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An interview with the new
shelter director             Rabbits And Easter
                             By Lisa Bates
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Wag-A-Thon Success Story     At this time of year, parents often are     Rabbits can make wonderful companion
Page 5                       bombarded by requests from children         animals. Rabbits are easily litterbox
Thank you to TOTC Sponsors   for a gift for Easter. Children often want  trained, learn their name, and adapt
                             a baby bunny or chick, which are in         to human living patterns quite easily.
                             plentiful supply in both pet stores and     Rabbits should be kept indoors, in
                             newspaper ads. The baby bunnies and         a large cage or contained area, with a
                             chicks look so cute and fuzzy. What a       litter box filled with newspaper-based
                             wonderful gift! How easy to care for!       litter, water, and as much grass hay as
                                                                         they want. Fresh vegetables should
                             But after a month or two of attention, the be offered at least once per day.
                             child’s interest often wanders. And it is Manufactured rabbit pellets should be
                             about this time that the cute little baby given in limited quantities, about one
                             bunny has grown into a teenage rabbit. quarter of a cup of a low-fat, high-fiber
                             A bunny begins to feel the effects of       pellet per rabbit per day. Some larger
                             those teenage hormones at about three rabbits may require more, and smaller
Page 6                       months old. This means spraying, biting, rabbits may require less.
Ebb and flow of shelter      scratching, and generally unfriendly
animal population            behavior on the part of the bunny.          A common misconception of rabbit
                             Novice rabbit owners generally begin        care is that these creatures belong in
Leave a legacy to your
shelter animals              to discover that caring for a rabbit is far a cage outdoors. While wild rabbits do
                             more work than anticipated.                 live outdoors, they have large burrows
Page 7                                                                   to hide in from predators and from
Gifts of love                And so it is, around the beginning of       inclement weather. A rabbit housed in an
                             June, shelters and rescues see an influx outdoor hutch has no place to hide from
Page 8
Support information          of these unaltered teenage rabbits which a predator, nor do they have a cool place
                             have been abandoned, dumped, or             to hide from summer heat. Predators
                             “set free.” To prevent such tragic over- include coyotes, hawks, raccoons, cats,
                             population of our shelters, people should dogs, bobcats, etc. Rabbits can die from
                             be aware of the pros and cons of            the terror of the proximity of a predator,
                             rabbit ownership.                           even if the rabbit is enclosed in a cage.

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                                           Another, and possibly more important,         Following on the heels of the last
                                           reason to avoid housing rabbits out-          misconception is the common mistake
                                           doors is the health risks. Fly strike,        that rabbits should be housed alone.
                                           West Nile virus, and myxomatosis              Domestic rabbits’ wild cousins live
                                           are fatal diseases caused by flies            in large groups, or “warrens,” with a
                                           and mosquitoes, with no treatment or          complex hierarchy of relationships.
                                           vaccine available.                            Companion rabbits are very social
Peg Phillips Bucci Leaves A                                                              creatures as well, and generally enjoy
Rich Legacy With A Happy Ending            Rabbits have long been associated with        fellow rabbit companionship. Prior to
                                           Easter, and have often been labeled           introducing two (or more) rabbits, all
The late Peg Phillips Bucci was an         as ideal pets for children. This is not       rabbits involved should be spayed or
animal lover, long-time Dana Point         necessarily true. Rabbits are prey            neutered, checked by a rabbit-savvy
resident and co-founder of the Animal      animals, and as such, they spend their        vet, and introduced by a experienced
Rescue Foundation.                         entire lives trying not to be eaten. When     rabbit “bonding” person. Like humans,
                                           people approach a rabbit, the rabbit’s        not all rabbits get along with each other.
Bucci was a film and television writer     only thought is “will they eat me?” Loud      Rabbits that are successfully bonded
with major credits which include           noises, quick movements, and being            will groom each other, play together,
“Lassie,” “ National Velvet,” “Days of     picked up generally causes fear in            and sleep side-by-side.
Our Lives,” “The Donna Reed Show,”         rabbits, and can cause panic. If they
and “My Three Sons.”                       feel threatened, rabbits will run, scratch,   Sharing a home with a rabbit companion
                                           or bite to protect themselves. Children       can be time-consuming. Rabbits are
She left behind her faithful friend,       who are thoughtful, and understand the        a high-maintenance pet. Twice daily
Cheeky, a 12-year-old Jack Russell         rabbit’s fears make the best caregivers.      feedings, litter box cleaning, grooming,
Terrier. The efforts of several people                                                   and vet care all adds up. However,
succeeded in finding Cheeky a              Another common misconception is that          spending an hour or two daily with a
wonderful new home with the Rice           rabbits do not need to be spayed or           bunny can make it all worth while. These
family. Cheeky is adjusting well to        neutered, especially if they live alone.      generous, selfless, complex creatures
life with two new feline friends and       All companion rabbits should be spayed        provide plenty of entertainment, whether
is adored by her new family.               or neutered for health and longevity          it’s playing with toys, dancing about the
                                           reasons. An altered rabbit, housed            room, or settling in for a grooming and
                                           indoors, can live seven to ten years,         petting session with their favorite human.
                                           and often longer. Unaltered rabbits are       Rabbits make wonderful companions
                                           at high risk for developing reproductive      for apartment renters, people who are
                                           cancer, and tend to be more high-strung       allergic to cats or dogs, or people who
                                           and territorial. Rabbits should also be       are looking for a quiet, gentle companion
                                           taken to the vet at least once per year       to just hang out with. Visit the rabbitat
                                           for a “well bunny” checkup.                   at our shelter for more information on
                                                                                         how to care for these wonderfully
                                                                                         unique creatures.
Watch For Future Fund Raisers:

April 30, 2005 - L’Hirondelle Restaurant
Lunch with your dog on the patio
Visit PPF website for further details
                                           Wish List
August 7, 2005 – Flight of Fancy           Dogs and Cats would like:                     Bunnies have fun with:
                                           Beds – from small to very large               Tree twigs –apple, ash, elm, etc.
August 14th, 2005 – Fiesta                 Collars for cats                              Small baskets – untreated, fungicide
                                           Martingales for dogs                          free, without paint
To be announced: Tail of Two Cities        Dog leashes and Gentle Leaders                Small wagon wheel with bell
                                           Towels and Blankets, new or                   Wooden toys – untreated
                                           gently used                                   Hard plastic chain links
                                           Soft toys, squeakies are fun                  Large cardboard or plastic tubes–
                                           Rope toys and hard balls, tennis ball         tunnels for bunnies
                                           size up to soccer ball size                   Hard plastic baby keys
Meet Mark Gilliland,
Shelter Director
 By Christel Hall

If you haven’t stopped by the Animal                                                       Talking about issues and objectives
Shelter in the last two months, this is                                                    a little further down the road, Gilliland
your personal invitation to come by and                                                    commented that he’s “taking a look at
visit Richard ‘Rick’ Gilliland, the new                                                    several areas to help the Shelter operate
Shelter Director. Hired in December to                                                     more efficiently both for residents and
run the San Clemente – Dana Point                                                          for the City. We’re looking at our current
Animal Shelter, Rick wants you to know                                                     fee structure to see if it’s appropriate,
that he has an open door policy for all                                                    and we want to improve our licensing
area residents, pet owners, Shelter                                                        compliance. I’d also like to see more
volunteers and office staff.                 San Clemente City Manager George              interactivity on our website. It would be
                                             Scarborough said upon hiring                  great if prospective volunteers could find
“The Shelter was without a permanent         Gilliland, “Richard brings to the table       out more and sign up via our website.
director for over a year,” says Gilliland.   the experience in human resources             I’d also like to be more responsive to
“In the short term, I feel it’s important    and budget management, planning               community needs and want to take a
for me to do a lot of listening and work     and scheduling that is needed in              look at how to do that. For example,
on resolving a year’s worth of issues for    this position.”                               Dana Point has an issue with animals
all three areas of shelter management,                                                     (dogs) on its beaches. While that’s
namely animal care, enforcement, and         Commenting further on short-term              currently not in our jurisdiction, I’d like
office administration. I’m eager to use      objectives, Gilliland said, “We want to       to see how the Shelter might be of some
my experience in people relationships        get fully staffed and replace a couple of     help there.”
and team development to work with            vacancies in the next month or two, then
our great volunteers and staff, and our      focus on the individual needs of each         Gilliland, who has been an animal lover
residents, to get everyone moving in         of the three operational areas. We’re         his whole life, says that he realizes there
the same direction, focused on the           also putting together two committees,         are many staffers and volunteers who
same objectives.”                            a shelter operations committee, and           have as much or more experience with
                                             an animal control committee, to plan          animals than he does. “I worked a lot
Gilliland’s reference to people relation-    and develop ideas for future shelter          with the K-9 dogs and the equestrian
ships and team management points to          development.”                                 unit, but I try to do ongoing research on
his 28 years in various law enforcement                                                    animals. I haven’t spent as much time
management positions, most recently          Gilliland works very closely with Roberta     with them as some of our volunteers
as lieutenant for the Whittier Police        Gorny, long-time Shelter manager, who         have. That’s why I appreciate and
Department. His experience includes          handles the day-to-day operations.            respect their advice.”
teaching law enforcement classes at          This includes everything from animal
the Rio Hondo College Police Academy,        adoption procedures, to working with          Gilliland and his wife, Tammy, live in
customer service problem resolution,         the veterinarians overseeing animal           Brea with their Beagle, Maggie, and their
working with volunteers, a K-9 unit and      health, working with volunteers and           Siamese mix cat, Dusty.
a mounted patrol equestrian unit, as         answering their questions about Shelter
well as developing a team of volunteer       procedures, to overseeing daily medical
pastors and ministers to service the         checks on the animals, and working with
police and the community.                    the animal control officers.

Shelter Needs Volunteer Workers:
More Than A Few Good Men and Women

Volunteers at the San Clemente-Dana          Volunteer applications can be down-
Point Animal Shelter experience the          loaded to your computer from
joy of reuniting lost animals with their     our website:
families or adopting critters out to safe,   www.petprojectfoundation.org
loving homes.
                                             Please call the Shelter at
As a volunteer you can be part of a team     (949) 492-1617 for the next
working with animals or in the office.       volunteer orientation session.
                                                                                         Come join the many happy volunteers at our shelter.
A Tribute To Popsy MacDonald
By Cindi Kane

                                             Another Success Story
                                             For The Wag-A-Thon
                                              By Ruth Rosen

                                             Under cloudy skies and cool weather
One of the best things about                 the 12th annual Wag-a-Thon was held in
working/volunteering at the shelter is       beautiful Dana Point Harbor. Thousands
that you meet so many like-minded            of people with one, two or even more
people. Such is the case with Popsy          dogs in tow paraded, visited the bazaar,
MacDonald. As I say this, in my heart        ate snacks, hot dogs, drank water and
I am grieving for the loss of one of         thoroughly enjoyed the event. The day
the true strong souls of this world;         was filled with contests, entertainment
Popsy MacDonald, who is now tending          and lots of socializing between humans
to the animals on the ‘other’ side after     and dogs. The many dogs in a variety of
passing away in January.                     sizes from miniature to large, pranced,
                                             sniffed and downed doggie cookies
Popsy, a long-time cat volunteer, was        being given away.
always there for the animals. Both feisty
and forthright, she never held back her      Pet Project Foundation, sponsor of
feelings and opinions. Never doubting        this event, wishes to thank the many
herself, this perfect little sprite taught   sponsors, donors and volunteers
everyone she met to believe in them-         without whom this event could not have
selves. She was more than a cat              happened. Look for more information
person, she was guardian to a dog            on our sponsors and donors in our next
and two cats.                                newsletter.
Popsy’s memorial drew people from            The proceeds from this event will be
all the times in her life; other volunteer   used to feed, medically treat and shelter
groups, neighbors from past neigh-           not only dogs but cats, rabbits and the
borhoods, and present neighbors. A           occasional iguana, rat, etc. that comes
brother came from Belgian to attend          to the shelter. To learn more about us,
her memorial. As bagpipes played, she        visit our web site: at
was remembered as a cool breeze of           www.petprojectfoundation.org.
reason and fun. Popsy would not want
us to cry over her illness or death, but
instead celebrate her life.
In Recognition of ALL the Sponsors and Donors who helped make TOTC a successful fundraiser.

A Little Bit of Denmark            Earthy Things                           Kathleen LaMonte                  Salon Surreal
Kathy Aasen                        Bob & Peg Eddy                          Christopher Lee                   Nicholas Salvati, DMD
Acapulco Mexican Restaurant        El Adobe de Capistrano                  Scott Lehnkering                  City of San Clemente
Access Direct                      El Torito Restaurant                    Leisure World Consignments        San Clemente Balloons
Barbara Albertson                  Electric Visual Evolution               Susanne Liebman                   San Clemente Café
Alicia’s Barber & Styling Shop     Elements Holistic Retreat               Lily Nail                         San Clemente Car Wash
Alley Cat                          EPC America                             George & Doreen Lohnes            San Clemente Veterinary Hospital
Lara Anderson                      Estrella Veterinary Hospital            Donna Longo                       San Juan Animal Hospital
Animal & Bird Clinic of            Fatal Attraction                        Los Angeles Philharmonic          San Juan Electrolysis & Skin Care
  Mission Viejo                    Fine Art Rentals                        Louise Lopina                     Santa Ana Zoo and Prentice Park
Aquarium of the Pacific            Fire Station Chow Fund                  Lounge Tea Company                Savannah Steak and Chop House
Aventura Sailing Association       Fired Up                                Sharon Ludwig                     Renate Schorle
Beach Cities Magazine              First Team Real Estate                  Mary MacDonald                    Shelley Thayer & David Schwartz
Beach Cities Quilt Guild           Fitness Systems                         Mac and Madi                      Lori Seal
Beach Town Salon                   Flair Lighting                          Katie Mata                        Seastyles
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Kolene Beck                        The Frame House                           Ranch Village                   Shake It - Julie Valero
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In memory of Ginny Beerbower       Fuzzies by Zina                         Linda Wicks                       Shaw Industries
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Tom Bistline Construction, Inc.    Chris Gardner                           Mingee’s Nails                    Ivy Mooring Shelton
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Bradford Rowley-Bradford           Jack & Barbara Goffman                  Mongkut Thai Restaurant           Shorecliffs Golf Course
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Jody Bradley                       Grandma Lucy’s                          Jim Moscowitz and                 Six Flags Magic Mountain
Phyllis Braun                      Lisa Griffin                              Tina Redeeha                    Kathy & Skip Skibicki
Carol Bridges                      Guinevere’s Gifts & Interiors           My Le’s Salon                     Slayman Design Associates, Inc.
Brighthaven Animal Retreat         Julia Hall                              Natural Nail Care Clinic          South Coast Distributing
George & Johanna Brody             Boomer Hannock                          Navarro Vineyards                 Jane Spaeth
D.E. Brown                         Jasmine, Murphy and                     OC Dog Lovers Magazine            Susan Steigler
Mimi Brown                           Cody Hannock                          Omaha Steaks                      George & Susan Steinkamp
Faye Kirk - California Title Co.   Harbor Delicatessen                     Pacific Coast Imaging             Studio by the Sea - Colleen
Camino Veterinary Clinic           The Harbor Grill                        Virginia Page                       Turnbull
Joe & Kathleen Camp                Harrah’s Hotel & Casino -               Pasternak Enterprises             Donna Sullivan – Coldwell Banker
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Casanova Restaurant                Hometown Grooming                       Pets Plus                         Tangles Hair Salon
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Catalina Express                   Herbert Hoover                          The Pfeiffer Family               Thai This
Cheerful Delights Gift Baskets     James & Kathy Hopper                    Pickford Escrow                   Mogley Thayer
Cheers                             Tom & Dottie Hopper                     Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall   Shelley Thayer & David Schwartz
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Rick Delanty                       Dr. Dan and Karen Kulick                Glenda and Stan Rosen
Karen Dispenza                     Laguna Batting Cages                    Ruth & Jerry Rosen
Dog Gone Dirty                     Patricia Lamont                         Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill
Shelter Info:            Volunteer Barbara Comte with two       Staff and PPF volunteers with some of
                         of the many pomeranians PPF            the 34 pomeranians cared for by Talega
Shelter hours:           cared for until they were adopted.     Animal Hospital and the PPF volunteers.
Monday – Saturday
10am – 4pm                            Ebb And Flow Of Shelter                                   Animal Lovers –
                                      Animal Population                                         Leave A Legacy To Your
Sunday only:                            By Valerie Treaster                                     Shelter Animals
Noon – 3pm                                                                                       By Ruth Rosen
                                      There is a natural ebb and flow to the animal
Shelter address:                      population at the shelter. The kennels are not always     Pet Project Foundation (PPF) needs the
221 Avenida Fabricante                full to capacity, kitten season comes and goes and        financial support of charitable animal
San Clemente, CA 92672                we always hope the Easter bunny doesn’t bring             lovers in order to maintain the San
                                      more, well, bunnies. When the weather is bad, as it       Clemente-Dana Point Animal Shelter
Shelter telephone:                    has been this winter, the stray dog population swells     as a humane shelter.
(949) 492-1617                        and we struggle to staff enough volunteers to walk,
                                      train and comfort our animals.                            You can show your care through a
PPF telephone:                                                                                  bequest in your will or by establishing
949 595-8899                          Then there is the unexpected. After a year of             another giving vehicle, such as a
General questions such as:            investigative work, ACO Jill Moran busted a puppy         charitable remainder trust, naming Pet
Membership, Donations,                mill operating out of a house in Dana Point. Thirty       Project Foundation as the beneficiary.
Fund Raisers, Spay/Neuter             eight Pomarian puppies, ages 5 weeks to 5 months,         By doing this you are helping to protect
Program                               were rescued and brought to the San Clemente/             and care for the many lost, abandoned
                                      Dana Point Animal Shelter. It became clear we             and abused animals that come to the
PPF website:                          would be unable to care for the puppies at our            shelter. If necessary, discuss this with
www.petprojectfoundation.org          already cramped shelter, so we enlisted the help of       your financial advisor or estate attorney
                                      Dr. Bob Stone and Dr. Tom Saunders at the Talega          for the proper way to establish a legacy
                                      Animal Hospital. The puppies were all suffering from      for the animals.
                                      some type of illness and had to be treated and
                                      cared for before adoption.                                PPF funds are used to provide food,
                                                                                                medical care, spay and neuter of all
                                      The PPF volunteer force was stretched thin at the         shelter animals and financial support
                                      shelter, but once again, the awesome volunteer            of kennel attendants. Many dedicated
                                      force went the extra mile. PPF volunteers covered         PPF volunteers willingly give their time
                                      three shifts a day. Cages were cleaned spotless           to care for these cats, rabbits and dogs
                                      every day, puppies were fed a special diet and time       at the shelter until a good home can be
                                      was spent socializing and giving each puppy               found for them. The volunteers also work
                                      needed human contact.                                     diligently raising funds to keep these
                                                                                                programs going. Please help us help
                                      After two weeks of special one-on-one care, the           the animals by remembering them in
                                      puppies were spayed and neutered, and found               your legacy. Please think of PPF when
                                      loving homes with the help of over 700 people who         creating your will and living trust.
PPF Newsletter Staff:
                                      filled out applications hoping to adopt one of these
Editor:                               special puppies. The Pet Project Foundation funded        To learn more about us and our
Keith Takahashi                       the time spent at Talega Animal Hospital and the          shelter, please visit our website,
                                      spay/neuter costs, with the help of a very generous       www.petprojectfoundation.org
Graphic Designer:                     Dr. Stone and Dr. Saunders.
Dennis Wunsch                                                                                   PPF can be contacted at:
                                      Your ongoing contributions to the animals allow us
Contributors:                         the luxury of handling a crisis situation such as this,   Pet Project Foundation
Ruth Rosen                            as well as maintain the high quality of care in the       Post Office Box 5678
Christel Hall
                                      daily life of the shelter animals. Thank you for your     San Clemente, CA 92674-5678
Lisa Bates
                                      kindness and please keep us in your thoughts.
Valerie Treaster
                                                                                                Or call:
                                      If you would like to view photos of these precious        949-595-8899 and leave a message
Thank you to Access Direct Group      puppies, go to our website at:
for providing a free paper stock      www.petprojectfoundation.org
upgrade for this newsletter.
Gifts of Love
                                      Mel and Bette Goldsmith                 Taylor, beloved pet of The Mayes:       Family of Al Ackerman; Ilene
                                      Joan Beyer                                 from Eileen Sweyd                      Lashbrook, Karen & Jon, Wendy
Happy Birthday                        Luis Olivares                           My beloved Cockers, Micaela &             & Jim, Pam & Randy, Kim & Jason,
Nancy Cop: from                       Luis & Margia Alvarez                      Honey Bear: from Rita Avila            Jacob & Jordan
  Carolyn Beck                        Edward Bradley                          Bingo, beloved pet of The Stewarts:     Evan Binn
Georgia Summer: from Liberty          Liz Sollinger & family                     from Nancy Dickson                   Robert & Donna Keller
  & Arthur Kehoe                      Channel Road Inn                        Houdini, beloved pet of Jody Hoyt:      Andy Horner
“Duke” Pulley - #13: from             Dorothy Macvicker                          from Josephine Hoyt                  Jennifer & Jason Allington
  Lynda Pulley                        Jon Bucci                               Hobson, beloved pet of The              Donald & Elizabeth Spradlin
Tess: from Doretta Steel                                                         Groses: from Jack & Valerie          Marvin & Bobbi Simon
Kathleen Morea: from Annette          Happy Holidays to:                         McLaughlin                           Jason & Nancie Begun
Morgan, Alison Morea and Anne         The Pitkin Family & Abby                T.J.: from Michael & Linda McLeavy      Donna Abersman
Morea – Donation to Harbor            John Keppler, Taco & Chili              Babi from Allen & Dru Bauer             Cynthia Cooper
  Cats Fund                           The Ela Girls & Sylvio                  Dottie: from Maggie &                   Robert Baker
                                      The Elas and Copper                        Ralph Kaplan                         Carleton & Sandra Woodring
In Honor of:                          Jeannie Olsefsky & Curly                Scoobie, beloved pet of Yvette          Paulette Doull
Copper & Wiley “Best Buddies”:        The David Cook Family in memory            Sanville: from Carrie Fesili         Jerome & Gloria Bauman
  from Lee Barnhill                     of Lady                               Our special golden girl Sasha: from     Rick & Jenny Cheseborough
Gus the Great: from Carolyn Beck      Bob Harrison                               Ken and Candy Hinds                  Donald & Elizabeth Spradlin
Mystic, shelter kitty in 1996:        Gertrude Whipple & Dutchess:            Sundance, Annie & Skidmark:             Kenneth Crater
  from The Hagenbuch Family             From Donald & Marianne Cook              from Laura Green & Kathy Yhip        Lisa Krebs
Marley: from Andrea Watkins           Roger & Cheri Hotalen                   Clive: from Rebecca Factor              Freelin-Wade Company
Cooper & Bambam: from Rob             Bill & Carmen Zarkades                  Our three kitties: from Donna           Nor-Cal Controls
  & Ruth Cohen                        Mike, Lisa, Kona & Zuma Zarkades           Roatcap & Darrell Petroff            Clippard Instrument Laboratory
Katie, pet dog of Will & Kathi        Gene & Lorraine Alley                   Monty & Katie: from                     Wilkerson Div. of Parker Hannifin
  Decker: from Diane Rickwalt         Vera Bedall                                Elizabeth Gilson                     PIAB USA, Inc.
  & Chuck Hall                        Lee Zarkades                            Snagglepuss: from Michelle              Adams Air & Hydraulics
Tabby, shelter kitty adopted 10       Taylor & Max King                       Williams & Martin O’Donnell             DE-STA-CO Industries
  years ago: from Patricia Hurley     Peggy Smith                             Snagglepuss Williams: from              Bay Advanced Technologies
Sam, aka Cheeseburger, our            Carol Smith & Alex Spore:                  Barbara Henry                        Control Technology Corp.
  precious kitty: from Barbara          From Joann Frost                      Boof Bonner and Snagglepuss             Eric Zany, President-Legris
  McCollom                            Jackie Ludlum                              Williams: from Bob &                 CGI, Inc.
Buffy and her roommates: from         Betty Dorris                               Carol Bonner                         Ramco Innovations
 George & Doreen Lohnes               Rula Outcault                           Otus: from Stephen Turner               Tol-O-Matic, Inc
“Truman” Bassett, Shelter pup:        Ernestine Allerhand: From               “Girlie” beloved cat of Nancy & Joe
  from Joann Bassett                    Lucy Nelson                              Pirozzi: from The Blum Family        In Memory of:
Chica & Maya: from The Russos         “Abigail” & “Holly”Ellis                K.C.: from Cynthia Barney               Sally Yoshida, my Mom, who despite
Abby & Pandora: from Pat Dudley       “Lola” Arden                            Toby: from Wendy and Paul                 constant admonitions not to bring
Lucyp: from Wayne &                   “Teddy” Young                           Rothenberg                                anything else home, loved and
  Jean McMurray                       “Henry” & “Otis” Delaney                Wocki: from Sharon Goldberg               embraced each and every new
Mikey: from The Waitneights           “Samson”, “Deliah”, “Precious”,         Nicki, beloved pet of Cecil Reames:       creature that became a part of our
Spunky: from Carolyn Kennedy            “Lizzie” & “Gizmo” Metzner               from Avis French                       family: From Larie Yoshida
Gehi: from Fances Ceaser                 From Wrangler Podrug                 Andy, beloved pet of Jerry and          June Englund: from Eric Englund
Missy: from Lesley Irby               Kathleen Sorensen: From                    Elinor Hierro: from Avis French      Mary “Popsy” MacDonald, a
Mister Kitty, to celebrate              Janet Elaydo                          Roosevelt, “The Greeter” beloved          dedicated volunteer for many
  “adoption day”, our 5th is coming   Brian & Megan Lau                          cat of Gwen & Howard Weitz:            years: from Cynthia Cooper
   soon: from Jeanne Lockett          Loren Manoram                              from Gerri Graefe                    Naomi Dyson & Tommy Hopper:
Cinder: from Denise Waller            Kim Brooks: From Ron &                  Brandy beloved pet of John Currlin:       from Dottie & Tom Hopper
Sage and Pandy: from                    Dana Howell                              from Charlotte Chiuminatta           Thelma Finely & Angel, a shelter
  Sharon East                         Amy & her parents from                  “Javier” a Harbor Cat at feeder #5:       kitty: from Luanne Bragg
Rafferty & Hooligan: from Patricia      Katy Chambers                            from Seajay Lange                    Mike Sminuk: from Barbara Clancey
  & Eric Lamont                       Lorel Roehl & Wendy Fasone:             Poncho, a Beagle and a real             Cate Wilman: from Dan Carter
Skippy: from Dennis Drake               from The Eddie Marquez Family            character: from Philip &               & John Trout
Charlie aka Petunia: from Warren      Tom & Linda Wicks: from                    Vilma Storm                          Gina Smith: from Anne Miller •
  & Mary Holt                           The Cohen Family                      Cicely, Sweetie Girl, beloved pet of      Jane Katayama
Bogey: from Sandra and                                                           Georgianne Smith & Dave Baca:        Jean Armstrong: from Mimi and
 James Harlan                         In Memory of Beloved Pets                  from Dave & Franca Podrug              Harry Lederman
Christopher Olsen: from               Bobby, the wonderful cat of Colette     Dingo, my beloved companion:            Irene Pearson: from Marian Cooper •
 Katy Chambers                        Justie: from Pat Miller                    from Avis French                       James Higgins
Ken Raphael: from                     Yin Yin beloved dog of                  Jessie, beloved pet of Fran &           Dwight Sandidge, my Dad, at
  Elizabeth Callan                      Toni Woodcock                            Bill Blatner & Stacy, Jeff & Ellie     Christmas: from Charlene
MaryAnn & Donald Cook:                “Duke”, Ruby O’Briens beloved Lab       Spurlock: from Cheryl Canary              Van Beek
  from Juanito                        “Little-bit”- My dear friend’s best     Babe & Bubba: from Warren and           Betty Armstrong, mother of Carole
Charlotte Chiuminatta: from             friend: from Evelyn Love                 Carol Kramer                           Klosterman:From Quent & Sue
  Kathy & Jimmy Kehoe                 “Akiella” beloved dog of Janice         Winston, the shaggy love of my life       Reynolds and Melissa Housel
Twoie(formerly Colleen): from         Palermo: from Evelyn Love                  whose quiet companionship is so      James Kehoe: from Nancy Jarvis •
  Mary Ann Wishney                    “Stars”: from Susan Beck                   dearly missed,                         Charlotte Chiuminatta
                                      Zazu- The best cat ever: from           I love you: from Yvette Dobbie          Helen C. Viscounty: from
In Memory of                            Char & Sam Salkin                        Pebbles: from Jacqueline Ludlum        Catherine Viscounty
Peggy Phillips Bucci:                 Molly, precious pet kitty of Jo Carey      and Dorothy Nelson                   Jane Bliss: from Thurston Bliss
Marilyn Tennant                         from Colette Justie, Pat Miller &     Molly my cat, in loving memory:
Sunja Ackerman                          Janie Collins                         from Dorothy Nelson                     Happy Valentine’s Day
Stanely & Glenda Rosen                Fergus, beloved pet of the Adlers:                                              Evy Rose from: brother David Nap
Steve Millstein & Ron West              from The Verks                        In loving memory of Al Ackerman;
Mimi Martin & family                  Romeo, beloved guinea pig of            beloved husband of Sandra
Ellen T. Rooney                         Rebecca Weigel                        Ackerman, one of the founding
Herb & Helen Allen & Family           Hachi, beloved dog of                   members of Friends of San
Sunja Ackerman                          Susan Hogan: from Jim Annan           Clemente Animals. Al was a true
James & Happy Schaffner               Mac: from David Woods                   lover of animals, a kind and gentle
Jack and Betty Good                   Lady, my “Baby”, she was 16 yrs         man, loved and respected by all
Niguel Shores Women’s Golf Club         old: from Geneva Heath                who knew him.
Michael Phillips                      Teddy & JR: from Cybel Maio
           Pet Project Foundation                     Membership Dues Form
Lost and abandoned animals have a second              Name
chance at a good life– thanks to the Pet Project
                                                      Street Address                                                                     Apt. #
Foundation (PPF) and the San Clemente-Dana
Point Animal Shelter. The mission of the Pet          City                                                            State             Zip
Project Foundation is “to enhance the quality of
                                                      Phone                                                           Fax
life of all companion animals in a pro-humane
manner through compassion, responsibility,            Annual Dues
education and service”. Nowhere is this mission
better exemplified than through our ongoing                  Individual ($25.00)            Senior ($15.00)
support of the shelter. This special shelter                 Family ($35.00)                Business ($50.00)
provides food, housing, exercise, medical care,
and love for homeless animals until they are                 Cash      Check (Please make check payable to PPF)
reunited with their owners or permanent, loving              Visa      MasterCard                                           Exp
homes are found. Call PPF at 949-595-8899
or visit our web site at:                                                                                       Non-Profit Tax I.D. No. 33-0030634
                                                         Enclosed is a gift of love donation in the amount of $
   I would like to vote on board elections,
                                                         In the name of            In memory of                                    person     pet
   special meetings, and bylaw changes.
                                                         Please send a greeting card to
   Please send me information on making
   a bequest, trust gift, or other ultimate gift to
   express my support for the animals in the             Street Address                                                                   Apt. #
   care of PPF.
                                                         City                                                          State           Zip

                                                      Please mail to P.O. Box 5678 San Clemente, CA 92674-5678

                                                                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                     San Clemente,
                                                                                                                                      Permit #108

Pet Project Foundation
Post Office Box 5678
San Clemente, CA 92674-5678

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