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Beth Line, Editor
                                      As we celebrate the be-     the U.S. include the           to level and museum to
                                      ginning of a new year, it   Freer Gallery at the           museum at will.
    Inside this issue:                is fitting that we recog-   Smithsonian, the Frick
                                                                                                 Viewers can get multi-
                                      nize some of the amaz-      Collection, the Metro-
                                                                                                 ple, high-resolution
                                      ing advances in all areas   politan and MOMA in
                                                                                                 views of the master-
                                      of our lives, including     NYC.                           pieces, and move in so
                                      the world of art.           In Europe, one can ex-         close to the works, that
                                      In our time, it is no       plore the major muse-          one can see each crack
                                      longer necessary to         ums in London, Florence,       and paint stroke on the
                                      travel to major cities in   Madrid, St. Petersburg,        surfaces.
                                      the U.S. and Europe to      Moscow, Prague, Ver-
                                      explore the world’s ma-                                    To add to the fun, visi-
                                                                  sailles and the Nether-
                                      jor galleries and the                                      tors can set up their
                                                                  lands.                         own virtual collections
                                      priceless artworks they
                                                                  Visitors to www.google         from the featured
                                                                  -artproject.com are            works, add comments
Member Alexander Rosenkreuz           Through the technologi-     directed to a link on You      and share it all with
creates a Manjusri mural on a 23K
gold-leafed surface for a private
                                      cal magic of Google’s Art   Tube to view a guide to        friends or start discus-
collection . Page 5                   Project powered by          the varied features of the     sions with other art lov-
                                      Google, anyone with a
                                                                  site.                          ers.
                                      computer and an inter-
                                      net connection can take     Back at the main site, it is   Don’t miss this oppor-
                                      a virtual tour of each of   possible to take a virtual     tunity to virtually walk
                                      seventeen of the world’s    360º “walk” through the        down the halls of the
                                      most prestigious muse-      museums using Google’s         great museums and to
                                      ums and over a thou-        Street View feature,           get closer to the great
                                      sand major works of art.    complete with audio            masterpieces than any
                                                                  tours, jumping from level      guard would permit!
                                      Featured museums in
Noah and Chloe Weyer, students
in YAA’s children’s classes, exhib-
ited their work in the Student-
Instructor Exhibit (upper left and
right), along with several of their
classmates. See page 7.

                                      MEMBERSHIP DRIVE                                                         PAGE 9

 D s rUs!
                                      EXHIBIT ARTISTS GIVE PANEL DISCUSSIONS                                   PAGE 10

      I c OVe                         SUNDAY AFTERNOON CRITIQUES
                                      YAA & YORKARTS BUS TRIP TO PMA FOR VAN GOGH PAGE 14
                                                                                                               PAGE 12
     Page 2                                                                                   Brushstrokes!

                            PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                            We are now entering a       scope involves not only     volunteers who so
                            time of transition, from    our organization, but       faithfully serve the
                            one year into the next,     our place in the            YAA.
                            and from what is past       broader community of        YOU are the YAA. It
                            to what might come.         York.                       is the volunteers who
                            Your Board is working       Input from all members      give time, effort and
                            on developing a new         is welcome, and in fact,    talent who keep us
      YAA President         strategic plan for this     invited in this process.    running. You are the
                            organization, which is      Please make your            willing angels who
                            necessary both to guide     thoughts known to any       grace us with your
 The mission of the York    us over the next three                                  presence.
                                                        of your Board mem-
  Art Association is: To    years, but also to meet     bers. What would you        I wish all members of
 encourage and develop      the guidelines of the       like to see as the direc-   this organization only
                            Cultural Alliance.          tion for the YAA?           goodness and blessings
  interest in the visual
                            In our discussion, we       This is also a time of      as we enter this new
     arts. To pursue
                            are looking at direc-       year to say a grateful      year.
  adequate funding in       tions in which we might     thank you to all of the
    order to provide        further develop. The                                    Judy Bowen
    opportunities for
   education through        BOARD MEETING HIGHLIGHTS
 classroom instruction,     November 15, 2011           lines (for participation    current wooden sign
  workshops, lectures,
                            Board members partici-      in exhibits) and the        facing Rt. 83, near the
      exhibits and          pated in a brain-           Purchase Approval Pol-      studio door, is being
                            storming session to         icy were also approved      created in aluminum
    publications. To
                            prepare for the crea-       with minor clarifica-       with plastic lettering, to
  support and assist in                                 tions.                      improve the sign’s du-
                            tion of a new strategic
  marketing members’
                            plan for the Association    The Gallery Commit-         rability.
 work through exhibits      after the first of the      tee is exploring graphic    Building and Grounds
 and interaction within     year.                       designers to create the     Trustee Milton Leake is
     the community.         The gift acceptance         announcements which         consulting with a con-
                            policy drafted by           will be mailed to mem-      tractor regarding
                            Elected Director Mac        bers and targeted indi-     changes to the blocked
All members are invited                                 viduals in advance of       off door in the back of
to attend monthly           Brillhart and reviewed
Board meetings, held on     by a Board subcommit-       each exhibit.               the studio. A plan to
the third Tuesday of the    tee was approved by         Planning is beginning       replace the door with a
month at 7 pm.              the full Board. With        for the 2013 exhibit        window and exhaust
The next scheduled          the well-crafted policies   schedules for the           fan, to provide more
meeting will be held on     in place, the way is        Nancy M. Woodward           light and ventilation for
January 18, 2012, in the    clear to plan for build-    Gallery and the Sally       the studio is under dis-
YAA studio.                 ing YAA’s endowment         Little Danyo Members’       cussion.
Please contact the office   fund.                       Sales Gallery.              The Board did not
for more information.                                                               meet in December.
                            The YAA Artist Guide-       A new version of the
January/February 2012                                                                             Page 3

As part of the recent       dent Milton Leake for      volunteers interested in
review and updating of      creating the flow chart,   supporting the YAA by
the YAA by-laws, an         which will enable mem-     serving on the Board of
organizational chart        bers to understand the     Directors. (See starred
was created to clarify      administrative struc-      titles.)
lines of authority and      ture of the YAA.           Contact President Judy
supervision within our                                 Bowen or the office for        THE YAA DEPENDS
                            A number of these im-
association.                                           more information on
                            portant positions are                                          UPON ITS
Thanks to Past Presi-       currently in need of       how you can help.                MEMBERS FOR

                                                                                       SERVING ON THE

                               *                                                          BOARD OF
                                                                                        DIRECTORS TO
                                                                                       HELP KEEP OUR




The YAA Gallery Com-        All artists must submit    Please submit your ap-
mittee is soliciting ap-    images and resumes, in     plication to office per-
plications for 2013 ex-     addition to the applica-   sonnel as soon as pos-
hibits for both the         tion.                      sible for consideration,
Nancy M. Woodward                                      but no later than the
                            Applications, which are                                   THE DEADLINE FOR
Gallery and the Sally                                  deadline of February
                            the same for both gal-                                       SUBMITTING
Little Danyo Members’                                  15, 2012.
                            leries, are available in                                     APPLICATIONS
Sales Gallery.
                            the YAA office, or an      Direct questions to the        FOR 2013 EXHIBITS IS
Both groups and indi-       electronic copy can be     Gallery Committee              FEBRUARY 15, 2012.
vidual artists may apply.   emailed upon request.      through the office.
    Page 4                                                                                   Brushstrokes!

YAA                       MEMBER NEWS
                          On November 13,            Diann Cardello and         SIGNATURE MEM-
                          2011, the Mason-Dixon      former YAA Board           BERS SHOW. Her
                          Public Library, Stew-      President Julie Yontz      acrylic painting, Mystery,
                          artstown, PA, pre-         Rupp were the fea-         can be viewed at
                          viewed its 2012 season     tured artists in an ex-    www.isaponline.com.
                          of exhibitions with a      hibit of mixed media       Congratulations to
  Still Life with Gnome   FALL ART EXHIBI-           works at Garth Gallery,    Charlotte Yealey for
   Oil by Bill Erwin
                          TION & RECEPTION           Columbia, PA, from         winning Best in Show in
                          featuring the artists      October 28 through         the HANOVER AREA
                          who will be showing        November 19, 2011.         ARTS GUILD’S FALL
                          throughout the upcom-      Julie now resides in       SHOW. Ron
                          ing year.                  Bradenton, FL.             Schloyer received an
                          YAA members who            Sue Marrazzo had a         Honorable Mention
                          will show at the library   collage juried into the    and Joann Bast took
                          during 2012 include        2011 NATIONAL              Third Place in the Di-
                          Bill Erwin, Pat Rich-      COLLAGE SOCIETY'S          mensional Art division.
                          ards, Sarah Stahl,         27TH ANNUAL JUR-
                                                                                During the month of
     Quilted Vision       Fran Updike, John          IED ON-LINE EX-
                                                                                December, 2011, Ed
Collage by Sue Marazzo    Walker and Michele         HIBIT. The work can
                                                                                Van Wicklen and
                          Trout.                     be viewed at
                                                                                Linn Van Wicklen
                          YAA artist and instruc-    www.nationalcollage.
                                                                                (Van Wicklen Crea-
                          tor Debi Watson            com through October
                                                                                tions) were featured at
                          made a special presen-     31st, 2012.
                                                                                the Allegro Wine Gal-
                          tation of her water-       Sue also took part in      lery, Toll Gate Plaza,
                          color, Crossing Guard,     the INTERNATIONAL          York. Ed’s oil paintings
                          to the Mason-Dixon         SOCIETY OF ACRY-           and Linn’s photography
      Schooner            Library’s permanent art    LIC PAINTERS 4TH           were on display.
  Oil on Canvas by        collection.                ANNUAL ONLINE
  Ed Van Wicklen

                          Each year, member          ception. Without fan-      the operation of the
                          Susan Wolf supports        fare, Susan acquired the   facility are donated by
                          the YAA in her own         list, shopped and paid     Susan.
                          special way by asking      for the items and deliv-
                                                                                The YAA is grateful for
                          the administrative staff   ered them to the YAA.
                                                                                Susan’s ongoing
                          for a “wish list” of es-
                                                     From coffee and hand       thoughtfulness and gen-
                          sential supplies for the
                                                     soap to paper plates       erosity.
                          months ahead.
                                                     and name tags, many of
                          This year was no ex-       the supplies needed for
January/February 2012                                                                                               Page 5

                                                                      which supports the cul-
                                                                      tural preservation of
                                                                      Tibet, among other
                                                                      causes, and founded by
                                                                      the actor Richard
                                                                      Gere, commissioned
                                                                      the portrait of the
                                                                      Dalai Lama, pictured
                                                                      upper right. When fin-
                                                                      ished, the portrait will    Secretary to the Dalai Lama
                                                                                                  (L) inspects a portrait in pro-
                                                                      be auctioned off to         gress of His Holiness by YAA
                                                                      benefit the foundation.     member Alex Rosenkreuz,
                                                                                                  who will finish the work from
                                                                      Closer to home, Alex        life, when the Dalai Lama is
                                                                      has done new, original      able to travel to the U.S. to
YAA member Alex Rosenkreuz, artist, instructor and art restora-
                                                                                                  sit for the completion of the
tion expert, works on a commission from Wellspan, to restore the      murals, paintings and       portrait.
portrait of Samuel Small, whose vision led to the establishment of    icons for Holy Cross
York Hospital in York, PA. The portrait is on display at the hospi-
tal.                                                                  Monastery, DC; Holy
                                                                      Transfiguration Rocor               “Each new
Alex Rosenkreuz likes              Alex studied in Europe             Church, Baltimore; and         restoration project
to avoid labels. A                 and did decorative and             for the private collec-         is unpredictable.
member of the YAA                  restoration work there,            tion of David Kin                   When my
for over ten years,                before coming to the               (lower left and cover         grandfather told me
Alex is an accomplished            U.S. Although he fa-               page).                        that each one is like
fine artist working pri-           vors the work of the                                               starting over and
marily in oils, as well as         Russian Impressionists             The County of York,
                                                                                                    doing it for the first
an expert restorer of              and the Dutch Masters,             PA, commissioned Alex          time in your life, I
artworks large and                 he prefers not to be               to restore thirteen oil        didn’t understand.
small, from numerous               associated with a spe-             portraits of Court of              Now I do.”
eras and in a wide vari-           cific style or medium,             Common Pleas Presi-
                                                                      dent Judges, many of          Alexander Rosenkreuz
ety of styles.                     and sometimes chooses                                               Artist & Fine Art
                                   to work in watercolor              which were beyond
                                                                                                     Restoration Expert
                                   or egg tempura or to               recognition. The por-
                                   sculpt.                            traits are now promi-
                                                                      nently displayed in the
                                   In the past decade, the            County Court House.
                                   majority of his commis-
                                   sions have been for                Alex has also done res-
                                   restorations, in many              toration work for Mar-
One of Alex’s private commis-      cases for places of wor-           tin Memorial Library,
sions is this original mural of
                                   ship of all denomina-              York, and a number of
Manjusri, a bodhisattva—an
enlightened being—associated       tions, but Alex receives           churches in York, Jaco-
with transcendent wisdom in        commissions for new                bus, Hellam, Red Lion,
Mahayana Buddhism.          The
                                   work as well.                      Shrewsbury and Frank-      Alex at work on restoring a
work was done for the private                                                                    mural at Zion United Methodist
collection of Wrightsville resi-
                                                                      lintown, PA.
                                   The Gere Foundation,                                          Church, Red Lion, PA
dent David Kin.                                                        Continued on Page 12
 Page 6                                                                                                           Brushstrokes!

                            FIGURATIVE WORKS EXHIBIT
                            The Figurative Works Ex-
                            hibit, which featured
                            works representing or
                            inspired by the human
                            figure, opened on No-
                            vember 20, 2011, to an
                            appreciative crowd.
                            The show was judged by
                            award-winning painter
 Figurative Works Exhibit
  Best of Show Winner
                            and former college pro-
     Patricia Wertz         fessor Catherine Pres-
                                                                     Non-Professional                  blouse.”
     Figurative Study       cott, who is based in
                            Harrisburg. Prescott is                       First:                       Honorable Mentions
                            a published author on                        Anita Mitchell                         Karl Foster
                                                                             Jacob                            Callipygous Catnip
                            the subject of portraits              “So tenderhearted. Very sincere
                            as art. Her comments                  piece. Carries from a distance
                                                                                                              Irina Miljkovic
                                                                                                            Prince of Central Park
                            appear in quotes below.               nicely. Could be a good abstract
                                                                  piece.”                                     William Erwin
                                    WINNERS                                                                  A Guy on the Metro
                                  Best of Show:                           Joanne Bast                             Jason Ward
                                   Patricia Wertz                    Street Scene #1 Portugal                      The Inflation
                                    Figurative Study              “Fascinating, primarily because of
                                                                                                                  Barb Durbin
                            “Sensual and sympathetic;             the way it’s made. There is a
                            quickly done, but with a search-      kind of devotion that I appreci-                 Ballet in Blue
                            ing quality. Nice composition,        ate.”                                Diane M. Smith and Fran
 Figurative Works Exhibit   variety of line, and integration of
   First Place Winner       figure and background.”                           Third:                   Polk were the featured
       Professional                                                     Bob Cummings                   artists in the Sally Little
       Eva Gorski                  Professional                            Elegance                    Danyo Sales Gallery
       Planet Love
                                      First:                      “Love the black Matisse shapes.
                                                                                                       through the duration of
                                      Eva Gorski                  There is a tentative facial ex-
                                       Planet Love                pression for wearing a hat like      the Figurative Works
                                                                  that, like the hat is bolder than    Exhibit. (Pictured below)
                            “Really beautiful; touching, ten-
                                                                  she is. Beautiful detail in the
                            der. Love the composition of
                            white shapes.        Emotionally
                                     Denny Bond
                            “Painted beautifully. Technically
                            wonderful. Very striking. This
                            person can really do water-

Figurative Works Exhibit
  First Place Winner               Karen Pindzola
    Non-Professional               Nude with a Twist
    Anita Mitchell           Love the speed, the graphite—
        Jacob               really nice. The figure is perfect.
                                   The twist is super.”
    January/February 2012                                                                             Page 7

Professor of Fine Art         page 8.)                             Honorable
and Coordinator of the        The exhibit was open                 Mentions
Art Division at York          to students in both                 Carol Little
College of PA Ry              adult and children’s                 Red Bench
Fryar, judge of the           classes.                                 Instructor:
2011 Student-Instructor                                        Phyllis Disher Fredericks
Exhibit, stated that the
work represented an en-
                               Award Winners                     Len Copeland              Best in Show Award Winner
                                                                                                  Robert Borrell
                                 (Students Only)                      Fred
ergetic, engaged group of                                      Instructor: Deb Watson
students, who were                Best of Show
clearly excited about            Robert Borrell                 Dave Hamilton
making good art.                      I Spy                        Untitled
                                       Instructor:                    Instructor:
He was happy to see             Linda Benton McCloskey         Linda Benton McCloskey
such a good cross sec-
                                   First Place
tion of landscapes, ab-
                                  Bob Hartson
stractions, still life and
                                 Westminster Farm
portraiture.                           Instructor:
                                Barbara Pillette Buchanan
The reception for this                                                                      First Place Award Winner
show was dedicated               Second Place                                                      Bob Hartson
not only to our stu-           Suzanne Shadrick
dents and instructors,               Silent
but also to the volun-          Instructor: Deb Watson
teers who devote                   Third Place
themselves to the life            Charlie Dietz
of the YAA, as well as             Shooting Stars           Third Place Award Winner
                                                            Charlie Dietz and his family
to the members who                    Instructor:
                                                            celebrate his win (above)
ARE the YAA. (See                  Rebecca Brodbeck
                                                            and Charlie is presented
                                                            with his award (bottom rt).

INSTRUCTOR & STUDENT APPRECIATION                                                           Second Place Award Win-
                                                                                             ner Suzanne Shadrick &
Excerpts from the Student-    tion to the enrichment         Art Association Board           instructor Deb Watson
Instructor Exhibit Program:   of the visual arts. Our        of Directors, its mem-
We would like to take         students are truly one         bers and the Education
this opportunity to ac-       of our greatest assets.        Committee, I would
knowledge the students        Thanks to our loyal and        like to thank all of our
who take classes at our       gifted instructors, we         instructors for their
facility.                     have been able to pro-         dedication and loyalty
We appreciate their           vide a full roster of          to the YAA Education
continual pursuit of          classes and workshops          Program.
knowledge, the ongoing        in many, varied medi-          Melanie Maxell, Chair
development of their          ums and genres.                Education Committee
skills and their dedica-      On behalf of the York
 Page 8                                                           Brushstrokes!              Brushstrokes!

                        MEMBERS & VOLUNTEERS CELEBRATED AT
“[The reception         DECEMBER OPENING RECEPTION
celebrated] our
                        In recognition of the
    fabulous,           members who ARE the        Right top:
                                                   Sticky notes
 supportive and         York Art Association,      were used to
                        and of those who do-       post thank
    enduring            nate their time, effort    you notes to
 membership—            and expertise to mak-      volunteers,
                        ing the YAA the fine       instructors
 That would be                                     and staff.
                        organization it is, the
      you!”             December 18, 2011,
                        reception honored not      Grupp, assisted by
Membership Chair        only the artists of the    Ashley Grupp,
  Judy Grupp            Student-Instructor Ex-     Diane Lichtman and
                        hibit, but also our vol-   Diane Smith, hosted.
                        unteers and member-
                                                   A raffle for two free
                                                   classes at the YAA
                        Membership Chair Judy      was held as a gift to
                                                   the members. Addi-
                                                   tional tickets were
                                                   made available for a
                                                   donation in any            YAA Membership Chair Judy
                                                   amount.                    Grupp planned the celebration
                                                                              and hosted the reception.
                                                   The proceeds will be
                                                   donated to the YAA             tuition for students
 INTRODUCING                                       Children’s Scholarship         demonstrating eco-
  Ellen Clemmer                                    fund, which provides           nomic need.
Ellen, who joined the
YAA in 2010, paints
in acrylics and en-
caustics and prefers
to work abstractly.     WELCOME NEW MEMBERS
She has taken classes
with    George     M.
Clark,        Linda     WILLIAM BARLOW, II         LINDA MCKEEVER                   All new members are
McCloskey and Ron       Mt. Gretna, PA             Manchester, PA                   encouraged to become
Schloyer.                                                                           active participants by tak-
Since studying with     EDWARD GILLETTE            GLENN GOCKLEY                    ing classes, entering ex-
Reuben Gambrell in      York, PA                   York, PA                         hibits, volunteering and/
the 70’s, Ellen had                                                                 or serving on the Board
not been actively       BEVERLY DAVIES             C. ROSS DELLINGER
pursuing her art, so    New Freedom, PA            Red Lion, PA                     of Directors.
her participation at
the YAA marks a         LINDA FEO                  DOUGLAS KAUFFMAN                 To learn more about how
new creative phase                                                                  you can become involved,
for this Lancaster      Wrightsville, PA           York, PA
resident.                                                                           contact the office.
 Page 9                                                                                  Newsletter Title

                           2012 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE BEGINS
                           The York Art Associa-      Our goal is to enroll        we must meet these
         YAA               tion will be holding a     100 new members and          rising costs.
    Membership             year-long membership       to have 50 members
                                                                                   We shall keep you ap-
                           drive beginning on         increase their member-
    Drive goals                                                                    prised of our progress
                           January 1, 2012.           ship level.                  toward our goal
  include adding           The drive will be two-     As you know, we are in       throughout the year in
      100 new              fold. We are asking all    difficult financial times.   our Brushstrokes! news-
                           of our members to in-      The York Art Associa-        letter and on the bulle-
   members and             vite artists, YAA class-   tion is managing very        tin board in the Nancy
     having 50             mates or friends to be-    well through this unset-     M. Woodward Gallery.
                           come members of the        tling period; but costs,
       current                                                                     With your continued
                           York Art Association.      like energy, printing
                                                                                   support, the York Art
      members                                         and postage, continue
                           We will also be asking                                  Association will suc-
                           you, our members, to       to rise.                     cessfully meet its mis-
   increase their
                           consider moving to a       In order to continue to      sion to provide visual
    membership             higher membership          provide our member-          arts education and ex-
        level.”            level when you receive     ship and the commu-          hibition opportunities
                           your yearly renewal        nity with quality art        for its membership and
                           notice.                    classes and art exhibits,    the community.

                           PANEL DISCUSSION SCHEDULED
                           A panel discussion with    Winslow.                     Woodward Gallery.
                           the artists will accom-    On Sunday, February          No registration is re-
   Sunday Afternoon        pany the exhibit Expres-   19, 2011, at 2pm, the        quired.
    Panel Discussion       sions: Recent Works by     artists will discuss their
   February 19, 2012       Marion Kendall Stephen-                                 For more information,
          2pm                                         work and answer ques-
                           son, Pat Wertz, Anita                                   call the office at 717-
No reservations required                              tions from the audience
                           Williams and Jamie                                      755-0028.
                                                      in the Nancy M.

                           MEDIA CART FOR SALE
                           The York Art Associa-      wide and 27” deep, has       The asking price of
                           tion is no longer in       two shelves and lock-        $150 or best offer is
                           need of its media cart.    ing casters.                 less than half of the
                           The heavy-duty cart                                     original cost.
                                                      The unit is in excellent
                           has an electrical outlet
                                                      condition and would          Contact the office or
                           and an attached cord.                                   Phyllis Disher Fredericks
                                                      serve well as a moving
                           The unit, which meas-      storage rack in a stu-       with questions or to
    Media cart for sale    ures 48”high, 32.5”        dio.                         make an offer.
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                               Page 10

by Pat Teller
One of the most enjoy-      long-time friends, who       that Sally died of can-
able aspects of being a     shared a love of ex-         cer, but that she con-
historian is digging into   pressing their joy of life   tined painting until
history. With over 100      through painting. The        three months before
years of history at the     name of the exhibit          her death at age 64.
York Art Association,       says it all.
                                                         She is described as a
there is plenty to re-
                            Even though Sally            gentle, generous
search. As a relatively
                            painted all her life, she    woman, who always
new member, I have
                            was also juggling the        had a positive outlook
much to learn.
                            responsibilities of being    on life. These traits
Once a month, I go to       a doctor’s wife and          carried over in her
the archive binders and     raising five children.       paintings, many of          Sally Little Danyo
pick one at random.         This exhibit may have        which were of farm
Most recently, it was       been a celebration of        animals, because she
the 2000-2002 binder.       all that life had given      knew they would make
                            her and her intention        people laugh. Other
As I flipped through the
                            to continue painting full    subjects were land-
pages, I came upon the                                                                “There are
                            -time.                       scapes, florals and inte-
obituary of Sally Little
Danyo, who died in          In a later article, after                                  many YAA
August of 2002.             Sally’s death, Mary Ste-     Other highlights were
                            phenson reminisces           that Sally was born in      members who
We all know that it is
                            about an afternoon           1938 in Philadelphia
her portrait smiling at                                                                knew Sally
                            with Sally in her studio.    and moved to York in
us in the Members’
                            The two of them had          1967. She was an only         way back
Sales Gallery, which
                            discovered through           child, who entertained
was dedicated in her
                            years of practice that       herself by drawing. She          when.
name; but for the many
                            the creative processes       studied at Jefferson
members who joined
                            of writing and making        Medical College Hospi-
the Association after
                            art were similar in that     tal School of Nursing
Sally’s death, it seems                                                               I wish I had
                            both required ideas,         and the Junto Art
fitting to share what I
                            ideas kept changing,         School in Philadelphia,       known her,
found in the archives.
                            chaos ensued, self-          and she was a 1999
In April, 2001, Mary        doubts were useless,         Rottler Award winner.            too.”
Stephenson, of the York     and somehow, “the
                                                         I was pleased to note
Sunday News, wrote in       whole non-procedure
                                                         that Sally and I share        Pat Teller
her column entitled         won”.
                                                         two things in common:       YAA Historian
Party Line about the ex-
                            Continuing through the       a need to express our-
hibit: Prime Time...The
                            binder, I found a won-       selves through art, and
Beauty of It All—Works
                            derful tribute by Lisa       a teacher and friend in
by Sally Little Danyo and
                            Rab of the York Sunday       Phyllis Disher
William Falkler.
                            News, dated August 11,       Fredericks.
These two artists were      2002. Here I learned
January/February 2012                                                                         Page 11

UPCOMING EXHIBITS: Stephen March & Expressions
My World/Your World: A Mini Retrospective by Stephen March
January 15 to February 5, 2012
Known for his works inspired by current events throughout the world,
                                                                                   “I have been, and
Stephen March works in a variety of mediums, and his subjects range from
the political to the spiritual. He earned his B.A. in Fine Arts from Penn State     continue to be,
University and an M.F.A. in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design.          interested in
March describes the most prevalent direction in his art as being current           creating visual art
events as experienced through the media—especially those involving social         that can transcend
crisis and turmoil, both here and abroad.                                          the physicality of
March was born in York and currently lives and maintains a studio in Spring       the material surface
Grove, PA. He is a member of the PA Arts Experience.                              and be a vehicle for
Expressions: Recent Works by Marion Kendall Stephenson, Pat Wertz,                emotional, spiritual
Anita Williams & Jamie Winslow February 12 to March 4, 2012                         and intellectual
Accomplished artist Marion Kendall Stephenson’s pastels and oils are infused       contemplation, as
with light and color. Her romantic and impressionistic paintings give the         well as a metaphor
viewer “a place to look to feel relaxed and renewed, an escape from our                for human
hectic lives.” Pat Wertz’s painterly and expressive oils dance with warm and
                                                                                  existence, especially
cool notes of color. Her subjects range from landscapes and florals to interi-
ors and the figurative, all exhibiting a sense of movement and light. Jamie          within my own
Winslow’s work has been described as organic, ethnic and whimsical. Her                  time.”
expressive style moves from one-of-a-kind jewelry to mixed media sculpture
                                                                                    Stephen March
to oil and acrylic paintings with ease. Anita Williams’ landscape paintings are   www.55mercergallery.com
inspired by her natural surroundings. She is particularly drawn to the pat-
terns of light and space created by the wooded areas of her Dover Township
home. Of her expressive paintings, she says, “I delight in finding magical
spaces in the brambles of trees that would otherwise be overlooked.”

Encaustic Artists January 15 to February 5, 2012
This technique, which involves painting with heated beeswax containing pig-
ments, has been in use since the days of Ancient Egypt. Artists ranging from
Jasper Johns to Diego Rivera have made use of the ability to shape the wax
before it cools, as well as after, with heated metal tools. The wax can be
sculpted and polished as well. Modern tools, such as irons, hair dryers, heat     Pots of heated bees-
lamps, etc., make working the wax even easier. Encaustic pieces will be ac-       wax and pigments
                                                                                  used by students dur-
cepted for the exhibit on January 9, 2012, from 9am until gallery capacity is     ing instructor Linda
reached. Contact Linda Sommer for more information.                               McCloskey’s encaustic
                                                                                  class at the YAA.
Artists of the Expressions Exhibit February 12 to March 4, 2012
The SLDG will serve as an extension of the main gallery for the Expressions
Exhibit artists. (See above.)
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                         Page 12

Those of you who have      would be a nice idea to    2:00 pm, and is geared
been members of the        reintroduce a new ver-     for our professional-
York Art Association       sion of the monthly        level members.                All members
for many years will re-    critique.                                                may observe
                                                      You may participate in
member the monthly
                           We are pleased to an-      one critique of your
                                                                                    each of the
critiques held on Sun-                                                                 critique
                           nounce that Mary To-       choice. Completed
days in the studio.                                                                   sessions.
                           denhoft will be con-       works or works in pro-
The critiques were         ducting two critique       gress are welcome.
hosted by various YAA      sessions for the YAA.      Any and all mediums
instructors and regional                              and genres are also              Non-
                           A gifted artist, Mary is
artists. Each month, a                                welcome.
                           owner of Studio Gal-                                     Professional
Painting of the Month
                           lery 234 in York and is    If you do not wish to           Artists:
was selected and dis-
                           an adjunct professor in    actively participate,
played in the gallery.                                                              January 22
                           art at York College of     please feel free to
Over the years, atten-     Pennsylvania.              come and observe the
dance declined and                                    process.
                           The first critique will
monthly critiques be-                                                               Professional
                           be held on Sunday,         Another critique event
came a thing of the                                                                   Artists:
                           January 22, 2012, at       is planned for Septem-
                           2:00 pm, in the studio.    ber with Marion K. Ste-       January 29
In its mission to pro-     This critique is geared    phenson conducting
vide educational oppor-    for our non-profes-        the critiques.
tunities for YAA mem-      sional members. The                                        2pm
                                                      We look forward to            YAA Studio
bers and the commu-        second critique will be
                                                      seeing you participate
nity, the Education        held on Sunday,
                                                      in these events.
Committee thought it       January 29, 2012, at

ARTCHIVES by Marian Wright Canfield

Pictured on the title      In 1910, the Women’s       ner were the designers.
page of The Story of a     Club of York paid to
Dynamic Community          have the York Art Club
York Pennsylvania is the   [the name of the York
Corporate Seal of          Art Association in our
York, PA.                  early years] design the
                           official seal of York.
The book was pub-
lished around 1945 by      Members Reinhardt
                                                        Official seal of York, PA
the York Chamber of        Dempwolf, J. Horace          From York City website:
Commerce.                  Rudy and James Gless-           www.yorkcity.org
   Page 13                                                                                           Brushstrokes!

                                  EDUCATION: New Opportunities in Winter Session
                                  Two early session spe-      format will include dis-    cussed and demon-
                                  cial workshops will be      cussion, demonstration,     strated.
                                  offered as part of the      exercises and plenty of
                                                                                          Along with our favorite
                                  winter education pro-       independent work
                                                                                          instructors, some new
                                  gram. Each workshop         time.
                                                                                          names are part of the
                                  will be held on three
                                                              On February 10, 17          winter schedule: Thom
                                  consecutive Fridays,
                                                              and 24, Pat Wertz will      Kulp will be teaching
                                  from 9am to 3:30pm.
                                                              be exploring a variety      Experimental Mixed
                                  On January 13, 20 and       of painting surfaces,       Media and Dana Bellis,
                                  27, 2011, Bill Erwin will   tools and techniques to     Watercolor Portraits.
                                  be offering a seminar       help students bring vis-    Consult the winter
                                  on oil painting for ex-     ual energy to their oil     course brochure for
                                  perienced oil painters,     and acrylic paintings.      more information on all
Instructor Marion Stephenson
uses YAA’s newly acquired life-   as well as for artists                                  of the exciting course
                                                              Health and safety pre-
sized skeleton to discuss anat-   who typically work in                                   offerings, and check the
omy with students in her fall                                 cautions, color theory,
                                  other 2D mediums and                                    next issue of Brush-
class: Figure Drawing from the                                painting mediums, sur-
                                  who would like to ex-                                   strokes for information
Bones Up.                                                     face preparation and
                                  plore oils. The class                                   on March workshops.
                                                              other topics will be dis-

                                  INSTRUCTOR TIPS & TECHNIQUES
                                  Featuring: Dr. Johanna Monighan-Schaefer
                                  Plein Air Watercolor        brownish mess.              held battery operated
                                       Tip for the            To prevent mud, I sug-      fan.
                                   Impatient Painter          gest the following:
                                                                                          If it is ice cold and
                                  Watercolor is a won-        Since I am not the most
                                                                                          sunny, stay in the car
                                  derful technique which      patient person in the
                                                                                          and place the paintings
                                  draws upon freshness        world, I usually work
                                                                                          on the dashboard, and
                                  and spontaneity. For        on two to three paint-
                                                                                          they will dry in no time.
                                  the watercolor painter,     ings simultaneously.
                                  the greatest challenge                                  Hope this helps and
                                                              When the weather
                                  is to keep the brilliancy                               have fun!
       “For the                                               conditions are good, I
      watercolor                  of the color alive.         can paint one layer of      Dr. Johanna Monighan-
       painter,                                               colors, while the other     Schaefer is an active member
                                  The biggest problem is                                  of the Susquehanna Valley
     the greatest                                             paintings are drying.
                                  mud! I am not talking                                   Plein Air Painters. She has
    challenge is to                                                                       taught at Messiah, Elizabeth-
                                  about wet ground and        What if the weather is
       keep the                                                                           town and Dickinson Colleges
                                  flood zones, but muddy      humid and the paint
     brilliancy of                                                                        in Pennsylvania, as well as at
                                  colors. When each           will not dry quickly        the YAA. She earned her MFA
   the color alive.”
                                  wash or layer of water-     enough for the impa-        at Kassel University, Germany,
     Dr. Johanna                  color is not completely     tient? Try to lay the       and her doctorate from Mar-
   Monighan-Schaefer              dry when an additional      painting in the sun,        burg University, Germany. She
                                  layer is applied, every-                                has taught drawing, watercolor
                                                              warm it on the hood of      and painting for over fifteen
                                  thing turns into a grey-    your car or use a hand-     years.
 Page 14                                                                           Newsletter Title

             VAN GOGH EXHIBIT

We are pleased to announce          sion fee; a special, private       val time at Queensgate Shop-
that the York Art Association       docent tour of the exhibit         ping Center of 5:30pm.
and YorkArts are sponsoring a       one hour prior to the mu-          There will be time for lunch
bus trip to view the Van Gogh       seum’s opening; juice and          and to view other exhibits
Up Close Exhibit at the Philadel-   muffins to enjoy after our         within the museum.
phia Museum of Art.                 early departure and trans-
                                    portation.                         There are only 23 seats avail-
The exhibit focuses on the last                                        able for York Art Association
tumultuous years of Van             The trip is scheduled for Thurs-   members, so sign up in the
Gogh’s life: “a period of fever-    day, March 29, 2012. We shall      YAA office as soon as possible
ish artistic experimentation.”      depart Queensgate Shopping         for this special opportunity.
                                    Center at 7:00am and leave the     Payment is due at registration.
The price of $70.00 in-             Philadelphia Museum of Art at
cludes the museum admis-                                               No refunds will be made after
                                    3:00pm, with an estimated arri-    March 15, 2012.
January/February 2012                                                                                             Page 15

                                                                   Membership is open            Craft Center for four
                                                                   free of charge to any         days in early Novem-
                                                                   member of the YAA.            ber, 2011. Sonia Rohr-
                                                                   The group meets on            baugh coordinated our
                                                                   the third Friday of each      participation for the
                                                                   month to discuss and          second year.
                                                                   plan exhibiting oppor-
                                                                                           The Gallery Group is
                                                                   tunities in the commu-
                                                                                           renowned for its annual
                                                                                           holiday party, which
                                                                   During the month of     includes a tasty buffet
                                                                   October, YAA Gallery and a game which pits
A new feature has been            available to visitors of
                                                                   Group artists were fea- members against each
added to YAA Gallery              the site.
                                                                   tured in an exhibit at  other in competition
Group blog, which pro-
                                  Member artists may               the Hanover Area Arts for yard-sale reject
vides an opportunity to
                                  also link their personal         Guild. The show was     gifts. A good time was
GG members, who
                                  art websites to the              coordinated by GG       had by all.
would like to publicize
                                  blogsite.                        member and HAAG
their art on the site.
                                                                   President Charlotte
                                  If you would like to
In the Gallery Group Art-                                          Yealey.
                                  avail yourself of these
ists Corner section of
                                  opportunities to adver-          Again this year, a num-
the blog, a brief de-
                                  tise your artwork to             ber of YAA GG artists
scription of each artist
                                  the YAA membership               displayed their artwork
and images of three of
                                  and the public, become           for sale at the Christmas
his/her works, along
                                  a member of the YAA              at the Guild show and
with contact informa-
                                  Gallery Group.                   sale at the Friendship
tion, is posted and

 Gallery Group members whose work was featured in the York                  YAA Gallery Group artists were featured in a
 Town Craft Guild’s Christmas at the Guild attend the artist re-          fall, 2011, exhibit at the Hanover Area Arts
 ception. L-R: Jane Leinbach, Fiel Patricio, Len Copeland, Joyce          Guild, PA, coordinated by HAAG President and
 Copeland, exhibit coordinator Sonia Rohrbaugh, Zelda Jones,              YAA Gallery Group member Charlotte Yealey.
 Linn VanWicklen, Ginny Fitz and Ed Van Wicklen
  Page 16                                                                                      Brushstrokes!

                              ROSALIE BOWMAN
                              SALLY LITTLE DANYO GALLERY COORDINATOR

                              Serving as the Coordi-      tercolors, and most        ten, after which she
                              nator of the Sally Little   especially, with her en-   again had time to pur-
                              Danyo Members’ Sales        thusiasm for making        sue her love of art.
                              Gallery has special         art.
                                                                                     As Coordinator, Rosa-
                              meaning for Rosalie
                                                          Rosalie sees her role as   lie will help to recruit
                                                          Coordinator of the gal-    artists for the SLDG
                              Rosalie came to the         lery named in Sally’s      exhibits, which will co-
                              York Art Association        memory as a way to         ordinate with those in
                              years ago with an inter-    say thank you for the      the Nancy Woodward
                              est in learning about       inspiration to learn       Memorial Gallery. She
      Rosalie Bowman
                              art, but with little ex-    about art that Sally       will assist artists with
Sally Little Danyo Members’   perience.                   provided.                  the administrative pro-
 Sales Gallery Coordinator                                                           cedures and the
                              In addition to volun-       In addition to studying
                                                                                     mounting of the shows.
                              teering, she enrolled in    at Bradley Academy,
                              a number of classes         Rosalie pursued a Fine     An addition to look
                              including figure draw-      Arts major at York         forward to in the new
   “To take on the            ing, portraiture, water-    College of PA, with a      year will be a program
      Sally Little            color and sculpture.        minor in Art History,      for each exhibit in the
                                                          which was interrupted      SLDG, which will in-
   Danyo Gallery,             One of her classmates
                                                          by a career move by        clude an artist bio and
                              was Sally Danyo her-
       which was                                          her husband that took      information on each of
                              self, who, according to
                                                          the family to Cortland,    the works, including
    established in            Rosalie, had a signifi-
                                                          NY.                        titles, mediums and
                              cant impact on her mo-
   Sally’s memory,                                                                   prices.
                              tivation to pursue art.     After returning to
   is a way for me                                        York, Rosalie cared for    See Page 13 for YAA His-
                              Sally impressed Rosalie                                torian Pat Teller’s article
                                                          her granddaughter until
     to say thank             with her whimsical wa-                                 on Sally Little Danyo.
                                                          she entered kindergar-
      you for the
    motivation she            SPOTLIGHT ON ALEX ROSENKREUZ (Continued from Page 5)
       gave me.”              Because he does resto-      ing structure and a de-    toration workshop at
                              rations of works from       termination of whether     The Art Center in Me-
                              different cultures, peri-   the work was previ-        chanicsburg.
    Rosalie Bowman            ods and styles, Alex        ously restored must all    Alex and his wife live in
   Sally Little Danyo
    Members’ Sales            must do extensive re-       be done.                   York, and he is cur-
         Gallery              search and chemical         Alex has taught classes    rently in the process of
      Coordinator             analysis before begin-      on creating icons at the   moving his Mechanics-
                              ning any project.           YAA, and has taught        burg studio to Philadel-
                              The chemical composi-       classes on the Old Mas-    phia.
                              tion of the medium, the     ters, the Russian Im-
                              nature of the underly-      pressionists and a res-
January/February 2012                                                                             Page 17

Phyllis Stump began        trator to the Executive       getting to meet both
taking classes at the      Committee.                    professional and non-
YAA after retiring from                                  professional artists,
                           Phyllis also often helps
a career as a school                                     meeting new instruc-
                           with intake of artwork
principal in the Dallas-                                 tors, learning new tech-
                           for exhibits throughout
town (PA) School Dis-                                    niques and helping a
                           each season.
trict in 2003. Before                                    non-profit organization,
long, she was volun-       Staffing is Phyllis’ favor-   which provides an im-
teering on a regular       ite volunteer activity,       portant function in so-
basis.                     because it provides an        ciety, to fulfill its mis-
                                                                                          Phyllis Stump
                           opportunity to work           sion.
Phyllis contributes her
                           along with YAA’s pro-
time and effort to the                                   Phyllis sees the need
                           fessional and knowl-                                         “I believe in the
YAA in a number of                                       for members to volun-
                           edgeable office manag-                                        idea of ‘pay it
ways. She is a valued                                    teer to fill vacant posi-
                           ers.                                                             forward’.
office “staffer”, who is                                 tions on the Board of
depended upon for her      When asked if she has         Directors as the most             One of the
exemplary editing skills   encountered any un-           pressing for the YAA at           benefits of
in proofing YAA publi-     usual experiences as a        this time. She would            volunteering is
cations and official       YAA volunteer, she            also like to see us make        helping a non-
documents, in addition     responded that nothing        connections with youth               profit
to helping with more       compares to what she          and to recruit younger        organization fulfill
routine office duties.     had to contend with as        members.                         its mission.”
                           a school administrator,
She serves on the                                        Phyllis encourages eve-         Phyllis Stump
                           and so she is un-
Board of Directors as                                    ryone to do a little vol-       YAA Volunteer
Secretary and brings                                     unteering, so that the         & Board Member
her many years of ex-      For Phyllis, the benefits     burden of work does
perience as an adminis-    of volunteering include       not fall on just a few.

Volunteers are needed      which runs from Janu-         Each volunteer solicitor     tant endeavor, con-
for the annual Cultural    ary through March,            contacts three or four       tact Past President
Alliance Corporate         supports the eight            companies from a list        Milton Leake, who
Campaign.                  member organizations.         provided by the Cul-         will serve as the
Each year the member       The York Art Associa-         tural Alliance, sets up a    YAA Chair, at 717-
organizations, including   tion receives about           meeting and visits the       757-7097.
the York Art Associa-      $8,000 from this joint        companies to provide         Board members
tion, provide solicitors   fundraising effort,           information about the        are especially en-
to contact businesses      which helps us to main-       Alliance and its mem-        couraged to help,
to ask their support for   tain the YAA building         ber organizations.           since our funding is
the Arts in York           and provide classes at a      If you can help the          impacted by the
County.                    reasonable cost to our        York Art Associa-            number participat-
The annual fund drive,     members.                      tion in this impor-          ing from the Board.
 Page 18                                                                                              Brushstrokes!

                                    ART HISTORY IN THE NEWS
                                    In October, 2011,            duction of pigments.       been heated at some
                                    CNN.com reported on                                     point, and that the
                                                                 Along with abalone
                                    an article from the                                     early artists may have
                                                                 shell vessels containing
                                    journal Science, in                                     used bone marrow,
                                                                 remnants of prepared
Abalone shells like this one were   which scientists an-                                    urine and water, along
used as containers for prepared                                  “paints” in yellow and
                                    nounced the discovery                                   with iron hydroxides,
pigments by ancestors of early                                   two shades of red, ar-
humans.                             of what appears to be a                                 to create their pig-
                                                                 cheologists found tools
                                    100,000-year-old art                                    ments. The vessels had
                                                                 that were apparently
                                    studio in a cave in                                     been used a number of
 “They really knew                                               used in the process,
                                    South Africa, a few                                     times.
   what they were                                                such as hammers,
                                    hours from Capetown.
 doing. It’s not just                                            bones and grindstones.     Although archeologists
    idiosyncratic                   What is astounding                                      have found bits of
  behavior, but it’s                                             Paint residue on the
                                    about this finding is that                              ochre from earlier pe-
   a very planned                                                bones seemed to be
                                    it appears to document                                  riods of history, this is
      process.”                                                  evidence that they
                                    that our early ances-                                   the first time mixed
                                                                 were used to mix and
    Francesco d’Errico,             tors had a knowledge                                    paints and the tools to
        Researcher                                               transfer the concoc-
                                    of rudimentary chemis-                                  make them have been
  University of Bordeaux,                                        tions out of the shells.
          France                    try and intelligence that                               found together.
                                    enabled them to plan         An analysis of the paint
                                    and carry out the pro-       showed that it had

                                    FROM OUR LIBRARY
  “If a watercolor                  In The Oil Painter’s Solu-   wrong.”                        portraits and creat-
                                    tion Book, Northlight                                       ing drama
   goes wrong too                                                The author presents
                                    Books, YAA Library                                      •   Color dilemmas
                                                                 strategies for dealing
  often, you can’t                  #O10, art instruction                                       such as painting
                                                                 with many of the prob-
                                    author, art journal con-                                    whites and skin
 easily save it, but                                             lems commonly en-
                                    tributor and practicing                                     tones and creating
                                                                 countered by all oil
                                    artist Hazel Harrison                                       color harmony
an oil is different:                                             painters, in hope that
                                    provides multiple solu-                                 •   Technical issues
                                                                 they will prevent the
  you know you’ll                   tions for 43 common                                         such as controlling
                                                                 issues from occurring
                                    painting problems.                                          paint and creating
 get it right in the                                             in the first place.
                                    Harrison started out as
 end, if you go on                                               The problems are di-
                                    an oil painter, but now                                 If you would like to
                                                                 vided into four catego-
          trying.”                  works in all of the                                     borrow this or any of
                                    painting mediums, in-                                   the other books in the
                                                                 • Problem subjects
    Hazel Harrison                  cluding acrylic.                                        collection, please stop
                                                                     such as clear skies,
           in                                                                               into the office for assis-
    The Oil Painter’s               She shares in her intro-         buildings, metal,
                                                                                            tance in signing out
     Solution Book                  duction, “when people            glass and snow
                                                                                            your choices for a two-
                                    say that oil paints are      • Compositional is-
                                                                                            week period.
                                    easy to use, they are            sues such as editing
                                    half right and half              nature, composing
January/February 2012                                                                                                                   Page 19
                                                              from a small group to                                    had been raised to
                                                              about two hundred                                        support the project to
                                                              men and women by                                         create a permanent
                                                              this time.                                               visual art facility in
                                                              In the following few                                     York.
                                                              years, the YAA became
                                                              incorporated and
                                                              adopted by-laws and a
                                                              constitution, steps that
                                                              would enable the Asso-
                                                              ciation to do fundrais-                                   220 South Marshall St. in 1969
                                                              ing and to purchase
                                                              property on which to
Our new energy-                 room on the fourth
                                                              build our current build-
efficient and wear-             floor of the former
resistant bow window            Cassatt Building, which
is the latest improve-          was located in Conti-         In 1966, a committee
ment to the current             nental Square, York,          was appointed to ex-
                                                                                                                       The building was dedi-
home of the York Art            through1947, when the         plore 20 existing build-
                                                                                                                       cated in 1984 as the
Association.                    space was no longer           ings and three proper-
                                                                                                                       Guy & Mary Glatfelter
                                available.                    ties, and eventually the
                                                                                                                       Building of the York
                                                              group decided on the S.
                                References in our ar-                                                                  Art Association, in
                                                              Marshall St. property,
                                chives document that                                                                   honor of these pri-
                                                              because it offered tax
                                by 1959, the studio and       benefits and adequate                                    mary donors.
                                gallery were located at                                                                In 2010, after a fund-
                                328 East Clark Ave.,                                                                   raising campaign to
                                and by 1960, we were                                                                   support improvements
                                at 321 Country Club                                                                    to the gallery space in
                                Rd. In 1962, we had                                                                    honor of Nancy M.
                                relocated to the sec-                                                                  Woodward, both gal-
                                ond floor of 31 West                                                                   leries were renovated
                                Philadelphia St., and                                                                  with improved insula-
                                                                                                                       tion, new lighting, a
                                                                 Photograph credited to Kathryn Grim in YAA Archives
                                                              YAA artists hold an outdoor ex-
                                                                                                                       new floor and fresh
Window installers begin the
painstaking work of removing
                                                              hibit in 1967 on the planned site of                     paint.
                                                              the current facility.
the deteriorated bow window
one pane at a time, as they                                       A fundraising campaign
make the latest renovation to
                                                                  was initiated under the
the YAA building..
                                                                  presidency of E. Kurt
The S. Marshall St. lo-           Studio and gallery space at the
                                                                  Rottler, and by early
cation is one of several            W. Philadelphia St. location  1967, $18,000 of the
to house the Associa-                                             $30,000 goal was
                                were presenting exhib-
tion, formerly known                                              reached.
                                its there, at the Histori-
as the York Art Club,                                             By the end of 1969, the
                                cal Society and the
since it was formed in                                            building was complete
                                York Little Theater.
1905 by a small group                                             and open, and $55,000                                     YAA gallery in 2011
of men, who met in a            Membership had grown
                                                 Encouraging & Developing Interest in the Visual Arts                             Page 20

                YORK ART                                     YAA BULLETIN BOARD
           220 South Marshall St.
                York, PA 17402                                Exhibit                              PLEASE NOTE!
                                                          Announcements                        The YAA will now rely solely on
           Phone: 717-775-0028
               Fax: 717-755-0028                      Members will be alerted                 York Suburban School District
       E-mail: yaa1@comcast.net
                                                     to upcoming 2012 exhibits                      for closing decisions.
                                                      with post card mailings.                On weekdays, check the local me-
                                                      Watch for your invita-                     dia or go online for closing
Visit our website or check in with                    tions to view each ex-                         announcements for
 the YAA on Twitter & Facebook!!
                                                      hibit and to join fellow                        York Suburban.
                                                       members and guests                     If York Suburban is closed, the
                                                      at opening receptions                    YAA is closed. If York Subur-
                                                        and special events,                     ban opens late, YAA classes
                                                         such as lectures.                     will be held at their regularly
                                                                                                      scheduled times.
       EXECUTIVE                                              NOTICE
       COMMITTEE                                         APPLICATIONS FOR                MISSING
                                                         EXHIBITS IN BOTH
                                                     GALLERIES FOR 2013 ARE              Beige & white        Found recently
         Judy Bowen                                                                                                            ie:
                                                                                                              in fortune cook
                                                      BEING ACCEPTED FOR
      Vice-President:                                   CONSIDERATION.                                                           s in the joy
                                                                                                               “Happiness lie
       Janie McKnight                                                                    Please call                               t and the
                                                        CONTACT THE OFFICE
                                                                                         the office              of achievemen
                                                          FOR A PAPER OR                                                          ve effort.”
                                                          EMAILED COPY.
                                                                                         with info.              thrill of creati
        Phyllis Stump                                                                       Posted by
                                                                                           Diane Smith
       Charlene Freed
      Asst. Treasurer
       Amanda Smith                              Cultural Alliance Partner Profile
      Past President
       Milton Leake                              The York Art Association is                                   Northern Maryland.
                                                 one of nine partner agencies
                                                 that benefit from funding from                                Under the direction of
                                                 the Cultural Alliance, and who                                Kathleen Yeater, the 90
                                                 are participating in the alliance                             -member orchestra
                    Connecting People Who Care
                                                 to support each other in ad-                                  performs two major
                                                 vancing the art scene in the
                    C o u nt y
                                                                                                               performances annually
                    Com m un it y
                                                                                                               at the Strand-Capitol
                                                 In this issue, we recog-            50 N. George St., York    Performing Arts Cen-
                    With Causes That Matter
                                                 nize The York Junior-                   www.yjso.org          ter, York, and travels
The York Art Association
                                                 Symphony Orchestra,                                           to other regional ven-
extends a special thank you                      whose members attend                                          ues. Individuals and
to the Cultural Alliance of                      5th through 8th grades                                        groups offer free per-
York County and the York
County Community Founda-
                                                 in York and Adams                                             formances within the
tion for their financial sup-                    Counties in PA and                                            community as well.
 Page 21                                                                                                        Brushstrokes!

January 2012
Sun                     Mon                        Tue               Wed   Thu          Fri                     Sat

1                       2                          3                 4     5            6                       7

8                       9 Drop-off Encaustics 10                     11    12           13                      14
Student/Instructor          & Student/Instructor
                               Pick-Up 9-3
closes P/U 4-5

15                      16                         17                18    19           20                      21
Steven March Exh                                                                            Gallery Group
opens 2-4pm                                        YAA Board 7                               Meeting 1

22                      23                         24                25    26           27                      28
  Critique 2pm

29                      30                         31                                Encaustic Artists
    Professional                                                           featured in Sally Little Danyo Gallery
    Critique 2pm
                                                                                January 15-February 5, 2012

February 2012
Sun                     Mon                            Tue           Wed   Thu              Fri                     Sat

                                                                     1     2                3                       4

5   Steven March        6                              7             8     9                10                      11
 Exhibit Closes 4pm
Encaustic Pick-UP 4-5

12                      13                             14            15    16               17                      18
 Expressions Exhibit                                                                            Gallery Group
    Opens 2-4                                                                                    Meeting 1

19                      20                             21    \
                                                                     22    23               24                      25
Expressions Artists
    Panel 2pm                                          YAA Board 7

26                      27                             28            29                Expressions Artists
                                                                                 featured in Sally Danyo Gallery
                                                                                   February 12-March 4, 2012
YAA will be closed if York Suburban School District is closed.
                      See Page 18 for more details.

                     Critiques return to YAA.
             YAA & YorkArts Sponsor Bus Trip to Philadelphia
                   Museum of Art for Van Gogh Exhibit.
              Applications being accepted for 2013 exhibits.
      Volunteers needed for 2012 Cultural Alliance Campaign!

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