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					Thomas J. Dodd Research Center
 405 Babbidge Road, Unit 1205
    Storrs, CT 06269-1205
    Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

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                                                    annual report 2007
Our Mission
The University Libraries’ Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd
Research Center supports the University of Connecticut’s mission of teaching,
research and service. Archives & Special Collections acquires, preserves and
makes accessible specialized research collections for students, faculty, staff,
scholars and the general public. The development and promotion of public
programs, exhibitions, conferences and similar events enhance the teaching and
research activities at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center.
Letter from the Director
This year’s report reflects a wide range      winner receiving a cash prize, recogni-
of activities and achievements defined        tion at the Connecticut Children’s
by the Center’s mission. One of the           Book Fair and a membership in the
most important is the programs and            Society of Book Writers and Illustrators.
services we provide for the University’s      Award winners have gone on into
faculty and students. These have              careers in illustration with at least one
increased in number and significance          student already having done drawings
over the past several years, particularly     for a published children’s book.
those involving the use of the Center’s
                                              This past year offered a new opportunity
archival holdings. Such programs are
                                              to see the results of an academic collabo-
built upon critical relationships between
                                              ration between curators and faculty.
Dodd Research Center curators and
                                              In an instruction session held at the
faculty members.
                                              Dodd Research Center, students of a
Collection curators are increasingly          first year fine arts class studied limited
called upon to introduce students to          edition artists’ books and were chal-
archives and special collections materials    lenged to create their own. Artists’
that relate to teaching emphases or to        books are defined by their use of both
student research projects assigned by         traditional book making techniques and
the instructor. Each year the number          visual art in various book-like forms.       Thomas P. Wilsted
of instruction sessions increases with        At the completion of the semester, the
requests coming from the history,             most successful of the students’ books
                                                                                           An additional result of the reorganiza-
english, fine arts, human rights and          were displayed at the Dodd Research
                                                                                           tion was the creation of a Research
communications departments as well            Center for visitors to see the results.
                                                                                           and Access Team which has focused its
as a variety of freshman courses taught       We expect that this type of collaboration
                                                                                           energy on ways that we can better serve
as part of the First Year Experience.         will be a continuing event.
                                                                                           faculty and students. They have held
Some classes provide an overview of
                                              Changes in staff and organizational          focus group meetings with individual
collections encouraging students to
                                              structure will help the Dodd Research        faculty, had meetings with library staff
follow their own interests or research
                                              Center expand its efforts and services to    who can publicize collections to faculty
topics while others are tailored to very
                                              the academic community. Elsewhere in         and students and have publicized Dodd
specific courses focusing on topics such
                                              this report, you will find information       Research Center collections through the
as artists’ books or literary magazines.
                                              about the appointment of two new             library newsletter and other venues.
Students and faculty benefit from the
                                              staff members, Valerie Love, Curator
expertise and knowledge that collection                                                    These and other ongoing programs
                                              of Human Rights and Alternative
curators bring to these discussions.                                                       continue the Dodd Research Center’s
                                              Press Collections, and Marisol Ramos,
Curators are able to correlate specific                                                    effort to serve our primary clientele,
                                              Curator of Hispanic and Latin
collections with research and teaching                                                     our students and faculty. As we do so,
                                              American Culture Collections. The
topics and explain their significance.                                                     we look forward to building upon
                                              human rights curator is a new position
                                                                                           and expanding partnerships with the
Such interchanges benefit both the            and recognizes the growth and impor-
                                                                                           University community.
department and the Dodd Research              tance of the human rights academic
Center and often lead to other collabo-       program here at UConn while the              Sincerely,
rations. For example, the Raab Associates     Latin American curator replaces a recent
Prize, now in its ninth year, is awarded      library retirement. Both positions are
annually to a student enrolled in a fine      liaisons to academic programs on
arts illustration class. Students create an   campus and work closely with faculty         Thomas P. Wilsted
illustration from an original poem as         members to build collections and             Director
part of their coursework with the             provide instruction on book and
                                              archival collections.

                                                                                                               annual report 2007   1

Welcome New Staff
2006-2007 brought with it the arrival
of two new staff members – Valerie
Love and Marisol Ramos. Valerie Love
began in February, 2007 as the Curator
of Human Rights and Alternative Press
Collections. The new position is an
indication of the commitment by
the Dodd Research Center and the
University Libraries to further the study
of human rights at UConn. In addition
                                            Valerie Love                                  Marisol Ramos
to her curator role, Ms. Love is also the
liaison to the human rights program
on campus, where she will work closely      served as an archival consultant to the       UCLA Chicano Studies Research
with faculty and staff of the Human         W.E.B. DuBois Memorial Centre for             Center Library in Los Angeles, CA.
Rights Institute to encourage the use       Pan-African Culture in Accra, Ghana           These skills will allow her to successfully
of the archives on campus.                  and served as a Teacher/Librarian at the      navigate the dual role of liaison and
                                            Mzila School in Mseleni, Kwa Zulu             archivist where she will continue to
Before coming to the Dodd Research          Natal, South Africa.                          foster the relationship between the Latin
Center, Ms. Love was Archivist at the                                                     American Studies Program and the
Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social      Also in 2007, we welcomed Marisol
                                                                                          UConn Libraries. Ms. Ramos has a B.A.
Change at the University of Memphis.        Ramos as Curator for Hispanic History
                                                                                          from the University of Puerto Rico,
While at the University of Memphis,         and Culture Collections and Liaison
                                                                                          Rio Piedras, a M.A. in Latin American
she led a Katrina Task Force to help the    for Latin American Studies. Ms. Ramos
                                                                                          and Caribbean Studies from the State
people of New Orleans preserve records      has established herself as both a librarian
                                                                                          University of New York (SUNY),
damaged during the hurricane. She           and archivist, with her most recent
                                                                                          Albany and a MLIS specializing in
has a B.A. from Smith College and           position as librarian at the Virginia Reid
                                                                                          Archival Science from the University
completed her MLIS at the University        Moore Marine Research Library in San
                                                                                          of California, Los Angeles.
of Wisconsin-Madison. She has also          Pedro, CA and as archivist for the

                                                               Planning New and Remodeled Archival Facilities
                                                               In a newly published book, Director Tom Wilsted has written a
                                                               guide to assist those planning for archival facilities. The publica-
                                                               tion is extensive, aiming primarily at those who have never taken
                                                               on this responsibility. Planning New and Remodeled Archival
                                                               Facilities includes information on issues such as fire protection,
                                                               security, building environment, equipment and planning for
                                                               moving archival material. The book was published by the Society
                                                               of American Archivists.

2                                                                                              THOMAS J. DODD RESEARCH CENTER
                                                         Taking Stock
                                                         It happens frequently to us in our personal lives, we
                                                         collect items that get put away in a closet and after a few
                                                         years we start to wonder. “What is actually in that closet?”
                                                         “How many family photographs are there?” “Is that where
                                                         those old home movies are?” These questions can also
                                                         percolate at archives, including the Dodd Research
                                                         Center. A survey was done over 10 years ago when the
                                                         archives moved into the Center and efforts have been
                                                         made to document additions over the years, but with the
                                                         amazing growth in collections we have seen since the
                                                         facilities were opened, the staff decided it was time to do
                                                         a detailed survey. This years efforts were made to help
                                                         guide the staff on issues such as preservation needs and
                                                         access issues netting some interesting results. The final
                                                         numbers include an estimated 36,238 linear feet of
                                                         manuscript material. This is a 9,500 linear feet increase
                                                         from only 10 years ago. We have also seen a dramatic
                                                         growth in our multimedia collections, with a conservative
                                                         estimate of over 790,000 items of film and photographic
                                                         materials, 1,600 mechanical recordings and 6,500 items
                                                         of magnetic media. We also hold great examples of
                                                         19th century photographic processes such as tintypes,
                                                         daguerreotypes and lantern slides. This information will
                                                         be a springboard for future strategic discussions.

                                                         Largest manuscript collection based on
                                                         linear footage:
                                                         University Archives at 14,183 linear feet

                                                         Second largest manuscript collection based
Portrait of Senator Christopher J. Dodd                  on linear footage:
Hans Weiss has been a friend of the Dodd Research        Railroad History at 6,113 linear feet
Center since its inception. One of the prized posses-    Photographs: 195,935
sions in our facility is the pencil sketch of the late
Senator Thomas J. Dodd done by Mr. Weiss in 1996         Phonograph Records: 1,476
for the dedication of the building. That image is        Monographs cataloged
proudly hanging on our entry wall, and is also the       in library catalog:
official logo for the Thomas J. Dodd Prize in            103,683
International Justice and Human Rights. Mr. Weiss
recently donated an equally impressive pencil sketch
of Senator Christopher J. Dodd. Mr. Weiss’ donation
is a tribute to the respect and admiration for the
Dodd Family, and we are honored to have it hanging
in the building.

                                                                                              annual report 2007        3
Sanil Raj Johnson gives a talk on his research

                                                 Fulbright Scholar
                                                 The University of Connecticut has a long tradition of welcoming Fulbright
                                                 scholars to campus. However in 2006, the Dodd Research Center hosted an
                                                 international scholar in the program for the first time. Sanil Raj Johnson of Kerala,
                                                 India spent 6 months researching the Black Mountain Poets. Johnson is an English
                                                 language and literature lecturer at St. Thomas College in India and also a Ph.D.
                                                 candidate at Calicut University. His study of American literature at the Dodd
                                                 Research Center and several other archives in the U.S. was designed to complete
                                                 his doctoral dissertation “Openness as Revelation: A Study of Poetic Innovations
                                                 of the Black Mountain Poets”, as well as helping him to attain his goal of teaching
                                                 Modern American Poetry in India.

IMLS Awards the “Digitizing Collections
of Historical Children’s Books” Grant

The Dodd Research Center, in partner-            children and adults. The Northeast
ship with the University of Maryland’s           Children’s Literature Collection has a
International Children’s Digital Library         rich representation of subjects included
(ICDL), received a grant from the                in the project such as Native American
Institute of Museum and Library                  history, religion, natural history,
Services to create digital collections of        American customs and holidays,
historical children’s books for research         children’s games and U.S. history. The
and general use. The Northeast                   Dodd Research Center’s portion of the
Children’s Literature Collection’s depth         award was $50,000 and was used to
of resources is attractive to the ICDL,          digitize nearly 300 children’s books.
whose mission is to build a collection of        The other partners of the grant include
books from around the world, allowing            the Boston Public Library and the
exploration of other cultures by both            University of Minnesota.

4                                                                                                   THOMAS J. DODD RESEARCH CENTER

American Montessori Society
Records donated to the Dodd
Research Center
The American Montessori Society
(AMS) donated its extensive archives to
the Dodd Research Center this past fall.
The AMS was founded in Greenwich,
CT by Nancy McCormick Rambusch in
1960 to expand the use of Montessori
teaching in public and private schools
across America. The teachings of Maria
Montessori go back to early 1900 Italy,
where Ms. Montessori became interested
in education while caring for children
in a psychiatric clinic in Rome. Her
                                                From the American Montessori Society Records
program included combining sensory-
rich environments and hands-on
activities to develop master concepts
and motor skills. As one of Italy’s first   Internationale (AMI) and has a wonder-             The Portents Archive
female physicians, she used that knowl-     ful history that researchers will find
                                                                                               Portents, an independent record label
edge to understand children’s cognitive     fascinating. Throughout these years,
                                                                                               and small press, was established by
growth and development in construct-        the ideas and teachings of Maria
                                                                                               Ann and Samuel Charters in 1963 and
ing an educational framework. The           Montessori were a guiding force and
                                                                                               operated until the early 1980’s. The
movement was rejected by mainstream         today the AMS has over 1,100 member
                                                                                               name given to the imprint by the
American educators and was not readily      schools and has become the foremost
                                                                                               Charters was derived from the Herman
accepted in the United States. In the       resource in America for Montessori
                                                                                               Melville poem about the abolitionist
late 1950’s, Ms. Rambusch began to          education and teacher training. The
                                                                                               John Brown that opens the book Battle
teach the Montessori method in her          collection available to researchers
                                                                                               Pieces. “To Melville, ‘portents’ were the
New York apartment and soon became          documents this story through printed
                                                                                               vital signs in the mid 19th century that
Headmistress of Whitby, a lay-Catholic      and handwritten materials, sound
                                                                                               the Civil War was imminent in the
school in Greenwich, CT that would          recordings, films, photographs and
                                                                                               United States. A century later, we
become a major force in the revitaliza-     slides. The donation also included
                                                                                               believed the word suggested the social
tion of the movement. The AMS               generous financial support to help
                                                                                               and cultural revolution we were trying
was given formal authorization in           maintain and make materials accessible
                                                                                               to encourage by promoting those whom
1960 by the Association Montessori          to researchers.

                                                                                                                annual report 2007     5
Allen Ginsberg would later call our          growing interest in bookmaking among               area has become an essential criteria
‘secret heroes’,” remarked Ann Charters.     faculty and students, the nature of our            used to make purchasing decisions.
Through Portents, the Charters’ aim was      collection development policy has                  Recent acquisitions represent authors
to make more widely known, read and          changed to meet this need. Relevance               from a variety of nationalities and inter-
heard, the work of their ‘secret heroes’     of a work to the curriculum or a                   national presses. A few recent purchases
— writers, musicians, composers, graph-      connection to a curatorial or academic             include:
ic artists and printers. The collection,
recently donated to the archives by Ann
and Samuel Charters, is comprised of
manuscripts, personal correspondence,             Out of the Sky: Remembering 9/11.
sound recordings, printer proofs, photo-
                                                  Werner Pfeiffer. Red Hook, NY: Pear Whistle Press, 2006.
graphs, limited edition press materials
                                                  Made in memory of the victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the
and publications. It includes the work            World Trade Center, the reader of this book actually constructs the monument
of Jack Kerouac, Charles Olson, Robert            to the victims. Wood cut illustrations of the falling victims form the two towers
Duncan, Larry Eigner, Gary Snyder,                which are each over five feet tall. Edition of 52.
Robert Creeley and Allen Ginsberg and
documents the activities of the press             Collect Call From the Spirit World.
and the community in which the artists            Scott Williams & Dana Smith. San Francisco, CA: S. Williams; Brooklyn, NY:
lived and created.                                Distributed by Booklyn Artists Alliance, 2007.
                                                  Williams, a stencil artist, collaborated with Dana Smith, a digital artist, both based
                                                  in San Francisco, to produce this book which combines hand painting, digital collage,
Artists’ Books Collection                         stencil and poetry. Booklyn Artists Alliance described it as “a true 21st Century
                                                  illuminated hybrid.” Edition of 10.
An artists’ book challenges our notion
of what a book can be by providing a
                                                  Sensing the World by Echo.
medium where traditional techniques of
                                                  Written and illustrated by Mark Taylor. [S.l.]: M. Taylor; Brooklyn, NY:
bookmaking and the fine arts converge.            Distributed by Booklyn Artists Alliance, 2006.
Since the late 1970s, Archives & Special          Taylor, an artist also based in northern California, provides a short film to
Collections has been acquiring experi-            accompany this book. Booklyn describes the story as a “biography” and the film as
mental and artists’ books, resulting in a         a “Frankenstein’s monster of a movie, stitched together with parts robbed from the
collection that includes over 300 volumes.        graveyard of B-movie horror and sci-fi films.” Edition of 15.
Early collecting policies focused on the
acquisition of fine and small letter press
imprints, including Connecticut based
presses. The collection has been shaped
over the last decade by the influence of
changing curators with different collect-
ing focuses, a fairly steady budget and a
growing interest from the faculty of the
School of Fine Arts. Currently, approxi-
mately 16% of the acquisitions budget
of Archives & Special Collections is spent
annually on artists’ books. Since 1994,
the Dodd Research Center has been able
to add over 30 volumes to the collection.

The once dominant fine and small letter
press imprints have given way to con-
temporary artists’ books representing a
                                                        Sensing the World by Echo, page 6
variety of book structures, construction
techniques, printing methods, digital
media and themes. As a result of the

6                                                                                                     THOMAS J. DODD RESEARCH CENTER
                                                                                       Exhibits from the Archives
                                                                                       Malka Penn Children’s Book Collection
                                                                                       on Human Rights for 2005
                                                                                       Outstanding picture books, young adult
                                                                                       novels and non-fiction works from 2006
                                                                                       addressing issues in human rights.
                                                                                       July, 2006

                                                                                       Worthie of Note
                                                                                       Travel Literature in the Rare Book
                                                                                       September 28-October 14, 2006

                                                                                       What’s In A Name?: The University of
                                                                                       Connecticut, 125 Years in the Making
                                                                                       Documents from the University Archives
                                                                                       trace UConn’s evolution from a small
                                                                                       agricultural school for boys into New
                                                                                       England’s top public university.
                                                                                       October 20-December 22, 2006
    Betsy Pittman, Nancy Johnson and Tom Wilsted
                                                                                       The More Things Change…
                                                                                       Student Life at the University of
Nancy Johnson Papers                                                                   Connecticut, 1881–2006

Former U.S. Representative Nancy Johnson has donated her papers to the                 Archival photographs and memorabilia
                                                                                       illustrate 125 years of student life at UConn.
political collections at the Dodd Research Center. Johnson represented the 6th
                                                                                       October 20-December 22, 2006
Congressional District from 1982-2002 and served as representative for the 5th
Congressional District following statewide reapportionment from 2002-2007.             A University Grows in Storrs:
Mrs. Johnson has the distinction of being the longest-serving Connecticut              A Cartographic History of the Campus
member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Much of the materials represents          Historic and contemporary maps plot the
her membership on the influential House Ways and Means Committee. During               development of the University’s main campus.
her more than 30-year career she used her skills in many areas including sponsor-      October 20-December 22, 2006
ing and co-sponsoring thousands of bills, such as co-authoring the bill that
provides prescription drug coverage under Medicare and health care insurance           Feeding Upon the Everlasting: The Art
                                                                                       of Butterfly and Moth Illustration
coverage for children of low-income families.
                                                                                       Images from the Natural History
Robert R. Simmons Papers                     his service in the United States Army     January 16-March 2, 2007
                                             from 1965-1968 and the Army
Former U.S. Representative Robert
                                             Reserves from 1969-2000. He was also      Publications from Archives & Special
“Rob” Simmons donated papers docu-                                                     Collections
                                             an operations officer in the Central
menting his career in Congress to the                                                  A collection of published work using
                                             Intelligence Agency (1969-1979) before
Dodd Research Center, including his                                                    collections from the Archives.
                                             joining the staff of United States
work in the military and intelligence                                                  March, 2007
                                             Senator John Chafee (Rhode Island).
communities. Simmons represented
                                             He also served for 10 years in the
Connecticut’s 2nd Congressional                                                        The Altered Book
                                             Connecticut General Assembly. After
District from 2001-2007, serving as a                                                  Sculptural books created by first year
                                             his service to Connecticut in Congress,   students in fine arts, inspired by limited
member of the House Armed Service
                                             Mr. Simmons was appointed by              edition artists’ books in the Dodd Research
Committee and the House Homeland                                                       Center collection.
                                             Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell as
Security Committee. His interest in
                                             Connecticut’s first business advocate.    April, 2007
these areas was a direct result of

                                                                                                      annual report 2007        7

                                                                                             offered an opportunity for students to
                                                                                             get an insiders’ look at the creation of
                                                                                             policy including the strategies used,
                                                                                             ethical issues and the role of lobbyists.

                                                                                             Raymond and Beverly Sackler
                                                                                             Distinguished Lecture Series
                                                                                             With the on-going support of Raymond
                                                                                             and Beverly Sackler, the Dodd Research
                                                                                             Center was able to continue its focus
                                                                                             on bringing internationally renowned
                                                                                             speakers in human rights to campus
                                                                                             with James Crawford, Whewell Professor
                                                                                             of International Law at the University
                                                                                             of Cambridge. Crawford is also the
                                                                                             Director of the Lauterpacht Centre
                                                                                             for International Law and a Fellow of
                                                                                             Jesus College, also at Cambridge. The
                                                                                             lecture, given on October 25, was titled
Barry Feldman, Ed Silverman and Barbara Kennelly
                                                                                             “Human Rights and State Responsibility”
                                                                                             and included a discussion on the status
                                                                                             of human rights in international law.
Of the People, By the People                   Acting Chair of the Center’s Advisory
                                                                                             Of particular interest to Mr. Crawford
and For the People                             Board, has a long history of public
                                                                                             are the challenges facing human rights
                                               service, including her membership on
The Dodd Research Center continues                                                           from violations caused by private parties
                                               Connecticut’s Congressional delegation.
to find avenues for bringing its resources                                                   or non-government organizations or
                                               She currently serves as the President and
and experience to the University                                                             corporations.
                                               Chief Executive Officer of the National
community through programs such as
                                               Committee to Preserve Social Security
“Of the People, By the People and
                                               and Medicare. Ed Silverman has also
For the People.” The lecture was a result
                                               served in the executive and legislative
of a partnership with representatives
                                               branches of government and currently
of the newly formed Leadership Legacy
                                               is Managing Director and Head of
Experience program on campus.
                                               Government Relations for RBS
The Leadership Legacy program is a
                                               Greenwich Capital.
specialized program formed to provide
leadership enhancement experiences to          The depth of knowledge and experience
a select group of student leaders. The         of both speakers led to a lively discussion
program allowed the Dodd Research              on the role of business and non-profit
Center to highlight two of its ardent          agencies in the creation of public policy.
supporters – Barbara Kennelly and              Moderated by UConn’s Chief Operating
Edward Silverman. Barbara Kennelly,            Officer Barry Feldman, the program            James Crawford

8                                                                                                 THOMAS J. DODD RESEARCH CENTER
                                                                                            Human Rights in the
                                                                                            Islamic World
                                                                                            On October 26, the Dodd Research
                                                                                            Center co-sponsored a lecture by Dr.
                                                                                            Hafid Abbas titled “Action Plan for
                                                                                            Human Rights from the Heart of the
                                                                                            Islamic World.” Dr. Abbas is Director
                                                                                            General of the Agency for Human
                                                                                            Rights Research and Development for
                                                                                            the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
                                                                                            of the Republic of Indonesia. Dr. Abbas
                                                                                            has been described as one of Asia’s
                                                                                            most effective and persistent peace-
                                                                                            builders. He shared with the audience
                                                                                            his distinctive vision for Indonesia and
Connecticut Children’s Book Fair                Came to Write Banned Children’s             Asia, a vision rooted in a culture of
Celebrates 15 years                             Books and Why I Keep Writing Them.”         human rights, participatory democracy
                                                                                            and pro-active intervention in conflict.
The 2006 Connecticut Children’s Book            The logo for the special anniversary
Fair marked its 15th anniversary. Over          Book Fair was provided by the
these 15 years the fair has grown into          author/illustrator team of Wendell and
a regional event, bringing thousands of         Florence Minor. The image of mice
children, teachers and parents together         reading books captured the essence of
with their favorite authors and illustra-       the Book Fair and ultimately the joy of
tors. The 15th Anniversary was                  reading, and was utilized on the Web,
celebrated by inviting all of our past          flyers and even on a special cake for our
participants to dinner for a special            Saturday afternoon guests.
program, which included a slide show
                                                As part of the Book Fair, the Raab
of images from past events and a special
                                                Associates Prize for outstanding student
lecture by children’s book writer Robie
                                                illustration of a children’s poem was
Harris. Mrs. Harris has been writing
                                                awarded by Susan Raab. The poem,            Elizabeth Velez of Plowshares Institute
award-winning picture books, novels
                                                authored by Jane Yolen, was titled          with Dr. Hafid Abbas
and nonfiction books for children and
                                                “Snake in a Box” and the prize for best
teens for over twenty years. Her books
                                                illustration was awarded to Margi           This was also an opportunity for the
address difficult topics such as anger,
                                                Kimball. The second place drawing           Dodd Research Center and other
love, sadness, jealousy and sexual health.
                                                was awarded to Arek Sak.                    members of the University community
Her presentation was titled “How I
                                                                                            to partner with the Plowshares Institute.
                                                                                            For over 25 years, the Plowshares
                                                                                            Institute has been a catalyst for social
   Guests of the 15th Annual Connecticut Children’s                                         change by implementing projects that
   Book Fair included:                                                                      identify and address emerging social
                                                                                            needs in order to build a more just
  Tonya Bolden        Mordicai Gerstein      Wendell Minor      Andrea Wisnewski
                                                                                            and peaceful world community. The
  Elise Broach        Robie Harris           Heidi Stemple      Jane Yolen
                                                                                            Institute has recently been nominated
  Michael Buckley     Janet Lawler           Eric Velasquez                                 for the Nobel Peace Prize by members
  Eileen Christelow   Salley Mavor           Walter Wick                                    of the South African Parliament. Other
  Etienne Delessert   Florence Minor         Hans Wilhelm                                   co-sponsors of the event included
                                                                                            UConn’s Human Rights Institute and
                                                                                            Office of International Affairs.

                                                                                                                annual report 2007    9
                                                                                                Looking Back
                                                                                                This past spring the Mansfield Historical
                                                                                                Society utilized the Jerauld A. Manter
                                                                                                materials to offer an opportunity for its
                                                                                                members to look back at the early days
                                                                                                of UConn. The Manter Collection is a
                                                                                                treasure trove filled with documentation
                                                                                                of UConn’s past and includes thousands
                                                                                                of photographs and moving picture film of
                                                                                                University and regional events and scenery.
                                                                                                Serving as the unofficial photographer for
                                                                                                the University, Jerauld Manter, who passed
                                                                                                away at 100 years of age in 1990, has
                                                                                                given the irreplaceable gift of history to
                                                                                                the University. The program included the
                                                                                                viewing of some of the film footage that
                                                                                                has been converted to VHS with rare
                                                                                                footage of campus life including the clean
                                                                                                up after the 1938 hurricane, a 1955
                                                                                                football game and a 1950’s era parade.

Edwin Way Teale Lecture Series Honored
The Edwin Way Teale Lecture Series was awarded the 2007 Joshua’s Trust Conservation Award. Joshua’s Trust is one of the
oldest area conservation and historic trusts in the State of Connecticut, currently protecting more than 3,000 acres of land in
the Windham region. The award is in recognition of outstanding efforts to promote the environment and conservation.

September 14, 2006                                March 22, 2007
Carl Jones, International Research Fellow,        Richard Somerville, Distinguished Professor,
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust; Scientific   Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Director, Mauritian Wildlife                      “Climate, Climate Change, and the
“The Dodo’s Legacy: Conservation on Mauritius”    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change”

October 19, 2006                                  April 12, 2007
William Nordhaus, Sterling Professor of           David Allen Sibley, Author and Illustrator,
Economics, Yale University; Member of the         The Sibley Guide to Birds
National Academy of Science                       “Birds and Bird Guides”
“Carbon Taxes to Slow Global Warming”

February 1, 2007
Mark Klett, Regents Professor of Art, Arizona
State University
“Ideas About Time: Recent Projects that
Investigate the Relationship of Time, Space
and Photography”

10                                                                                                     THOMAS J. DODD RESEARCH CENTER

                                              Major Account Activity                   from Columbia. The third of the
                                                                                       awardees was David Brown in June,
                                              Following are a few examples of what the
                                                                                       2007, for research in the Prescott Bush
                                              generosity of our donors has helped
                                                                                       Papers. Mr. Brown is a Professor of
                                              us to achieve in 2006-2007.
                                                                                       History at Elizabethtown College in
                                              Exhibits                                 Pennsylvania.
                                              An important program in the Dodd              Louise S. Wiseberg and
                                              Research Center is that of our exhibitions.   Harry Scoble Human Rights
                                              This year we were able to make several        Internet Collection
                                              updates to our exhibit hallway including      The Human Rights Internet Fund was
                                              adding lighting and a semi-permanent          set up in 2004 with a donation from
                                              exhibit of quilts. With the help of the       the John W. Kluge Foundation to
                                              University Libraries’ Exhibit Committee,      support the acquisition, preservation
                                              track lighting was installed, allowing        and cataloging of the Louise S. Wiseberg
                                              for better display and viewing. Another       and Harry Scoble Human Rights Internet
                                              addition includes a series of quilts by       Collection (HRI). HRI was organized
Richard Schimmelpfeng                         fabric artist Jean H. Hartshorne. Ms.         in 1976 as a clearinghouse for human
                                              Hartshorne lives in Green Valley, Arizona     rights documentation and as a network
Aesop’s Fables Collection                     and has been quilting her vibrant and         of international organizations. The collec-
Richard Schimmelpfeng wears many              colorful quilts since 1982. Her quilts        tion and funding were donated so that
hats at the Dodd Research Center. He          have various themes and fabric, including     researchers could have access to the
has the distinction of being the former       one of which we own, made up of fabric        documentation of over 5,000 human
Head of Special Collections, a current        pieces from Africa.                           rights organizations from around the
volunteer working approximately 16            Strochlitz Travel Grants                      world. Since March of 2005, Tzu-Jing
hours a week, a friend to the staff and a                                                   (T.J.) Kao has been cataloging the
                                              The Dodd Research Center had the
believer in the power of giving. The                                                        documents. His project appointment was
                                              opportunity to award three Strochlitz
donor in Mr. Schimmelpfeng has once                                                         continued in 2006-2007 and to date he
                                              Travel Grants since our last Annual
again benefited the Dodd Research                                                           has cataloged over 10,200 titles that can
                                              Report. In June of 2006, John Wrighton,
Center with the gift of his collection of                                                   now be accessed by researchers around
                                              a faculty member in the Department
Aesop’s Fables. The gift of more than                                                       the globe.
                                              of English at the University of Wales,
350 volumes reflects one of his many
                                              Aberystwyth, traveled to the University
subject interests. The collection consists
                                              to research the “beat” writers in the
of a large number of current American
                                              Literary Collection and activist move-
productions as well as some distinctive
                                              ments in the Alternative Press Collection.
eighteenth century copies and others
                                              The research will be used in his doctoral
from around the world. The donation
                                              thesis which examines the emergence
is valued at more than $17,000 and is
                                              of an ethical imperative in modern
priceless for its research value as part of
                                              American poetics. In January, Elyssa
the Northeast Children’s Literature
                                              East, a student at Columbia University
                                              utilized the Charles Olson Archives in
                                              the completion of her manuscript titled
                                              “Where These Dreams Cross: Stories of
                                              Dogtown Commons.” The manuscript
                                              is for her M.F.A. in Nonfiction Writing

                                                                                                             annual report 2007     11

Gifts to the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center
July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2007

$10,000 - $24,999                     $100 - $499                                             Randall and Joyce Jimerson
American Montessori Society           American Book Collectors                                Keith B and Marietta W. Johnson
Stephanie W. Clayton*                 Alphee A. Babineau                                      John M. Kenealy
Richard Schimmelpfeng*                Karl P. Banach                                          (In honor of Thomas J. Dodd, Jr.)
Norman D. and Nora B. Stevens*        Fred A. Cazel, Jr.                                      Donald H. Leavenworth
                                                                                              (In honor of Dana and Marie Leavenworth)
TD Banknorth Charitable Foundation    Roger L. Crossgrove
                                                                                              Julia S. Rankin
                                      Sheldon Fogelman
                                                                                              University of Connecticut League
$5,000 - $9,999                       Francis J. Gagliardi
                                                                                              Franklin A. and Linda Vassallo
Samuel and Ann D. Charters            Lawrence and Doralee K. Garfinkel
Billie M. Levy*                       Morris M. Golub                                         *Indicates in-kind gift
Jean Marzollo                         (In honor of Billie M. Levy)                            Every effort has been made to review all of the information
                                                                                              included in this report. However, errors and omissions may
Maurice Sendak Foundation, Inc.       Gourary Fund, Inc.                                      still occur. Please accept our apologies if your information
                                                                                              appears incorrectly, and please bring it to our attention.
Norman D. and Nora B. Stevens         Robert M. and Sarah T. Guinessey
UConn Co-op
John R. and Mary K Young

$1,000 - $4,999
Anonymous                                  Annual Gift Levels
(In honor of Betsy P. Pittman)
Sanford and Diane Cloud                    Gift                      Benefits
David L. and Billie M. Kapp                $10,000 +                 University Librarian’s Circle
Mrs. John P. McDonald                      $5,000 - $9,999           Benefactor
Raab Associates, Inc.
                                           $1,000 - $4,999           Patron
Anita L. Silvey
                                           $500 - $999               Curator
Hans Weiss*
Audrey R. Wood                             $250 - $499               Fellow
                                           $100 - $249               Associate
$500 - $999                                                          I   Quarterly newsletter, UConn Libraries
Eldon H. and Judith G. Bernstein                                     I   Invitations to exhibit openings and special events
Bert Boyson
                                                                     I   Community Borrower privileges
(In memory of Phyllis H. Boyson and
Bradley E. Boyson)                                                   I   Friends of the University of Connecticut Libraries who
Connecticut Library Association                                          donate $500 or more also recieve an invitation to
Leonard E. and Margery Fisher                                            the Libraries’ Annual Friends’ Dinner and Reception
Robert A. Hechtel                                                        featuring a special guest.

Wendell and Florence Minor
Jane Recchio*
Stephen P. Regan

12                                                                                                    THOMAS J. DODD RESEARCH CENTER
Endowment Income Funds
                                                         Endowment Amount        Endowment Amount          Balance                                           Balance
Fund Name                                                    July 1, 2006           June 30, 2007        July 1, 2006       Income            Expenses    June 30, 2007

Albert E. Waugh Memorial Library Fund                    $     14,128.00         $   15,576.00       $ 3,276.59         $     586.35      $        0.00   $    3,862.94
Archibald and Helen Crossley                             $     65,763.00         $   72,503.00       $ 17,195.20        $ 2,729.33        $        0.00   $ 19,924.53
Class of 1956 University Archives Endowment Fund         $     67,441.00         $   76,408.00       $       107.11     $ 2,844.23        $        0.00   $    2,951.34
Doris and Simon Konover Endowment                        $ 161,485.00            $ 178,035.00        $ 4,973.67         $ 6,702.04        $ 1,281.60      $ 10,394.11
Eldon and Judith Bernstein Endowment                     $     97,091.00         $ 107,584.00        $ 13,147.89        $ 4,034.65        $      47.13    $ 17,135.41
Greenwich Capital Markets Economic Seminar               $ 101,941.00            $ 112,389.00       -$       413.46     $ 4,230.82        $        0.00   $    3,817.36
Billie M. Levy Research/Travel Grants                    $     49,132.00         $   54,509.00       $ 2,981.45         $ 2,040.10        $        0.00   $    5,021.55
James Marshall Fellowship Fund                           $     34,602.00         $   57,656.00       $ 1,704.59         $ 1,615.17        $        0.00   $    3,319.76
John P. McDonald Library Fund                            $ 134,501.00            $ 148,285.00        $ 11,520.18        $ 5,582.13        $ 2,000.00      $ 15,102.31
Northeast Children's Literature Collection               $ 253,146.00            $ 310,660.00        $ 10,338.84        $ 10,747.96       $      50.45    $ 21,036.35
Raymond & Beverly Sackler Distinguished Lecture Series   $ 326,508.00            $ 359,970.00        $ 5,757.83         $ 14,001.70       $11,394.66      $    8,364.87
Rose & Sigmund Strochlitz Travel Grants                  $     74,400.00         $   83,513.00       $ 7,920.38         $ 3,087.79        $ 2,300.00      $    8,708.17
Samuel & Ann Charters Archives of Blues
& African American Vernacular Music                      $      5,159.00         $   10,953.00       $         48.45    $     316.71      $        0.00   $      365.16
Thomas J. Dodd Prize in International
Justice & Human Rights                                   $1,469,222.00           $1,679,298.00       $101,097.37        $ 60,976.51       $     690.26    $161,383.62
Treibick Family Public Outreach Fund in Human Rights     $ 380,520.00            $ 412,295.00        $ 38,497.32        $ 15,678.95       $10,179.25      $ 43,997.02
UST Inc., Dodd Research Center Fund                      $ 131,798.00            $ 145,306.00        $ 5,117.25         $ 5,469.96        $ 5,286.88      $    5,300.33
Total                                                    $3,366,837.00           $3,824,940.00       $223,270.66        $140,644.40       $33,230.23      $330,684.83

Non-Endowed Funds
                                                                Balance                                                    Balance
Fund Name                                                     July 1, 2006            Income              Expenses      June 30, 2007

Archives Building Israel Bond Account                    $      3,591.35         $        0.00       $ 2,000.00         $   1,591.35
Connecticut Book Fair                                    $     23,071.93         $   13,950.06       $ 28,039.28        $   8,982.71
Daniel Yankelovich Fund                                  $      3,647.50         $        0.00       $          0.00    $   3,647.50
Dodd Current Events                                      $          18.18        $        0.00       $         18.18    $       0.00
Historical Manuscripts and Archives                      $         128.13        $        0.00       $          0.00    $     128.13
Human Rights Internet                                    $ 197,130.34            $        0.00       $ 77,684.94        $119,445.40
Library Edwin Way Teale Collection                       $      4,180.00         $        0.00       $          0.00    $   4,180.00
Thomas J. Dodd Research Center                           $ 140,357.99            $   13,335.00       $ 21,063.96        $132,629.03
Total                                                    $ 372,125.42            $   27,285.06       $128,806.36        $270,604.12

State Account Financials
General Account                                              Copier/Reference Income Account                             Book Sales
Income                             $781,197.99               Income                               $9,008.92              Income                               $6,500.00
Transfer Income from Foundation       $11,768.60             Contractuals                        $14,368.21              Salaries/Benefits                    $6,500.00
                                                             Commodities                           $177.75               Contractuals                         $3,594.50
Total Income                       $792,966.59
                                                             Total Expenses                      $14,545.96              Commodities                             $0.00
Salaries/Benefits                  $721,950.32
                                                             Fund Balance                        -$5,537.04              Total Expenses                   $10,094.50
Student Labor                         $34,229.80
                                                                                                                         Fund Balance                     -$3,594.50
Contractuals                          $28,041.70             Public Use Income Account
Commodities                           $14,276.92
                                                             Income                                 $8,304.50
Total Expenses                     $798,498.74
                                                             Salaries/Benefits                          $0.00
Fund Balance                            -$5,532.15
                                                             Contractuals                             $989.27
                                                             Commodities                               $93.50
                                                             Total Expenses                         $1,082.77
                                                             Fund Balance                           $7,221.73

                                                                                                                                     annual report 2007        13

Thomas J. Dodd Research Center Staff Activities
and Accomplishments
Kristin Eshelman                                 Kao, Tzu-Jing                                  Marisol Ramos
Presenter, Identification and Preservation       Publication, “Foster Gunnison Jr. Papers       Publication, Building a successful archival
of Photographs, New England Archivists           on the Nascent Gay and Lesbian Movement        programme: a practical approach, Oxford:
Workshop, July 21, 2006, University of           Cataloged and Available for Research,”         Chandos Publishing (2006). With Alma
Connecticut, Storrs, CT.                         UConn Libraries (February/March 2007).         C. Ortega.
Presenter, From Pudding to Crème Brûlée:         With Melissa Watterworth.
                                                                                                Melissa Watterworth
Cooking Up an Elegantly Simple Recipe            Professional Positions Held – Database
for Electronic Records, with Melissa             & Directory Committee, North American          Publication, “Foster Gunnison Jr. Papers
Watterworth, Best Practices Exchange 2007:       Serials Interest Group                         on the Nascent Gay and Lesbian Movement
Libraries and Archives in the Digital Era,                                                      Cataloged and Available for Research,” UConn
May 4, 2007, Chandler, AZ.                       Valerie Love                                   Libraries (February/March 2007). With T.J. Kao.
Professional Positions Held – Education          Poster Session, Human Rights Convocation,      Presenter, From Pudding to Crème Brûlée:
Committee, New England Archivists;               Manchester Community College, April 20,        Cooking Up an Elegantly Simple Recipe for
Chair, Local Arrangements Committee,             2007, Manchester, CT.                          Electronic Records, with Kristin Eshelman,
New England Archivists.                                                                         Best Practices Exchange 2007: Libraries and
                                                 Betsy Pittman
                                                                                                Archives in the Digital Era, May 4, 2007,
                                                 Presenter, Primary Resources and the           Chandler, AZ.
Terri J. Goldich
                                                 Alternative Press, with Terri Goldich,
Publication, “Portrait of a Donor:               EASTCONN’s Summer Institute on                 Thomas Wilsted
Susan Bivin Aller,” UConn Libraries              Teaching American History, June 27, 2006,
(February/March 2007).                                                                          Publication, Planning New and Remodeled
                                                 University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.
                                                                                                Archival Facilities, Society of American
Presenter, Ephemera in Libraryland: Archival     Presenter, Copyright in the Digital Age:       Archivists (2007).
Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research       Developing Resources for Your Academic
Center, Ephemera Society of America,                                                            Presenter, Planning New and Remodeled
                                                 Community, with Barbara Oakley and Tracey
March 9, 2007, Stamford, CT.                                                                    Archival Facilities, Society of American
                                                 Rudnick, ACRL National Conference,
                                                                                                Archivists Annual Meeting, August 28-29,
Presenter, The Northeast Children’s Literature   March 30, 2007, Baltimore, MD.
                                                                                                2006, Washington, D.C.
Collection and its Place in the Universe,        Presenter, Negotiating the Restricted
Ninth Annual Reading the World                                                                  Presenter, Leadership and Management
                                                 Collection, Society of American Archivists,
Conference, University of San Francisco,                                                        of Archival Programs, Society of American
                                                 August 4, 2006, Washington, D.C.
October 21, 2006, San Francisco, CA.                                                            Archivists, May 21, 2007, Chicago, IL.
                                                 Professional Positions Held - Archivist,
Presenter, The Carrot Seed and Other                                                            Professional Positions Held – Co-Chair,
                                                 New England Archivists; Chair, College and
Collaborations and Children’s Literature in                                                     Committee on Archival Facility Guidelines,
                                                 University Archives, Society of American
Academic Libraries, A Centenary Celebration                                                     Society of American Archivists; Board Member,
of Crockett Johnson, Stanford University,                                                       Roper Center for Public Opinion Research;
October 20, 2006, Stanford, CA.                  Laura K. Smith                                 Board Member, Connecticut Historical
                                                                                                Records Advisory Committee.
Presenter, Primary Resources and the             Presenter, The Passion and the Glory:
Alternative Press, with Betsy Pittman,           Using Exhibits to Bring out the Best of Your
EASTCONN’s Summer Institute on                   Collections, New England Archivists Fall
Teaching American History, June 27, 2006,        Meeting, October 21, 2006, Durham, NH.
University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.           Presenter, Heavy Lifting: Promoting and
                                                 Supporting the Research of Heavy Industry
                                                 Records to a Variety of Users, Society of
                                                 American Archivists Annual Meeting,
                                                 August 3, 2006, Washington, D.C.

14                                                                                               THOMAS J. DODD RESEARCH CENTER
Staff Reorganization                                                         Instruction Sessions held
The staff of the Dodd Research Center spent the ’06-’07 fiscal year          by Dodd Research Center Staff
looking internally at ways the current level of staffing and experience
could better address the ever changing needs of the Center’s patrons.
It began with extensive meetings to outline aggressive strategic goals,      Communications Department

utilizing documentation affecting the environment such as the                Community and the Alternative Media
University of Connecticut Libraries’ Plan 2010 Strategic Vision and
an archival consultant report on the structure of the Dodd Research          English Department

Center done by Dr. William L. Joyce in early 2006. During these              Collaboration in Artists Books
meetings a vision utilizing the many strengths of the facility and its       Illustration in Children’s Books
staff developed and naturally formed three distinct areas – utilization      Literary Magazine as Artifact for Word and Image
of tools and technology to focus efforts in expanding the availability       Literature and the Creative Process
                                                                             Research Methods/Introduction to Archives
of digital material, continuation of providing superior reference
                                                                             Resources at the Dodd Research Center
services while finding ways to engage new clientele and lastly, striving
                                                                             Young Adult Literature
for high-quality public programming and marketing of our facility
and its services. The staff was divided into these three areas, ultimately
                                                                             Fine Arts Department
allowing for greater focus and productivity as the collective reach to
                                                                             19th Century Photo Processes/Artists’ Books
attain the goals set forth in the strategic documents.
                                                                             Artists’ Books
                                                                             Basic Photography
                                                                             Black & White Photography and Artists’ Books
                                                                             Fine prints in the Dodd Research Center Collection
                                                                             Fred Ho Contest
                                                                             Literary/Rare Book Collections: Thoreau’s Walden
                                                                             Mesoamerican Art

                                                                             First Year Experience
                                                                             Alternative Press Collection
                                                                             Eyes on the Prize: Civil Rights
                                                                             Facing History and Ourselves: Human Rights
                                                                             Journals and Diaries

                                                                             History Department
                                                                             Diaries and Letters
                                                                             Historian’s Craft
                                                                             Resources at the Dodd Research Center

                                                                                                     annual report 2007   15
 Publications, Websites, Videos in Which Our Images are Used

     2006                                       2007
                                                                                            Working the Land: The Story of
     DeOrsey, Stan, Barbara Butler. The Birds   Giannuzzi, Maria. Windsor Locks Canal.
                                                                                            Connecticut Agriculture. Video
     of Dutchess County, New York, Today        Images of America Series, Arcadia
                                                                                            recording produced by Simon Pure
     and Yesterday. Milbrook, NY: Grinnell      Publishing, 2007. Images from the
                                                                                            Productions, Kenneth Simon.
     and Lawton Publishing, on behalf           SNET, Dexter, Leroy Roberts Railroad,
                                                                                            Images from the University Archives.
     of The Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club,        and CHPC collections.
     Poughkeepsie, New York, 2006.
                                                                                            Singer, Karen. “Teale collection a rich
     Image from the Leroy Beaujon Railroad      Education Revolution, v. 18, #4,
                                                                                            resource for scholars, students, public”.
     Collection.                                Winter 2006. Images from the American
                                                                                            UConn Advance, February 12, 2007
                                                Montessori Society Records.
     Thirsty Dog Café, Storrs, Connecticut.
                                                                                            Meshberg, Ron. “Commitment to
     Images in their facility from the          Roy, John H. Jr. A Field Guide to
                                                                                            Human Rights: UConn’s interdisciplinary
     University Archives.                       Southern New England Railroad Depots
                                                                                            approach to a complex issue.” UConn,
                                                and Freight Houses. Pepperell, MA;
                                                                                            Volume 8, Number 1, Spring 2007.
                                                Branch Line Press, 2007. Materials from
                                                the Railroad History Archive.
                                                                                            Tompkins Lewis, Mary. Critical Readings
                                                                                            in Impressionism and Post-Impressionism:
                                                Massachusetts Bay Transportation
                                                                                            An Anthology. University of California
                                                Authority, Greenbush Line stations.
                                                                                            Press, 2007. Images from the photo
                                                Image in their facility from the Don Ball
                                                Jr. Railroad Photograph Collection.

                                                                                            Zack, Suzanne. “Johnson’s, Simmons’
                                                Igo, Sarah E. The Averaged American:
                                                                                            Congressional papers donated to
                                                surveys, citizens, and the making of
                                                                                            Dodd Center.”UConn Advance,
                                                a mass public. Cambridge, MA; Harvard
                                                                                            April 30, 2007.
                                                University Press, 2007. Materials from
                                                the Elmo Roper Papers.

                                                                  Research & Usage Statistics 2006-2007

                                                                  Interlibrary Loan average requests per month – 36

                                                                  Number of reference questions answered – 1,141

                                                                  Number of patrons entering the reading room – 1,296

                                                                  Linear feet added to our collections – 884

                                                                  Number of titles/volumes catalogued – 2,000

16                                                                                               THOMAS J. DODD RESEARCH CENTER
Credits Photos: Alex Bothell, Tina Covensky, Jean Nelson, David Richardson, John Sponauer, Suzanne Zack Design: Carla Willey Design

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                                                                                                                                                             e                                  E
                                                                                                                                                                                       ww    w

                                                                                                                                                                                   ww www



                                                                                                                                                                                       w     w

                                                                                                                                                         A David Sibley, April, 2007
                                                                                                                                                         B Congresswoman Nancy Johnson, June, 1988
                                                                                                                                                         C Out of the Sky: Remembering 9/11. Werner Pfeiffer, 2006
                                                                                                                                                         D Maria Montessori, 1940’s
                                                                                                                                                         E Mansfield Center, March, 1918
                                                                                                                                                         F The Honorable Barbara Kennelly, February, 2007
                                                                                                                                                         G Home movie from the Farina Family Papers, 1938