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Sheet1 - COM 01970


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									                                                                Body & Soul      Media List

                                                                       Daily Newspapers

Newspaper                                   Editor                         Address                     City    State     Zip         Phone            Fax                       E-mail
Boston Globe                      Renee Loth                 P.O. Box 2378, 135 Morrisey BLVD.   Boston       MA       O2107   617-929-3049      617-929-3049 loth@globe.com
Boston Herald                     Kevin Convey               300 Harrison Avenue                 Boston       MA       O2106   617-426-3000      617-542-1315 kconvey@bostonherald.com
The-Eagle Tribune                 Bryan                      100 Turnpike Street                 N. Andover   MA       O1845   978-946-2000      978-687-6045 bmcgonigle@egal.com
The Daily News of Newburyport     Christine Gillette         32 Dunham Road                      Beverly      MA       O1915   978-922-1234                   cgillett@ecnnews.com
Lynn Daily Item                   Denis Paqutte              38 Exchange Strret                  Lynn         MA       O1930   781-593-7700      781-598-2891 lynnitem@shore.net
Salem News                        Christine Gillette         32 Dunham Road                      Beverly      MA       O1915   918-922-1234                   cgillett@ecnnews.com
Gloucester Daily Times            Christine Gillette         Whitmore St.                        Gloucestor   MA               978-338-2507                   cgillett@ecnnews.com
Melrose Free Press                Carol Brooks                                                   Melrose      MA
Lowell Sun                        Susan Dion                                                     Ipswich      MA                                                fdion@lowellsun.com
Wakefield Dialy Item                                         26 Albion St.                       Wakefiled    MA       O1880   781-245-0080                     wakefielditem@rcn.com

                                                                     Weekly Newspapers
Amesbury News                                                152 Sylvan Street                   Danvers      MA       O1923
Merimack River Current                                       152 Sylvan Street                   Danvers      MA       O1923
Andover Townsman                                             33 Chestnut St. , P.O. Box 1986     Andover      MA       O1810
Globe North Weekly                                           495 Broadway                        Lynnfield    MA       O1940
Boston Phoenix                                               126 Brookline Ave.                  Boston       MA       O2215
North Shore: Sunday                                          152 Sylvan Street                   Danvers      MA       O1923
Georgetown Record                                            152 Sylvan Street                   Danvers      MA       O1923
Ipswich Chronicle                                            55 Market Street                    Ipswich      MA       O1938
North Andover                                                152 Sylvan Street                   Danvers      MA       O1923
Tri-Town Transcript                                          152 Sylvan Street                   Danvers      MA       O1923
                                                                                                                                                 617-926-5021 j.cook@body&soulmag.com

Boston Magazine                                              300 Massachusetts Ave.              Boston       MA       O2115   617-262-9700      617-267-1774
Boston Elegant Wedding                                       c/o Boston Magazine "               Boston       MA       O2115   617-2629700       617-267-1774
The Improper Bostonian                                       142 Berkeley Street, 3rd Floor      Boston       MA       O2116   617-859-1400                     bodymind@improper.com
Body and Soul (Biweekly)          Jennifer Cook              42 Pleasant St.                     Watertown    MA       O2472   617-926-0200
New England Bride Magazine Online Publisher Thomas Parello   215 Newbury St.                     Peabody      MA       O1960   978-535-4186      978-535-3090 membersonline.help@newenglandbride.com
BRIDES Magazine                                              750 3rd Avenue, 4th Floor           New York     NY       10017                                  editorinchief@bridesmag.com
Modern Bride                                                 750 3rd Avenue, 4th Floor           New York     NY       10017                                  fashionbeauty@modernbride.com
Body and Soul Media                                          42 Pleasant Street                  Watertown    MA       O2472   617-926-5021
Martha Stewart Wedding                                       11 West 42nd Street, 25th Floor     New York     NY       10036   212-827-8000
Bridal Guide                                                 330 Seventh Avenue, 1oth floor      New York     NY       10001   212-838-7733       212-308-7165 vberrios@bridalguide.com
Fit Yoga Magazine                 Rita Trieger               c/o Goodman Media Group, Inc.       New York     NY       10107   212-262-2247 x 303 212-262-2279 ritatude@yahoo.com
                                                             250 West 57th St.
                                                             Suite 710
Yoga Journal                                                 475 Sansome Street, Suite 850       San Francisco CA      94111   415-591-0555      415-591-0733
Yoga and Joyful Living Magazine                              630 Main St Ste 300                 Honesdale     PA      18431   570-253-4929      570-647-1552
Health Magazine                                              2100 Lakeshore Drive                Birminingham                                    205-445-5123
YOGA Magazine                                                26 York Street                      London        W1U     6PZ

                                                                      Trade Publications
Natural Health (9 times a year)   Rachel Streit              70 Lincoln St. 5th fl.              Boston        MA      O2111   617-753-8900      617-457-0966
Weider Publications Inc.                                     670 Cebtre St.                      Jamaica Plain MA      O2130   617-522-1515      617-522-1694 www.parenthood.com
The Boston Parent Paper
Parenting Publications Inc.

WNSH - AM 1570.0 kHz                                         376 Hale St.                        Beverly      MA       O1915   978-921-1570      978-468-1954 kwillcox@shore.net
WBZ - AM 1030.0 kHz Midday News Garo Hagopian
                                prod. 617-787-7250           1170 Soldiers Field Road            Boston       MA       O2134   617-787-7250      617-787-7060 hgara@boston.cbs.com
WBZ Newsradio Morning News                                   1170 Soldiers Field Road            Boston       MA       O2134   617-787-7364                   john.macain@wbz.com
WESX - AM 1230 kHz              Chris Culkeen                Naugus Avenue                       Marblehead   MA       O1945   ext 21
Beverly- Pop                    Karen Nacembeni              8 Enon St.                          Beverly      MA       O1915   978-927-1049      978-921-2635 karen@wboq.com

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