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London 2012 synchronised swimming
tickets oversold
Olympics organisers admit they had to ask purchasers to swap
events after selling 10,000 too many tickets Page 2

England drop Danny Care from Six Nations
campaign following arrest
RFU confirms scrum-half excluded over drink-driving arrest •
Care: ‘I am devastated… my actions let so many people down’
Page 2

Liverpool will not appeal against Luis
Suárez’s eight-game ban
Anfield club accuses FA of damaging player’s reputation •
Uruguayan denies racially abusing Patrice Evra Page 3

Page 4                                      Wales confirm Costa                          Napoleon on a jaunt     Steve McClaren
                                            Rica as opponents for                        to Moscow in 1812      holding talks over
Castleford full-back                        Gary Speed memorial                          Page 6                  return to FC Twente,
arrested over alleged                       match Page 4                                                         agent confirms Page 6
fight with Father                                                                        Leg-breaking football
Christmas Page 4                            Joe Torre resigns                            tackle ‘illegal and     Baroness Campbell:
                                            from MLB to bid for                          criminal’, court told   Olympic legacy for
                                            LA Dodgers Page 5                            Page 6                  youth sport needs
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                                                                    of the original 1.9m applicants in the first phase of the ballot
                                                                    would get a ticket.
London 2012 synchronised swimming                                       A total of 6.6m tickets are available to the public across 26
tickets oversold                                                    sports. A further 2.2m are available to other competing nations,
                                                                    International Olympic Committee officials and sponsors. At
Olympics organisers admit they had to                               present, football is the only sport yet to sell out.
ask purchasers to swap events after selling                             The final batch of 1.2m tickets across all events will go on
                                                                    sale in April, with those who failed to secure tickets in earlier
10,000 too many tickets
                                                                    sales rounds given priority. It is from that allocation that
Owen Gibson, Olympics editor                                        those offered replacements for their oversold synchronised
                                                                    swimming tickets will be sold tickets.
London 2012 organisers have admitted that they have sold
                                                                        On Friday, organisers will launch a ticket resale scheme for
10,000 too many tickets for synchronised swimming [http://
                                                                    those who have bought tickets but are no longer able to use] at the Games, forcing them to contact
thousands of successful applicants and offer them alternatives.
    Organisers have admitted that due to “human error” during
the second phase of ticket sales last June, when remaining
tickets were offered on a first come first served basis, the
                                                                    England drop Danny Care from Six
computerised ticketing system was told that there was 20,000        Nations campaign following arrest
instead of 10,000 tickets left across four sessions.
    Since last month, organisers have been contacting around        • RFU confirms scrum-half excluded
3,000 purchasers of the oversold tickets to offer them
                                                                    over drink-driving arrest • Care: ‘I am
replacement tickets for other events for which they had
unsuccessfully applied. Those tickets are believed to have been
                                                                    devastated… my actions let so many people
taken from a contingency supply of tickets released back into       down’
the system once final seat configurations have been finalised in    Press Association
the venues.
    “As a result of finalising the seating configurations in our    The Harlequins scrum-half Danny Care says he is “devastated”
venues and reconciling the millions of Olympic and Paralympic       after being excluded from England’s Six Nations [http://tinyurl.
ticket orders against the seating plans for around 1,000 sporting   com/49m8ga] squad following his arrest for driving under the
sessions, we have discovered an error in seats available in four    influence of alcohol.
synchronised swimming sessions,” said a London Organising              The 25-year-old, who missed last year’s World Cup through
Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Locog)               injury, was arrested on New Year’s Eve following his side’s 11-9
spokesman.                                                          victory over Exeter.
    “In December we contacted around 3,000 customers who               The Rugby Football Union []
had applied for tickets in the four sessions during the second      said Care will appear in court on drink-driving charges on 16
round sales process. We are exchanging their synchronised           January, and will plead guilty. “The club and England are deeply
swimming tickets for tickets in other sports that they originally   disappointed with Danny’s actions and will not tolerate this
applied for.”                                                       type of behaviour. He will not be considered for the England
    All of those offered alternative tickets so far – some likely   Elite Player squads and will miss this year’s RBS 6 Nations as a
to be for events that they would consider more attractive – are     minimum.”
believed to have taken up the offer.The London Organising              England’s interim head coach, Stuart Lancaster, took the
Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic GamesLocog is               decision to exclude Care because it was his second alcohol-
believed to have double-checked every other ticket sale to          related incident in three weeks. He was fined for being drunk
ensure the error was not repeated and is confident only the         and disorderly after being arrested in the early hours of 10
synchronised swimming sessions were affected.                       December [], following his club’s
    All of those offered alternative tickets so far – some likely   defeat to Toulouse.
to be for events that they would consider more attractive – are        In a statement responding to his exclusion, Care said: “I
believed to have taken up the offer.                                do accept that I made a very bad decision on the evening in
    The error is the latest controversy to hit the ticketing        question and need to take the punishment that the courts hand
process, which has proved one of the most problematic               out. I have decided not to contest the charge as I want to bring
elements of the Games preparations.                                 this to a close swiftly rather than have it hanging over my head
    Locog has repeatedly defended the ticketing process from        for a year or more.
claims of bias toward those able to bid large amounts of money         “I would stress, though, that at no time did I think I had
for large numbers of tickets, and are able to point to the fact     drunk enough to be over the legal limit. However, I should not
they have already banked £537m toward their £670m target.           have got into the car and have to accept the consequences of
    Locog chief executive Paul Deighton has said the final          that action.
statistics show the distribution of tickets was fair and pointed       “I am devastated not to be selected for the Elite Player Squad
to the number of cheap tickets and concessions available.           for the Six Nations as I felt I had been playing near the top of
During the initial deluge, there were 22m applications for the      my game with Quins. However, I wish the team, and the other
3m tickets available.                                               number nines who come in to play, the best of luck as playing
    Locog chairman Lord Coe has promised at least two-thirds        for your country is the highest honour in the game and I will © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                           
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miss it hugely. It’s now up to me to get my head down, keep           “Based on this, everything which has been said so far is totally
playing well and learn from my actions.                               false.”
    “Quins and Stuart have been very supportive and I totally             Suárez’s ban rules him out for at least a month when, by a
accept their sanctions. I do understand the need for England          quirk of the fixture list, one of his first matches back will be
players to be role models in the game and have tried to live up       the trip to Old Trafford on 11 February, but the damage that has
to that at all times, but have made a couple of stupid decisions      been caused to Liverpool’s relationship with the FA [http://
in the past weeks.                                          ] may take far longer to heal.
    “I can only hope for the chance in the future to prove those          “In its determination to prove its conclusions to the public
decisions were the exception not the rule. I am devastated            through a clearly subjective 115-page document, the FA
because my actions have let so many people down.”                     panel has damaged the reputation of one the Premier League
    Lancaster said: “This is [Care’s] second arrest in three weeks    []’s best players, deciding he should
for alcohol-related offences and it is completely unacceptable.       be punished and banned for perhaps a quarter of a season,”
We will monitor his progress from this event through                  Liverpool’s statement said. “This case has also provided a
Harlequins and we have every confidence in the club to support        template in which a club’s rival can bring about a significant ban
him in the right way.                                                 for a top player without anything beyond an accusation.”
    “At such a time that we feel he can be trusted to behave              The FA, Liverpool said, had decided “to dismiss completely
appropriately on and off the field then he will be reconsidered       the testimony that countered their overall suppositions”. After
for selection, but this will not be until the conclusion of the Six   initially stating they would vigorously fight the verdict, they
Nations as a minimum.”                                                had decided not to appeal so “the Premier League, the Football
    The Harlequins director of rugby, Conor O’Shea, said:             Association and the club can continue the progress that has
“Danny’s actions are inexcusable and we are all deeply                been made [tackling racism in sport] and not risk a perception,
disappointed and feel let down. Danny has made a huge error           at least by some, that would diminish our commitment on these
of judgment, but knows what he did is wrong and has accepted          issues”.
the responsibility of his actions.”                                       Liverpool’s case, quite simply, is that Evra made up the
    Before his arrest on New Year’s Eve, Care had tweeted his         accusations out of spite; and Suárez’s statement made it even
plan for the next 12 months [],             clearer that there will never be any form of public apology.
writing: “2012 is hopefully going to be a massive year… Earn          “Never – I repeat, never – have I had any racial problem with a
respect. Earn the shirt. Set the example. #makeitcount.”              team-mate or individual who was of a different race or colour
    The 32-man England squad will be named on 11 January.             to mine. Never. I am very upset by all the things which have
                                                                      been said during the last few weeks about me, all of them being
                                                                      very far from the truth. But above all, I’m very upset at feeling
Liverpool will not appeal against Luis                                so powerless whilst being accused of something I did not, nor
Suárez’s eight-game ban                                               would not, ever do.
                                                                          “I will carry out the suspension with the resignation of
                                                                      someone who hasn’t done anything wrong and who feels
• Anfield club accuses FA of damaging                                 extremely upset by the events. I do feel sorry for the fans and
player’s reputation • Uruguayan denies                                for my team-mates, whom I will not be able to help during the
racially abusing Patrice Evra                                         next month. It will be a very difficult time for me. The only
                                                                      thing I wish for at the moment is being able to run out again at
Daniel Taylor
                                                                      Anfield and to do what I like most, which is playing football.”
Liverpool [] will not appeal against             Suárez will continue to be paid in full and there will be no
Luis Suárez []’s eight-match ban for        internal disciplinary action. “We stand alongside Luis Suárez
calling Patrice Evra “negro”, a decision that was followed by a       as this football club has always done for people we respect and
remarkable and inflammatory statement from the Anfield club           appreciate for their efforts,” Dalglish said. “I think it is very
accusing the Manchester United defender of effectively making         dangerous and unfortunate that you [the public] don’t actually
up his story and the Football Association of putting together a       know the whole content of what went on at the hearing. I’m not
“highly subjective” case in favour of the Frenchman.                  prepared, and I can’t say it, but it is really unfortunate you never
    Rejecting the findings of the independent commission              got to hear it.” The manager said Suárez had been punished in a
and questioning in forcible terms why Evra was “deemed                case of “wrong place, wrong time”.
to be credible”, Liverpool made it clear they believe Suárez
has become the highest-profile player to be banned for race-
related insults because of “an accusation that was ultimately
    Their manager, Kenny Dalglish, later reiterated that
he did not regret the club’s T-shirt gesture in support of
Suárez, describing it as a “fabulous gesture”, and the player
also released his own statement in which he admitted
                                                                        From Beirut to Big Brother, Murdoch to
using the word “negro” but made it clear that he did not                Millionaire,
accept the commission’s decision that, said aggressively, it            discuss the hot topics in the media on
was unacceptable. “In my country negro is a word we use                 not one, but two blogs Organ Grinder and
commonly, a word which doesn’t show any lack of respect and             Greenslade
is even less so a form of racist abuse,” the Uruguayan said. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                               
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Castleford full-back arrested over                                   Joe Torre resigns from MLB to bid for LA
alleged fight with Father Christmas                                  Dodgers

• Richie Owen bailed after alleged brawl                             Former Yankees and Dodgers manager
on Boxing Day • Castleford conducting                                Joe Torre to join group bidding to buy LA
internal disciplinary hearing                                        baseball club from Frank McCourt
Andy Wilson                                                          Steve Busfield and agencies

The Castleford [] Tigers star Richie        Former Yankees and Dodgers manager Joe Torre has resigned
Owen has been arrested and bailed in connection with a brawl         from his post with Major League Baseball to try to buy his
involving men dressed as Father Christmas.                           former Los Angeles baseball team. Torre, 71, was appointed
    The full-back was held on suspicion of assault following the     baseball’s executive vice-president for baseball operations in
alleged incident in Pontefract shortly after midnight on Boxing      February, overseeing areas that included on-field discipline and
Day. It is understood that Owen, 21, was taken to the town’s         umpiring.
police station and was later released on bail pending further            Torre, who played 18 seasons in the majors, managed the
police inquiries.                                                    Dodgers from 2008-2010 following a 12-year stint as manager
    The police were called to a report of men dressed in Father      of the New York Yankees where he won the World Series four
Christmas costumes fighting in Beastfair in Pontefract’s town        times.
centre. A man was taken to hospital with a suspected broken              “I have made this decision because of a unique chance to
jaw.                                                                 join a group that plans to bid for the Dodgers. After leaving the
    Last month, the Tigers coach Ian Millward described the          field, this job was an incredible experience,” he said.
young star as one of the team’s best players. Owens has now              Last November the current owner Frank McCourt agreed to
been summoned to attend an internal disciplinary hearing.            sell the Dodgers after a two-year court battle with his ex-wife
    In a statement, the club said: “Castleford Tigers have called    and the League.
an internal hearing to address disciplinary issues relating              McCourt and Major League Baseball agreed to seek approval
to first-team player Richard Owen. The hearing will take             from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for an auction of the team. The
place with club officials, the player and his agent. No further      sale is expected to include the team, Dodger Stadium and the
comment will be made until the matter is resolved.”                  surrounding parking lots, a package bought by McCourt for
                                                                     $421 million in 2004. The Dodgers could now be sold for around
Wales confirm Costa Rica as opponents                                    The new owner would be the third since Peter O’Malley
for Gary Speed memorial match                                        sold the team to News Corporation in 1998, who then sold to
                                                                     McCourt. The Dodgers had been owned by the O’Malley family
                                                                     since Walter O’Malley moved the team from Brooklyn to Los
• Match to take place in Cardiff on 29                               Angeles in 1958.
February • Speed made Wales debut                                        USA Today has a list of potential bidders [
against Costa Rica in 1990                                           7v2mkjj] for the Dodgers: • Steven Cohen of the hedge fund
                                                                     SAC Capital Advisors. • Former Los Angeles Lakers star Magic
Press Association
                                                                     Johnson, former Braves and Nationals president Stan Kasten
Costa Rica [] have been confirmed          and Guggenheim Partners chief executive officer Mark Walter.
as Wales []’s opponents for next            • Former agent and current White Sox special assistant Dennis
month’s Gary Speed [] memorial             Gilbert, talk show host Larry King and Jason Reese of Imperial
match.                                                               Capital. • Former Dodgers GM Fred Claire, former Oakland
   The Central American side, against whom Speed made his            Athletics president Andy Dolich and former Dodgers batboy
international debut in 1990, will visit Cardiff City Stadium on 29   Ben Hwang, who brought in the financial backers. • Former
February, for a 7.45pm kick-off.                                     Dodgers owner Peter O’Malley. • Former Dodgers stars Orel
   A statement from the Football Association of Wales                Hershiser and Steve Garvey, as well as Joey Herrick of Natural
read: “This will be an opportunity to celebrate the life and         Balance Pet Foods. • Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.
achievements of a great servant to Welsh football, both as a             MLB [] Commissioner Bud
player and as a manager.”                                            Selig said: “Joe has been an invaluable resource for me and all
   Tickets go on sale on 11 January, priced at £10 for adults and    of us at Major League Baseball this year and has splendidly
£5 for concessions, with 10% of profits donated to charity.          communicated with our on-field personnel, general managers
                                                                     and the umpires. I understand his desire to pursue an
                                                                     opportunity in Los Angeles. Joe has been a life-long friend and I
                                                                     know that will continue in the future.” © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                             
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                                                                     way, I’m sure of it” – Theo Walcott, aged 22 5/6, offers some
                                                                     words of wisdom.
Napoleon on a jaunt to Moscow in 1812                                    “Wanting to know more about Bradley Johnson and his
                                                                     ‘Barton your breath stinks’ banner (yesterday’s bits and bobs) I
Click here to have the Fiver sent to your                            entered the aforementioned text into a popular interweb search
inbox every weekday at 5pm, or if your                               engine and selected their ‘images’ option. Needless to say the
usual copy has stopped arriving                                      first few results returned concerned Johnson and his scrawly
                                                                     handwriting, as well as the Norwich midfielder’s on-field tussle
Tom Lutz
                                                                     with the QPR ‘hardman’. Scrolling further through the images
                                                                                                                           I then found
                                                                                                                           quite a lot of
                                                                                                                           of wooden
                                                                                                                           acting: Mischa
                                                                                                                           Barton. Given
                                                                                                                           the context of
                                                                                                                           my search, do
The fiver badge                                                                                                            you think that
                                                                     someone in her entourage might want to have a quiet word with
Sometimes attack can be the best form of defence. Unless
                                                                     the erstwhile OC-starlet, obviously, without getting too close
you’re Napoleon on a jaunt to Moscow in 1812. Or the Light
                                                                     though?” – Tim Grey.
Brigade. Or if you’ve got Cameron Jerome playing up front.
                                                                         “Since David McKee was complaining in yesterday’s
But Alan Pardew being a progressive type has decided to
                                                                     letters about the non-tea-timely nature of the Fiver and
ignore these historic precedents and get after Manchester
                                                                     also commenting that it was dark outside at 11.08am on 22
United tonight like Joey Barton going after the Bumper Book of
                                                                     December does that mean the Fiver is popular in Iceland?”
Pretentious Quotations.
                                                                     – Paul Dixon.
    “Looking at Manchester United’s recent games, teams that
                                                                         “I’ll be the first of 1,057 linguistic pedants to point out that
have sat back have got thumped,” said Newcastle’s manager,
                                                                     ‘Shecond-Shoish Shteve’ from yesterday’s bits and bobs should
ignoring the teams that sat back, punted it somewhere near
                                                                     read ‘Shecond-Choish Shteve’, as the Dutch have no problems
David de Gea and waited for the magic to happen. “They’ve got
                                                                     pronouncing their ‘Ch’ as in ‘chat’ when speaking English”
such talent in their ranks, they’re going to cause you problems
                                                                     – Paul Jordan.
but we have a striker in form and a central midfield pairing that
                                                                         “If Steve McClaren does get the job at Twente, will he then
I think is as good as theirs.”
                                                                     become Shecond-Chansch Shteve?” — Dave Warren.
    Demba Ba and Cheik Tiote will be playing their final matches
                                                                         “If Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra shook hands at the end of
before departing for the Africa Cup of Nations and Pardew
                                                                     their infamous row, would that mean Liverpool have valid
is determined to turn his all-seeing gaze on them during the
                                                                     grounds for appeal after Blatter’s comments last year?” – Neil
tournament. “We have complete confidence in their medical
teams [at international level]”, he said before basically saying
                                                                         Send your letters to And if you’ve
he had no confidence in them, “but we might send someone
                                                                     nothing better to do you can also tweet the Fiver.
out there. It’s something we’ve done in the past and we might
                                                                         Wales will pay tribute to Gary Speed with a memorial game
do again now.”
                                                                     against Costa Rica on 29 February. Speed made his international
    Meanwhile Blackeye Rovers fans have decided to redouble
                                                                     debut against the Central Americans in 1990. 10% of profits
their efforts to get rid of Steve Kean after the Scot committed
                                                                     from the friendly at the Cardiff City Stadium will go to charity.
the heinous crime of leading them to victory at Old Trafford.
                                                                         Joey Barton has had his appeal against the red card he
    “The aim of the protests, as from the start, will be about the
                                                                     received for Eskimo kissing Bradley Johnson rejected by the
removal of Steve Kean as first-team manager, Venky’s as owners
                                                                     FA. Don’t worry, Joey, as Carl Jung once said: “Man needs
of the club and now the removal of the board of directors,”
                                                                     difficulties; they are necessary for health.”
said a statement from the protesters, as they marched towards
                                                                         Craig Levein is keeping his fingers crossed that Darren
Kean’s haunted castle high above Blackburn, waving pitchforks
                                                                     Fletcher returns from illness for the start of Scotland’s 2014
and torches. They should just stick Kean near De Gea, punt the
                                                                     World Cup qualifying campaign in September. “He’s out for four
ball up to him and wait for disaster to ensue.
                                                                     months complete rest, and then we can reassess things,” the
• Join Scott Murray from 7.30pm for MBM coverage of
                                                                     manager said. “I’d be desperately hoping [to have him for the
Newcastle 0-2 Manchester United []
                                                                     qualifiers]. He becomes such an important player for us, not just
    “Seeing Jack [Wilshere] in and around the dressing room and
                                                                     on the field, but as an example by the way he behaves himself
treatment room, he is as happy as ever. Obviously he won the
                                                                     on and off the park and his attitude.”
young player of the year award last year which was deserved
                                                                         The SPL has demanded Hearts suits dip into their pockets
and now he just needs to get back out on that pitch. You have
                                                                     and stump up outstanding wages to their players within seven
to ease him back into it because he’s had a long time out and
                                                                     days. “The SPL board sub-committee has ordered December
he’s only just turned 20. He has a long career ahead of him so we
                                                                     wages to be paid by 11 January,” barked a statement. “Interest
don’t want to be overplaying him. But we’ll use him the right © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                              
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on all sums overdue from October, November and December             prosecuted. But I was watching Sky Sports in March and saw a
wages must also be paid.”                                           guy prosecuted for exactly the same thing. It was my prompt to
    And Shecond-Shoish Shteve/Shecond-Choish Shteve/                try to get justice.”
Shecond-Chansch Shteve’s Mr 15% has revealed official talks             Another player, Michael Hallows, testified he heard Westlake
are under way over a return to FC Twente. “FC Twente and I are      tell Crow: “I’m going to do you.” He added: “He jumped off
talking fast,” wittered Rob Jansen. “We will see what comes of      the floor with both feet and connected with Wayne’s leg and
it.”                                                                snapped it. I still to this day cannot forget the sound it made.
    This week’s Knowledge on a statuesque Thierry Henry [].         Wayne screamed in pain.”
    Daniel Taylor on a flappable David de Gea [].                       Deni Mathews, representing Westlake, said the defendant
    Richard Williams on a ponderous Edin Dzeko [].                  was going for the ball with a single-footed sliding tackle on a
    And Paul Wilson on a litigious Joey Barton [] (it’s the last    slippery pitch during the charity match in November 2009. The
mention of him today, we promise).                                  trial continues.
    Want your very own copy of our free tea-timely(ish) email
sent direct to your inbox? Has your regular copy stopped
arriving? Click here to sign up [].                                 Steve McClaren holding talks over
                                                                    return to FC Twente, agent confirms
Leg-breaking football tackle ‘illegal and
                                                                    • Former England manager set to return to
criminal’, court told                                               old club • Agent Rob Jansen: ‘FC Twente
                                                                    and I are talking fast’
Paul Westlake denies maliciously inflicting
                                                                    Press Association
grievous bodily harm after rival sustains two
broken bones at charity match                                       Steve McClaren []’s Dutch agent Rob
                                                                    Jansen has revealed that the former England manager is holding
Steven Morris and agencies
                                                                    talks over a return to FC Twente [].
A royal marine broke an opponent’s leg in two places during            McClaren immediately emerged as the favourite to take over
a charity football match with an “illegal and criminal” flying      following the dismissal of Co Adriaanse on Tuesday, and Jansen
tackle, a court has heard.                                          told De Telegraaf: “FC Twente and I are talking fast. We will see
    Paul Westlake allegedly threatened Wayne Crow in the            what comes of it.”
fundraising game for the Help the Heroes military charity              McClaren led Twente to their first ever Eredivisie title in his
shortly before lunging at him. Crow spent a week in hospital        second season before leaving to take charge of the Bundesliga
and had a metal rod inserted in his shin.                           side Wolfsburg in May 2010.
    Westlake denies he unlawfully and maliciously inflicted            The 50-year-old was sacked less than a year later. His most
grievous bodily harm on Crow but Nick Lewin, prosecuting,           recent post was at Nottingham Forest, who appointed him as
told the jury Westlake intentionally set out to hurt his            manager last June on a three-year deal.
opponent.                                                              However, McClaren resigned from his post in October with
    The game was a “friendly” between a mortgage company            Forest one point and one place above the relegation zone.
and a territorial army team, which also included members of            The Twente chairman, Joop Munsterman, said on Tuesday
the fulltime armed forces.                                          [] that McClaren and the former
    Lewin said after some banter Westlake, a striker, threatened    Feyenoord and Hungary coach Erwin Koeman feature on a
to hurt Crow. Minutes later, he broke two bones in his lower        three-man shortlist to succeed Adriaanse.
shin “in an utterly illegal and criminal way”. Lewis added: “It
was an act of violence and aggression, not a tackle.”
    Crow, a defender, told Plymouth crown court there had been      Baroness Campbell: Olympic legacy for
“a little bit of banter” between him and Westlake, who grew         youth sport needs proper funding
irate. Crow claimed Westlake swore and told him: “You don’t
know who you’re messing with – I’m a royal marine. Westlake
allegedly added: “I’m going to hurt you.”
                                                                    • Chair of Youth Sports Trust makes plea for
    “Because he was getting irate, I asked someone else to mark     long-term strategy • Campbell says School
him,” Crow told the jury. Minutes later, Crow said he cleared       Games can be ‘driver for change’
the ball and saw Westlake dashing at him from two or three
                                                                    Owen Gibson
metres away and jumping in with both feet off the ground.
    “I couldn’t do anything about it. He jumped in with his studs   A year after forcing a partial government U-turn on plans to
showing and I heard a snap. My leg was floppy.” He described        scrap the dedicated national budget for school sport, the chair
Westlake’s movement as “like Superman flying backwards”. He         of the Youth Sport Trust [] has
claimed that in football the tackle is known as a “leg breaker”     warned that long-term funding must be guaranteed if there is to
and added: “This was the worst one I have ever seen – either        be any lasting legacy from the 2012 Games.
playing or on TV.”                                                      Baroness Campbell, who is also chair of UK Sport, the
    Asked why he had not made a formal complaint to police          funding agency for elite Olympic sport, said her plea as the
immediately, he said: “It is almost a known fact that you can       Games drew closer was for ministers to recognise the progress
get away with assault playing football – players are rarely         that had been made in school sport ahead of last year’s changes © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                           
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and ensure they ringfence funding for the long term.                  altogether.
    Under a complex compromise deal, which involved a                     Although she said there was still residual anger from those
refocusing of the strategy to concentrate on an intra- and inter-     affected, Campbell called on them to move on and work under
school competition that will climax in a School Games staged          the new policy. “In terms of timing, people will look back and
on the Olympic Park, much of the funding is only guaranteed           say it couldn’t have been a worse decision,” she said. “You’ve
until next year.                                                      gone through this massive transition. Right now it’s scary.
    Campbell said: “It’s a very complex situation. My plea is         There are still people who are angry and cross. My message
that if you want a legacy, you need to think long-term strategy.      is that they have a right to be angry and cross but we need to
There was a legacy from the last strategy, which was greater          start moving forward. And if they don’t, they’re going to be left
participation [in schools]. If you really want to make the School     behind.”
Games a driver you’ve got to think long term. Changing the                “We were building something very special. If you look at
system, changing things locally, sorting out local transfers, they    the fact that Australia and New Zealand and everybody wanted
take more than a year or two years.                                   to model on it and are modelling on it, you say that we were
    “Creating real legacy requires consistency. If you can get that   building something really special. We’re having to redesign
I think the School Games can be a real driver for change.”            and reshape that. But it’s no good to keep looking over your
    Following an outcry from athletes, schoolchildren and             shoulder. We are where we are. People will say ‘was that a good
opposition MPs, the education secretary, Michael Gove, was            decision?’ I could linger on it or I can say ‘that was a decision
forced to reinstate part of the £162m annual funding that was         that happened’.”
ringfenced to provide a national network of school sport co-              Campbell said that a combination of the School Games,
ordinators. But the new funding package amounted to only              guaranteed curriculum time for PE and the DoH’s Change4Life
around half the original figure, with any additional money to be      scheme, which is introducing school clubs to introduce a range
found from individual school budgets. Between 2003 and 2010,          of activities to children who are not naturally keen on sport, still
the number of secondary school children playing two hours or          stood a chance of success if long-term funding was in place.
more of sport a week rose from 20% to 85%.                                Later this month, Hunt is expected to unveil changes to
    One of the key pledges that helped secure the London Games        the government’s sports participation strategy to refocus the
was a promise to “reach young people around the world” so             £480m currently spent over four years through Sport England
they were “inspired to choose sport”.                                 and national governing bodies in an effort to boost sports
    The Department for Education has promised £32.5m a year           participation numbers.
to release secondary school sports []           After falling woefully short of an earlier target to increase the
teachers for one day a week to work with primary schools, but         number of adults playing sport three times a week by 1 million
only until 2012-13.                                                   by 2013, more stringent performance targets are expected to be
    The £11m promised from the Department for Health is also          enforced with a particular focus on the 16 to 19 age range.
only confirmed until 2012-13. Meanwhile, the Department of                Campbell said that for the new initiative to succeed there
Culture, Media and Sport’s contribution of £11m a year towards        needed to be a fundamental overhaul in the way sports clubs
the costs of organising the School Games is guaranteed until          were organised and a determined move to professionalise
the end of the current public funding round in 2015, as is £4m in     coaching.
lottery funding.                                                          “If you’re going to drive change in terms of young people’s
    Campbell praised the commitment shown by the culture              participation beyond the school gates there are only two things.
secretary, Jeremy Hunt, but said that guaranteed long-term            It’s clubs and it’s coaches. The way we’ve designed clubs in the
funding across government was required if the School Games            past has not necessarily helped us forge the right kind of links,”
policy was to be a workable strategy rather than an eye-catching      she said.
initiative. She said: “Make it a legacy programme and give us a           “In Europe, clubs are physical places where the kids can go
sustainable four-year vision. If you want to move to a different      along after school and mum can swim and dad can go in the
structure or funding regime at the end of that four years then        weights room. We don’t have that. We need to redefine what we
you can do that over time. You can’t do it all at once.”              mean by the notion of a community club.”
    The YST chair said the primary school programme was                   “The other massive thing for me is this whole business of
crucial and called for “physical literacy” to be given as much        professionalising coaching. It seems amazing to me that we still
prominence as literacy and numeracy.                                  think somehow this coaching network should be voluntary. Of
    “All the research that is out there shows that a child gets       course, there are millions of volunteers who do a fantastic job
a better sense of wellbeing, is healthier, more physically            but if you really want to create that connectivity, you’ve got to
capable,” she said. “If you haven’t captured that kid by eight,       professionalise coaching.
nine, 10, then you’re into remedial stuff. You can set as many            “That whole area, professionalising that workforce and
targets as you like for adults. But if your earlier experiences of    creating new and very different club environments – they
school sport are negative, it can take you a lifetime to get them     are huge step changes. That’s got to be funded and by Sport
back.”                                                                England and delivered collaboratively with the governing
    She also paid tribute to the 450 school sport co-ordinators       bodies. It’s a big, big, big challenge that we’ve never really
who had to reapply for their jobs as part-time school games           addressed.”
organisers and said their achievements should be recognised.
The YST’s own figures showed that just over half of secondary
schools had retained their entire sports structure despite the
cuts, while 34% had maintained some and 11% had axed it © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                                
Page 8 G24 Sport                                                             Wednesday January 4 2012                  18:51 GMT

                                                                   of 2011, although losses in those games against West Brom and
                                                                   Bolton resulted in many fans continuing to vent their anger
Joey Barton’s appeal against red card                              anyway.
rejected by Football Association                                       Blackburn then enjoyed an upturn in form, securing a 1-1
                                                                   draw at Liverpool and a shock 3-2 victory at Manchester United,
• QPR midfielder was dismissed for                                 and, even though they lost Monday’s home game against Stoke
violent conduct • Will serve three-match                           2-1, Kean praised the Rovers supporters for getting behind their
suspension with immediate effect
                                                                       However, the protest organisers Glen Mullan and Simon
Press Association                                                  Littler have confirmed that further actions are planned.
                                                                       Their statement read: “The aim of the protests, as from the
Joey Barton []’s appeal against his
                                                                   start, will be about the removal of Steve Kean as first-team
red card []for violent conduct in
                                                                   manager, Venky’s as owners of the club and now the removal of
QPR’s match against Norwich City []
                                                                   the board of directors. The intensity of the protest will increase
has been dismissed by the Football Association.
   The midfielder was sent off when he was adjudged to
                                                                       “As Blackburn Rovers [] fans we
have butted Norwich’s Bradley Johnson by the referee
                                                                   have no choice but to try to ensure we preserve the legacy
Neil Swarbrick, who took advice from his assistant, David
                                                                   left by the late Jack Walker. While we appreciate that this era
                                                                   is in the past, the failure by Venky’s and the current board of
   An FA statement read: “An independent regulatory
                                                                   directors to build on his legacy leaves fans with very little if
commission has dismissed a claim of wrongful dismissal from
                                                                   anything to cling on to.”
Queens Park Rangers midfielder Joey Barton following his
                                                                       Before the postponement in December, Mullan had
red card for violent conduct in the QPR [
                                                                   revealed that communication between protesters and the club
4zkwvw] v Norwich City [] game on
                                                                   had improved, but it is claimed in the latest statement that
2 January 2012. Barton will serve a three-match suspension with
                                                                   Blackburn have failed to keep promises on that front.
immediate effect.”
                                                                       Rovers, currently 19th in the table, host Fulham in their next
   It means the 29-year-old will miss Saturday’s FA Cup tie at
                                                                   league match on 14 January, with a trip to Newcastle in the FA
MK Dons, the Premier League match away to his former club
                                                                   Cup to come before that this weekend.
Newcastle United the following Sunday and the home match
against fellow strugglers Wigan Athletic on 21 January.
   Barton responded via Twitter: “Devastated to miss
return to SJP [St James’ Park] and FA cup tie but life goes on.
                                                                   Serena Williams could miss Australian
Feel sympathy for those who have never played yet set the          Open after injuring left ankle
   QPR’s manager, Neil Warnock, said after the game: “Who          • Williams out of Brisbane International
says cheats don’t prosper? Bradley has conned him. Bradley
                                                                   after twisting ankle • Will have treatment
Johnson has not been head-butted at all.”
   Barton wrote: “Ridiculous decision seen 25 replays. Well feel
                                                                   before deciding on Australian Open
for the officials, they’ve been conned. Admitted to me at HT       Associated Press
they never saw it. I was pulled back 1st, then kicked 2nd! Make
                                                                   Serena Williams [] is a doubt for the
your own minds up when u see it.”
                                                                   Australian Open [] after injuring her
   Barton again tweeted on Tuesday afternoon about the
                                                                   left ankle in only her second singles match since September.
matter, suggesting that one day a club may sue a referee if a
                                                                       Williams, competing in the Brisbane International – her first
decision has a material effect on their season.
                                                                   tournament since losing the US Open final – was serving for the
                                                                   match with a 6-2, 5-3 lead against Serbia’s Bojana Jovanovski
                                                                   when she was wrong-footed and twisted her ankle, falling
Blackburn fans to resume Kean Out                                  heavily.
protests with ‘increased intensity’                                    The 13-times grand slam winner needed treatment as she
                                                                   lay near the baseline for several minutes. She was helped to a
• Organisers to step up protests against                           courtside chair and had the ankle re-taped before resuming the
manager and board • Protests are about                             second-round match and losing the next point to surrender a
                                                                   service break to Jovanovski.
‘preserving legacy left by Jack Walker’
                                                                       Williams limped through the next game, wincing in pain
Press Association                                                  after at least two points, before securing a 6-2, 6-4 win.
                                                                   However, after having the injury assessed, the 30-year-old
Protests against the Blackburn hierarchy are to resume with
                                                                   American pulled out of the remainder of the tournament, and
“increased intensity”, organisers have promised.
                                                                   will have treatment before deciding on the Australian Open.
   With the club struggling near the foot of the Premier
                                                                       Williams told “I’m disappointed to have to
League, a section of Rovers fans have spent several months
                                                                   pull out of the Brisbane International. I have been to hospital
demonstrating against the manager Steve Kean [http://tinyurl.
                                                                   and it has been confirmed that I have a left ankle sprain that I
com/3fk45t7] and the owners Venky’s.
                                                                   probably shouldn’t play on. I’m going to take a couple of days
   The action was postponed for the final two home matches
                                                                   off and see how I feel. I’m still hopeful of playing the Australian © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                            
Page  G24 Sport                                                                 Wednesday January 4 2012                  18:51 GMT

Open.”                                                                 really well for the next week and make sure we’re ready to go
   The Australian Open starts on 16 January in Melbourne.              for this next Test match.”
Williams, five times a champion at Melbourne Park, missed
the 2011 Australian Open while she was recovering from two
operations on her foot and blood clots in her lungs which kept         Andy Murray reaches last eight in
her sidelined for about a year after Wimbledon 2010.                   Brisbane with win over Gilles Müller
   She won two tournaments heading into the US Open but,
after losing the final to Australia’s Sam Stosur, did not play
another tournament last year due to injuries.
                                                                       • British world No4 beats Müller 4-6 7-6,
   Williams said her first thought when she sprawled to the            6-0 • Faces quarter-final against Marcos
court near the baseline on Wednesday was “Not again… that’s            Baghdatis
what I felt. I was like, ‘No way!’”
                                                                       Press Association
   Williams usually wears a protective guard on her left ankle
but took it off during the second set because it was irritating        Andy Murray [] continued to do
another minor injury on her foot.                                      it the hard way as he reached the last eight of the Brisbane
   She said she started to feel improvement after having               International with a three-set win over Gilles Müller.
treatment, but would not risk further problems by playing with             The British No1 went a set down for the second day in
an injury. “Health is always first for me. We’ll see how it goes. I    succession after a woeful final service game but levelled in
don’t know any answers right now.”                                     a second-set tie-break. He then won the final set without
                                                                       dropping a game to complete a 4-6, 7-6, 6-0 victory, setting up a
                                                                       quarter-final with Marcos Baghdatis.
Ian Bell raring to go as England prepare                                   Müller comfortably held his opening service game and
for Pakistan series in Dubai                                           Murray responded in kind, despite double-faulting on his first
                                                                       game point. The Scot forced the match’s first break point in
                                                                       game three but his opponent produced a big serve and went on
• England have first net practice at ICC’s                             to hold. The match remained on serve as far as 3-3 and, though
global academy • Bell delighted to be back                             Müller was taken to multiple deuces in his next service game,
at work following winter break                                         he prevailed to move 4-3 up.
                                                                           Murray followed his fifth ace with his second double fault
Press Association
                                                                       but comfortably pulled level again but he was left serving
England were minus only Alastair Cook for their first net              to stay in the set after Müller held again. He was broken to
practice in Dubai in the build-up to the series in all three           love as Müller made the most of his increasingly dominant
formats against Pakistan.                                              groundstrokes to close out the set 6-4.
    Cook, whose arrival was delayed by his wedding, is set to              While Murray’s 64% first-serve success rate was solid, he
join his colleagues on Thursday, and will be brought up to speed       had won just two of nine points on his second, exacerbated by
on outstanding practice facilities at the International Cricket        those two doubles. But he responded well to going a set down,
Council’s global academy.                                              breaking in the first game of the second set thanks to a superb
    Ian Bell [] was certainly among          return on second serve.
those impressed as England returned from two months of                     He defended the break and then pegged Müller back from
relative inactivity, following their unsuccessful one-day              40-15 to deuce, but this time the Luxembourg player held
international tour of India, to prepare for the series.                firm. He then broke back in the fourth game, with the aid of a
    England will begin their warm-up programme with a three-           fortunate cross-court winner off his backhand, and held for a
day match against an ICC Combined Associate and Affiliate XI,          3-2 lead.
captained by Ireland’s Will Porterfield.                                   An ace settled his next service game in his favour as the
    Bell, who was picked for just one match in the 5-0 drubbing        set score reached 4-3 and Murray was forced to dig deep when
in India but made a double-century against those same                  trailing 15-40 in the next game, two big serves denying Müller
opponents in his last Test innings at the Oval, is delighted to be     the chance to serve for the match. It meant the world No4
back to work.                                                          would instead have to serve to stay in it, but he did so to make
    “It’s nice to have had a break. But a month or two into it,        it 5-5. A love hold for Müller forced him to repeat the feat but he
you’re itching to get back in the nets and practise,” he said. “It     duly set up a tie-break and claimed an early mini-break.
was brilliant to get out there. We’re lucky to be able to use these        Müller twice netted before Murray moved 6-2 up with an
facilities in preparation for a Test series – it is exactly what you   outlandish backhand winner, and he took his third set point to
need. We’re going to really enjoy the next week of preparation,        take the match into a decider.
and getting ready.”                                                        He raced to a love hold in the opening game and followed it
    England know they will face a stern examination of their           with another early break en route to a 3-0 lead. A second break
new-found number one Test status against the “hosts”, who              and a hold from 0-30 down meant Müller was the one serving
are forced to take on the world in a neutral venue but who have        to stay in the match – and he was unable to do so, Murray
already proved formidable opponents there.                             completing a final-set whitewash to seal a quarter-final spot.
    “Pakistan have been playing some really good cricket, and
obviously know these grounds pretty well having played here
for a while now,” added Bell.
    “It’s going to be a tough series, and we’ve got to prepare © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                                
Page 10 G24 Sport                                                              Wednesday January 4 2012                  18:51 GMT

                                                                         Mr French thrusts a newly-waxed leg in the air. “It shows
                                                                     the muscles off better,” said the 5ft 6in body builder with a 47in
Scotland hope Darren Fletcher can                                    chest.
return for 2014 World Cup qualifiers                                     In another corner Will Hogan, once a 9st weakling but now
                                                                     a 12st 6lb muscleman, was tanned after sunbed sessions. His
• Manchester United player on extended                               bottled tan was used up in the Stars of Tomorrow competition.
break due to illness • Scotland’s qualifying                         Muscles look flat when they are lily-white.
                                                                         The musclemen have no trainers. Their bedroom mirrors
campaign begins in September
                                                                     tell all: “They say we are vain,” Peter Dean said, “but if I didn’t
Press Association                                                    take my clothes off and pose in front of the mirror at home,
                                                                     I wouldn’t know what I look like. It’s self-pride.” Mr Dean, a
The Scotland [] manager Craig Levein
                                                                     22-year-old underground track maintenance worker, added:
[] hopes his captain Darren Fletcher
                                                                     “Why should we feel silly? We would only feel silly if we
will be available for the start of the 2014 World Cup qualifying
                                                                     had no muscles. My friends don’t find it strange, they are all
campaign in September, despite the Manchester United
                                                                     bodybuilders too and the women either love the muscles or
midfielder taking an extended break from the game with no
                                                                     hate them. There is no in-between.
timescale given on a comeback.
                                                                         “I used to have a 35in waist through beer drinking. Now I
   In December United confirmed []
                                                                     have a body to be proud of. We are no more vain than women
that the 27-year-old would take a full break from the game in
                                                                     who wear makeup.”
an attempt to overcome the debilitating effects of ulcerative
                                                                         It costs £40 week to feed a growing bodybuilder. Breakfast
colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel condition. Fletcher is
                                                                     consists of low-fat milk, wholemeal bread, five eggs and coffee.
certain to miss February’s international friendly with Slovenia
                                                                     At mid-morning there is a snack of cottage cheese, turkey and
but could return for the start of the World Cup qualifying
                                                                     liquid liver followed by a lunch of fish salad and a protein drink.
campaign against Serbia in September.
                                                                     Tea brings more cottage cheese, and dinner is chicken and
   Levein told the BBC: “He’s out for four months complete
rest, and then we can reassess things. I’d be desperately hoping
                                                                         Mr Hogan’s wife Helen lamented: “It can be difficult. We
[to have him for the qualifiers]. He becomes such an important
                                                                     have cut down on our social life and the food is a small fortune
player for us, not just on the field, but as an example by the way
                                                                     to buy.”
he behaves himself on and off the park and his attitude. So him
                                                                         Her husband, a milkman, runs up and down tower block
being out is a huge loss in terms of both his performances and
                                                                     stairs in east London to keep fit. “Obviously we’d all like to win
the influence he has on the rest of the group.”
                                                                     titles. Bodybuilding is 30 per cent weight training and 70 per
   Levein also shed some light on Fletcher’s battle with the
                                                                     cent nutrition, it is all about self-pride.”
condition, saying: “He’s had this for nearly four years now, he’s
been pushing himself, and he’s really suffering it this time. It’s
just quite remarkable how he’s managed. He desperately wants
to play every single match – probably to the detriment of his
                                                                     Scarlets No8 Ben Morgan chooses
health. He’s just a fantastic example of fortitude and desire to     England over Wales
his team-mates.”
                                                                     • Morgan was set to qualify for Wales on
                                                                     residency rule • ‘I always dreamt of playing
From the archive, 4 January 1982: When                               for England one day’
man’s best friend is a bedside mirror
                                                                     Press Association

Originally published in the Guardian on 4                            The Scarlets No8 Ben Morgan has declared his international
January 1982                                                         allegiance to England. The 22-year-old was born in Bristol
                                                                     but would have qualified for Wales this month on the three-
Shyama Perera                                                        year residency rule. However Morgan opted to make himself
While most people are dieting to trim their post-Christmas           available for England and will immediately come into
bulges, Britain’s budding bodybuilders are breathing out again       consideration for Six Nations selection.
and letting the pounds roll on after trimming surplus fat for the        Morgan said: “I feel privileged and honoured that both Wales
Stars of Tomorrow competition.                                       and England have been following me. It has taken me a while
   At the Bill Stevens Gym in Stratford, east London, the            to think over and discuss with my family before I came to the
novices spent five nights a week last month preparing for            decision of where I’d like to focus my ambitions for the future.
the competition, sponsored by the English Federation of                  “But I’m English, I grew up supporting England and as a
Bodybuilders. Each lost at least a stone for the opportunity to      youngster I always dreamt of playing for England one day.
bulge their biceps and thrust their thighs in the time-honoured      Ultimately, if given the opportunity at international level, I
tradition of every muscleman’s hero, Mr Universe.                    want to try and take things forward with my home country.”
   Ray French explained: “We can’t have any surplus fat. We’ve           Morgan started his career at Dursley RFC in Gloucestershire,
been on strict 1,000-calorie-a-day diets although we started         then joined Merthyr Tydfil and played for Cardiff Blues Under-
eating carbohydrate again two days before the show. It fills and     20s before signing for the Scarlets in May 2009.
rounds the muscles. You can’t have them looking flat.”                   England will be without James Haskell for the Six Nations
                                                                     while Nick Easter’s international future is up in the air as the © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                                              
Page 11 G24 Sport                                                   Wednesday January 4 2012   18:51 GMT

interim head coach Stuart Lancaster looks to put the emphasis
on youth. Morgan will now be one of those players Lancaster
considers strongly for selection ahead of England’s squad
announcement on 11 January.
    Although Morgan plays in Wales that will not affect his
availability for England because his contract pre-dates the
Rugby Football Union’s decision not to select players from
outside of the Premiership.
    “It’s not about where I see myself in any squad but about
putting my name forward and keeping my head down and
playing,” Morgan said. “If I am lucky to be named in any
England squad then fantastic but if not then I will knuckle
down and work hard to get myself in a position where I will be.
    “Right now it’s about focusing on my rugby and putting my
all into my career with the Scarlets with some big league and
European fixtures ahead of us this month. I am thoroughly
enjoying my rugby in west Wales and the opportunities,
development and experience I’ve been handed over the past
two seasons by the Scarlets is something I am very grateful for.” © Guardian News and Media Limited 2007                                  

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