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                                                 funding sees                               silver chain
                                                 new centre for                             home hospital
                                                 eucla                                      Are you aware Perth now has a
                                                                                            Home Hospital that allows you to
                                                 With the nearest medical                   receive care and treatment in the
                                                 service from Eucla                         comfort of your own home?
                                                 currently 700 kilometres
                                                                                            Silver Chain Home Hospital is part of
                                                 to the west in Norseman
                                                                                            the broader government scheme called
                                                 and 500 kilometres to the                  Friend in Need – Emergency. A team
                                                 east at Ceduna, the Eucla                  of advanced skilled health practitioners
                                                 community can look forward                 provide an integrated and co-ordinated
                                                 to a new Remote Area                       service across the metropolitan area, 24
                                                 Health Centre thanks to                    hours a day, 7 days a week. If you require
                                                 funding from the Department                short term clinical care and need to go to
                                                 of Health and Ageing.                      hospital, talk to your general practitioner
                                                                                            (GP), you may be eligible
                                                 “Silver Chain has received                 to receive hospital level care in your
                                                 $2.6 million to build a new                own home through Silver Chain                 •	Are	aged	13	years	and	over	and	are	
                                                 multi-purpose centre, which will           Home Hospital. This service is provided         not under the care of a paediatrician.
                                                 include a consultation room for            free to eligible people.
                                                 visiting doctors and other health                                                        •	Are	not	more	than	22	weeks	pregnant.
                                                 providers, two assessment beds             Bringing significant benefits to our          •	Can	communicate	effectively,	directly	
                                                 and an observation bed, while the          community, Silver Chain Home Hospital           or through an interpreter.
                                                 current building will be renovated         can reduce the number of people going
                                                                                                                                          •	Are	medically	and	mentally	stable.
                                                 into the nurses’ residence,”               to hospital and the need for inpatient
                                                                                            care for those patients who can be            •	Are	Medicare	eligible.
                                                 explains Carole Bain,
                                                 Silver Chain’s Country Services            treated safely in their home.                 •	Have	given	consent.
                                                 General Manager.                           The service also enables patients                                        ,
                                                                                                                                          You can be referred by a GP specialist,
                                                 “It is critical this remote town has       to return home sooner after being             or Silver Chain Home Hospital medical
                                                 access to a modern facility to             admitted to hospital and enables our          officer.
                                                 support the community and the              health care system to meet a growing          Patients who are in a private hospital
                                                 many thousands of travellers who           demand and ultimately reduce pressure         inpatient setting are not eligible within
                                                 cross the Nullabor each year.              on public hospitals.                          a two week period following discharge.
                                                 It will ensure an improved access          You may be eligible to receive services       If you are privately insured with HBF or
                                                 to health care services and will be        through Silver Chain Home Hospital,           Medibank Private you may be able to
                                                 an important facility for clients and      if you:                                       receive Home Hospital services in your
                                                 service providers alike.”                  •	Require	short	term	clinical	care	that	      home instead of an inpatient stay.
                                                 Works for the new centre will begin          can be delivered safely in your home.       If you would like to find out more please
                                                 soon, stay tuned for more details.         •	Do	not	require	an	emergency	                talk to your GP or contact Silver Chain
                                                                                              response.                                   on 9242 0242.

                                                                                            2   Telehealth                                6   Thank you!
                                                                                            3   The Silver Chain Cup – Golf Day 2011      7   Traineeship offers Jenny unlimited
                                                                                            4   Staying physically active                     opportunities
                                                                                            5   Consumer Participation Activities         8   Making a world of difference…

                                                                            link is available in a larger text format, please visit
                                                                   24 hour Customer Centre (08) 9242 0242 or 1300 650 803 (country callers) •
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commitment to                                  with employees and clients, to prevent
                                               occupational, safety and health risks to
                                                                                            are our employee injury and workers
                                                                                            compensation costs reducing,

staff safety                                   ensure our employees all work in a safe
                                                                                            Silver Chain has more funds, which we
                                                                                            can put towards delivering more care in
                                                                                            our community.
Silver Chain is pleased to report a            “Staff have taken a positive and
29 per cent reduction in workers               proactive approach to ensure they all        When you receive home based care,
compensation costs during the                  work safely. We would also like to thank     your home becomes our workplace.
last financial year.                           our clients for helping us create safe       To help us help you, please see page 5
                                               workplaces in their homes.”                  ‘Useful tips for home care’ to ensure you
“This is very important and an excellent                                                    are creating a safe working environment
outcome,” says Maree de la Mare,               Thanks to our improved safety record
                                                                                            within your home.
Silver Chain’s Manager of Safety and           and the impact on supporting our
Health. “We have worked together               employees to work safely, not only

Telehealth                                                            “Patients using Telehealth equipment are trained to measure
                                                                      their blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels, heart rate,
                                                                      blood glucose levels and many other vital signs. Readings
Thanks to the Australian Government Department of
                                                                      are transmitted to a secure web based collection point where
Health and Ageing who funded our trial, Telehealth                    they are reviewed by highly trained Silver Chain nurses and are
is a remote home monitoring system designed                           used to promptly detect early exacerbations,” says Daymon.
to improve the quality of life for clients and carers
                                                                      If you would like to find out more about Telehealth
using information and communication technology to                     please call Elizabeth Boyd on 9242 0242 or visit
monitor a person’s vital signs.                             
It is an important tool in supporting the health and wellbeing of
our community, which can help:
•	Improve	a	patient’s	independence	by	actively	involving	them	
  in their care.
•	Increase	a	patient’s	sense	of	medical	security.
•	Allow	for	early	medical	intervention	if	required.
•	Reduce	hospital	admissions.
•	Reduce	number	of	days	spent	in	hospital	for	those	requiring	
•	Ensure	fewer	emergency	department	visits.
“Telehealth is simple to use and supports people with chronic
health conditions such as Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Heart Disease and Hypertension,”
explains Daymon Joseph, Silver Chain’s Business Manager,
Access Care Network Australia. “It can be installed in a
patient’s home or in a central location for multiple users, such
as a residential facility or community health centre.”

silver chain Merchandise store
From	now	until	Monday,	31	October	2011,	if	you	purchase	four	of	our	ever	popular	Silver	Chain	
pens you will receive a fifth one for free! Pens are just $5 each (including postage and handling)
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To purchase a Silver Chain Pen using your credit card please
call	Marketing	and	Communications	on	9201	6755.	For	cheque	
or money orders please post it with this article or visit in person
during business hours to Silver Chain House, 6 Sundercombe
Street,	Osborne	Park	WA	6017.
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                                                                    The silver chain cup –
                                                                    Golf day 2011
                                                                    Silver Chain would like to especially thank
                                                                    everyone who supported our golf day this year,
                                                                    in particular our Principal Sponsor The
                                                                    John Hughes Group, who have been supplying us
                                                                    with	our	fleet	of	vehicles	for	more	than	10	years.	
                                                                    Held	Friday,	17	June	2011	and	with	the	rain	holding	off	until	
                                                                    the evening celebrations were well underway, 92 golfing
                                                                    enthusiasts	took	part	in	an	Ambrose	tournament	at	Lake	
                                                                    Karrinyup Country Club while helping us raise vital funds.

silver chain excellence                                             This	year,	funds	raised	will	enable	us	to	purchase	15	
                                                                    specialised Telehealth units to support our services
in nursing awards                                                   throughout the Western Australian community. To find out
                                                                    more about the Telehealth units please see page 2.
Thank you to everyone who answered our call in                      Together with our Principal Sponsor we would like to thank
the	Autumn	2011	edition	of	Link and nominated                       EasiFleet, our Hole In One Sponsor, who ran a competition
a Silver Chain nurse who demonstrates                               on the eighth hole which saw players competing for a
excellence in nursing. Each year we recognise                       Hyundai	120.	Chippers	Funerals,	our	On	Course	Beverages	
nurses through these awards to help celebrate                       Sponsor ensured players’ thirst was quenched and Telstra,
                                                                    our Gift Bag Sponsor made sure all players received a
International	Nurses	Day	–	12	May,	the	birthday	
                                                                    special gift. Special thanks also goes to our Design Sponsor,
of Florence Nightingale.                                            Rare Creative Thinking, and to our Online Sponsor, 3Geeks.
Silver Chain would like          •	RN	Chris	Lam.                    We would also like to thank all those who supported the
to	congratulate	the	2011	        •	RN	Lyn	Broderick.                day,	especially	Howard	Park	Wines,	Lake	Karrinyup	Country	
Silver Chain Excellence in                                          Club, Engel Australia and Elite Fitness who donated prizes
                                 •	RN	Deborah	D’Silva.
Nursing Award nominees                                              assisting our fundraising efforts. And finally, a special thanks
and award recipients:            •	RN	Rosalene	Adams.               to Glen Jakovich, who was our Master of Ceremonies at our
•	RN	Debra	Cross	–	2011	         •	RN	Carmen	Graham.                evening celebrations.
  Silver Chain Nursing           •	RN	Jenny	Hyde.
  Excellence Award.              •	RN	Teresa	Wade.
•	CNCM	Liz	Howse	–	2011	         •	CNCM	Anne	Capes.
  Silver Chain Nursing
  Leadership	Award.

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Swan Valley wine region.
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staying physically active
Silver Chain and Curtin University’s Centre for
Research and Ageing would like to thank our clients
who took part in a research study last year.
The study looked at reasons why older people who
were receiving a Silver Chain Home and Community                    •	A	number	of	HACC	respondents	suggested	they	were	
                                                                      not active or had reduced the amount of time they were
Care (HACC) service or services through our
                                                                      physically active as they aged.
Independence Program (IP) were physically active
                                                                    •	Many	of	the	interviewees	spoke	of	household	chores,	
and what stopped them from being active.
                                                                      gardening, walking to the shops to buy food and paying bills
The study, which is the first of three parts, asked clients to        as their main source of activity.
answer a survey. More than 500 people responded and results         •	Very	few	interviewees	played	organised	sport	during	their	
were compared between the two groups and found:                       childhood due to a lack of facilities and opportunity and this
•	Clients	receiving	IP	were	more	physically	active	than	those	in	     appears to have set the pattern for later life.
  the HACC group.                                                   •	Encouraging	people	to	stay	active	as	they	age	may	be	more	
•	The	main	reasons	for	being	physically	active	in	both	groups	        likely to be successful if it is done in the context of everyday
  were for wellbeing, health or fitness and enjoyment.                activities rather than as a separate exercise program.
•	The	most	common	barriers	to	being	physically	active	in	           From these results, Silver Chain is now conducting a pilot
  both groups were ongoing injury or illness and age or feeling     study, the second stage of the study, using a new physical
  too old.                                                          activity	program	called	LiFE	(Lifestyle	and	Functional	Exercise	
•	Having	a	temporary	illness	was	seen	by	more	IP	clients	as	        program) that incorporates physical activity into daily living
  being a barrier to being physically active compared to            activities.	LiFE	is	being	piloted	for	people	who	are	receiving	
  HACC clients.                                                     services through our IP – Home Independence Program (HIP)
Twenty clients were also interviewed and asked about their          and Personal Enablement Program (PEP).
physical activities across their lifetime. Results from the         Silver Chain would also like to thank Curtin University for an
interviews found:                                                   Internal Research Grant to complete the study and Healthway
•	IP	clients	indicated	a	greater	understanding	of	the	              for their PhD Scholarship. Stay tuned for upcoming editions of
  importance of remaining physically active and were more           Link for more details!
  physically active as they got older.

                                                              continence Management
                                                              and advice service
                                                              Bladder and bowel problems are common and affect
                                                              thousands of people. If you have an ongoing bladder
                                                              and bowel problem the Continence Management and
                                                              Advice Service (CMAS), funded by the Western Australian
                                                              Government, can help.
                                                              Our trained nurses understand bladder and bowel conditions and
                                                              with advice and management most problems will improve or possibly
                                                              be cured.
                                                              If you are eligible, you will receive:
                                                              •	FREE	consultation	with	a	Silver	Chain	continence	nurse.
                                                              •	FREE	pads	and	other	products	if	needed	(up	to	the	value	of	$480	
                                                                every year).
                                                              This service is available from clinics throughout Western Australia
                                                              and is available by telephone for people living in the country outside
                                                              of clinic catchment areas. Home visits are also available for people
                                                              who are house bound (criteria applies).
                                                              To	find	out	more	information	about	CMAS	please	call	1300	787	055	
                                                              (for the cost of a local call) or visit
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                                            consumer Participation activities
                                            In line with our Consumer Participation Framework to enhance our
                                            consumer involvement in planning, delivering, researching and
                                            evaluating our services, we have recently held focus groups in
                                            Perth and Bunbury.
                                            “Both focus groups were well received by clients and carers who took part.
                                            They provided us with vital information which will help us develop Consumer
                                            Directed Care Packages, a new service which we are hoping to secure funding
                                            for,”	explains	Peter	Biggins,	Silver	Chain’s	Client	Liaison	Officer.
                                            “Clients and carers appreciated hearing about the program and how it might
                                            work. They were interested in the range of services and the flexibility of how
                                            those services may be provided. It also gave us an opportunity to ask for their
                                            ideas about what would be important to them if they were to receive services
                                            through this program.”
Useful tips for                             The information we have gathered will be considered for how we implement the
home care                                   program should we be successful in receiving funding.
                                            “To involve consumers in this early stage, we can ensure we develop a service
If you receive home based                   which truly meets the needs of our clients and their carers. Information
care, your home becomes our                 gathered will also assist us in understanding the areas in which clients and
workplace. By working together,             carers would like greater choice and in understanding the requirements for
we can help one another to                  staffing the program,” says Peter. “Consumer participation is very important
ensure both you and our staff               to us and we appreciate, encourage and welcome their involvement.”
stay safe at all times.                     Watch this space for further updates. If you would like to find out more about
•	To	help	prevent	slips,	trips	and	falls	   the Consumer Participation Framework or how you can be involved in future
  please ensure steps are in good           consumer participation activities please visit or call
  condition, rugs and mats are flat         our	Client	Liaison	Desk	on	9242	0370.	
  and stable and cords are not across
•	Please	ensure	all	cleaning	products	
  are in their original labelled
  containers, stored safely and
  appropriate for our use.
•	Please	restrain	all	pets.	Your	pet	
  could react unexpectedly to a
  stranger entering your home,
  especially if you are receiving
  personal care.
•	Refrain	from	smoking	while	we	are	
  in your home. If you must smoke,
  please do so in an area not used
  by us.
•	To	prevent	transmission	of	infection,	
  ensure we have access to clean             free Power saving future switch
  water and liquid soap to wash our
  hands. Please also provide a clean         Solargain, who have sponsored our fleet of cars, are
  hand towel or paper towel.                 kindly	offering	the	first	100	Link readers who book a no
•	Ensure	all	electrical	devices	or	          obligation site visit and mention Silver Chain, a FREE
  equipment we use such as mops,             Power Saving Future Switch valued at $50.
  buckets and vacuum cleaners are in
  good working order.
                                             For more information or to book a site visit please call
                                             Solargain	on	1300	73	93	55.
•	Ensure	we	have	enough	space	to	
  use the proper equipment.
•	Please	leave	a	welcome	light	on	
  outside if you are expecting an
  evening visit from us.
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thank you!

   Young at heart                                                                                    June says
   Our Rockingham Branch                                                                             farewell…
   Committee recently held
   a celebration on Friday,                                                                          Silver Chain would like to
   10	June	2011	to	recognise	                                                                        especially	thank	Life	Member	
   the contributions of eight                                                                        June Hodgson who has been
   members all 90 years of age                                                                       instrumental in supporting our
   or more.                                                                                          services and Silver Chain’s
                                                                                                     Albany Branch Committee.
   “Our Rockingham Branch
                                                                                                     After 35 years of volunteering with
   Committee are our biggest                      Thank you June.
                                                                                                     Silver Chain and almost 23 years
   volunteer committee and
                                                                                                     as the Albany Branch Committee
   are all young at heart,
                                                                                                     President, June has decided to hang
   it’s truly awe inspiring!”
                                                                                                     up her boots once and for all.
   explains Peter Biggins,
   Silver Chain’s Client                                                                             “I have truly loved my time working
   Liaison	Officer.                                                                                  with the Albany Branch and will
                                                                                                     definitely miss it and the friendly faces
   “All of our branch                                                                                I got so used to seeing every day.
   committees do a                                                                                   It was thanks to the hard working
   tremendous job, holding                                                                           branch members that we were able to
   fetes, raffles and the                                                                            raise the funds and give back to the
   like and do so much in                                                                            community in such a positive way and
   helping to raise funds                                                                            for so long. Now it’s time to hand over
   for Silver Chain. We                                                                              the reins and relax,” says June.
   would like to take this
                                             From left to right – Maxine Byass (Branch President),
   opportunity to sincerely thank them       Ruth Hall, Chris McGowan, Silver Chain’s Chief
   all for their continued support,”         Executive Officer, Peter Biggins, Client Liaison
   says Peter.                               Officer and Margaret Steel, Co-ordinator
                                             Silver Chain’s Rockingham Respite Cottage.

   we couldn’t do it without you
   Silver Chain would like to thank the following community
   groups, organisations and individuals for their kind support,
   we really couldn’t do it without the wonderful help we receive
   from our community.
                                                                               d Whiteley, rides 60 kilometres as
   •	The	Association	of	Financial	Advisors	donated	$1795	to	Silver	Chain	                                         part of triathlon.
     Abrolhos Island, which will go towards new equipment such as a pulse oximeter and a scoop stretcher.
   •	Nine-year-old	friends	Charlotte	and	Saffron	wanted	to	support	Silver	Chain,	so	baked	gingerbread	cookies	to	sell	at	
     their local skate park, raising more than $50!
   •	To	mark	his	60th	birthday	celebrations,	David	Whiteley	participated	in	a	triathlon	in	Falcon	swimming	600	metres,	
     running six kilometres and riding his bike 60 kilometres, while raising funds for Silver Chain.

calling for volunteer                                   Silver Chain will be gift wrapping in several major Perth shopping centres
                                                        in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. We are seeking volunteers to

gift wrappers                                           gift wrap and help raise funds for Silver Chain. For more information or to
                                                        register	your	interest	please	contact	Alice	Bassham	on	(08)	9201	6768	or	
                                                        via email
                                                                                                         link spring edition 7

Traineeship offers Jenny                                                Your feedback counts
unlimited opportunities                                                 If you currently receive services or are a former
                                                                        client, family member, advocate or unpaid
Jenny Arthurson has enjoyed a varied career with                        carer, Silver Chain welcomes your say on how
Silver Chain in Harvey over the last eight years and                    we can improve our services.
many opportunities have come knocking thanks to
undertaking traineeships with us.
                                                                        •	Tell	a	staff	member	as	soon	as	possible	if	you	are	not	
Commencing as a home                                                      happy with a service or have a complaint.
help and administration
                                                                        •	Telephone	our	24	hour	Customer	Operations	Centre	or	
assistant in 2003,
                                                                          Client	Liaison	Service	on	9242	0242	or	country	callers	
Jenny soon completed
                                                                          1300	650	803	(for	the	cost	of	a	local	call).
a Certificate III Aged
Care and Certificate IV                                                 •	Write	to	the	Chief	Executive	Officer	at	
Bridging to Nursing,                                                      Silver Chain, 6 Sundercombe Street,
at TAFE. This enabled                                                     Osborne	Park	WA	6017.
Jenny to become a Care                                                  how will silver chain respond?
Aide just a year later.
                                                                        •	All	complaints	will	be	dealt	with	in	complete	
“I was then afforded the                                                  confidence.
opportunity to undertake                                                •	You	will	be	treated	with	respect	and	dignity.
a traineeship in 2005,
                                                                        •	You	will	be	able	to	have	someone	of	your	choice	help	
a Certificate III Home
                                                                          you with a complaint or problem.
and Community Care,”
explains Jenny who                                                      •	We	will	attempt	to	resolve	the	issue	within	seven	
was then promoted to                                                      working days where possible, or will keep you
Care Co-ordinator that                                                    informed of progress until resolution.
same year. “Two years later that position evolved                       advocacy alternatives
to incorporate Respite Co-ordinator for the South West and Care
                                                                        Advocare Inc 9479 7566 or Country FreecallTM
                                                                        1800	655	566.
Jenny says she enjoys the mental stimulation that studying
                                                                        People with Disabilities (WA) Inc 9386	6477	or	Country	
provides	and	is	grateful	to	Silver	Chain	and	our	Learning	
                                                                        FreecallTM	1800	193	331.
and Development team for their constant support and
encouragement.                                                          Health Consumers Council (WA) 9221	3422	or	
                                                                        Country FreecallTM	1800	620	780.
“Silver Chain is a fantastic organisation for promoting personal
development in the form of ongoing training and traineeships,           For unresolved health and disability complaints you
continually up skilling staff, broadening knowledge and ultimately      can also contact the Health and Disability Services
promoting personal growth within the individual.”                       Complaints Office on 9323 0600 or Country FreecallTM
                                                                        1800	813	583.
So much so, Jenny decided to complete a further two
traineeships, Certificate IV Aged Care and Certificate IV Training      Any complaints or concerns about an Australian
and Assessment, in 2009 as well as a Diploma in Management              Government subsidised aged care service residential or
earlier this year. This has enabled Jenny to relieve in other roles,                             ,
                                                                        community care (eg. CACP EACH, NRCP etc) contact
more recently as Community Aged Care Packages Co-ordinator              the	Aged	Care	Complaints	Scheme	on	1300	550	552.
and Service Co-ordinator for Silver Chain’s Bunbury
                                                                        *Calls from mobile telephones are charged at
Service Centre.
                                                                        applicable rates.
“I	also	thoroughly	enjoy	supporting	Silver	Chain’s	Learning	and	
Development team as an Assistant Trainer delivering Safe Body
Postures	and	Movements,	Basic	Emergency	Life	Support	and	
CPR training to staff when the need arises.
“Life	long	learning	is	a	passion	for	me.	I	am	currently	enrolling	in	   Keeping up to date
Human Resource training, my ultimate goal to further my career          Have you recently moved? Is your name and address
within Silver Chain at a higher level.”                                 spelt correctly on the coupon? Or do you receive more
If you would like to find out more about working with                   than one copy of our Link newsletter in error?
Silver Chain and the traineeships we have available please visit        To help us save time, money and resources and	or	call	our	Learning	and	Development	            keep your details up to date please call Kaye
team on 9242 0242.                                                      or	Lynne	at	Silver	Chain	on	9242	0233	or	email	
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Making a world of difference...
When you make a donation to
Silver Chain’s general donation                 events supporting silver chain
program, you are supporting
                                                wanneroo civic choir concert
your local community in a
number of ways. Our general                     The Wanneroo Civic Choir’s Spring Concert, a variety show featuring performances
donation program ensures funds                  by the Wanneroo Civic Choir and Wanneroo High School students will be held on
are used throughout Western                     Saturday,	20	August	2011	at	2:00pm	at	the	Scarborough	Community	Hall,	
Australia supporting our clients,               173	Guildercliffe	Street,	Scarborough.
the communities, services and                   Tickets	can	be	purchased	at	the	door	(Adult	–	$15	and	Students	–	$12).	
projects that need it most.                     Proceeds from the concert will be donated to Silver Chain.
During	March,	April	and	May	2011	               Pink Gig
donations made to our general
                                                The	Pink	Gig	will	be	held	on	Saturday,	17	September	2011	at	Hillarys	Yacht	Club	from	
donation program have assisted
                                                7pm to help raise awareness, educate friends and family, while having a great time all
us by:
                                                in the name of raising funds to help find a cure for Breast Cancer.
•	Enabling	the	continuation	of	
  our nurse consultancy service,                Live	music,	a	dance	display,	raffles	and	auctions	will	be	a	part	of	this	ever	popular	
  social support and centre based               event. Part proceeds will once again be donated to Silver Chain. For more information
  day care services by covering a               email	or	call	Kerrie	on	0407	230	500	or	Fiona	on	0410	763	573.
  shortfall in funding.
•	Providing	more	than	half	the	
  funding for a registered nurse
  for	a	year	in	Lancelin	to	support	
  clients receiving hospice care
                                                now it’s even                                     us of your donation, which we record
                                                                                                  against your donor record. You don’t
  services in their homes.                      easier!                                           even have to send us your receipt, but
                                                                                                  make sure you keep it in a safe place as
•	Supporting	our	Hospice	Care	
                                                To help make it even easier, donations to         this is your record to claim on your
  Service by upgrading our
                                                Silver Chain or fee payments can now be           tax return.
  electronic equipment.
                                                made over the counter at any Australia            If you would like to find out more about
                                                Post using either your Mastercard or Visa         making a donation to Silver Chain please
                                                credit card. Cash, cheque and Eftpos              call our Relationship Officers Kaye or
                                                facilities are still available.                   Lynne	on	9242	0233.
                                                Making a donation                                 Paying your fees
                                                When making a donation to Silver Chain            If you would like to pay your fees, simply
                                                at Australia Post, you don’t need to              take your account into any Australia Post,
                                                purchase a money order. Simply take               which will also be scanned – it’s just like
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        calendar of events                                              23 – 27 9th Asia/Oceania Regional Congress of Geriatrics
                                                                                and	Gerontology	2011,	Melbourne.
 sePTeMber                                                              29 – 30 Spring Festival, Narrogin. Silver Chain’s Narrogin
 17      The Pink Gig, Hillarys Yacht Club.                                     Branch Committee will be holding a stall.
                                                                        To find out about our events visit
 15 – 17 Inaugural Pan Pacific Pressure Ulcer Forum and the
         Venous	Leg	Ulcer	Forum	2011,	Canberra.

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