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Learn how to deal with lower back pain before it becomes life threatening. Maybe just changing your diet can help.

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Discover A Genuine Way To Get Rid of Your Back Pain At Home Using The Foods You Have
Lying Around In Your Kitchen

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Exercises For Lower Back Pain That Work

If you are constantly bothered by lower back pains, find out more about it. If there is persistent
pain, getting a medical checkup is the most sensible thing to do. Lower back pain due to sitting or
wrong sitting postures for hours, tension, unhealthy habits or obesity which needs to be corrected.
It pays to do exercises for lower back pain to keep the back muscles strong.

Doing some exercises for lower back pain in the house if there is time to spare is easy and will not
take too much time. While lying flat on one's back, beginners can do 10 counts of Heel Slides,
Ankle Pumps, Straight Leg Raises and Abdominal Contractions. Meanwhile, intermediates can do
Hamstring Stretch and Single Knee to Chest Stretch while keeping the positions for about 20
counts on each leg. Advanced routines like Hip Flexor Stretch and Piriformis Stretch can be done
once strength is gained. To spice up the workout, infuse variety with the use of Swiss balls.
Lumbar stabilization exercises with the Swiss ball include routines while lying on the floor, sitting
on the ball or while standing. Even use of treadmill and stationary bike can help by keeping the
spine straight when doing the exercises.

For those who are kept at work most of the time, there are exercises for lower back pain that can
be done in the office. What are some of the exercises that you can do while at work or anywhere
which will not use any gadgets and will not require lying down?

*Wall Squats - With your back against the wall, stand and planting your feet about a foot from the
base of the wall. Slowly move to a squat position with the abdominal muscles tight and until the
knees are bent to 45 degrees. Go back to the starting position and repeat ten times.

*Heel Raises - Face the wall this time. For balance, place palm against the wall. In a standing
position, distribute weight evenly on both feet. Slowly raise heels up and down for 10 counts again.

Exercises for lower back pain can help strengthen muscles and bones to ease discomfort. These
simple routines can be beneficial regardless the cause of back pain.

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Discover A Genuine Way To Get Rid of Your Back Pain At Home Using The Foods You Have
Lying Around In Your Kitchen

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