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					                                     SALLISAW CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                         Racing Toward the Future, while cherishing the Past.
                                                                              Annual Awards Banquet is
                                      Annual Christmas Parade                 Planned
                                      Brings Large Crowd
Indian Capital Technology Center a                                            The date of the Sallisaw Chamber of
                                      The Annual Chamber of Commerce          Commerce Annual Awards Banquet will
       Parade Winner Again!
                                      Christmas Parade was perhaps the        be Saturday, February 7th at Choctaw Blue
                                      largest in recent history. With over    Ribbon Downs. As in the past, there will
                                      45 entries, 30 of them being floats,    be a social time from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
   Sallisaw Chamber of
        Commerce                      parade enthusiasts had plenty to        with the banquet starting promptly at 7:00
 Judy Martens, Executive              enjoy. The Chamber would like to        p.m. Individual tickets remain at $25 each,
      Vice-President                  thank the following businesses for      and corporate tables at $250. The
                                      sponsoring this years parade:           Chamber is excited to welcome Mr. W.A.
    Inside this Issue                 Peters Agency Care Management,          Drew Edmondson, Oklahoma’s Attorney
                                      LLC, Cherokee Casino-Sallisaw,          General as our keynote speaker. Mr.
                                      Sequoyah County Times, Health           Edmondson was elected in 1994 and re-
         *Holiday Events
1         Successful
         *Banquet Planned
                                      and Wellness Center and B.H.C.
                                      of Oklahoma. Our special thanks
                                                                              elected to the office in 1998, 2002 and in
                                                                              2006, winning over 60% of the vote.
                                      goes to all float entries for taking    Under his leadership the attorney general’s
         *Documentary to air
2         throughout state
                                      their time to make the parade very
                                      special for everyone in attendance.
                                      We hope to see all of you again next
                                                                              office has helped reform the death penalty
                                                                              appeals process, established victims’
         *Petition Circulated                                                 services and vigorously represented rate
                                      year! Remember, without YOU,            payers with utility companies. This year’s
         *Vision Quest
                                      there is no parade. Earlier that day,   theme for the Annual Banquet will be our
                                      the Chamber gave away $4,000 in         slogan: “racing toward the future, while
         *Farmer’s Market             cash to seven lucky shoppers who
3         becomes reality             participated in the Shop Sallisaw
                                      Campaign making Saturday,
                                                                              cherishing the past.” By doing this, the
                                                                              Chamber would like to recognize as many
                                                                              past presidents as possible. To do this, we
         *January meeting             December 13th a great day for many
          focuses on City                                                     need your help as many of the old records
                                      in Sallisaw. To date, this is the       are not available. If you, or someone you
                                      largest amount given away for this      know, is a past president of the Sallisaw
                                      campaign. Our thanks goes to the
4                                                                             Chamber of Commerce, please let us know
         *Upcoming Events             40 local businesses who sponsored       so we can send them an invitation. As a
                                      this event by donating $100 to the      special treat this year, we will be
                                      “pot” of money. The Shop Sallisaw       entertained by three local celebrities who
          SALLISAW                    Campaign is designed to encourage       shall remain nameless until that evening.
    A CITY   OF   CHARACTER!          shoppers to keep their shopping         You won’t want to miss this, we promise!
                                      dollars in Sallisaw during the
                                      holidays and thus increasing the
Sallisaw Chamber of Commerce
                                      amount of sales tax revenue
          301 E. Cherokee
             PO Box 251               collected by the City. If the size of
        Sallisaw, OK 74955            the crowd at the drawing is an
           1-918-775-2558             indication of our success, we were            successful in our efforts as we
                  e                   estimate between 1500 and 2000
                                      people attended. Thank you again
                                      to all who participated by either
                                      shopping Sallisaw or contributing to    W.A. Drew Edmondson, Oklahoma
                                      the cash given away                     Attorney General

1                  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                          Chamber Welcomes New                     it because the Chamber Board feels
Crystal Darkness                          Board Members                            that the citizens do have the right to
Broadcast Slated                          Each year four new Sallisaw Chamber      vote on the issue. At this time, 49
                                          of Commerce Members are elected to       other counties in Oklahoma have
The Sallisaw Police Department in                                                  Liquor by the Drink, including
conjunction with several agencies         a three year term as a Board of
                                          Director. This year those elected are:   LeFlore County which passed it in
including the Chamber of                                                           November in the general election.
Commerce are coordinating an              Mike Neer, National Bank of Sallisaw,
                                          Kathy Harrell, Director, Carl Albert     The committee has established that
effort to bring awareness of the                                                   approximately 1400 signatures are
dangers of methamphetamines to the        State College, Sallisaw Campus,
                                          Cheryl Mills, Cookson Hills Electric     needed to bring the issue to a vote.
residents of our area and throughout                                               At this time, no statistics are
the State of Oklahoma. A 28-              Cooperative and Gary Schaefer,
                                          B.H.C. of Oklahoma. The new              available on how many have been
minute documentary will be                                                         secured. What does passage of
broadcast on all CBS channels in          President of the Chamber is Marley
                                          Abell, First Financial Center. Please    Liquor by the Drink mean to
Oklahoma on Tuesday, January 13th                                                  Sequoyah County residents? It
at 6:30 p.m. Several locations are        welcome these individuals and
                                          encourage them as they lead your         means that possibly in the future we
being set-up for people to view this                                               would have the opportunity to
program and also hear testimonies         Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                                   recruit many restaurant chains and
of former addicts and comments                                                     other tourism attractions to our area
from law enforcement officials. The       Liquor by the Drink                      who otherwise would not locate
main location in Sallisaw will be the     Committee Circulates                     here. Some restaurant owners who
Sallisaw High School Gymnasium            Petition                                 have elected to apply for a liquor
preceding the Sallisaw-Roland             In October a committee comprised of      license upon the passage of the issue
Basketball Game, with a discussion        countywide business owners was           in their county find that their foods
time following in the Commons             formed in an effort to receive enough    sales, alone, increase by as much as
Area. Also, a satellite location will     signatures on a petition giving the      20%. This increase means more
be held at Indian Capital                 voters of Sequoyah County the right to   sales tax revenue for the city and
Technology Center in the Seminar          vote on the issue of Liquor by the       county to use for the improvement
Room. None of us can afford to            Drink. This committee is not             of roads, fire protection and law
miss this. Each of us has been            supported by the Sallisaw Chamber of     enforcement, etc. Upon passage in
touched in some way by this terrible      Commerce which has chosen to             Durant, the Bryan County seat,
drug. Take time to watch this and         remain neutral on this issue.            officials have noted that their sales
become better educated as to how it       However, it is note worthy to say that   tax revenue has increased more than
affects our lives.                        a petition is available in the Chamber   8% annually. It is also noted that in
                                          Office for anyone who wishes to sign     Lincoln County, which passed the
                                                                                   issue in 2006, has seen no increase
                                                                                   in alcohol related citations issued by
                        Executive Board – 2009                                     law enforcement. Again, the
                  President – Marley Abell, First Financial Center                 Chamber is neither endorsing or
                         President Elect – To Be Elected                           opposing Liquor by the Drink, but
                           Treasurer – To Be Elected                               does feel that the citizens have the
                  Past President – Debbie Edgmon, BorgWarner                       right to vote on the issue. If you
                                                                                   would like more information on this
                        Board Members – 2009                                       issue or would like to help circulate
                       Larry Randolph – Charlie’s Chicken
                                                                                   a petition please feel free to contact
                  Dwight Spencer – Blue Ribbon Auto Group                          the Chamber Office.
                 Holly Martens – Sequoyah Memorial Hospital
                          Jeff Allred – Journey Church                             Vision Quest 2020
                           Kasey Moran – TRAC, Inc.                                Complete
                          Dale Wood – Armstrong Bank
                      Mike Neer – National Bank of Sallisaw
                                                                                   The stakeholders who chose to give
                Cheryl Mills – Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative                  five nights of their time to see a
                      Gary Schaefer – B.H.C. of Oklahoma                           better Sallisaw ahead, completed
           Kathy Harrell – Carl Albert State College – Sallisaw Campus             their task on Monday, December
               Buddy Spencer – President, SIC-Blue Ribbon Auto                     15th. Now, the next phase of the
                 Bill Baker – Ex-Officio Member-City Manager                       process will begin. Jodi Lewis from
                  Shannon Vann – Ex-Officio Member-Mayor                           OCI along with Lisa Clark from
           Ron Wyrick – Ex-Officio Member-Superintendent of Schools                ODOC will meet with the original
             Buddy Spencer – Ex-Officio Member-Blue Ribbon Auto
                                                                                   Steering Committee and the Goal
                   Judy Martens – Executive Vice-President
                         Sallisaw Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                   Leaders within the next few weeks
                                                                                   to begin the implementation process
                                                                                   of all suggested goals.

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                                      December Meeting Fun
Community News                        for Everyone Attending                      HERE WE GROW AGAIN!
                                                                                 NEW MEMBERS FOR:
                                      Sallisaw Chamber of Commerce                Oct.- Nov.- Dec.- 2008
Farmer’s Market to be                 December Membership Meeting
Formed                                was once again held at the First         Cazadore’s Mexican Restaurant
                                      United Methodist Church on                 Encompass Home Health
For the past couple of years many     Wednesday, December 10th. The                 Mr. Stanley Collins
of our residents have expressed an    group was entertained with
interest in seeing a farmer’s         Christmas music by a select group          Thank you for joining the
market come to Sallisaw. After        of students from Liberty                 Chamber. Your commitment to
an article was placed in              Elementary. Table decorations           making Sallisaw a better and more
YourTIMES fifteen people              donated by: The Green House,               prosperous community is
offered to be a part of this          Flower Cottage, Brenda’s                          appreciated.
organization. At this time, two       Flowers, Karen’s Krafts and Gifts
monthly meetings have been held       and Candy Bouquet were given
with much progress being made         away as door prizes. Delicious food
toward this becoming a reality in     was catered by Aroma’s. A special
the spring. Mrs. Carol Wood and       thank you goes to the staff of the
                                                                               RENEWING MEMBERSHIPS
Ms. Amanda Cornett are heading        Methodist Church for always             Sun Loans, Inc. – Armstrong Bank
up the organization which is now      hosting us in a warm and cheerful        Carson Plumbing – U Design It
called “Sallisaw Farmer’s             way. Blue Ribbon Auto Group was           ARVEST Bank – Felt’s Shoes
Market”. Guidelines for               chosen as the December Chamber            Cookson Hills Electric Coop
participants have been established    Member of the Month. This                         Western Sizzlin’
as well as the location which will    meeting is always full of holiday fun     Tonya Maxwell – TRAC, Inc.
be the parking lot directly east of   for everyone in attendance.                Stites Quality Construction
Sallisaw Lumber Co. The group is                                                    Stanley Tubbs Library
working closely with the City of                                                Choctaw Blue Ribbon Downs
Sallisaw regarding codes and                                                        Basin Oil & Transport
restrictions and Tony Yates,                                                      Health & Wellness Center
Agriculture Extension Agent on                                                    Dept. of Human Services
health code and organizational                                                   Oakridge Assembly of God
issues. Dates and hours of                                                                 Church
operation are roughly March 1st                                                Wal-Mart – J.T. & Mary Jo Stites
through October 31st, Saturday’s                                                   Wright’s Home Services
                                      Blue Ribbon Auto Group chosen as
and Sunday’s 9:00 a.m. to 2:00                                                          Bud Smithson
                                      Member of the Month                       Oklahoma Information Center
p.m. Individuals wishing to sell
their products should contact the
                                      January Meeting will                         Thank you for renewing your
Chamber of Commerce.
                                      Feature City Officials                   membership with the Chamber. With
Ribbon Cuttings held in                                                         your continued support, we can work
                                      On Wednesday, January 28th the          together in the growth and development
November                              Chamber of Commerce will host the              of our great community.
The month of November was a           monthly Membership Meeting
busy one for the Chamber of           which will be held at Ole’ South
Commerce as several new               Restaurant. Our keynote speakers
businesses to the community           will be Mr. Bill Baker, City
added their membership into the       Manager and Mr. Shannon Vann,
Chamber. We would like to             Mayor. These two gentlemen will
welcome each of these to our          bring us an update on what projects
                                                                                 MISSION STATEMENT
organization: Cazadore’s              were completed in 2008 and what         The mission of the Sallisaw
Mexican Restaurant, Napa Auto         the City has planned for 2009.          Chamber of Commerce is to
Care Center, The Pit Stop and                                                 enhance the economic vitality of
Encompass Home Health. Each                    Orderliness                    the Sallisaw area while striving to
of these businesses provide vital      “As the beams to a house, as           create the best quality of life
services for our community. We        the bones to the microcosm of           possible for our citizens.
are glad to have you as a part of
the Chamber!                              man, so is order to all
                                             Robert Southey
3                   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                 Upcoming Events
                                                   Jan. – Feb. 2009

                                   January 14     Chamber Board Meeting – 12:00 noon,
 Our sincere thanks to: Western                   Chamber Bldg.
Sizzlin’ and Clif’s Pharmacy for
 sponsoring our December ’08       January 21     SIC Board Meeting – Annual Meeting 12:00
     Character Banners and                        noon, Chamber Bldg.
    Harrison Quik Signs and
Professional Home Hospice for      January 28     Chamber Membership Luncheon – Ole’ South
   sponsoring the January ‘09                     Restaurant, 12:00 noon
      banners. You are truly
                                   February 4     Carl Albert Foundation Meeting – 12:00 noon
                                                  Western Sizzlin

  January Character Trait          February 7     Sallisaw Chamber of Commerce Annual
         Orderliness                              Awards Banquet – Choctaw Blue Ribbon
  Arranging myself and my                         Downs – Banquet Hall – Social Time 6:00 p.m.
   surroundings to achieve                        Banquet 7:00 p.m.
      greater efficiency
                                   February 11    Chamber Board Meeting – 12:00 noon
                                                  Chamber Conference Room

  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sallisaw Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 251
301 E. Cherokee
Sallisaw, OK 74955


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