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Diaper Bag Checklist by ewghwehws


									                                                                                        Diaper Bag Checklist

What should you be sure to bring with you in your diaper bag? Some new moms are
tempted to bring the entire nursery, especially if they are going to be gone for an
extended period. But that really isn’t necessary. Below you will find a comprehensive
list of things you might want to stuff in your new diaper bag.

t 5-10 baby diapers (depending upon the length of your outing)
t Baby wipes
t Diaper rash cream
t Baby powder (travel size)
t Baby lotion (travel size)
t Tissues
t Plastic bags (for disposing of soiled diapers or clothes)
t Bibs
t Burp cloths
t Baby formula, food, water and other snacks
t Extra bottles
t Baby sunblock
t First aid kit
t Pacifier
t Any medications your baby needs
t Baby toys
t Extra outfit for baby
t Extra shirt for yourself (just in case!)
t Hat for baby

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