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Hartford High School


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									                                   Hartford High School
                                        2009- 2010 School Profile
                  37 Highland Avenue ♦ White River Junction, Vermont 05001
                         Phone: (802) 295-8620 ♦ Fax: (802) 295-8611
                               School Counseling Office: (802) 295-8620 ext. 103
                                        CEEB Code Number 460495
Principal:                   Joseph Collea, Jr.
Assistant Principals:        David Baker & William Murphy
Guidance Director:           Scott Farnsworth
School Counselors:           Cynthia Edson
                             Beth Garfield
                             Corrie Haskell
                             Tom Eberhardt (Grade 9)
Registrar:                   Rena Burnett
Guidance Secretary:          Susan Stanford

         The Town of Hartford is located on the border of Vermont and New Hampshire at the intersection of Interstates 89
and 91 as well as US Routes 4 and 5. Hartford is a crossroad, the Gateway to Vermont for recreation and commerce alike.
With excellent highway, rail, and air services, the Hartford area has long served as a hub for transportation and travel
throughout New England, the Northeast, and Canada.
         Hartford is in the heart of the beautiful and prosperous “Upper Valley”, a region that is home to several renowned
educational and medical facilities including the US Veterans Administration Hospital, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center,
and Dartmouth College and Medical School. The Upper Valley is comprised of numerous small towns and villages whose
residents hold to community-centered, family values, enjoy freedom from crime and violence, and have ready access to
excellent schools. They benefit from living in a clean environment with a multitude of outdoor recreational opportunities
including boating, fishing, hunting, and hiking, with some of the best skiing in New England only a short drive away.
         In keeping with Vermont tradition, Hartford is composed of five distinct, historic villages, with a combined
population totaling 10,200. Each village has its own history and unique character.

                                                         School System
         Hartford School District is comprised of three elementary schools (k-5), a middle school (grades 6-8) and a high
school (9-12): the total of which is nearly 1800 students. Attached to our high school is the Hartford Area Career and
Technical Center which enrolls nearly 400 juniors and seniors from seven districts and surrounding communities’ members.
Our district also hosts 3 unique programs in our region: the Regional Resource Center, educating nearly forty students with
severe learning difficulties, the Wilder School, a regional alternative program (RAP), consisting of nearly twenty students,
and HARP, an autistic program of two students. Each regional collaborative program accepts students from public and
private schools around our region.

Hartford High School is accredited by the New England Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges and by the Vermont
Department of Education.

    Enrollment:              657 students grades 9-12 (This number includes other programs, such as RRC and RAP, whose
                             students may access our mainstream programs.)

    Teaching faculty:        62 FTE (58% of whom have earned advanced degrees beyond a Bachelor’s level)

    Calendar:                Two semesters each comprised of two quarters. Our school is based on a 4x4 block schedule
                             (beginning 1995-1996) consisting of four 88 minute classes per day. In few instances, some courses
                             are 45 minutes for the year.

    HACTC:                   The Hartford Area Career and Technical Center enrolls nearly 40% of our juniors and seniors in one
                             of its sixteen programs. These students are enrolled for 1 block per day for two credits for the year
                             (2b) or one and one half blocks per day for three credits for the year (3b). Courses at the HACTC are
                             indicated on the transcript with either a “2b” or “3b” following the course title, or, in some cases, a
                             “pre” in the title indicating a 1 semester, 1 credit elective in that respective area. Students enrolled for
                             two years in the same 2b or 3b course earn an embedded credit toward meeting a Hartford High
                             School core graduation requirement.
                                                    The Honors Program
The purpose of the Honors Program is to provide a self-directed four year, enriching, college preparatory
program. It is tailored to meet the needs of talented and highly motivated students who seek to challenge
themselves academically with an emphasis on responsibility for independent learning and discovery. We
anticipate 14 students will complete their 4 years in the program in June of 2010 and earn an Honors Diploma.
Core components:
     Elect a minimum of fifteen Advanced, AP or Dartmouth Courses (include at least 2 AP courses)
     Take 2 Advanced Placement Exams or 3 SAT II exams or 2 Dartmouth Courses
     Maintain a 3.25 grade point average with no final grade below a C-
     Elect three credits of foreign language which may include a credit earned in the 8th grade
     Complete 100 hours of pre-approved community service over four years
     Participate in a school sanctioned sport or major school activity each year
     Attend two lectures at Dartmouth College and submit summaries each year
     Write and defend a thesis or project during the Junior year.
     Follow all timelines for meeting the requirements of the Honors Program
     Document and maintain a portfolio on all Honors Program requirements
     Attend two seminars yearly
     Meet regularly with Honors Program Director and attend monthly meetings
     Attend a two day retreat during the Sophomore year

                                                      Grading System *
                Grade                        Percentage                 Grade Points                 AP (weighted only)
                  A+                           98-100                       4.33                          5.33
                  A                            93-97                        4.00                          5.00
                  A-                           90-92                        3.67                          4.67
                  B+                           87-89                        3.33                          4.33
                  B                            83-86                        3.00                          4.00
                  B-                           80-82                        2.67                          3.67
                  C+                           77-79                        2.33                          3.33
                  C                            73-76                        2.00                          3.00
                  C-                           70-72                        1.67                          2.67
                  D+                           67-69                        1.33                          2.33
                  D                            63-66                        1.00                          2.00
                  D-                           60-62                        0.67                          1.67
    * Our Advanced (A) may be considered Honors at other schools.
    * Advanced Placement courses are weighted as indicated above.
    * Students dually enrolled in Dartmouth courses do not receive grades or credits from our school. These courses are recognized as
      meeting requirements for full-time status in school and meeting co-curricular eligibility requirements.

                                       Class of 2010 Graduation Requirements

                       English                             4 credits
                       Social Science                      3 credits        (One = US History)
                       Mathematics                         3 credits
                       Science                             3 credits        (One = Physical Science, One = Biology)
                       Physical Education                  1.5 credits
                       Health                              .5 credit
                       Fine Arts                           1 credit
                       Electives                           10 credits

                       Hartford Diploma:                   26 credits
                                                                SAT Reasoning Test Results

                                                  Critical Reading                                 Math                                   Writing
                        # of test takers      HHS    State    National                HHS        State  National               HHS        State       National
 Class of 2007                132             517      516       502                  513         518     515                  511         508          494
 Class of 2008                   123           514        519           502           512          523           515           491          507          494
 Class of 2009                   94            496        518           501           497          518           515           484          506          493

                                                                      ACT Test Results

                                                                                            Composite Score Average
                                                                  # of test takers          HHS   State     National
                                           Class of 2007                 19                 20.6   22.8      21.2
                                           Class of 2008                     34             20.9          22.7         21.1
                                           Class of 2009                     26             21.1          23.1         21.1

                                                        National Merit Scholarship Program
                                                         2005        2006         2007                             2008              2009
                  Commended Students                          2                   1                   1                 1             1

                                                                              AP Exam
                                                                             2007                2008                   2009
                           Total Students taking Exam                        56                  54                     43
                           Total number of Exams                             67                  65                     48
                           % tests scoring 3 or above                        70%                 78%                    71%
                           % tests scoring 4 or above                        43%                 46%                    31%
                           AP Scholar                                        3                   4                      2
                           AP Scholar with Honor                                                                        1

                                                                             Future Plans
                                                           Class of 2006               Class of 2007               Class of 2008             Class of 2009
            4 year College or University                          55%                           62%                         55%                   50%
            2 year and Technical school                           13%                           14%                         10%                   9%
            Employment/undecided/travel                           29%                           22%                         33%                   34%
            Military Service                                      3%                            2%                          2%                    4%
            Other (NOLS, PG, Americorps)                                                                                                          3%

                                       Hartford High School College Acceptances for the Class of 2009
                                                                             (A partial list)

Adelphi University                          Emmanuel College                              Paul Smith’s pCollege                       University of Connecticut
American International College              Endicott College                              Penn. State Univ., University Park          University of Hartford
Amherst College                             Fitchburg State College                       Plattsburgh State University                University of Kentucky
Anna Maria College                          Franklin Pierce College                       Plymouth State College                      University of Maine
Arizona State University                    George Mason University                       Prescott College                            University of Mary Washington
Babson College                              Green Mountain College                        Quinnipiac University                       Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst
Barry University                            Georgia State University                      Randolph College                            Univ. of Massachusetts,Dartmouth
Bentley University                          Gonzaga University                            Randolph-Macon College                      University of Montana, Missoula
Binghamton University                       Green Mountain College                        Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute            University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Bishop’s University                         Hofstra University                            Rhode Island College                        University of New England
Boston College                              Husson College                                River Valley Community College              University of New Hampshire
Boston University                           Iona College                                  Rochester Institute of Technology           University of New Haven
Brandeis University                         Ithaca College                                Roger Williams University                   University of Rhode Island
Briar Cliff University                      James Madison University                      Sacred Heart University                     University of Richmond
Bridgewater State College                   Johnson and Wales University                  Salem State College                         University of Rochester
Brown University                            Johnson State College                         Salve Regina University                     University of San Diego
Bryant University                           Keene State College                           Santa Barbara City College                  University of South Carolina
Buffalo State College of SUNY               Kenyon College                                Seattle University                          University of Southern Maine
Castleton State College                     Lasell College                                South Carolina State University             University of Southern Mississippi
Champlain College                           Lesley University                             Southern Connecticut State Univ.            University of Vermont
Clark University                            Lebanon College                               Southern Maine Community Coll.              University of Washington
Clarkson University                         Lyndon State College                          Southern NH University                      University of Wisconsin, Madison
Colby-Sawyer College                        Maine Maritime Academy                        Southern Vermont College                    Vassar College
College of St. Joseph                       Marymount Manhattan College                   Springfield College                         Vermont Technical College
Colorado College                            Montana State University                      St. Anselm College                          Warren Wilson College
Community College of VT                     Mount Ida College                             St. John’s College                          Washington Co. Commun. Coll.
Connecticut College                         New England College                           St. Joseph’s College, ME                    Wentworth Institute of Technology
Curry College                               New England Culinary Institute                St. Lawrence University                     Wesley College
Dartmouth College                           New England Institute of Tech.                Suffolk University                          West Virginia University
Drew University                             NHCTC, Claremont, Berlin                      SUNY College at Cobleskill                  Western New England College
Duke University                             Nichols College                               Syracuse University                         Westfield State College
East Carolina University                    Norwich University                            Tufts University                            Wheaton College
Edgewood College                            Oberlin College                               Unity College                               Wheelock College
Edinboro University of PA                   Ohio Technical College                        University of Cincinnati                    Wofford College
Elmira College                              Old Dominion University                       University of Colorado at Boulder           Worcester Polytechnic Institute
                                      Program of Studies 2006 - 2010
(Basic) = remedial in nature                          (A) = Advanced                        (AP) = Advanced Placement

English Lab (Basic) (9& 10)                English 9, 10, 11, 12                       Myths/Folklore
Freshmen Seminar                           English 9, 10, 11, 12 (A)                   Debate 1, 2, 3, 4
The Autobiography                          English 12 AP (yearlong) (2 credits)        Poetry
World Literature (A)                       English to Speakers of Other Lang.          Yearbook (yearlong)

                                                     SOCIAL SCIENCE
Area Studies (9)                           American Rev/Civil War                      Election 2008
Area Studies (Basic)                       Asian Studies                               Hitler/ Holocaust
Cultural Geography                         China                                       Humanities (A)
Cultural Geography (Basic)                 Community Service                           Justice
US History                                 Comparative World Religions                 Modern European History (A)
US History (Basic)                         Cont. Social Problems/Justice               Psychology (A)
US History 1 (A)                           Creating a History of Hartford              Survival Social Studies
US History 2 (A)                           Cultural Anthropology                       Western Civilizations
1960’s & 1970’s                            Development of Western Civ. (A)             Wild West
60’s Experience (A)                        Economics Matters

                                                    MATHEMATICS *
Math 1 (Basic Math)                        Geometry (A)                                Calculus 2 (AP)
Consumer Math                              Algebra 2                                   Computer Programming 1
Business Math                              Algebra 2 (A)                               Computer Programming 2 (A)
Algebra 1-Part One                         Precalculus                                 Math Problem-Solving
Algebra 1-Part Two                         Precalculus (A)                             Statistics
Algebra 1                                  Calculus
Geometry                                   Calculus 1 (AP)

Physical Science (Basic)                   Biology 1 (AP)                              Physics 1-Mechanics (A)
Physical Science                           Biology 2 (AP)                              Physics 2 –Electromagnetism (A)
Biology (Basic)                            Chemistry 1                                 Astronomy and Geology
Biology                                    Chemistry 2 (A)                             Forensic Science
Biology 1 (A)                              Chemistry 1 (AP) & 2 (AP) (yearlong)        Space/Earth Science (A)
Biology 2 (A)                              Principles of Technology                    Environmental Science (alternating years)
                                                                                       Human Biology (alternating years)

                                         FOREIGN LANGUAGE COURSES **
Intermediate French                        Intermediate Spanish                        Intermediate Latin
French 1-3                                 Spanish 1-3                                 Latin 1-3
French 4 (A)                               Spanish 4 (A)                               Latin 4 (A)
French 5 (AP)                              (Latin discontinued 07-08)                  German 1-2

                                                      ART COURSES
Drawing 1                                  Painting 1 & 2                              Advanced Art (A)
Traditional / Modern Design                2-D and 3-D Design                          Art (AP)
Metals / Ceramics                          Sculpture

                                                     MUSIC COURSES
Concert Choir (yearlong)                   Music Enrichment (yearlong)                 Guitar 1 & 2
Band (yearlong)                            Jazz Band (yearlong)                        Theater Arts
Choir / Band (yearlong)                    Music Theory (A)                            Music Technology

*   A student taking both Algebra 1A (Part One) and Algebra 1B (Part Two) has essentially completed an Algebra 1
    curriculum in the course of two semesters instead of one.
** Foreign Language curriculum: Intermediate Foreign Language courses are taken between level 1 and level 2 courses.
*** Second Semester junior and all seniors are eligible to take courses at Dartmouth College if they have exhausted the
    curriculum at Hartford High School.

     For further inquires on our courses and other electives offered, please refer to our complete
                    Program of Studies from the Course Catalog on our website.

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