a two-story lighted dollhouse.


“Wish You Were Here: Fiber Art Postcards” Exhibition at Tohono Chul Park, Tucson
Wish You Were Here: Fiber Art Postcards
Tohono Chul Park’s second non-juried exhibit of
artist-made postcards is open to artists working with
fiber-based media. Like tourist postcards, fiber art
postcards in “Wish You Were Here” will document
real or imagined places, trips, experiences or events in
the state of Arizona. Postcards may be constructed
using any of a variety of fiber art and surface design
techniques such as quilting, weaving, embroidery, and
handmade paper. Postcards will be exhibited in
Tohono Chul Park’s Gallery from September 10-
November 16, 2009.
Postcard submissions must be postmarked from July 1
to July 31, 2009. Completed Entry Form with SASE                Tohono Chul Park “Wish you Were Here” exhibition, 2008 -

and $5 entry fee are to be sent separately.
                                                                “Cactus Wren,” Vivika Hansen DeNegre, fabric collage and
                                                                thread painting

                                                   Entry Form

                                               Or send a SASE to
                                                 Peggy Hazard
                                            Assistant Exhibit Curator
                                            7366 N. Paseo del Norte
                                               Tucson AZ 85704.

News from the Field-ARIZONA Continued

    EX        G       LVES:
      XH               VESE
               NG SELLV VE
                        L :
              G OU SSELVES S:
               G OUR LVES:
      E                ELSES
               NG S ELVE
                        L ES
                        LV :
              G        VEVE
      EXH     NG
               NG       LVES:
    EXHI            S VE ES
              G O SELLVES:
               G    SE VVES:
                        E :
           nting                                 enters
    Representing Cultures in Museums & Cultural Centers
               Ourselvees      address     topics f cultural representation to give        professionals, arts
                                                                                              f         s
    Exhibiting Ourselves will address key topics of cultural representation to give museum professionals, arts and
    culture organizers, students, and community members ideas for exploring new approaches to cultural
    culture organizers, s              community m                 for exploring
                                                                               g                        r
                                                                                     approaches to cultural
    representation in an increasingly multicultural society.
    representation      n increasingly multicultural society.
    Contested Terrains: Cultural Diversity and
      onte e       r    :      r
    Contested Terrains: Cultural Diversity and the Politics of Representation in Museums and Cultural Centers
                                    v t                           r
                                                   Politics Representation n                         r    en
                                                                                            and Cultural Centers
               overview concepts, theories,
                       w                            t
                                                    trends cultural identity and representation museums
    will be an overview of concepts, theories, and trends of cultural identity and its representation in museums
    and cultural centers.
         cultural centers.
    Cultures Display: Representing Identity M
    Cultures on Display: Representing Identity in Museums and Cultural Cente will present the role of such
          r             y     r               t              and Cultural Centers
                                                                       r       ers
                                                                            ente        present    role     uch
    institutions in framing identity while highlighting challenges involved in their establishment and operation.
                    frami identity         highlight
                                                   ting             involved t       establishment          er
                                                                                                         ope ation.
    ¿Qué Pasa Phoenix?  ?        Public Culture
    ¿Qué Pasa Phoenix? Latino Public Culture in a Major American City will explore the state of Hispanic/Latino
                                                   M      American Cityt     explore                       /La
                                                                                           state Hispanic/Latino
            culture Phoenix, Arizona.
    public culture in Phoenix, Arizona.
    KAREN MARY DAVALOS, Professor Chicana/o Studies, Loyola Marymount University
    KAREN MARY DAVALOS, Professor,, Chicana/o Studies, Loyola Marymou t University
                              f                                     y un
                  FINS, Curator African American Culture
    FATH DAVIS RUFFINS, Curator,, African American Culture and History,, National Museum of American History,
                                                                          a                        n
                                                               History National Museum American History,
                                       Smithsonian Institution
    EDUARDO DIAZ, Director,, Smithsonian Latino Center
    EDUARDO           Director            Latino Center
    LISA SASAKI, Director of Program Developme t, Japanese American National Museum
                 Dire tor Program Development,en             American National Museum
    DAVID SHNEER, Director,, Program in Jewish Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder
    DAVID           Dir
                    D ector Program            Studies, University Colorado at Boulder
    CARLOS TORTOLERO, Director National Mus
    CARLOS TORTOLERO, Director,, National Museum of Mexican Art
                                               seum Mexican Art
    MARCO ALBARRA Artist & Director,, Calaca Latino Cultural Arts Collective
    MARCO ALBARRAN, Artist Director Calaca Latino Cultural Arts Collective
    JOE BAKER, Director of Community Engagement,, ASU Herberger College of the Arts
               Director Community Engagement             Herberger College         Arts
                     forme Curator, Heard Museum
                     former Curator, Heard Museum
                         er       r
    MITCH MENCHACA, Senior Director Programs Arizona Commission o
    MITCH MENCHACA, Senior Director of Programs,, Arizona Commission on the Arts
    ERLINDA TORRES, President,, Advocates for Latino Arts and Culture
    ERLINDA TORRES President Advocates for La  Latino Arts     Culture
    LISA URIAS, President,, Urias Communications,, Hispanic marketing rm
                     den                       s
                Presid t Urias Communications Hispanic marketing rm
    FRI/JUNE/5/09                  Phoenix             H r Downtown
                                   Phoenix Museum of History, Downtown PHX
                                   6:00 PM Outreach Program & Reception by the Smithsonian Latino Center
                                        PM Outreach Program Reception by the               Latino Center
                                        PM Lecture by Dr. Karen Mary Davalos
                                   7:00 PM Lecture by Dr. Karen Mary Davalos
                                              Latino: Cultures     Identities n
                                   Exhibiting Latino: Cultures and Identities in Museums
    SAT/JUNE/6/09                  Arizona Historical Soc ty Museum at Papago Park
                                   Arizona Historical Society
                                                  c     ciet           Papago Park
                                   9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
                                                   PM   SY
                                                        S MPOSIUM
                          All programs are               to
                          All programs are FREE and open to the public
                                          Please           website for registration info mation.
                                          Please visit our website for registration information.

    M u s e u m at Pa p a g o Pa r k
    Museum a t Papago Park

News from the Field-ARIZONA Continued                            Hours Cut at Six State Parks

                                                                 The arizona State Parks Board reduced days and
                                                                 hours of operation at six parks to help reduce costs.

Share Your Expertise
                                                                     Yuma Territorial Prison park
                                                                     Yuma Quartermaster Depot

Arizona Humanities Council (AHC) is now
                                                                     Tubac Presidio State Historic Park

accepting applications for the 2010-2011 Road
                                                                     Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park
Scholars Speakers Bureau roster. If you have an
interesting topic you would like to share with audiences
                                                                     Fort Verde State Historic Park

across Arizona, apply today!
                                                                     Oracle State Park
                                                                 These state parks will now be open Thursday

The Road Scholars program is designed to foster
                                                                 through Monday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

humanities-based discussions and civil dialog among
diverse audiences throughout Arizona. Eligible                   The 32nd annual Southwest
applicants hold an advanced degree (M.A. or higher)              Arts Conference
in the humanities, and are willing to travel throughout
Arizona. AHC also recognizes tribal leaders, elders,             Save the Date!
traditional teachers, and other cultural practitioners as
                                                                 Thursday and Friday, August 13 and 14, 2009.
scholars. Persons who have a verifiable record of
teaching, research, or publications on a theme may be            This year’s conference, “Safety/Sustainability/The
eligible as well. AHC pays honoraria and reimburses              Future is No Accident,” is at the beautiful and
travel expenses.                                                 relaxing Carefree Resort and Villas, The conference
                                                                 will address the economic crisis, its effect on the arts
Please visit AHC’s Web site for more information and             and education sectors, and the fact that within the
definition of terms:                                             tumult there are terrific opportunities. Using the old                        civic slogan as a departure point, “safety is no
                                                                 accident,” the conference will address:
                                                                      preparedness and sustainability--but move beyond
New Arizona Archives                                                  into discovering opportunity within the current
Reading Room Closes Due to

                                                                      economic realities

Budget Cuts
                                                                      constructing a prosperous future

                                                                      safety for individual artists

The new, $29 million Polly Rosenbaum State Archives                   crisis/disaster preparedness for individuals and

and History Building Reading Room that opened late                    organizations;

last year has closed until further notice -- a victim of              thoughtful, practical and visionary planning
state budget cuts. The facility will now be available                 formal and informal sharing of resources

only for research "emergencies." Budget cuts have                     new models for organizational structure

eliminated most of the agency's staff members, as                     new realities for public and private funding for the

well, and the number of general research helpers went                 arts.

from 13 to three. Lawmakers and other users of the               Instructions and Application Form are posted on the
legal research library will also find few helpers since          Commission website, at
that division's staff was cut from 45 to 12 employees. 

News from the Field-ARIZONA Continued

Plein Air Artist "Paint Outs" at Arizona State Parks
Plein Air "paint outs" are an
open invitation to all artists,
amateur and professional, to
paint and capture scenes inside
Arizona State Parks. These live
outdoor painting competitions
take place in four-hour blocks.
After the painting period, the
artists meet to display the
finished piece/pieces and submit
them for judging by fellow
artists. Artists should bring their
easels, brushes, drop cloth or
canvas, etc. They may also bring
a mat or frame for protection and
enhancement of their painting.

The top three paintings from each competition are entered in an annual gallery show. Following the 2009 series,
the top three winners of each competition will be shown at a public exhibit in February 2010.

The "paint outs" began as part of the State Parks 50th anniversary celebrations, 2006-2007. Arizona State Parks
and the Tucson Plein Air Painters Society partnered to host a series of 10 Plein Air "paint outs" at many Arizona
State Parks. An opening reception followed by a gallery show of the top 30 paintings from the 10 "paint outs"
was held at Boyce Thompson Arboretum from January 5th to the 27th, 2008. This program aims to be a
successful collaboration between creative art societies and
Arizona State Parks.

2009 Dates and Locations:

             June 6, 2009      Jerome State Historic Park, 8 am - Noon
             July 18, 2009     Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area, 8 am - Noon
           August 8, 2009      Roper Lake State Park, 8 am - Noon
     September 19, 2009        Slide Rock State Park (Apple Festival), 8 am - Noon; Additional
                               Children's Paint Out Activity
          October 3, 2009      Riordan Mansion State Historic Park, 8 am - Noon
      November 29, 2009        Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park (Fall Festival), 8 am - Noon;
                               Additional Children's Paint Out Activity
For more information about the "paint outs" call 602.542.4174, visit or The park entrance fee is waived for participating artists.
News from the Field-ARIZONA Continued                     Arizona Humanities Council
                                                          Brings Smithsonianʼs “Key
                                                          Ingredients” to Arizona in 2010!
                                                          The Smithsonian returns to Arizona with
                                                          “Key Ingredients: America By Food,” an exhibition
                                                          tailored to rural museums and organizations, will tour
                                                          the state from October 2010 though August 2011. If
                                                                                  your rural institution lacks
                                                                                  access to traveling exhibits
                                                                                  due to limited space and
                                                                                  budget, “Key Ingredients”
                                                                                  may be just what your
Arizona Humanaties Council                                                        community needs!

2009 Grant Awards                                         “Key Ingredients” provides an entertaining and
The Arizona Humanities Council awarded $50,505 to         informative overview of our country’s diverse
                                                          regional cooking and eating traditions, investigates
support the public humanities projects of seven
                                                          how culture, ethnicity, landscape, and tradition influence
nonprofit organizations in Arizona. The grant
                                                          the foods and flavors we enjoy across the nation, and
recipients and their programs include:                    inspires the gathering, preservation, and celebration
   • Children’s Museum of Phoenix – $5,000 for            of the finest of what rural America has to offer!
     “Monroe School Stories.”                             The Arizona Humanities Council will select six
   • The Arizona Historical Society – Central             rural museums, historical societies, libraries, town
     Arizona Division of Tempe – $7,015 for               governments, or other community organizations to
                                                          host Key Ingredients for six weeks each. “Rural” is
     “Exhibiting Ourselves: Representing Cultures
                                                          defined as towns with populations of less than 25,000,
     in Museums and Cultural Centers (WTP). ”
                                                          and not directly adjacent to an urban area. With
   • Mesa Community College – $9,000 in support           AHC’s help, sites can also develop supplementary
     of the “Sixth Annual Mesa Community                  programming to accompany the exhibition will be
     College International Film Festival.”                developed—local exhibits, oral history projects and
                                                          publications, storytelling and folk demonstrations,
   • The Amerind Foundation in Dragoon, Arizona,
                                                          and food festivals and cook-offs.
     – $4,566 for the “Seven Generations Program.”
   • Arizona Women’s Heritage Trail of Rio Verde –        Visit for the Key Ingredients
     $10,000 for the “Arizona Women’s Heritage            Description, Guidelines, and Application, which is
                                                          due June 15, 2009. Selected sites will be notified by
     Trail: Maricopa Driving Tour.”
                                                          July 31, 2009. To hear more details about the Key
   • Florence Immigrant Rights and Refugee Project        Ingredients tour in 2010, as well as the Journey
     – $5,000 for “Letters to a Detainee:                 Stories tour in 2012, Arizona’s Centennial Year, check
     Immigration Detention in Arizona (WTP).”             out the MoMS session at the MAA’s annual
                                                          conference in Bisbee!
   • A Cultural Heritage Tourism grant for $9,924
     was awarded to La Pilita Museum in Tucson            For more information, contact MoMS State
     for “Barrio Viejo: Memories of a Mexican-            Coordinator Ann-Mary Lutzick at 928.289.8201 or
     American Neighborhood.”                    

News from the Field-ARIZONA Continued

Arizona Commission on the Arts:
Impact of the Economy on the Nonprofit Arts Community
The state of Arizona currently has the second-highest per-capita budget shortfall in the country – with obvious
implications for the nonprofit arts community. In January 2009 the Arizona Commission on the Arts –
concerned about this economic downturn’s effect on Arizona arts organizations – conducted a statewide survey,
and over two-hundred organizations responded.
The survey showed:
   • 84% of Arizona nonprofit arts organizations surveyed reported a decrease in contributions;
   • 58% have cut programs and services;
   • 65% have hiring freezes;
   • 38% plan staff layoffs.
On the positive side, respondents are making efforts to:
    • grow their volunteer base;
    • solicit more local artists;
    • and search for partnership and collaboration opportunities.
These survey results help the Commission adjust existing programs and develop new programming to serve the
current needs of the arts community.
If you think the survey might provide information helpful to your organization or board, contact the
Commission through their website at or by email at:

                    NEWS FROM THE FIELD
Trendy Western                                    A Race Against Time: Preserving
Museums Association                               Our Audiovisual Media
Joins the Blogoshpere!                            Presented by the Conservation Center for Art and Historic
             The Western Museum
                                                  July 29 & 30, 2009 in Denver, CO
             Association has inaugurated the
             WMA blog, at                         To register online or for more information, go to our
          Education Program Calendar at
                                                  This program is for curators, collection managers, librarians,
WMA is now on Facebook, LinkedIn, and
                                                  archivists, and other staff who are involved in managing
WordPress, and there is nothing so important
                                                  machine-based media collections in cultural
as joining and posting on these WMA sites!
                                                  institutions. Sessions:
This is an opportunity for us to create
something for nothing and to use our              • Overview of Machine-Based AV Media Identification and
collective enthusiasm, knowledge, and                 Preservation
community-mindedness to both advance the          • Reformatting Options for AV Media
power of the Western Museums Association          • Contracting for AV Preservation Services
and the field itself.                             • Surveying and Selecting AV Media Materials for
Here’s how you can add your voice:                    Preservation and Access
•  comment on the posts already on the blog.      • Funding Opportunities for AV Preservation and Access
•  invite 10 or more of your colleagues to view   • AV Preservation Case Study and Speaker Panel
   the blog and provide them with the link        The fee for this two-day program is $200. For more
• submit a post on a museum you’ve seen, a        information, visit, call 215.545.0613 or email
   trend you’ve noticed, a challenge you’re .
   struggling with, or a program you love to or                        Museums Allowed to Compete For We will add you       Economic Stimulus Funds
   as an author, and your post will go up.
                                                  U.S. Congress unveiled the Conference Report for H.R. 1, the
Facebook:                                         American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, setting
•   Group –                                       the stage for its final passage by the House and Senate on          February 13, 2009.
    roup.php?gid=66468576030&ref=mf               Museums, zoos, and aquariums had initially been barred from
• Fan page –                                      competing for any funds in the Senate-passed bill. Zoos and          aquariums were barred from funds in both versions.
    ages/Western-Museums-                         "Museum supporters should be very pleased that we were able
    Association/64336608352?ref=ts for            to mobilize a massive field-wide effort to prevent a funding
    non-members.                                  ban on museums in this bill," said AAM President Ford W.
LinkedIn:                                         Bell. "However, the fact that Congress - and specifically the          U.S. Senate in its February 6 vote - initially saw fit to exclude
56&trk=hb_side_g                                  museums from funding shows that we have a lot of work to do
                                                  in making the case for museums." He added: "It is also
If these links don’t work for you, navigate to
                                                  disheartening that zoos and aquariums will be prohibited from
Facebook, LinkedIn and Wordpress with
                                                  competing for most economic stimulus funds made available
your browser, search WMA, and join there.         through this bill. “
                      NEWS FROM AFFILIATES

Central Arizona Museum Association
Mitch Menchaca
CAMA President
                                                        On June 8th at the Heard Museum, several outgoing board
                                                        members— President Mitch Menchaca, Alice Jung, April
                                                        Bojorquez and Kayla Kolar—were recognized for their
                                                        service to CAMA over the past few years. All have had a
                                                        tremendous impact on the organization.
                                                        Each year on May 18, the International Council of Museums
                                                        sponsors International Museum Day. This year’s theme is
                                                        “Museums and Tourism.” In solidarity with museums around
                                                        the world, CAMA urges you to celebrate International
                                                        Museum Day or to expand the concept into International
                                                        Museum Month. Your celebration can be simple or complex,
                                                        concentrated on one day, or spread out during the month of May.
Executive Vice President from the Tempe ConventionCAMA is celebrating Museum Month with special
                                                 advertising! This year, CAMA has teamed up with
and Visitors Bureau Michael Martin presents the April

                                        to be our primary promotion partner for
CAMA program on "Tourism, Museums and the Arts."

Museum Month 2009. In addition to, the board of directors will send out media releases and
eblasts on your offerings. As a member benefit, your Museum Month event, promotions, sale, exhibit, etc. will
be listed on the CAMA website! All of our promotions, including and a paid ad in Valley Guide
Magazine will point the public to the CAMA website. For ideas on Museum Month promotions, please contact
Vicki Berger at
The 2009-2010 Board of Directors has been elected and took office at the end of May:
                                 President              Sarah Weber, Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records
                                Treasurer               Kim Arth, Deer Valley Rock Art Center
                        Marketing Director              Kate Crowley, Heard Museum
                      Development Director              Marcos Voss, Desert Botanical Garden
                                Secretary               Erica Kinias, Arizona Humanities Council
                      Membership Director               Tyson Robinson, Mayo Clinic (Historical Unit)
              Program Development Director              Laura Matzer, Arizona Museum for Youth
                           Member at Large              Richard Prouty, Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records
                       MAA Representative               Gibran Villalobos, Glendale Library and Arts Department
Once again, CAMA offered stipends to help someone attend the Museum Association of Arizona (MAA)
Annual Conference, May 13-16 in Bisbee, Arizona. Each stipend recipient receives a $200 reimbursement after
supplying receipts of attendance at the conference.

             It has been a true pleasure to serve as President of this great association!
News from Affiliates Continued

Tucson Association of Museums
Deborah Shelton
MAA TAM Representativs
TAM has been very active in the past several months as new President Heather Ingram inspired and energized
the Board.
The TAM Bylaws are being updated. The Bylaws have been sent to the TAM membership for their review.
Discussion will continue at upcoming meetings.
At the TAM March Board meeting, guest presenter was Eileen Warshaw from the Jewish History Museum.
Eileen gave a lively presentation about the history of the Museum, how the building was saved from demolition,
and the process through which it became a museum. TAM and MAA members were encouraged to come out to
view the Jewish History Museum’s current exhibit featuring 22 historic wedding dresses, some dating back to
the 1700s.
TAM is discussing themes for the TAM spring workshop program. Topics to help professionals repackage them-
selves in the current economic environment are being considered.
The Librarian Project was designed to inform educators about Tucson museums and how they can support and
enhanced classroom curriculum. Two-hundred-sixteen packets were recently sent out to every library resource
person in Pima County. A TAM website to track contacts generated through the project is being planned.
June 3rd is the date for the FAIR for Educators. The cost to attend is $35, and online registration is now avail-
able. Contact TAM directly, or Deborah Shelton for more information.

                   MEMBERS IN THE NEWS
                                       Heard Museum director Frank Goodyear
                                       Heard Museum Director Frank H. Goodyear Jr. will retire at the end of
                                       this year, and a committee has been formed to conduct a national search
                                       for a replacement.
                                       During Goodyear’s tenure, in 2006 the Museum established a satellite
                                       facility in Surprise, Heard Museum West, and in 2007 relocated Heard
                                       Museum North Scottsdale to the Summit at Scottsdale. At the Phoenix
                                       location he oversaw the multimillion-dollar installation of the exhibition
                                       “Home: Native People in the Southwest,” the creation of the Ben-Horin
                                       Garden, and many other expansions and improvements.
                                       In retirement Goodyear hopes to do research and to write and will divide
          Frank Goodyear               his time between Arizona and Wyoming.

Cindy Dach & Greg Esser Receive SMoCAʼs Contemporary
Catalyst Award at the Museumʼs 10th Anniversary Benefit

The winners of the fourth annual Contemporary Catalyst
Award were announced during the Museum’s 10th
Anniversary Benefit. This award pays tribute to those who
strive to develop a truly rich contemporary art setting in the
Valley. This year’s award went to Cindy Dach & Greg Esser
who have helped jump-start a vibrant urban art economy in
downtown Phoenix and have contributed vastly to the
evolution of the Valley’s cultural scene.
                                                              Cindy Dach & Greg Esser, Photo by Claire Warden

Cindy is an artist and a writer, a co-founder of Local First
Arizona, which is a dynamic forum for locally owned
businesses. She also created MADE Art Boutique, a store
carrying items specially produced by artists. Greg Esser is an
award-winning artist, writer and neighborhood activist, who
previously directed the public art program for the City of
Phoenix and later served as the Public Art Manager for
Americans for the Arts. Together, Cindy & Greg have
developed artists’ studios and exhibition spaces in downtown
Phoenix, including eye lounge contemporary art space, 515
Arts, Sixth Street Studios, and Kitchenette on Roosevelt Row.
Members in the News Continued

Professional “Miners”:
2009 Recipients of the Ken Evans
Memorial Fund

                                                                Feel like you’re chipping away at a very big mountain
                                                                with a little tiny rock hammer when what you really
                                                                need is a great big earthmover? The Museum
                                                                Association of Arizona can put the needed tools in your
                                                                hands. The Ken Evans Memorial Fund – named for a
                                                                past president of CAMA and MAA, an astoundingly
                                                                successful and entertaining auctioneer for our raffle,
                                                                and a friend to all museums – supports professional
                                                                development of Arizona’s museum, library, and
      Jonathan Pringle             Eve Morgana Wallace

                                                                archives employees.

We proudly announce two recipients of this year’s award. Both Jonathan Pringle, Archivist at the Museum of
Northern Arizona and Eve Morgana Wallace, teacher and artist in residence at the Curley School in Ajo, are
joining us in Bisbee to share their experiences and expertise with us, helping MAA achieve its goal of hearing
fresh voices at its annual meeting.
The Ken Evans Memorial fund is administered by the MAA that actively solicits contributions towards the
continuation of this award. MAA would like to acknowledge the generous support of SRP for this fund. Ken
Evans worked for many years in SRP’s History Division, and for the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public
Records Department. The $300.00 award helps defray costs for a professional development opportunity of the
applicant’s choice.

MAAʼs Own “Ironman”
Wins Bronze
Kudos to Tom Wilson, Executive Director of
the Arizona Museum of Natural History, for
competing in the Las Palomas Triathlon in
Puerto Peñasco on April 18, 2009, and
coming in 3rd in his age division. In order to
get the bronze, Tom had to swim 1.5 kms
(almost a mile), bike 39.43 kms (24 ½
miles), and run 10 kms (6.3 miles), during
which he bested some of his earlier records.
And, all this close on the heels of the Lake
Havasu Triathlon on March 21st!

  The rubber hits the road as Tom Wilson begins the bike
  segment of the Las Palomas Triathlon.

In Memorium

      Keith McMahan

                                                  ountain Hills Historical Society Board of Directors
                                                  member and City Councilmember Keith McMahan
                                                  died on March 17, 2009. Keith came to Fountain Hills
                                           in the early 1970’s when the town was comprised of only a
                                           couple of homes and the famous fountain. He worked for the
                                           developer who built the town and later opened his own
                                           marketing business. He volunteered whenever asked and
                                           served on many boards in town. He was a member of the
                                           Fountain Hills Historical Society for many years, active at the
                                           River of Time Museum, and was an eagerly anticipated
                                           emcee for the Society’s banquets. Keith was elected twice to
                                           the Town Council and worked closely with the Chamber of
                                           Commerce. He received many honors from the various
                                           organizations in Fountain Hills and in 2004 was inducted into
                                           the Fountain Hills and Lower Verde Valley Hall of Fame for
                                           his decades of devotion and support to Fountain Hills.

      Daryle Stuckey

              aryle R. Stuckey, husband of Jo Ann Stuckey, formerly MAA President, Executive
              Director of the Cave Creek Museum, and Interim Director for the Sunnyslope
              Historical Museum and Cultural Center, died on April 30, 2009.
      Daryle served on a combat aircrew in Italy in 1944 as a B-17 pilot and spent the last nine
      months of the war in various prisoner of war camps in Europe. After WW ll, he completed his
      BA and Juris Doctor at Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. Mr. Stuckey was
      admitted to the practice of law in Ohio in 1950. In 1951, he was recalled to active duty in the
      U.S. Air Force and served in Japan and Korea during the Korean War. In 1969, Jack completed
      twenty years active service and seven years reserve service. He retired from the Air Force in the
      rank of Lieutenant Colonel. His last ten years of active service were with the Judge Advocate
      General of the Air Force.
      Mr. Stuckey was buried in Ohio at the Pleasant View Cemetery in Sycamore, Ohio, with
      military honors provided by the United Veterans Council of Seneca County. Daryle is survived
      by Jo Ann and daughters, Nedra Stuckey and Erika Stuckey Scott.
      Our sincere condolences go to Jo Ann, one of the most valued members of the Museum Association.

                                    MAA BOARD
                                MUSEUM ASSOCIATION OF ARIZONA
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                                     Phoenix, Arizona 85082-3902
                                   Founded 1983; Incorporated 1988
                                       Fed. ID No. 86-0583871

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