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					                         Hillside Middle School
     Mr. Jim Cracraft, Principal                                                                 Mrs. Heidi Capraro, Asst. Principal                    December 09                      


                                                                   PRINCIPAL’S CORNER . .
     (check out our webpage—we                                      As the holiday season approaches, the Hillside staff and
     post morning announcements                                    administration would like to extend our best wishes for a Happy
     daily)                                                        Holiday Season. Many thanks to our parents as your participation
                                                                   in the various aspects of our school is very important to us. Your
           Hillside Website                                        presence in our school, whether it is PASSS, Student Confer-                                 ences, Make A Difference Day, Hillside Fine Arts Extravaganza,
                 hillside                                          Spirit Week, or dropping by the office to say hello, is much
                                                                   appreciated and crucial to maintaining a positive professional
           District Website                                        learning community.
                                          The Hillside staff hosted the Board of Education at Hillside on October 27th and will host
                                        the District School Improvement Team on December 2nd and December 8th. All of these
         Teacher Work Day               presentations featured exciting programs, and student and teacher recognition at Hillside.
                                        Featured programs included State Honors Choir, the Fitness Room, and the Student
           January 29, 2010             Council and staff school improvement efforts to “Make Caring Fashionable.” Special
              NO SCHOOL                 thanks to Hillside Student Council Officers Emma Callahan, Hamilton Wilson, Katherine
                                        Boss, Rachel Crittenden and Adam Crittenden for their presentations at the Board of
           --------------               Education Meeting.
          Mid Winter Break              During the week of December 7th, HMS and all of the Northville Public School will be
                                        participating in a Quality Assurance Review conducted by Advanced Ed (formally North
          February 15, 2010             Central). This process will review our district wide accreditation and involve stakeholders
                                        from each building. I am excited to share our School improvement efforts with the
           Classes Resume
                                        Advanced Ed Staff as they will be attending our District School Improvement Team.
          February 16, 2010
                                        The Northville Public School will be conducting a series of forums for stake holders in early
                                        December. Managing Our Future (MOF) Forums will be designed to inform parents, staff,
                                        and the community at large of the difficult decisions facing the Northville Public Schools in
    Inside this issue:                  light of the financial cuts to the School Aid Fund which are projected over the next two
                                        years. The MOF Forums will be held on the following dates.
Counselor’s Corner            Pg 5      December 1           6:30 PM to 8:30 PM      @     Meads Mill Middle School Cafeteria
                                        December 3           6:30 PM to 8:30 PM      @     Hillside Middle School Cafeteria
Student/Staff Recognitions    Pg s
                                        December 7           6:30 PM to 8:30 PM      @     Northville High School Cafeteria
Classroom News                Pgs
                              6-7       December 14          6:30 PM to 8:30 PM      @     Northville High School Cafeteria

Student Activities            Pgs       I encourage all of our Hillside Stake holders to attend the Managing Our Future meeting at
                              7-8       HMS on December 3, 2009. If you cannot attend this one please attend a forum at NHS or
                                        Meads Mill to hear the latest on potential budgetary impacts to our school system.
Sports                        Pgs
                              8&9         What’s going on in the classrooms? Come along on some “walk throughs” with
                                        Mr. Cracraft:
PTSA News                     Pgs
                              9-10      Recently I paid a visit to Mr. Seiggreen and Mr. Cottrell’s classes and was thoroughly
                                        impressed with their use of multi sensory instructional techniques for teaching the water
Managing Our Futures          Pgs
                              12 & 13   cycle to seventh grade science students. By utilizing song, dance, and visual representation
                                        the groups were able to master the main idea of the water cycle and environmental issues
                                        related to water conservation. Make sure you ask Mr. Sieggreen and Mr. Cottrell about the
                                        CWIM project through Wayne County and their efforts to promote understanding about the
                                        Rouge River watershed with our students. Pretty Neat. (Principal’s Corner continued next page...)
PAGE 2                                           H I LL S I DE MI D DLE SCHO O L                               MR. J I M C RACR AF T ,

(Principal’s Corner continued)
                                                                                   KEEPING HILLSIDE HEALTHY
During a walkthrough of Mr. Lingenfelter’s class, I was
able to participate in one particular students day to day                       In order to keep as many students as healthy
support and programming. I was very impressed at the                            as possible, we will be holding firm to the
level of learning taking place in this classroom and the                        District’s 24-hour fever-free policy. If a
varied instruction and support for reading and                     student has had a fever, he or she must be fever-free
presentation concepts.                                             without medication for 24 hours before returning to

During November I had the wonderful opportunity to sit in
on a discussion about “making caring fashionable” and
social issues related to middle school with a group of
sixth graders and their guidance counselors. Ms. Daar                               ATTENDANCE
and Ms. Hart are actively teaching classes this fall and
promoting positive peer relationships and conflict                                  PROCEDURES
resolution between students as a preventative measure.
Students have been learning productive and meaningful
                                                                        for Absent or Tardy Students
ways of resolving conflict when it occurs and promoting
caring in our school environment.                                      Once again it is IMPERATIVE that all parents follow the atten-
Whenever I stop by Ms. Fremont’s French class I                      dance procedure outlined in the August newsletter. Please call
                                                                     the attendance number (344-8481, ext. 4). Do not call the of-
ALWAYS learn something new. Students are actively
                                                                     fice. This is done in order to eliminate human error and accu-
engaged and love to share their French vocabulary with
                                                                     rately report your child’s absence. This procedure helps to in-
Mr. Cracraft!                                                        sure that our school is run in a safe and orderly fashion; the
This is the time of year that many wonderful sounds can              number one correlate of effective schools.
be heard coming out of the band room by students led by              NEW THIS YEAR—Hillside will be using the automatic phone
Mr. Lanzi, Ms. Schellhase, and Mr. Rumbell. I have sat in            home system for all students with an unexcused absence. TO
on several classes this month and see that the 7th and 8th           AVOID RECEIVING THE CALL, PLEASE REMEMBER TO
grade bands are preparing for their December Concerts                CALL YOUR CHILD’S ABSENCE OR TARDY TO SCHOOL IN
here at HMS. I hope to see you at our concerts on                    ON THE ATTENDANCE NUMBER.
December 8th and 15th in the HMS Auditorium.
                                                                     In addition, all students arriving late 1st hour will be given an
Omelets anyone? That is the sound of eggs cracking you               unexcused tardy to class until the office staff has an opportunity
heard in October and November coming from Mrs. Hardy                 to listen to the attendance line (sometime during 1st hour). At
and Mr. Hall’s classes. Students were involved in the                that point, your child’s unexcused tardy will be changed if you
EGG DROP and appeared to be thoroughly enjoying this                 have called the attendance line.
                                                                     FYI—WHEN YOU CALL YOUR STUDENT IN TARDY,
Kudos’ to all of our teachers and their creativity in                THEY CAN SIGN THEMSELVES IN WHEN THEY ARRIVE
designing meaningful and thought provoking lessons for               SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET OUT OF YOUR WARM
our students.                                                        CAR.
   The Hillside Elective team recently sponsored the
7th Annual Fine Arts Extravaganza for senior citizens and            LEAVING EARLY FOR
visitors. This year we had over 100 seniors registered to
participate. Once again, I have received numerous cards              AN APPOINTMENT
and letters from senior citizens in the Northville area
                                                                     IF YOUR CHILD HAS AN APPOINTMENT AND NEEDS TO
thanking our students and staff for the wonderful time
                                                                     LEAVE DURING THE SCHOOL DAY, send them in with a note
they had. Seniors were invited to participate in a choir
                                                                     stating the time you want them dismissed from class (we sug-
concert, bowling, art show, and a pancake breakfast                  gest making the time a bit earlier to allow them time to get to
hosted by the Life Skills class. I heard many positive               their locker and report to the office). Parents/guardians will
comments from kids and appreciation from the                         have to sign out all students leaving early. YOUR CHILD
participating seniors regarding our students, and the                SHOULD BRING THIS NOTE TO THE OFFICE, WHERE IT
terrific job they did in hosting this event. The Fine Arts           WILL BE STAMPED AND GIVEN BACK TO THEM TO USE AS
Extravaganza is an excellent part of our Hillside School             THEIR PASS TO LEAVE THE CLASSROOM. THEY WILL
Improvement Plan and builds on the successes of the                  GIVE THIS PASS TO THE TEACHER AND AT THE TIME
Senior Citizens’ Prom. Congratulations to the entire                 WRITTEN ON YOUR NOTE, THEY WILL LEAVE CLASS AND
elective team, students, and Mrs. Kopistiansky for putting           REPORT TO THE OFFICE. This system works so we do not
this wonderful event together.                                       have to call into a classroom to disturb the classroom lesson or
                                                                     Should you have any questions regarding this procedure,
                                                                     please call Mr. Cracraft directly at 344-8493.
  MR. J I M C RACR AF T ,                       H I LL S I DE MI D DLE SCHO O L                             PAGE 3

                                                                                                 SCHOOL CLOSINGS
11/30 to 12/4—Book & Gift Fair
12/1—Encore & Men’s Select sing @ OVS                                                        INFORMATION PERTAIN-
         (see choir news for more info)
12/1—After School Activity, 3:05-4:45 pm                                                       ING TO INCLEMENT
12/1—MANAGING OUR FUTURES FORUM @ MEADS MILL                                                       WEATHER
12/4—7th Gr Womens Select Choir sings at All Aglow
         —7th & 8th Gr Womens Select Choirs sing at
         American House (see choir news for more info)               Sign up for the district LISTSERV program and get
12/6—8th Gr Womens Select Choir sings with Beckridge
                                                                    notified via email as soon as the district decides to can-
         Chorale (see choir news for more info)
12/7—MANAGING OUR FUTURES FORUM @ NHS                               cel school due to inclement weather or building prob-
12/7 to 12/11—Wolverine Human Services Toy Drive                    lems.
         (see page 8 for more info)
12/8—7th Gr & Jazz Band Concert, 7 pm                               To subscribe to the Northville Public Schools
12/14—MANAGING OUR FUTURES FORUM @ NHS                              LISTSERV service, go to the district website
         —Girls BBall Info Meeting, 5pm (forum)                     ( and click on the LISTSERV
12/15—8th Gr Band Concert, 7 pm
12/18—Progress Reports sent home with students                      button in the upper right corner. News sent to subscrib-
         —Winter Recess begins end of school day                    ers will include short bulletins with critical information
1/4—Classes Resume (A-Day)                                          and, when appropriate, links to the district website for
1/7—PTSA MEETING, 9:15 am                                           more details.
1/12—Hillside Choir Concert @ NHS, 7 pm
         — (see choir news for more info)                           For more information or to get answers to questions
1/16—Choir Solo & Ensemble
         (see choir news for more info)
                                                                    about LISTSERV, call the Office of Instruction at 249-
1-18 to 1/22—7th Grade IOWA COGAT Testing                           344-8442.
1/20-1/23—Girls BBall Intramurals, 3:15-4:30 pm
1/25-1:26—Girls BBall Tryouts, 3:15-5 pm                             Should school be closed due to inclement weather,
1/28—End of 1st Semester                                            parents may learn about school closing information on
1/29—Teacher Work Day—NO SCHOOL                                     the following radio stations: Q95.5, WWJ, WJR, WJBK,
2/2—Schoolcraft College Night—                                      CKLW or on the following TV stations FOX 2,
         (see pg. 5 for more info)
2/4—Combined Choir Concert                                          WKBD/UPN 50, WXYZ/Channel 7, WDIV/Channel 4.
         (see choir news for more info)                             WWJ reports school closings at :10, :20, :40 and :50
2/5—Report Cards sent home with students                            past every hour. In addition WWJ provides a school
2/15—Mid Winter Break                                               closing hotline where anyone can call 248-304-4995 for
                                                                    the most complete listing of closed schools 24 hours a
                                                                    day. Finally, WWJ also provides parents and students
                                                                    with a web site where students and
                                                                    parents can be advised by email of school delays, clos-
Lunch with Mr. Cracraft                                             ings and weather related events. If you go to this site,
                                                                    click on the word “parents” under the WWJ logo, find
Recognition of students who initiate random acts of
kindness will continue. Contrary to what you might
think, there is such a thing as a “free lunch.”
                                                                                  PLEASE NOTE
Mr. Cracraft will continue his “International Lunch” for
the eighth year. Selected students will join Mr. Cracraft                           If you need to get a message or forgotten
in downtown Northville and sample some of the                                       homework/lunch to your student, please
international fare offered by the downtown restaurants.                             be aware of our policy to call students
Last year students were treated to lunch at Pizza                      down only before 4th hour (just before lunch) and
Cutter. Students should submit a one page essay to                     7th hour ( before the last hour of the day). Students
the office describing their random act of kindness. This               who have called home for an item are to check in at
is a great opportunity to encourage caring behaviors                   the office to see if it has arrived. Calling into classes
and a great opportunity for our Principal to get to                    is disruptive to all the students in class so we would
spend quality time recognizing student efforts.                        like to limit the disruptions to benefit the learning of
                                                                       all our students
 PAGE 4                                       H I LL S I DE MI D DLE SCHO O L                        MR. J I M C RACR AF T ,

                         MANAGING OUR FUTURE FORUMS
                                     Town Hall Meetings in cafeteria
                              December 1st—Meads Mill Middle School
                                December 3rd—Hillside Middle School
                                December 7th—Northville High School
                               December 14th—Northville High School
                            (See pgs 12 & 13 of newsletter for more info)

                    FOR                                       We have been doing a great job with our paper re-
               THE HOLIDAYS!                                cycling program.
                                                            But lately we have found a few items in the bin that
                                                            should not have been put there.
                                                            So please follow these guidelines to make our paper
       If you are interested in purchasing                  recycling program a continued success:
        Spiritwear for holiday gift giving,
           please contact Amy Storm at                       —No plastic please. This includes plastic bags. or Lisa Sdao at                     —Shredded paper should be put into clear plastic We can let you                      bags.
     know if we have the item you need in                   —No corrugated cardboard please.
                                                            —No paper waste - tissues, towel-
                                                            ing, etc.

                                                               Did you know? Recycling paper
                                                            saves trees, and compared to making
Recycle Printer Cartridges & Cell                           paper from trees recycling causes
Phones!                                                     74% less air pollution and 35% less
                                                            water pollution.
    When you have used printer cartridges at
home or at work don't let them go to waste. At
Hillside we have a printer cartridge recycling
program. The school is collecting used car-
                                                               Time to Clean/Organize Lockers
tridges and getting $$$ for them - actually credit
points that allow us to purchase items that can
enrich our programs. Please send them to                          With the colder weather now here we ask for
school for Mr. Gandolfi. Place ink cartridges in               our parents help in assisting their students in
a closed zip lock bag! Laser cartridges are best               organizing and cleaning out their lockers. With
sent in the box that comes with the                            the addition of winter coats, we find locker prob-
new replacement. - Also in this                                            lems increase. A little time taken now
program, we are recycling cell                                             will help make sure your student does
phones. If you have any of these                                           not experience problems. As always,
please send them to Mr. Gandolfi.                                          any mechanical problems with lockers
                                                                           should be reported to the front office.
   MR. J I M C RACR AF T ,                    H I LL S I DE MI D DLE SCHO O L                  PAGE 5

 Counselors Corner

                                                 8th Grade
                                  Schoolcraft College Night 2010

   Schoolcraft College would like you to be a part of their early awareness Middle School College
   Night program on Tues. Feb. 2nd from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm (location TBA) at Schoolcraft College.
   The format will be a self paced, arena style setting to accommodate busy parents and student
   schedules. Middle School College Night is designed exclusively for 8th grade students and their
   parents. The goals of this program are to introduce:
              * the idea of college to middle school students and parents
              * the options available in education
              * the concepts of financing an education
              * the importance of planning early for college
   This is a wonderful opportunity for students and parents. We encourage you to participate.
   There will be informational brochures located in our front office in December/January.

               Student/Staff Recognitions

                                   October 2009 Students of the Month
 The following students were chosen by their teachers for modeling behaviors that support our school climate
   of “Making Caring and Respect Fashionable” at Hillside. Congratulations to our October ‘Students of the
6th Grade—Elizabeth Bentley, Kacey Cerretani, David Chang, Natalie Cohen, Christopher Connelly, Neha Gandra,
Julian Ginsberg, Rebecca Henning, Kelly Leary, Claire Matthews, Harrison McGovern, Bridget Michaels,
Zachary Prystash, Erin Scott, Nikolas Summers, Laura Trumbore, Jacob Walker, Amy Walsh, Lemuel Wang,
Sheldon Wasik, Garret Weaver, Emma Worley, Carol Zhang
7th Grade—Andrea Apeland, Paige Baal, Nabiha Biviji, Grace Carmona, Kelsey Clay, Christine Clayton, Emily Comben,
Renee Dempsey, Ryan Dodge, Maxwell Feisel, Russell Gregory, Mark Kaminski, Nikit Kapila, Samantha Kargilis,
Edward Katynski, Owen Kipke, Jakob Lteif, Joseph Nittmann, Priyank Patel, Willson Popp, Brian Qian, Andrew Schafer,
Olivia Snyder, Margaret Terhune, Andrew Tijan, Bryce Verpoort, Mitchell Weber, Matthew Wheatley
8th Grade—Sean Cain, Lina Therese-Classon, Jacob Gaft, Annelie Herrmann, Faith Horbatch, Nicolas Maisano,
Gabriella Mencotti, Daniel Sims
PAGE 6                                         H I LL S I DE MI D DLE SCHO O L                      MR. J I M C RACR AF T ,

     COLLEAGUE OF THE MONTH                        Lego Robotics Congratulations

                                                   Congratulations to the Hillside robotics team, the Storm Riders!
  Hillside’s staff have nominated Dwight
                                                   They competed in the First Lego League qualifying event in Allen
   Sieggreen and Launey Pyke for the
                                                   Park and are advancing to the state Championship Tournament
  month of November. Please help us in
                                                   in White Lake on December 5th. The members of the Storm
        congratulating them for their
                                                   Riders are Nolan Higgason, Robert Prescott, Arjun Kaushal,
   commitment, dedication, and caring.
                                                   Joseph Craig, and Max Paul.

Classroom News

Choir News
 Wanted: 2 or more piano accompanists who are able to volunteer their time to accompany
the choirs this year. Must love kids and be able to play for morning or afternoon classes. For
more information, please contact Mrs. Kopistiansky at 248-344-8493, ext 239 or via email at

 Hillside Choir Concert
Tuesday, January 12th
NHS Auditorium, 7 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.
All classes report at 6:20 p.m. to NHS Cafeteria for warm-up unless told otherwise.

 Mother's Club All Aglow Program
Friday, December 4th
5:50 p.m. Run-through and 6:15 p.m. performance

7th Grade Women's Select Choir report to Church Square, which is located on the southwest corner of Center and
Dunlap streets at 5:50 p.m. for warm up. Please dress warmly and wear a Santa hat! We should be done singing at
approximately 6:25 p.m. (probably earlier).

Encore and Men's Select will travel to sing for students and staff at Old Village School on Tuesday,
December 1st. We will leave Hillside 2nd hour and return by 11am.

 Members of the 8th Grade Women's Select Choir will be singing in a concert with the Beckridge Chorale
 on Sunday, December 6th. What an honor to be asked to participate with the choir and have a portion of the
 concert be our own! The Beckridge Chorale will be donating $100 to our choir program and $2 for every ticket sold
 to attend the concert. See Mrs. K for an order form! Orders due by November 20th!

The 7th and 8th Grade Women's Select Choir will sing at American House on Friday, December 4th.
Students will leave 3rd hour and return by 11:30 a.m. Chaperones on the bus will be greatly appreciated! Contact
Mrs. K if you are available!

Combined Choir Concert-Thursday, February 4th
   The 7th and 8th Grade Men's Select Choir and the 8th Grade Women's Select Choir will perform with Meads Mill
and the Northville High School Choirs in a combined concert on Thursday, February 4th. The concert will take place
in the high school auditorium at 7 p.m. The Women's Select Choirs from both Hillside and Meads will sing two songs
together and the Men's Select Choirs will combine with the high school men on one selection. All choirs will
combine for one number at the end of the concert! Further information will follow. We hope to see you there!
(Choir News continued page 7…)
  MR. J I M C RACR AF T ,                     H IL L S I DE MID DL E SC HO O L                        PAGE 7

(Choir News continued…)
Choir Solo and Ensemble Festival
  The 7th and 8th Grade Men's Select Choir will be performing at Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, January
16th in Monroe. This event should only involve the students in the morning hours. Further information will be forth-

  In addition to the 7th and 8th Grade Men's Select Choir performing, those choir students taking voice lessons
outside of the school day in the After-School Music Program have the opportunity to participate as well. Please
contact Mrs. K. for details.

Art Room                                                                                     BAND CONCERT

STUFF WANTED: WIRE that will hold a
shape. White acrylic house paint, cardboard
                                                                                      The 7th and 8th grade band
tubes, nails, wood scraps and small boxes are
always welcome. Multiple little items you've been collecting                          students are busy getting
but felt guilty about throwing away. TOYS, old fast food toys,                        ready for their December
construction sets, etc. Any old craft items that you don't                            concerts.
need any more. New stuff: I would like to get sets of new
paint pens, glitter pens and sharpies (Michaels, Office De-                 December 8th, 7pm
pot, Target, etc.).                                                         7th Grade Band & Jazz Band
                                                                            Hillside Auditorium
                                                                            December 15th, 7pm
U of M art museum has a great show (free) about the art and                 8th Grade Band
photography of Normandy around the middle of the 1800's.
                                                                            Hillside Auditorium
It shows how photography effected the impressionist painters
of that time. If your interested in the early history of
photography or love impressionist paintings you should not
miss this show.
In a separate gallery they also are showing some of Andy
Warhol's personal Polaroid pictures that he collected and
worked from. Lot's of famous faces that came to his parties
and studio (viewer discretion advised).
U of M just expanded their museum of art and as it is right on
campus - it is fun to visit.

Student Activities

                                Hillside Holiday Book and Gift Fair
       The Hillside Media Center's Book and Gift Fair is coming! Be sure to mark your calendar so
       you won't miss our great books and holiday gift ideas! Students will visit the Book Fair with one
       of their classes; parents are welcome to stop in and shop anytime during the Fair.
       This year's Book Fair will be held Nov. 30th - December 4th. Fair hours will be 8:00 am -
       3:15 pm Monday thru Thursday, and 8:00 am - 12:30 pm on Friday. See you at the Fair!
PAGE 8                                      H I LL S I DE MI D DLE SCHO O L                         MR. J I M

         Wolverine Human Services
                                                                        AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY
             Annual Toy Drive
            December 7th – 11th                                      There will be an after school
                                                                     activity December 1st from 3:05 un-
Each year the Hillside student body brings in toys for               til 4:45 p.m. Admission is $3.00.
children who are less fortunate in Detroit. This year                Students may dance in the
Hillside Student Council is also offering another option             cafeteria under the direction of a disc jockey,
for families. Students may choose to bring in money to               play basketball and/or volleyball in the gym
place in grade level donation “boxes”. Each “box” will               and have access to one of the computer
have the picture of a toy on it. When enough money is                rooms. Treats are also available to purchase
collected in this “box”, the student council will purchase           in the cafeteria. We ask that parents arrange
that item. Students can give input to their student                  for rides home promptly at 4:45 p.m. Please
council representative as to what toy they would like                utilize the parking lot to the west of the
the Hillside Student Council to purchase! Item choices               building. If you prearrange a location your
will be selected by grade level. Families may still                  child will be able to locate you much quicker.
donate toys, games, and school supplies (backpacks,
markers, paper, pencils, etc.). Please send these new,
unwrapped items to school. Hillside will be collecting
the gifts from December 7th to December 11th . All
items will be wrapped and delivered to children ages
five to sixteen in Detroit.


We are following Kensington Lakes Activities Association Middle School League rules and not allowing
athletes to participate until they have an athletic physical on file (Michigan High School Athletic Associa-
tion Medical History Form available in main office). Please help your son or daughter get one if they have
not already had their athletic physical. In addition, students need to pay the ‘Pay to Participate’ fee of
$100 once they’ve made the team. Checks for this fee need to be made out to “Northville Public Schools”
and can be dropped off in the Hillside office. This fee needs to be paid for athletes participating on a
team. This fee does not need to be paid for try-outs or intramurals. Student and parents must also read
and sign the Northville Public School Athletic Code of Conduct. Thank you for helping us make sure all
our athletes are prepared to play.

Winter Sports
Hillside winter sports include Co-ed Swimming, Intramural and Girls 7th and 8th grade Basketball,
Boys 7th and 8th grade Basketball, and Cheer.
 PAGE 9                                             H I LL S I DE MI D DLE SCHO O L                           MR. J I M C RACR AF T ,

                                               SWIM TEAM
7th grade will play at 4 pm and 8th grade
will follow.
Home meets are:                                 UPCOMING HOME MEETS @ NHS POOL
                                                         12/3       vs W.L. Central
12/7      vs. Emerson
                                                         12/17      vs. Meads Mill
12/16 vs. Marshall                                       1/21       vs. Stevenson

1/6       vs. Adams                             The swim meets and practices (refer to times in your swim packet)
                                               will be at the high school pool.

      Coach Kingsbury and Coach Gasidlo will be holding a parent information meeting for all 7th and 8th
      grade girls interested in playing basketball for Hillside this year. The meeting will be held on Mon-
      day, December 14 in the forum, from 5:00-5:30. Please plan to attend. All girls planning to
      participate need to have a MHSAA physical on file in the office.

      Intramurals will run from Jan 20-23, 3:15-4:30 and tryouts are Jan 25-26, 3:15-5:00.


                         HILLER’S AND BUSCH’S SCRIP CARDS
  For those families who shop at Busch’s, Hillside just joined Busch’s Cash for Education Program! Now you can support our
 school every time you do grocery shopping at Hiller’s and Busch’s when using their scrip cards. It’s easy and doesn’t cost

  HILLER’S: Activate and load money on your new Hiller’s Scrip Card at any Hiller’s store using cash, credit and debit cards,
 or checks in amounts from $5 up to $1,000. You can do this at Customer Service or right at the checkout lane before the
 cashier begins to scan your purchase. Then use your Hiller’s Scrip Card to pay for groceries (like a gift card). When your
 balance runs out, just reload the same scrip card with more money.

  Hillside earns 5% every time money is put on a Hiller’s Scrip Card, no matter what method of payment is used!

  BUSCH’S: There are two ways to use the Busch’s Card. 1) Cashier scans purchases totaling $56.30, for example. You will
 need to swipe your Busch’s Card twice. First swipe is to put $56.30 on card (or to recharge your Busch’s card for $56.30).
 Second swipe is to pay $56.30 for groceries. Next pay the $56.30 with cash, check, debit or credit card. 2) Cashier scans pur-
 chases totaling $56.30. Recharge your Busch’s Card in any amount using cash, check, debit or credit card. If you recharged
 your card for $300 and then used it to pay the $56.30, the balance on your Busch’s Card would be $247.30. Recharge your
 Busch’s Card when the money runs out. (Cashiers will help you!)

 Hillside earns 5% on recharges on Busch’s Card paid for with cash, check or debit card, and 3% on recharges
 paid for with credit card.

  If you are interested in receiving Hiller’s or Busch’s scrip cards, email Janice Gutowski at (or call at
 248-347-7650). Please include your name, home address, which scrip card(s) you want (Hiller’s and/or Busch’s)
 and how many of each card you need. If you know anyone else who would like to support Hillside, we can send them
 scrip cards, too!

 $260 IN A YEAR !!!

  Please note that Meijer and Target donate 1% to schools when you use their credit cards. Contact the stores directly or visit
 their websites for details. Just for your information, we are in the process of enrolling Hillside in Kroger’s Community Re-
 wards Program.