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									Programs / 2011

Helping you finish.

    We are 100% non-profit. That
    allows us to focus our resources on
    one thing: your success.”

          Chancellor Brahm was appointed by
          the Chapman University Board of
          Trustees to lead Brandman University
          after a distinguished 14-year career as
          Executive Vice President at Chapman.

For today’s working professionals, education is a                         What’s our secret? We are 100% non-profit. That
constant need, but choosing a university is a great                       allows us to focus our resources on one thing: your
challenge. Traditional schools expect you to attend                       success. We’ve structured our classes to maximize
full-time and some for-profit schools may not have                        learning and minimize busy work. Classes meet in the
your best interests in mind. How can you decide which                     evening and online so you can work full-time and still
school is right for you?                                                  earn your degree. Plus, we have unsurpassed student
                                                                          support, academic advising and executive coaching to
Start with a university that has regional accreditation.                  help you succeed in school and beyond.
Brandman is accredited by the Western Association of
Schools and Colleges (WASC). But it’s important to                        In fact, over 68% of Brandman students earn their
look beyond accreditation.                                                degrees, including our active-duty military personnel.
                                                                          That’s nearly twice the rate of the nation’s largest
One    overlooked      statistic   provides   a    surprisingly           online university, where fewer than 1 in 3 ever graduate.
accurate gauge of a university’s quality: student loan
default rates. Students pay back their loans when they                    Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions
are able to graduate and put their degrees to work.                       you’ll ever make. At Brandman, each and every one of
                                                                          us wants to provide you with the information you need
That makes the national default rate — 7% for 2008                        as you embark on this exciting journey.
— a good initial criterion to use during your search.
Schools near or below the national average warrant                        We invite you to call us or visit our campuses to learn
consideration. But when a school’s default rate is above                  more. If you still have questions, you can reach me at
average, be very cautious.                                      

Brandman University’s default rate is 2.3%, one of the                    I hope that you will find Brandman University is the
lowest in the country. Our students, working people                       right choice for you.
who depend on our flexible schedules and degree
programs,      perform better than students at most                       Sincerely,
4-year colleges and far better than other evening and
online universities.
                                                                          Gary Brahm


“High default rates might be                                              Student Loan
a sign of a high drop rate or                                             Default Rates 2008                                 15%
student dissatisfaction with
their education.”

               - Chancellor Brahm                                                                                            10%
                                                  National Average 7.0%


                                                                Brandman DeVry
                                                                                       Phoenix                               0%
For sources, visit                                                                                            3
There is a better way
to learn.

Today’s global economy demands teamwork,             iDEAL concentrates learning by blending
critical thinking and the ability to learn on your   online and in-class activities. Classes meet
own. If your education trains you to listen          face-to-face three hours a week and the rest
passively and memorize information, you will         of your work is completed online, so going to
be at a severe disadvantage in your profession.      school can fit into your busy life. Plus, shorter,
                                                     eight-week sessions let you earn more units
Brandman has a different approach to learning        each academic year and graduate sooner.
that we call iDEAL. iDEAL puts students at
the center of the learning experience. Teachers      It’s about more than efficiency. It’s about
work as coaches, not lecturers. They use             mastery. You’ll receive continuous, in-depth
technology to innovate and use the world as          feedback from your teachers and your fellow
their textbook. You’ll learn actively, in-class      students. The feedback goes both ways.
and online, as you discuss topics, do group          iDEAL lets Brandman evaluate every teacher
projects and collaborate.                            and every course in real time so we can
                                                     continuously improve everything we do, from
                                                     Seattle to San Diego.

Online-Only Programs
Extend Engaged Learning
Beyond the Classroom.
Our online courses let you earn credits, or your entire
degree, on your terms. Online programs provide the best
solution for students who cannot attend on-campus
classes due to:
         • Demanding work or family schedules
         • Distance to a Brandman campus                  It gives me more
         • Military deployment
                                                          flexibility as an adult
Undergraduate Programs                                    who works full-time, goes
Applied Studies                                           to school full-time, and
Business Administration (BBA)
                                                          cares for children and an
Criminal Justice
Early Childhood Development                               elderly parent… I think
Legal Studies                                             the blended format is the
Liberal Studies
Organizational Leadership
                                                          best of both worlds.”
Social Science                                            - Brandman student post on
Graduate Programs
Business Administration (MBA)
Education, Leadership in Early Childhood Education (MA)
Health Administration (MHA)
Health Risk and Crisis Communication (MS)
Human Resources (MS)
Organizational Leadership (MAOL)

For complete course listings, please visit

                               School of Arts and
                               Sciences Programs.
                               The School of Arts and Sciences covers a vast array of
                               subjects and disciplines, all delivered through a practical,
                               hands-on approach.
Our Bachelor of Arts
Applied Studies degree is      Undergraduate Programs
                               BA Applied Studies
the only degree program
                               BA Criminal Justice
endorsed by the California     BA Early Childhood Development

State Firefighters             BA Legal Studies
                               BA Liberal Studies
Association (CSFA).
                               BA Psychology
It gives firefighters credit   BA Social Science

for the hundreds of            BA Sociology

training hours they log,       Graduate Programs
so that they can get their     MA Psychology (Marriage and Family Therapy)

degrees faster and             MA Psychology (Counseling)

accelerate their careers.
                                For complete course listings, please visit

                                    The basic purpose of a liberal arts education
                                    is to liberate the human being to exercise his
                                    or her potential to the fullest.”

                                                           - Barbara M. White
                                                             Educator and Poet
The core of every education.
At Brandman, the Arts and Sciences are a         We’re constantly creating new ways to bring the
vibrant, essential part of the university. Our   Arts and Sciences to bear on the present day.
courses encompass everything from academic       Our “Theater of War” program uses ancient
essentials like English and History to applied   Greek plays to help veterans transition to
sciences like Criminal Justice and Psychology.   civilian life. Seeing, performing and analyzing
We pride ourselves on being relevant to your     these works from the battleground of Troy
needs and creating innovative programs that      helps our modern-day warriors process their
will help you succeed.                           experiences and develop skills that will serve
                                                 them in their education and their civilian careers.
That does not mean we’ve thrown Shakespeare
out the window. In fact, we feel the classics    If we can help our nation’s servicemen and
are more relevant than ever. Courses like “The   women master career-changing skills with
Literature of War,” “Obesity and Bodyweight”     the arts, imagine what we can do for you.
and “Food Writing” use the study of Humanities
and Sciences to grapple with modern problems.

                              At Brandman,
                              business school
                              isn’t an academic
                              We believe business school should be a leadership
                              experience, a place where you turn theory into practical
                              skills and decisive action that will help you advance,
                              even transform, your career.

                              At Brandman, you’ll engage directly with real-world
                              problems and opportunities. Our students learn they
We partnered with Clean
                              have the power to make real, lasting change—just by
Tech OC, the Urban Land       doing their homework.

Institute and the Center
                              In 2009, two Brandman graduate students spent
for Urban Infrastructure to   four months fighting to gain access to compensation
create the Center for         data for the 34 municipalities in Orange County. They
                              overcame obstacle after obstacle, exposing an evasive
Sustainable Living, a
                              culture and outrageous compensation. Their work
sustainability think          helped spur California’s legislature to pass new public
tank and a green-tech         transparency laws in August 2010.

incubator that is helping
                              Digging for the truth, thinking critically and developing
to develop new industries     business solutions that can create profits and
for Orange County.            improve our communities, businesses, government
                              and the environment—these are the things you’ll learn
                              as a student in the Brandman School of Business and
                              Professional Studies.

Brandman School of Business and
Professional Studies Programs.
Undergraduate Programs                          Graduate Programs
Bachelor’s of Business Administration           Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership   Master of Arts in Public Administration
Bachelor of Science in Computing                Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership
   Technology                                   Master of Science in Human Resources

                                                For complete course listings,

The school California
teachers (and principals and
superintendents) trust.
There are many options for teachers to                  Three. We never stop looking for ways to help
earn credentials and degrees in education.              teachers advance in their careers. For example:
Teachers, administrators and entire school              autism rates have grown 600% since 1991.
districts   trust   the   Brandman        School   of   These children need teachers with specialized
Education,    formerly    known      as    Chapman      training. Brandman launched one of California’s
University College, for training and advanced           first Autism Authorization programs in the
degrees for four basic reasons.                         Spring of 2010, making it possible for teachers
                                                        to get this valuable training.
One. The quality of our programs and of our
faculty. Former superintendents, principals             Four. A strong alumni network.      Brandman
and lifelong leaders in the field will teach you        graduates have access to thousands of
ground-breaking concepts to put into practice           Chapman and Brandman alumni who are the
in your classroom.                                      leaders in education today.

Two. We have a seamless, integrated system
across all of our California campuses. Teachers
can begin a credential program in Folsom and
complete it in San Diego with no red tape, no
transfer hassles and no lost time.

School of Education
As part of our focus on critical thinking and self
evaluation, we teach you how to assess and implement
technologies as they emerge. Whether you’re teaching      Brandman education
with pen and ink or iPads® and video chats, you’ll be a   students earned 710
more effective educator.
                                                          teaching credentials
Graduate Programs                                         in 2009, making us
Master of Arts in Education                               California’s #2 CCTC
Master of Arts in Educational Leadership
                                                          private school issuer
      and Administration
Master of Arts in School Counseling                       of credentials.
Educational Specialist in School Psychology/
      MA Educational Psychology
Master of Arts in Special Education                       Brandman is developing
Master of Arts in Teaching                                one of the first Traumatic

Credential Programs in Education
                                                          Brain Injury
K-12 Professional Development                             in California.

Brandman’s credential and authorization programs are
accredited by the California Commission on Teacher
                                                          We created one
Credentialing (CCTC).
                                                          of California’s first
                                                          Autism Authorization
                                                          programs to receive
                                                          CCTC approval.
For program details and a complete
list of credential programs, please visit

Healthcare is changing.
How will you adapt?
Healthcare is in the midst of a revolution, and   Brandman Nursing and Health Professions
not just because of recent federal legislation.   students will be the ones rewriting the rules,
Evidence-based methods will change our basic      instead of just following them.
practices and challenge us to make learning
and adapting a permanent part of our jobs.        Our approach is designed for working healthcare
                                                  professionals. We use a combination of
Brandman students learn to be critical thinkers   on-campus immersion, self-directed distance
who can analyze, adapt and create change          learning, residencies and internships in your
quickly. Our graduates share an inquisitive       local area that allow you to complete your
spirit and principled refusal to accept the       degree   from   virtually   anywhere,   without
status quo. They think on their feet and use      having to leave your current job.
clinical evidence to continuously improve their
work and the organizations they serve.

                                                  ollow? Or lead by creating change?

The Brandman School
of Nursing and Health
Professions Programs.

                                                            The Nursing
BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in:                 shortage is real.
   Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner                      CALIFORNIA
   Family Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse
                                                            ALONE NEEDS:

   Gerontological Nurse Practitioner
   Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
   Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Post-Master’s to DNP
                                                            Neo-Natal Nurses
Health Administration
Master of Health Administration

                                                            80                    %
Master of Science in Health Risk and
   Crisis Communication
                                                            Pediatric Nurses
 For complete course listings, visit

                                                            Psychiatric Nurses

                                                            Source: “NACNEP - First Report to the
                                                            Secretary of Health and Human Services
                                                            and the Congress. HRSA Bureau of Health
                                                            Professions (BHPR). N.p., n.d. Nov. 2001.

                                   Meeting your
                                   career needs
                                   for today and
                                   Extended Education is Brandman University’s
                                   rapid response department. We provide a wealth
                                   of courses, certifications and seminars that will
                                   keep you current and relevant in your field.
                                   When our students need to tackle a new
                                   problem, Extended Education will be there
How did Brandman                   with innovative programs to fit their needs.

help 30 teachers
                                   When unemployment rates passed 15% in
keep their jobs?                   Southern California, Brandman Extended
                                   Education got to work.
We retrained them. Fast.
                                   We held a crash-course in career planning:
Brandman paired with a local
                                   five days of intense workshops, critiques
school district to retrain 30
                                   and presentations to help people create
teachers in the path of layoffs,
                                   and execute new career and job-search
so they could fill openings in
                                   strategies. Led by Professor John Hall,
special education. With the help
                                   Advanced Career Strategies helps high-level
of federal stimulus funds, we
                                   professionals — attorneys, finance directors,
invented a fast-track curriculum
                                   medical researchers — get back on track.
that let the district keep these
experienced teachers and serve
some of their most demanding

                                                                 EXTENDED EDUCATION

Who depends on Brandman
Extended Education?
All of North America.
Total Extended Education Students = 15,210

Extended Education
We can help you stay current in your            Brandman Extended Education provides:
field. Businesses, non-profits and school       K-12 professional development
districts rely on us to provide customized             certificates, authorizations and
training seminars, credential programs and             credentials
certificates that prepare you to lead.          Leadership training
                                                Organizational leadership certificates
Take a test drive.                              Public administration certificates
Wondering if Human Resources is a good          Hospital and health care certificates
career for you? Find out! Take a course         Business and management certificates
or an entire certificate program. Extended      General education certificates
Education    lets   you   sample    virtually
everything Brandman has to offer. And           For a complete listing of Brandman Extended
you can often apply the credits you earn        Education courses, visit
toward a Brandman degree.

Preparing warriors for peace.
The United States owes an immeasurable              Our newest program is called V2C: Veterans
debt to this generation of servicemen and           to College. This unique program transfers your
women, a debt that can’t simply be repaid with      battlefield skills to the challenge of earning
educational benefits. We owe them meaningful        your degree and launching your civilian career.
careers and rewarding futures.
                                                    V2C provides 24-hour support through an
If you are in the military, a veteran or a family   online veterans’ student center. The program
member, Brandman is committed to helping            engages you socially, psychologically and
you succeed in college programs that will           intellectually. We even invite family members
enrich your life and give you the skills you’ll     to join you in your college experience to help
need to thrive in our ever more competitive,        ensure your success.
demanding global economy.

                                                                                    Member of the
                                                                                    SOC Network
Brandman Military and
Veteran Programs.
Brandman — then Chapman University College — began
in 1958 at El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in Southern
California. Today, we serve active-duty personnel,
veterans, reserve forces, the National Guard and their
families stationed throughout the world through our
online courses and at campuses throughout Washington
and California.

We understand how difficult school can be when you’re
serving your country. If you get deployed, we’ll help
you pick up exactly where you left off when you return.
That’s one reason 68% of our active-duty students
                                                           4 Billion
                                                          The VA has awarded
graduate.                                                 $4 Billion in educational
                                                          benefits since 2008.
Brandman offers training courses plus extended
education classes and complete degree programs for

military personnel and their families. You can attend
class online, at any of our civilian campuses or at the
following military campuses:
Travis Air Force Base
                                                          of veterans’
Joint Base Lewis - McChord
                                                          tuition and fees may
Naval Air Station Lemoore                                 be covered by the
Bangor Naval Base Kitsap                                  Post-9/11 GI Bill and
Naval Air Station Whidbey Island                          Yellow Ribbon funds.
  For complete details on military-specific
  programs, visit

For sources, visit
                             No matter how difficult the challenges
                             get, we’ll help you keep your eye on
                             the prize – graduation.

                        Working professionals face intricate challenges when
Brandman Students:      they go back to school. How does financial aid calculate
                        employee reimbursements or veterans benefits? How
 Work full-time
                        will you balance classes, family and your job?

 Raise kids
                        It can be a long road from application to graduation
                        and failure simply isn’t an option. That’s why
 Defend their country
                        Brandman puts you first every step of the way. We

 And Graduate           pride ourselves on providing unmatched student
                        services, from personal academic advisors to our
                        one-stop student support center.

 68        %
 of Brandman students
                        Student-First Services: one of the main reasons why
                        Brandman maintains a high graduation rate.

 earn their degrees.

What next?
First, apply                                    Third, start school
Brandman makes it easy to apply. Our            Sessions begin year-round, so you can get
enrollment coaches will guide you through       started whenever you’re ready. Each session is
each step of the process and make sure your     eight weeks long, which concentrates learning
paperwork, transcripts and transfer credits     so you can earn your degree faster.
are in order. Call 800-581-4100 or visit to get started. There’s      Fourth, graduate
no risk, no commitment and, when you apply      Before you know it, you’ll be graduating and on
online, there’s no application fee.             your way to a new stage in your life and career.
                                                Brandman is there to help with networking
Second, chart your course                       opportunities and career counseling.
You’ll be assigned a Brandman academic
advisor who will help you plan your schedule,   Get started, today! Call us at 800-581-4100
                                                or visit us online at
week by week and session by session, so you
can stay on track.

     Brandman University is backed by
     Chapman University’s 150-year
     heritage of academic excellence.”

Antelope Valley                  Bangor Naval Base Kitsap
Coachella Valley                 Ft. Lewis
Fairfield                        Lacey
Folsom                           McChord AFB
Hanford                          Whidbey Island
Moreno Valley
NAS Lemoore
San Diego
Santa Clarita
Santa Maria
Travis AFB
Victor Valley
Walnut Creek
Yuba City

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